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I am a mother of 5 wonderful children and I hate...

I am a mother of 5 wonderful children and I hate my stomach stretch marks and I can't get rid of this belly. I am so sick of hiding it I am planning to get my Tummy tuck within a couple of months hoping and praying march. this website has been more then helpful to me.I would love for Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez to do my surgery I heard he is the best....

Thanks i hope u can get watever work done u want when is your date, and hang in there

Hello special30 and welcome to RealSelf!  WOW five babies and how they do a number on the body.  Now it is time for you to reclaim that body and love what you see. 

It sounds like you have done some research on Dr. Rodriguez which is wonderful.  However I do recommend meeting with at least three surgeons so that you can be totally confident in you choice. 

Spring is a good time for surgery so that you will feel and look pretty decent for the summer months.  That is going to be here before you know it! 

I look forward to reading your posts and seeing you pictures.  Please let us know if you have any questions.
Thanks so much kimmers25 you look great I love your pictures you always make everyone feel great on Realself and I don;t know what we would do without you. I sure will do more research I just am so tired of my stomach and all the hiding it in clothes stuff. I want to feel sexy again. I know a tummy tuck will do the trick

I will be having my Tummy tuck and lipo surgery...

I will be having my Tummy tuck and lipo surgery done with Dr. Kenneth Francis March 18, 2011 and I am excited but also afraid but definitly ready to get rid of this tummy I am 186 lbs
I am scheduled for the 14th of this month for my TT with lipo as well. I do understand what you are feeling and I know that it will be worth it. So stay postive and keep your eye on the prize! You are almost there! I am too! Whoo hoo! we can do this!
wow the 14 is right around the corner and my mind is going a mile a minutes yes we can do this I will going 4 days after you so we have to keep in touch whoo Hoo....
I know...the closer it gets the harder it is for me to settle down....LOL. I'm nervous, excited, and anxious so it makes hard for me to sleep...LOL. this is probably going to be one of the slowest weeks I have ever experienced...LOL. I'm still looking forward to this though....:)

O.k .Ladies I am about a hour away from my tummy...

O.k .Ladies I am about a hour away from my tummy tuck and lipo Please pray that i make it out alive thanks for all the love & support my realself girls thanks kimmer25 for sticking it out with me I will post before & after pictures I promise girls pray pray

How is your tummy tuck scar is it low and thin
Special30 can you post some pics. I am have a TT with Dr. Francis and will love to hear about your results.

I just received an email from Special30 and she wanted me to let everyone know she is doing well.  She is busy with her children and also recovering. 

She misses everyone on the site and will try to get back and post her pictures soon. 

So send her some love ladies!!
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