Nervous but Need a TT Plus Lipo - 27 year old - New York, NY

Hi...I'm a 27 year old who has went from 170 lbs...

Hi...I'm a 27 year old who has went from 170 lbs to 265 lbs back down to now a pretty solid 190 lbs...I have been on a few consultations about the excess skin that I know only a TT would be able to take care of and am just so nervous about anesthesia...the prices definitely aren't helping either but I'd be ok with financing it as long as i live to tell about it...i really feel i deserve to reap the benefits of my hard work (i've worked out like crazy and ate healthy to get to where i am today) and i should do so while i'm sounds crazy but i don't make much money right now cause i can't find work but it seems like now is the perfect time to do so because i am in a place i want to be weight wise and i would have the time to recover until i found a more steady job...i'm already in debt so i figure why not just get in a little more so at least i can enjoy my debt with a flat stomach hahaha...i've never been comfortable going to the beach or taking my shirt off in front of people (not even in relationships) and it's just annoying...I've been getting quotes for full TT's but I just recently inquired about getting a TT (and some lipo of my chest) WITHOUT getting my abs repaired on the inside...i've read that most guys don't need it and a doctor already said it would definitely bring down the price (i'm waiting on a quote from one office now)...I'm really looking to spend around $10k max for both surgeries combined...someone convince me i'm not gonna die from the anesthesia!!! thanks for listening...its kind of weird i've never written about this stuff before tonight

You are more likely to die from heart disease, diabetes or other obesity related conditions than from anesthesia. In fact, you are more likely to keep your weight off after a TT. I never wrote stuff like this before and here I am.
Thanks MaleTT...I'm actually going to tell the doctor I'm gonna have the procedure done on November 1st...I'm super nervous and need to recover quick so I can back to work (it's only sitting at a desk so it shouldn't be too bad)...I'm so nervous now but very excited too...i'm actually not doing the ab repair so its just skin and fat (lipo) i'll be dealing with...i'm getting my chest lipo'd at the same time...i'll keep you updated thanks again!
I was super nervous too, i think everybody goes trhough the same process too. I went back to work two weeks after the surgery. Dont expect to be 100% though.

So I officially scheduled the surgery for November...

So I officially scheduled the surgery for November 1st. I am getting a "smooth tuck" (no ab work) and lipo of my chest/flanks. I'm really really really nervous but also excited to finally be able to go to the beach and not just make up some stupid excuse about not liking sand or the hot weather...i just want to swim with my friends and be able to do anything (sexual) as well and not have to worry about my stomach/chest showing...i don't think i'm going to post before/after pics cause i'm just the most shallow human on the planet i suppose but we'll see what main concerns are:

1. living through the anesthesia
2. not dying from blood clots afterwards or other post-surgery complications
3. getting back to work (a desk job where I sit for 8 hours a day) within a week like my doctor said because its only an operation to the skin and fat...I'm going in for surgery on a thursday, get drains out on a tuesday, and he said I should be able to sit there at the desk on wednesday but I will def still be in pain (pain I can deal with...death i cannot)

Thanks for any support everyone!
The doctor told me I go into surgery on a thursday and the drains come out the following tuesday...and then I can return to work (sitting at desk) wednesday. I guess thats if everything goes right which i really hope it does ha...i just keep thinking about getting put out and then them stretching my skin and lipo'ing it and stitching it it really freaks me out...i hope i'm making the right decision
One week after my surgery I was working but I was doing it from from work. I did go back to work physically two weeks later. The only thing I would have had an issue would be what cloth to wear to work. for the first two weeks i wore only sweat pants and shorts since the binder added a few inches to my waist and my regular cloth felt too tight and not confortable.
i'm really nervous...i hope i'm making the right decision

Thanks a lot for everything kimmers, you're a...

Thanks a lot for everything kimmers, you're a great person! I keep going back and forth with regretting my decision and then telling myself I deserve it...and I'm not sure if I'm more nervous about the anesthesia (and actually waking up) or the recovery...I guess there's not much more I can do but pray now.

Anyone have any suggestions for best preparing my body and mind 6 days out? I wish I could take off from work for a month but the 7 days are going to have to suffice. I just have to try to stay as least stressed as possible at work a few days before and for a few days afterwards...I can't wait til I wake up from the surgery and breathe my first with of relief towards a more enjoyable life for me.

Thanks for anyone's prayers.

So I'm kind of there some sort of...

So I'm kind of there some sort of special compression garment or something to wear on my legs like bike shorts? that i'll need besides what the doctor is going to give me?

Also sorry but has anyone has a tummy tuck without...

also sorry but has anyone has a tummy tuck without MR? is pain and recovery much quicker this way as I've heard?

Hi Skin! I think it is fabulous that as a male, you are putting yourself out there or rather here for support! You totally deserve to be happy in your own skin no matter male or female! I will be following you and here for any support!
hi skintothin! i think you should post in the Oct tt forum! anyway, i totally understand how you feel. first, i would say that i read the death rate from this procedure is like less than 1%. have you had general anesthesia before? i was also very scared, i think we all are pretty much. i did a ton of research, looked at pre-op and post op pics, (1 mo, 3 mo, 1 year po), insured with probably 10 surgeons. checked they were double board certified, checked the anesthesiologist credentials, made sure that person would be sitting watching me the entire time, talked to the attending nurse and checked that the surgical center was accredited and where i would be taken in case anything happened. having all that made me feel much more comfortable. you will need someone with you for at least 3 days after. without muscle plication your recovery might be easier. lipo does make it a little tougher, but manageable. i don't know how tight they pull men, but I'm still hunched from how tight they pulled me. you need quite a few supplies; and stuff for recovery before hand. as for biker shorts, that might just be what the Guys use for their pre/post op pics. I've seen a lot of amazing results with male it's! let me know if you have more questions/concerns. happy to help!
thanks wildorchids! i appreciate all your input...i'm so nervous i'm supposed to have the surgery this thursday November 1...i hope that the anesthesiologist stays in the room the entire time and not the nurse...are you using special scar cream? ugh i'm so nervous why am i doing this???

Well...there's a hurricane coming...maybe it will...

Well...there's a hurricane coming...maybe it will cancel my surgery ;-) I can dream can't I?!?

Anyway, it's pretty annoying my blood lab forgot to fax over the results of my blood test to my doctor and he's not in til wednesday to let me know everything is a "go" so now i have to worry about that for the next couple of days, as well as surviving this hurricane and everything weather wise going ok so i can get the surgery at all on thursday!!!

I see that people recommend palmer's vitamin e skin therapy oil but does anyone have the exact link on amazon to which one they use for their scars? Also, any other recommendations that aren't on the list?

Thanks to everyone for your continued support...i really appreciate it more than you know.
thank you so much...i'm so nervous about this all! am i making the right decision here? why am i so vain? ugh
You will be fine, the worst part is the waiting.
i'm not cleared for creams yet, but i'm planning on using scar massage and silicone.sheeting. i will be logging my results. i understand all the concerns you are having. i kept thinking i was also vain and i needed to stop being that way. but, i've felt the same way for so long and i finally decided i deserve to feel free of this. i deserve to be looking at the amazing abs i have, to not be embarrassed when even the doctor sees my stomach, to not worry my skin is showing through my shirt. i work out a TON. Prior to surgery I was doing cross Fit/bikhram yoga/5ks/kick boxing/pilates and more almost every day of the week for an hour/day. and that's how i looked still.

Hi my surgery has been postponed because...

Hi my surgery has been postponed because of the hurricane here. I have no power, electricity, heat, hot water, the roads are closed, tunnels submerged etc. It's really a disaster here. So now they have to call me next week to tell me when the surgery will be. I'm really not sure how work will be with this...the first time after Nov 1 I can really get it done will be in February.

As much as I was nervous to get it done I was also very excited and this is just kind of a whirlwind of emotions...thanks for everyones support and i'll keep you all updated.
OH, That's a bummer. I'm sorry! I hope things get cleaned up in NY pretty quickly and you can start looking into this again soon!
My surgery is scheduled for November 15th now...thanks for your well wishes!
skintothin, let us know how everything went when you can!

Well...i'm sitting here watching monday night...

Well...i'm sitting here watching monday night football just thinking about the surgery i'm about to have on Thursday...pretty scary but I feel calm too...i just have to hope everything goes well...i'm going to try to get a massage on tuesday or wednesday night to free my body and mind...get circulation flowing well etc...i hope everyone is doing well
hey skintothin, good luck tomorrow! I'll be thinking about you and can't wait to hear how it all goes!

Hi guys so I got my surgery done

Hi guys so I got my surgery done said everything went well and he's very happy with how everything turned out...i do have a question though i see on my back where the drain is inserted a bubble of swelling (my mom thinks its just because thats where the drain tube is inserted???...if i post a picture can somebody tell me if it's a hematoma i am definitely scared about that...nothing was done internally besides fixing an extremely small hernia where i previously had another scar from when I was born so it was really only a skin and lipo surgery...thanks for everyones help through this time and leading up to it
is there some type of way to "bump" this post to the top? i just would like to speak to someone who's had the surgery etc. and i think maybe because I'm male i seem to get less responses...thanks
hey, what's up? just shoot me a message, I'd be glad to help! I'll send you my email...
ps. post pics!

Got the wraps off today and the drains

Got the wraps off today and the drains chest looks great very happy with stomach looks good just very swollen but i think i have a bad case of dog ears :-( my doctor said sometimes they go away with the swelling and other times they have to do a local anesthetic and fix them (pretty sure free of charge well i really hope so because it mentioned it in the scar revision section of my contract) ... i'm pretty bummed about it but hopefully since i'm only 6 days out the swelling will go down and they won't be so bad? How long did it take everyone to stand up straight? my doctor keeps telling me to stand up straight but it really hurts i don't think he understands!!! i keep trying though...also, showering felt good but my back hurt so badly from standing i had to constantly kneel down on the floor...will i ever get feeling back in my stomach by the way? its so freakin weird!!!

thanks for anyones comments

peace love and happiness
As for standing straight, it took me a full month. Maybe even a little longer. I would say no matter what the doctor says don't push your body. Your body is smarter than any doctor and will do what it wants when it feels like it. If you push it you might risk hurting yourself. Just try to stand a little straighter every day, it will happen when it should! As for the feeling, I'm still numb. I have feeling on the sides but not down the middle of my stomach. From what I understand that is normal and it can take a year to get the normal feeling back. Also, just found out that it seems a good percentage of people never regain feeling right under their belly button. Everyone says that it's not a bother though and that the tummy tuck was still totally worth it, so I'm not sweating it. but yea, I have no feeling on my stomach yet, does feel totally weird and I don't like it that much! One last thing, should have gotten a shower chair. Definitely the 1 thing I HAD to have. Now I still use it to put on my makeup... lol You can get one ordered from Amazon for like under $20...
Hey skin! I'd maybe ask Kimmers if there is something going on with your updates! It looks like you are doing it right! Add some pics too.... Also, when you update make sure it shows up in the review feed! I would also post in the November forum if you have questions. I know I stopped looking at reviews unless the person had posted in the forum... Anyway, hope you had a great Thanksgiving and lots of turkey!
hey i'd love some feeback on my last update...thanks so much

Hey guys just adding pictures to see what everyone...

Hey guys just adding pictures to see what everyone thinks...i still have bad dog ears but didn't photograph them yet...let me know thanks!
Hey how's it been, what dr did you use. Would love to see some b4 and after pics if possible. Jizfiya
hey skin! how ya doin?
hey there! fantastic improvement! you look great!
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