9 weeks post..1.new comparison pics!

I'm 47 and happily divorced! I have 3 wonderful...

I'm 47 and happily divorced! I have 3 wonderful children ~ 20, 18 and almost 17..all c-sections. Yup, they were close together. My first I bounced back from, second not so easy and by the third..I gave up! My Mid Wife told me I'd never have a flat belly and have tried to prove her wrong for 16 yrs.

A TT is something I always thought about, but,...

A TT is something I always thought about, but, didn't think it was "me" I am so disgusted with my abdominal area, its depressing. So, I started researching and found this wonderful, supportive site! You are all an inspiration. So I went to a couple of consultations and decided I have to have it done...for my own sanity!! I am scheduled for November 15, 2012 and everyday is one day closer to being myself again!
I haven't had the opportunity of taking pictures, nor even posting them, but I will get to it soon!

Finally got to snap some pics of myself, by...

Finally got to snap some pics of myself, by myself! My sugery date is 8 weeks away from today. I made the appointment back in June I think and the time since then has flown. Nov 15 will be here very quick. I am also having lipo done on my upper arms. Tey are so embarrasing to me in short sleves. I don't really have hanging skin, they are like the little tikes baseball bats for the 2 yr olds so they don't miss the ball lol!!
I keep following everyones progress. I am very excited mixed with anxiousness :/ I am slowly perparing myself and accumulating things that I'll need! I have my botton down shirts, granny panties, MOM lol. I am mentally preparing as if I'm having a C-section, since I had 3 of them, I'm guaging the recovery like it and hoping for a little better!
Cant wait!!

I made my appointment with my Dr for clearance.....

I made my appointment with my Dr for clearance...its in two weeks. Its all starting to set in :O
Can anybody give me insight on how they prepped days before thier surgery? Including any "medical" prep! Thanks

Today marks 6 weeks away! I'm having those...

Today marks 6 weeks away! I'm having those feelings most of you talk about. Do I really need to do this? How will I feel?? I refer back to my c-sections and know that it really can't be any worse than that! I got three beautiful babies as a result...this result will be a better body! How ironic!!! I'm nervous and anxious! Been thinking and begining the prep for my meal plans so all my family has to do is heat and eat so good home cooking! I'm tsill looking for information of wha medical prep work, if any is to be done prior to surgery, as well as after. I know my Dr will give instructions too!

Thursday will mark 4 weeks away. The time is...

Thursday will mark 4 weeks away. The time is going fast. I hope the recovery goes as fast!! I already see me asking myself “Why did I do this”!! But it will be so worth it.

I went for my medical clearance yesterday. My Dr asked me when I saw her last. I said in court. Her reaction was “Huhh”?? I reminded her she testified for me at my Divorce trial. She said she filed that memory. She was happy for me having the surgery and said all is good; we’re just waiting for the blood results.

I posted some pics of me in clothes, the rolls I want to get rid of!

I’m 3 weeks away. I’m getting very excited. ...

I’m 3 weeks away. I’m getting very excited. I had my medical clearance on Monday Oct 15th. Everything went well, but I did get the dreaded call the day after lab was done. I prayed it was just high cholesterol or something simple. All it was is that I’m anemic (slightly) which I knew. She did more tests on the sample and can’t find anything. She said we’ll look at it in the future and good luck with the surgery!

So the countdown begins. I think I have gotten, ordered, done or almost done with everything I wanted to get done. From OTC meds, comfy clothes, meals cooked!!! It feels good to be organized, but that leaves a little time to “think” lol

Well...today is my pre-op and sugery in 2 weeks. I...

Well...today is my pre-op and sugery in 2 weeks. I had my med clearance and all is good to go. I'm nervous for the fact that I still don't have power from Hurricane Sandy (I am greaful for everything I have...I know a lot of ppl who lost cars, boats and/or homes) So its bitter sweet. I have most of the OTC meds to help as well as comfort clothes. Meals are cooked, but want to get a few more done...IF I get power back :/

Not having my appt today...the Dr. not making it...

Not having my appt today...the Dr. not making it in....no words

I wanted to update...I am thankful I got power...

I wanted to update...I am thankful I got power back this evening. I am a lucky one. Monday is my pre op. Whew... Wishing all affected by Sandy are safe and doing well

I'm only two days away! I'm excited and calm. ...

I'm only two days away! I'm excited and calm. Feel good about this. I have everything ready at home. I don't feel like I'm missing anything.

I added a pic of my arms. I don' know if I mentioned that I am having lipo on these base ball bats!! Anything will be an improvement!

I'm on the flat side!! Everything went well in...

I'm on the flat side!! Everything went well in surgery. But there was a surprise....I had a slight Hermia. The pain is manageable but not like a cesarean. Certainly looking forward to the pain subsiding. The control garnment is.very constricting. My family has been very helpful. Monday the 19th I go for post op.

Overall it's been tolerable. At one point the pain...

Overall it's been tolerable. At one point the pain was bad. I'm able to move a little more freely each day. I'm so looking forward to being much better.

Dr removed a total of 7 lbs between the flap and lipo and I had a surprise hernia. I have a post op appt tomm and I'm afraid of taking this cg off.

I rest all I can and nap after meds. And... It's about that time. Till next time...

Today is post-op day four. I can't believe what a...

Today is post-op day four. I can't believe what a difference I feel. I had my first BM I know that's TMI but what feeling Im standing almost upright. I have my first postop appointment with my doctor this afternoon can't wait to see what he has to say. I hope I keep on moving on the positive side of all this Good luck and happy healing to all

I went to my to my 1st post op and everything is...

I went to my to my 1st post op and everything is right on track. Ill keep the drains another week. The Dr seemed pleased w his work as am I. Still get my tired bouts but seem shorter. Got the ok to shower boy did that feel good so I took the opportunity to take some pics!!

Today I am one week post op. I’m really...

Today I am one week post op. I’m really starting to feel more human again. I’m getting back to my past normal schedule. I slept in my own bed last night and it was amazing! The cats knocked on the door at 7 like always. ( I think they missed me being on the couch with them…too funny) Sure there are still the twings and twangs of pain and all that go with that, but hell, for what my body went through and my result…I can not complain!

I still have the associated swelling/puffiness that comes with the territory. I do feel lethargic or drained. I’m not used to this much down time. When I started planning this procedure 5 months prior I told myself that I would “just” rest and take the “ME” time and heal. But I’m trying to find the right balance.

I already spoke to my office mgr (we are a smalllll company) and told her not to expect me back from my “vaca” till a day or two later and said no problem!

My only complaint would be my kids (lol…go figure right) They were great, asked if I needed anything, made sure I was ok), but, what bothered me is that they saw dishes in the sink, the laundry basket piling up or the newspaper on the lawn. NOT ONE of them bent over or stretched a hand to move it. Hhhhmmmmm

Going to enjoy my Thanksgiving today…I hope you all do too!!

So today is postop day nine. Amazing what a couple...

so today is postop day nine. Amazing what a couple days can do for you. Yesterday I felt so tired it was so overwhelming that I refuse to let it take hold of me today so I got myself together drove myself to the mall picked up a couple of things for Christmas I am home and a little tired but not wiped out. Twinings of pain Are minimal im not taking any kind of pain meds. I have a postop appointment on Monday and hoping to get my drains out. Feeling good and healing good and I can't wait till I'm back to myself
I took some pictures at seven days postop but really there isn't much of a difference so I'll continue to take pictures until I see a difference

I feel better and better every day. Still have...

I feel better and better every day. Still have that "sore" feeling. Had only 1 drain removed on day 10 post op visit, but I'd rather be "inconvienced" by the drain than have the other alternative! I know I cold feel a lot worse, but I want to start feeling that I can bend or get up without a twang or sting.

Good news...so far I lost 4 1/2 inches on my waist and 2 inches on my hipsand I lost 5 lbs. I know it will coninue to get better, but for me its all about the shape! SOOOO glad my pouch is gone!

I'm adding a pic of my first day back to work. Many of my co-workers have had medical issues (thank god this was elective) and we all laughed at my "buddy" (drain!)

So today marks 3 weeks post-op!! Believe it or...

So today marks 3 weeks post-op!! Believe it or not I feel a BIG difference from yesterday to today. I went to Wholesale club and my belly hurt, very tight. I thought that since I had my last drain removed Monday that I was now “retaining” the fluid :O Well….I had passed a “little” gas and felt better! Whew!!
I went home and had to start cleaning out my dining room set (finally sold it in preparation for moving and selling my house beginning next spring) so I had to clean it out. Well, of course I over did it. Pains shooting thru the incision, my lower back aching. So my BF massaged my back, I took 3 Aleve, slept like a baby and today, feel like a million bucks!! I think I passed another major hurdle in the recovery stage.
My incision is healing nicely…still quite raised but def flatter than 3 weeks ago. When I went to my appt Monday, I asked the Doc why the skin around the corners moving toward the center looked like a “dumpling”, he chuckled and said, so I don’t get dog ears and it will be flat. It is getting better.
To date, I’ve lost 8 lbs, over 5 inches on my waist, just over an inch on my arms and about 2 inches on my hips. I can tell I still have swelling especially in the pubic area and top paart of my buttocks and will eventually be a lot flatter.

To back track to the beginning of this journey….I think this was a little worse than a c-section. It’s like a c-section, with the added tightening of the abs. Then to deal with the restrictive, constrictive garment and all. Even 3 weeks later, I ‘m amazed at some of the discomfort I feel (much less, but there none the less) After 2 week recovery at home, going back to my job as a “receptionist” took me 2 hours to get ready, when it used to take maybe 45 to 55 min. I have it down to about an hour and a half now!! WOW!
Looking back much of this is a blur. I have to thank my lucky stars that I didn’t have that emotional rollercoaster that some speak of. I don’t think I’ve had that “swell hell”. I think I am just moving forward…feeling better each day. Minor things have bothered me. One day I did have a wardrobe malfunction…I tried to wear dress pants that were tight before surgery but thought “Oh, I can do this” but NO. I was so uncomfortable…because of the bit of swelling. I look toward the light at the “end?” of the tunnel, or at least in 2 to 3 months’ time be very close to normal.

Again, when I think I see a diff in the pics, I’ll post some. It’s just that the changes are slight.

Till next time...think positive thoughts!!!

So i'm officially 4 weeks post op. I feel better...

So i'm officially 4 weeks post op. I feel better and better everyday and week to week! I had a "massage" at the Dr's office and it felt so good. I know it helped with my circulation and retention.

To date I lost 1 1/4 on my arms, just over 5 inches on my waist and over 2 inches on my hips. I've lost 9 lbs so far. I am looking forward to getting back to the gym to tone my arms and trim my lower half.

I posted pics...sorry I forgot to do my arms. I will when I get a chance :)

Stay well....stay postitive!!

Well, here it is the New Year!! I'm 7 wekks...

Well, here it is the New Year!! I'm 7 wekks post-op and I'm feeling better and better everyday. I never expected to have as much numbness as I "still" do and I assume over time it will continue to get better. I stopped wearing my CG at 6 weeks. I wanted to stop at 4, but the Dr suggested 6 weeks and at least 12 hrs a day, so I figured I'd just do the 24/7.

I still have what I consider to be a good amount of swelling in the pubic area. Again, I know in time it should get better (I hope)

The one dissapointment I have is that my scar out by my hips, shows if I hike up my undies or my bathing suit... just a little. I feel like I have to wear "granny" leg bathing suits...

To date I've lost 13 lbs, 6 inches on my waist, 1 1/2 inches on my arms and 3 inches on my hips. I'm looking forward to going back to the gym soon.

New pics...I think there is just a slight...

New pics...I think there is just a slight difference, if any!

Just a quick up date. These were clothes I was...

Just a quick up date. These were clothes I was wearing BEFORE surgery and now after. These pants are falling off me!!! :)

Ok...I added one more comparison pic...just a...

Ok...I added one more comparison pic...just a before and after.

Also....I just bought my first Bikini since 1988. Yup, its been that long!!! Now I just have to dig up the nerve to wear it in Public lol Nah...I'll be strutting it on my upcoming cruise!!! If I get a decent pic, I will post it :)
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You look amazing, you should be so elated. Congrats!
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Have fun on the cruise you look great ..
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You look wonderful go strut your stuff!! I know I would
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All I can say is OMG!!! you look fantastic... I don't get mine till March ...did your PS say why the swelling in the pubic area.. I can not wait to wear little sexy undies..... Oh once you hit the gym the butt and thighs you hate will go the way you want...
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Thank you!!! And good luck on yours! If you have any questions, let me know, I'll answer best I can! As far as the swelling, I go back to PS in a week. I'm still only 8 to 9 weeks post surgery. They say 12 weeks is a better guage. We'll see :/
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Lookin' good!
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Thank you thank you!
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You look GREAT! You sure you're not 37? : ) I think it's so amazing how a tummy tuck can reverse the aging on our bellies.
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WOW!! Than you for such a wonderful comment!! You really boosted my ego!! I still feel young...even tho I'm so close to 50 :O
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Hey flabuless im also a tab concern with swelling in my pubic area but overall I look stunning in clothe and that was my main concern from the beginning im have gone from a size 18 prior to sx to current size 13. I will say sometime around thanksgiving which is when I tried on my size 18 on again and didnt fit in to them now I wear them and they sit right under my breast... I will say keep up the good work you look amazing flab u less. Dont buy to much clothe I bought a few pair of jeans about a month ago size 15 and alreadythose fit me big two weeks ago so I had to go shopping again and now im at a 13.
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I think i lost a size or two. I gotta get to the gym and work on my butt and legs. I was trying on some "old" clothes for a cruise that haven't fit for a while, and most fit, but was dissapointed in some of my shorts...still tight :( But, I have a flat belly, its my butt I have to carve away now!!
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You are one hott momma!!!!! You look amazing!!! Love you style of underwear!! My style 2!
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LOL!!! And my kids tell me I'm one hot mamma. Glad to hear...since I don't think so!!
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You look GREAT. Oh, and I love your screen name. Too funny!
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Thank you! As far as the screen name...I'm not usually creative..it just hit me. I thought it was very fitting!!
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u look amazing I bet you feel great now;-)
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Thank you!! I feel "good" not "great" I still feel numbness. I'm stil swollen in the pubic region...NOT happy about that. I know in time it will subside ( I hope) I hope all is well with you!
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Fab u less girl you look awesome... your scar as well as mine looks very similar.
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Hope your doing well! Is your scar sort low on the hips where it would stick out of your bathing suit?
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Yia flab u less mines is just like your. Exactly the same scar we have.
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Big difference!
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Wow...you think so?!?!
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You are looking great! You don't look swollen at all. Am jealous! Damn swelling at my incision is annoying me now. Well annoying in a kind of "I know it will go eventually" kind of way. Lol!
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Ummm.trust me...I am! The angle of the pics just really don't show it. But, I think I will post the one that does!!
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You look great!! :) I know what you mean about the " I wish " Now my stomach is how I want it... so I am noticing how deflated my breasts are... I guess we are always going to "pick" at something on our bodies, maybe its just human nature.. we are always most critical of ourselves.... You results are amazing... !!!
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