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MY PASTED TO PRESENT : Hey everyone! I am 29, a...

MY PASTED TO PRESENT : Hey everyone! I am 29, a loving mother of a wonderful 12 yr old. I am certainly 153 lbs. After giving birth to a almost 9 lb baby as tiny as I was at 17 my stomach stretched out to it's max leaving me with wrinkly sagged skin and stretchmarks. I remember crying at the hospital staring at how awful my stomach looked. Months later my boyfriend of 2 1/2 yrs who was much older then I, who planned on getting engaged with me decided on leaving our family for another girl. He couldn't get use to my pre- baby body the stretchmarks and weight. I was only 159 lbs pregnant before giving birth that day. WTH!!! He was totally disgusted of my body. I eventually was so heart broken and in distress rising a child on my own. I hardly ate and went from a size 10 to a 3. Yes, that right!! I then got my life back together and regained some confidence back. . Within yrs later my stretchmarks looked so much better thanks to coco butter. My stomach was back somewhat tight, but will never be the same with these stretchmarks. Always having plastic surgery in the back of my mind. When? Where? What PS? How much?!

Since, I felt something usual on my belly I decided to see a doctor yrs back.
He was going to preform the hernia surgery and I asked about a tummy tuck that I was interested in. He looked at my stomach and said I didn't have enough skin to pull down so, I would only be a good candidate for a mini tuck and it would be very expensive. He then said "you are crazy" your stomach looks fine, since he was an old school older man I didn't feel like he understood me. I decided to cancel the hernia surgery since it would have left me with an ugly scar. I decided to waited until I save enough to do it all at once one day and get a second option.

2013 NEW YEAR NEW ME : How time fly's .... I love my hubby we been together like forever not to long ago I told him my intentions of having surgery a MOMMY MAKEOVER-extended tummy tuck with hernia and muscle repair plus beast lift. I wanted NOW more then ever. I was only 135 lbs when I meet my babe. Yrs later of us being together we both gained weight, It's a couple thing I guess when your comfortable with each other you gain. I gained 25-35 lbs in a yr and a 1/2. It happened so fast always eating out... Going to dinners. Wow.. I couldn't believe it was happening to me. I never had left handles LOL ...Even after my pregnancy. I start exercising 3 hrs a day every 3 to 4 days of the week. It was the hardest thing I ever done. My body was not cooperating with me. My stomach is getting a bit smaller, but my arms and legs are a b!tch! I lost about 15 lbs. My weight jumps up and down and is very unexpected. I'am 153 lbs. now and on my way on a hunt for a plastic surgeon. I been reading and reading getting so much info. throughout the years.

I AM READY FOR THIS CHALLENGE, OPEN A NEW CHAPTER IN MY LIFE : My hubby is so supportive I love it! He'll be helping me with the healing process. I don't think he knows what he's getting himself into. Lmao.... My consultation is on Feb 14th SUCKS right on Valentine's Day all well..... It's not a time I like to spend my day in the city. It's going to by crazy! I know because I lived in NYC all my life. Coming from out of state is going to be a pain in the butt coming into the city. Ugh .. FYI and NO parking! I hope it's going to be well worth it. Consultation is $50 at Lenox Hill plastic surgery clinic. The teaching school. I was schedule with a PS (fellow) and waited 2-3 months for this appointment. I am excited as heck. Hopefully I can get surgery done before the summer. I never got the chance to wear a bikini I wonder how it will feel like for the first time.

CHANGE OF PLANS: The receptionist calls me to...

CHANGE OF PLANS: The receptionist calls me to cancel my appointment I automatically freak out in sadness and disappointment. I'm like Noooooo oooo oooo and she starts to giggle, I didn't let her finish talking. I was like "oh oh okay"! She can re-schedule to sooner date and that date was TODAY!!!!' Yes Sir, yay...I had a wonderful consultation. I asked a million and 1 questions and my PS answered all. The best part is I am able to have my surgery as soon as I want at an unbelievable price. All I need is to figure out my hubby's schedule, get my blood work, get photographs, do some shopping, knockout my child's Dr appts and get this darn wisdom tooth out! Lol All in one month but hey I'm supermom. :)

I put some before pics up sorry for some reason they're coming out backwards.
hey hun who is the dr performing the surgery there >? i want to get a consult too!!
They have few PS they have follows and residence which are students in practice. They schedule you to whichever plastic surgeon is available for consultation. Call to make an appt for Tues or Thurs the days the follow are there. Consultation is $50 fee. Feel free to ask me anything.
looking forward to following your story!

I decided not to get my wisdom tooth pulled out...

I decided not to get my wisdom tooth pulled out even though it has a mind of it's own. SmH.. I prefer to be safe without any worries before or after surgery. I hate to make things more complicated. Okay now.... moving on. lol

Today, I called the office to confirm a surgery...

Today, I called the office to confirm a surgery date, I couldn't do it as of yet since Doc. is out of town. I might have to wait just a little while longer. I must say though, I remember my PS telling me if I have any questions, concerns or like to know what dates are available for surgery to email him. So I did and almost immediately he responded back . Which I might say, I was pretty impressed.
My mom didn't get any stretch marks either! My belly went crazy after one child! Well congrats on your date, I'm excited to see how your results go. How tall are you, if you don't mind? Happy Vday tomorrow :)
Thanks! "Happy Valentine's" to you too. I swear it's the new generation food supplies, it's not right! It's not the same how it use to be. This generation seems like our newborns are getting larger be the minute which is cause our stomachs to stretch. Anyways who knows... lol I am about 5'4 or 5'5.
You have similar 'before' tummy issues as I had. Darn those only children. My mom and aunt didn't get any stretch marks at all either, buttheads. In my pics my hernia doesn't show very well but on a full day, it was a lot like yours, and had the same 'dip' dent over top when I stood straight and wasn't holding it in. I have been soo thrilled with this decision. I hope your surgery goes great!

Persisted: Yayyyyyyy!!!!!!! I finally have a date...

Persisted: Yayyyyyyy!!!!!!! I finally have a date March,14th.2013. I call on call the office and nothing. Then I decided to email my PS and once again he emailed me immediately. I was like DANG I might as well communicate through email. lol.... So, yes the date is set and still need to get a few things done before surgery. For one my hubby's birthday is on my surgery date sounds awful I know. I am planning something special for him before, he deserves it. He actually wanted me to have it that date just to get it done and over with so I can heal and be happy. Also.... He has an event he wants to be apart of at the end of the month. ....lol So it's a win win situation I guess. lol

Pricing : I am a bit disappointed that the photographs are not include (total of $320 )in the surgery pricing and it's at a different location which is a pain in the butt. I really hope not to get any more surprising news about more money. Let see.........
Thanks:) Good luck with everything!
Hey girlie my surgery date is the march 4 around the corner I'm so scared I'm doing rhinoplasty and breast lift ..the price is 4329 but I'm going to see if they can include the photos because I swear that's in the way smh...
@ starringMe24 Yea try to get some photos if they won't show you them then ask if you can speak to someone that had the same procedure. If anything make sure you get a fellow too. Have you spoken to anyone that has had rhinoplasty before? That would help.... I hope you get the best results your looking for...That's exciting your getting your boobs done too! Yay ... March 4 is around the corner omg lol... We' re all going to look stunning after this. KMP!

CHANGE OF DATE : Today I spoke to my PS and my...

CHANGE OF DATE : Today I spoke to my PS and my surgery date has changed to March 18th. I know is it's only 4 day later it just feel like it's going to take forever. I also found out I will not be allowed to stay overnight at the hospital because they want you to stay at the hotel with the overnight nurse. That's a little more to add to the budget. The overnight hotel and nurse are a total of $1000 plus taxes and fees from what I was told. I ask about if I need a walker... and she replied I don't need one unless I have a special disability and if I needed one that they will supply me with one while I'm there. Good to know in the mean time, I'll most likely get one from my medical doctor if I can because of my bad back.
You are getting closer! You must be soo excited! I'm really looking forward to seeing your results! Everything for me is on hold right now so I have not posted an update for a while, but you said you thought I was your tummy twin--and you will be getting yours done first. I wish you the best of luck!!!! (I actually think my tummy is worse than yours)
Omg yeah it's getting closer and one day I'm very edger and the other i'm very nervous with butterfly's in my stomach. Anyways is everything okay? I really wish you went on with the surgery,but I understand I almost put the surgery on hold again. I still look at your pic and i am amazed on how your body is similar to mine. I been checkout everyone's photo to compare. Your is the closest. I 'm weird lol... I keep wondering about my results.
Yes everything is, I just want to lose more weight and get the perfect DR. I know what you mean about eager, then nervous, that pretty much sums it up, LOL. You will do great! I think we all go on here to see if there is someone that is our body twin in order to get an idea of our own results! I guess I'll know about what I may look like after you get yours done, I will be thinking of you and sending my best to you!!

One step closer: Yayyyyyyy, I had my blood work...

One step closer: Yayyyyyyy, I had my blood work done and my photographs taken, now I can slash that off my list. I purchased a few more items for recovery. For some reason where every I go I keep stopping at Victoria's Secret or finding myself window shopping for sexy swimsuits. Doing so I feel such a rush like a feeling I never felt before of happiness rushing through my veins. Sound weird, but it's true you appreciate something so much you don't have.

Anyhow, the photographs came out to be less expensive then I was told. It was $160 for the two areas not $320. That totally made my day. I have to wait now for the medical clearance.
I'm curious if the doctors who perform the surgeries are board certified? I am looking into this, but keep getting conflicting info about that.

Cleared and ready to go: Yay... I had my pre op...

Cleared and ready to go: Yay... I had my pre op appt. my blood work is cleared and I found out I have very low iron even though patients aren't suppose to take iron in my case my PS prescribed me some. I picked up my medications I'm just a little worry I didn't get a prescription for nausea I'm a bit freak out about I called the office to and gave them my pharmacy's info so can get it ASAP. I reserved my hotel room for the night with stay in nurse thank goodness. It seems like that hotel get full pretty quick. I found it to be very expensive for a night even with the hospital discount and one day after the price just drops. I have few more days left and I still have hopping to do. I am leaving the food for last because I really like to eat health not dieting heathy but just want to eat health for recovery. I really wanted lipo on my thighs as well i don't feel to confidence with out it, i'll be discussing that with my Plastic surgeon soon. For now I am counting down the days to my body transformation.
Thanks! Can't wait to see how everything goes for you:)
Can't wait to post pics!
I believe the fellows are Or whoever's teaching the class Is definitely Board certified. I saw my PS's work from one of his patients and it is better then what I have seen in most private offices. Depends on the PS's skills ask to speak or see one of their patients I feel like anyone can show you pictures and it might not even be there work. If you read the fine printing in most private offices website it will have that. I can't remember where I seened it at but I remember being In shock about that.

WHAT AM I A FEARED OF? : UMmmm... Maxing out my...

WHAT AM I A FEARED OF? : UMmmm... Maxing out my credit cards lol..... I feel like if my results come out nearly as I am dreaming of, I will be going on an ultimate shopping spree. Hehehe..... I haven't really been buying clothes for sometime now. Last fall I bought here and there some tank tops to fit my body since, I lost weight and 2 pair of jeans that i force myself into purposely to lose more weight but that's all. Let me tell you i was a shopaholic long ago.... Man i use to shop! My mom always use to say my goodness do you need that many shoes you only have a pair of feet. Lol ...I had ton of everything. Which really went out the window and into the garbage when I gained weight I just refused to shop for what I wanted but want I needed. I was at my highest 169-172 which to some people it's nothing .... I'am at 150- 152 lbs now might not seem much but my weight went into my legs the most, my arms and my boobs. It was difficult to do leg workouts, jumping jacks or even run. A women can be big but when she's big in the legs it's even harder I believe. I was truly out of shape. My whole life I've been active just until I had an accident and that really changed things. I'm pushing myself more each day and hoping to god that I will be in shape, healthy and strong after recovery so I'am able to do things with my family like I use too. Counting down..... 8 days to go!

Your boobs look great girl I hope my lines are thin like that too I can't wait to take the tape off !
Hey hun! I honestly think it will look the same thinest of line since we had the same PS who probably used the same technique . Your line might be short then mine if you didn't get the lift.
Damn I am jealous of the fullness of your breast lol you have more of a upper fullness. Your gonna look so sexy this summer in a swimsuit. Not even that all year around those breast will look good in anything.

Sorry I haven't updated ; DAYS BEFORE SURGERY: I...

Sorry I haven't updated ;
DAYS BEFORE SURGERY: I was not a feared surgery was almost here. I spoke to my relatives, my mom, my child and hubby prepared them if anything were to go wrong. I felt confident and that's why I was not a feared.

Night before surgery my nurse call me to make sure I was okay and told her I was 100% okay and I'm ready for this. She sounded surprised and told me if I felt scared or can't sleep to take a Valium. I was okay but after talking to hubby we decided I should take it jut in case I start to panic at night or have a nightmare. I wanted to wake up refreshed. I took some before photo just as a reminder and for motivation after surgery to keep positive and it works. I called my my little man he was staying with grandma and I just want to assure him everything will be okay. I called the hotel to confirm my stay. I then went to bed with no worries.

SURGERY DAY: Yay!!! I woke up refreshed and had some good sleep. I was a little nervous running into traffic and wanted to leave as soon as possible. I double checked my bags for my medications, some lite foods, my walker if needed, my documents and some extra clothing that i'll need since i'll be staying overnight at the hotel. My surgery was at 12pm and I was really excited while driving I got call from the hospital that the PS's are ready and that I can come earlier. I got to the hospital and checked in at the same time texting my surgeon letting him know I have arrived. I sat down for a moment and chitchat with my hubby and laugh a bit. I told him it's crazy how I will come in as one person and come out looking like another.lol... I was called in, I changed in my surgical gown and I had the nurse bring in my hubby to keep me company. We were brought up to the surgery floor and where I meet with a nurse and my surgeon. He then draw the line within the lingerie I wanted to hide the incision at. The nurse had put the IV after that I think I began to get nervous and needed to go to the restroom. I got out my hubby kissed me said I'll see you when you get out. I smiled and was guided by my nurse to the OR room. I then saw the surgical bed and bright lights and got extremely nervous. I looked back when the door was shut my heart began racing so fast within seconds. I breathed in and out and was placed on the bed. I began to feel calm from the IV and slowly drifted away.
Would anyone happen to know if Lenox does the BBL procedure? sincerly noassatall.
Question: Surgeryonthego - At what time did you discharge from the hotel to be picked up the day following surgery? I am trying to have things planned for the kids. - thanks
Hey flattummy336, I was with my hubby at the hotel the whole time we were discharged at 12pm like most hotels some like this one might give you an hr extra if request it to leave at 1pm. We decided not to do that and leave easier to not run into traffic. I lived in the city practically my whole life and know that area will be hell during rush hr. Hope this helps good luck!

Revision is done and my look is complete!

hey hun hows your healing ggoing..you had to get a revision omg why ??? i also want a revision on my nose and breast...dr neinstein did your revision?
Hey girl! I'm doing great healing is good but could be better. Just a little area opened up again but so far so good. Did you get the revision? Yes, Neinstein did mine just a small area that didn't heal right.
no i didnt he wants me to wait 6 months at least but hes going to canada and ive heard great things about the new fellow thats taking his place so i might let him do my breast but my nose i will go to a private dr and pay full price because id rather go to a rhinoplasty specialist
Leonx hill clinic

This is a teaching school with affordable prices they are trained doctors on staff. Surgeries are done at the clinic's O.R not the hospital. The hospital's rules have recently changed so, before you go.... ask about they're after care. How long will you be able to get free follow ups. Will they charge you for an emergency visit or poor healing of your incision? Will dog ears on TT's, your breast, nose etc revision will they be covered. Will you be charged if sometime go's wrong in the O.R? Like X -rays if needed? Remember this is a teaching hospital!

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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