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3 months/13 weeks post op, NY

Hi I have finally decided to schedule this surgery...

Hi I have finally decided to schedule this surgery after contemplating it for so many years. My story is like many others, had my first child at a young age and was not able to recover my prepregnancy body. I've always been a chunky girl since a young age but when I had my son at 18 years old in 1995 I went from 125 lbs to 175 lbs. I was able to undergo a breast reduction in 2001 and I loved the results!! My breasts did get bigger after surgery because I had my third child in 2003 but I still love my breasts compared to how they were presurgery!! My children are ages 17,11 9 and I think I've waited long enough!!! Thank God for this site and the courageous women who share their stories. They have given me the confidence and assurance that I deserve to be happy!!!

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My story so far I went to Lennox Hill in April but...

My story so far I went to Lennox Hill in April but since I weighed 170 lbs {5'feet 3inches} PS did not want to operate. When I returned in beginning of August I had lost 10 lbs but new fellow wanted me to maintain that weight for six months. So I gave up on lennox hill n went to NYEE. Dr. X scheduled my surgery for Sept 10 and Im trying my best to prepare myself


Ok I will. Is it best to have a $75 money order or cash?
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Hello Beth, I also have a consultation with Dr. X on the August 27th, I'm in school so I am going to try to have the surgery in early to mid- October 2012.
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Good luck Beutee!! keep us updated on ur consult

About two weeks until my surgery n I feel...

About two weeks until my surgery n I feel disbelief. Like if it probably wont happen. Its probably a coping mechanism because I have been wanting this change of life for such a long time. On monday I will go back to gather all my preop paperwork from my primary doctor. He performed bloodwork, ekg, chest xray so... hopefully all is well. I talked with my primary doctor n he understands that I will need more time to recover n I was only able to take ten days off work. So I will probably ask him If I can extend my time off for four weeks after the surgery He also knows FMLA will not accept tummy tuck recovery as an acceptable serious health condition to qualify for time off so I lucked out with him being able to help me.
Well I am a big time procastinater n dont wanna suffer for it so Im trying to read up on lists, steps but still have not managed to gather supplies, or become prepared. I know it will be hectic I will be having surgery during the first week of school so I know I should be shopping right now as I speak. I two kids in elementary school and one is in high school.
I also have not lost any weight!!! Im still 160 lbs n they only reason I havent gained is because I still juice for breakfast and when I dont have dinner or lunch I will juice. I will try my hardest to stick to this plan for the next two weeks I tried before n the juices dont taste bad. I substitute some juices for other because some I just dont like the way they taste. Well wish me luck. I have to say my PS informed me juicing in this manner was fine for me its a juicing only reboot. I plan to stick to these reboot plans for the upcoming weeks. Ive read pineapple is great for swelling n I also love the juice usually pinapple orange carrots. but I will juice pineapple alone only too. I have cut down on all processed foods, no eating out for me, If its not in its natural state I dont eat it. I have slipped up every now n then but Im more determined than ever.
If anyone wants to try with me JOINTHEREBOOT!!!!

Carrot Apple Ginger Juice I love this juice
3 Carrots
2 Apples
1” Ginger

Mid Morning Juice
Mean Green Juice Its everyones favorite but I usually have to make myself finish it
1 Cucumber
4 Celery stalks
2 Apples
6-8 leaves Kale
1/2 Lemon
1” Ginger

Gazpacho Juice
not a fan of this juice so I will substitute any other juice for this. I love carrot orange ,there are so many other recipes in the website REBOOT YOUR LIFE
4 Plum Tomatoes
1 lg Cucumber
2 Celery stalks
1 Red Bell Pepper
¼ sm Red Onion
2 cups Parsley (leaves and stems, roughly chopped)
1 Lime

Afternoon Snack
Citrus Inspired Green Juice Putting oranges makes it great!!!
6-8 leaves Kale
8 leaves Swiss chard
1 Cucumber
6 Clementines

Sunset Blend Juice One of my favorite recipes!!!
1 lg Sweet Potato
1 med Carrot
1 Red Bell Pepper
2 lg Red Beets
2 Golden Delicious Apples
1 Orange (optional)

Meal Plan: Day 2
Purple Power Juice deliciously sweet
6 ups Concord Grapes
1 Golden Delicious Apple
2, 2x2” pieces Ginger
½ cup Blackberries

Mid Morning Juice
Green Lemonade ok
1 Green Apple
1 ½ cups Spinach
6-8 Kale leaves
½ Cucumber
4 Celery stalks
½ Lemon

V28 I dont like this juice
3 lg Red Beets
2 med Carrots
2 Celery stalks
4 Plum Tomatoes
4 cups Parsley (leaves and stems, roughly chopped)
1 Jalapeno (ribs and seeds removed)
12 Red Radishes

Spinach-Fennel-Cucumber I skip the fennel everything else is Yummy!!!
1 Fennel Bulb
1 Cucumber
3 Celery stalks
3 cups Spinach

Dinner I acutally LOVE this juice!!!!!
Bountiful Brassica Juice
2 Broccoli stalks
½ head Green Cabbage
6-8 leaves of Kale
1 Granny Smith Apple
¼ Lemon (peeled)
1" Ginger root

Meal Plan: Day 3
Breakfast: :
Apple-Carrot-Beet one of my favorite
2 Apple
4 Carrots
2 Beets
6 leaves swiss chard
1? Ginger root

Mid Morning Juice
Great Greens Juice I usually skip the fennel n basil otherwise its good
2 Green Apples
2-3 cups Spinach
6-8 leaves Swiss Chard
1 Cucumber
4 Celery stalks
½ Fennel Bulb
1 bunch Basil (~ 20 leaves)

Lunch: will substitute for another juice probably Pineapple
Tabbouleh Juice
4 cups Parsley
1 Tomato
¼ Red Onion
½ - 1 Lemon (peeled)
½ Cucumber
1 tsp Olive Oil
Dash Sea Salt and Black Pepper (to taste)

Afternoon Snack: I usually skip this juice will probable have sunset blend
Bruschetta Juice
2 Tomatoes
1-2 Garlic cloves (peeled)
1 bunch Basil (~20 leaves)

Green Juice
6 leaves Kale
2 cups Spinach
½ Cucumber
4 Celery stalks
2 Apples

Well I will try my best !!!!!! Good luck to me

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I was inspired by the movie FAT SICK NEARLY DEAD n...

I was inspired by the movie FAT SICK NEARLY DEAD n have tried little by little to incorporate juicing into my life but now that I have this upcoming surgery Im trying so hard to stay motivated n also lose weight. Its so hard for me to lose weight n now I have

Well here is my plan. First Thing in the Morning I have 8-­?16oz of hot water, I add lemon and ginger then follow with 16oz of filtered water. Before work I have a breakfast juice and At work I cant juice so I try my best , I drink lots of water n try to eat very little Usually cup of oatmeal,or cereal,or damn I will admit I will have a bag of chips LOL . When I do get home its usually 12pm so I will have either lunch or the midmorning snack juice or the afternoon snack. Then temptations lure until dinner. I will usually cook and try to be as healthy as possible and before bed I have herbal tea
Just trying to stay motivated~~


Well basically my stage one garment that i woke up wearing is a size xl and my stage 2 is a large which quickly became tooo big in less than 2 weeks. The garment sizes should get smaller as you lose more weight and swelling goes down
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I'm going to go about it the same way, as for my insurance as well.
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I totally understand bout wanting to be prepared. My ps in lennox hill already left they are only there for three months. NYEE price includes everything n compression garments Im not sure of preop pics though. Lenox Hill price doesnt include preop pics n I think docs always include first garment. meds I will use my insurance and also for preop labwork I used my insurance.
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I havent posted in a while because I am so unhappy...

I havent posted in a while because I am so unhappy. My primary doctor needed clearance from specialists for me and I dont know if I will be able to get the clearance. I have two appointments this upcoming week but Im still not sure if I will get the go ahead for the surgery. I havent prepared because I dont want to be disappointed. So there u go, nine more days and I still dont have the preop clearance that I need. Hopefully these two doctors will approve me to get clearance for this surgery. Well wish me luck!!!!


hey how much for tt and ,breast lift...

I finally received clearance and I will be having...

I finally received clearance and I will be having surgery 9/14 Friday. I had to get clearance from two different specialists and then show that clearance to my primary doctor. I am very excited and now know my date so I can start planning accordingly. Yippeeee!!!


I just heard about a lady in Queens Who went to md to do bbl got fat transfer from abs ....needless to say this dr was suposedly not a Ps n somdthing went wrng n pt died on table ..........scary ........dont want to scare anyone but trained facilities with board certified expertise Is a must..... I feeel more comfrtable i hosp setting than back rm of some clinic
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im going for my consult aT Nyee sept 19
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I feel very comfy going with the fellows because the attendinb and nurse all with experience willb there with necessary equip......

4 days left and I feel good. Feeling a little...

4 days left and I feel good. Feeling a little scared of not waking up after surgery but I pray I will be fine.
Dr. Xipoleas is gonna be the fellows there he is really good n tells u the honest truth. He does not perform lots of lipo only in your flanks. this worries me because I need lots of lipo!!!
Lennox Hill did appeal to me more because of the private nurse that will care for u after the surgery. I do wish I could go to a private experienced doctor but this is the next best thing!!!!
On wednesday I will go pick up prescriptions from Dr. Xipoleas and to talk a little more of the surgery. Im preparing myself as far as household chores but have not shopped yet. Im very excited and hope and pray my outcome is successful.


tomorrow is ur day .........
flat tummy
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dont worry.everything will go fine ....jjust think sexxxy body just around the crnr
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Hi Bknena. Well yea NYEE is a good hospital I went to Lennox Hill too but they wouldnt operate until I lost 10lbs. I have finally made up my mind and I am ready now!!! I will have better results if I lost more weight but I just wanna feel comfortable in my own skin. My goal is not to wear a 2pc bikini but too just feel good and not look pregnant!! LOL!!!Wish me luck!!!!
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It is now 6 am and Today is my surgery date. I am...

It is now 6 am and Today is my surgery date. I am very calm but excited at the same time. surgery is at 11 am so I have time to take my kids to school take them to Mcds for breakfast and take it slow. I have not been preparing myself too well. I ate mostly junk these past few days so I fear I will pay for it later. Last nite I drank some Milk of Magnesium and Im releasing some right now! LOL sorry if its tmi but i have had surgery before and I suffer from constipation and I fear my first BM so I had to prepare myself. Well I hope and pray all goes well for everyone else and myself who are having surgery today. Cant wait to be on the flat side!!! God Bless and
Happy Healing!!!


u look great. happy healing
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Hello everyone I just made it back from hospital. Taking percocets and antibiotics. Feeling wuzzy so im gonna go to bed. Will try to upload after pics. Everythin went well Thnx for the good wishes!!
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how u feeling ....
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Sept 16 sunday post op day 2 Im feeling well....

sept 16 sunday post op day 2
Im feeling well. Taking percocets every four hours, antibiotics every six hours
I do feel pain where drains are, gas is getting worse and muscles are tight. doctors said they would be!!!! I feel swollen but I am so optimistic that this will all be better not soon but it will be. So Im just focusing on feeling better n relaxing. Im trying not to worry bout how I look well Im tryin anyways. So happy healing to everyone n God Bless


you look great my tummy and your x tummy are very similar cant wait to see more pics... u look awesome
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Looking fabulous on day 1... Happy healing.
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Yayy! Glad to hear everything went well! All the best in your recovery!
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Hi I'm 5 days post op and feeling ok. I must say...

Hi I'm 5 days post op and feeling ok. I must say I'm very emotional just about everything sends me crying. I hope my stiches r good I haven't sneaked a peak i have just taken off the binder every now n then. On friday is my first post op appointment then I will ask the doctor all the details. My percocets are almost done!!! I have to start taking one pill instead of two. I will have to ask for another prescription hopefully he will Happy healing everyone!!!


Hi Beth1976, thank you for sharing your story. And congratulations on the new body! I am from Baltimore and I will be traveling to NY for a tt consultation. I just want to make sure that I read your post correctly, you had you surgery at NYEE? And you had a tt and lip, correct? I am scheduled for a consultation at Lenox and Mt. Sinai (I haven't read many post about Mt. Sinai). The weird thing is that they charge a $300 consult fee (and this fee doesn't apply to the cost of the surgery, I need to verify this info). Also, did you have to lose weight before they would perform the surgery at NYEE. Also, how do they determine how weight you have to loose before they perform the surgery? Also, can you please provide me with the number to your doctor where you had your surgery done?
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Hi, n thnx. Yes New York Eye n Ear Hospital. Yes I also had a consult with Mt Sinai 275 consult fee, but I didnt make to the consult in Mt Sinai because I was very happy with Dr. X in NYEE Doctors usually go by ur Body Mass Index , BMI to indicate if u are normal weight, overweight or obese they also use these standards to see what ideally your weight should be. I was 170 lbs when I went to Lennox hill n they wouldnt operate until i lost weight , when I did lose the 10 lbs then they wanted me to maintain that weight . My frustration drove me to schedule both consults to NYEE and Mt Sinai Thank Go I saw Dr X in NYEE first. He was very understanding and and saw that at 160lbs or at 170lbs I really needed to have this surgery done. He worked with me every step of the way. Even when I had a couple of roadblocks he stuck with me and we just rescheduled surgery. I made the right choice for me but believe this is isnt for everyone. It is a teaching hospital and he wasnt agressive with lipo. he isnt experienced but for me he was just rite. so good luck to you in your choice and hope all goes well for u.
oh here is the info Consultation appointments are $75 and can be made by calling 212-979-4493.
heres the website

6 days po its morning and Im still in swell hell....

6 days po its morning and Im still in swell hell. It feels like im so full in my belly area its gonna explode!!! I probably havent helped my body by eating rice with corn yesterday it really was a small amount but today im sticking with juicing. forthe A.M. Im making
pineapple carrot orange- lunch sunset blend and i hope to make something green for dinner i plan to add lots of cucumber to help with swelling. Plus i shouldnt have had visitors both yesterday and day before. I was up and walking sitting up hey I even started sweeping the kitchen . Today I will not get off my recliner unless its for the bathroom.

i just cant wait to hear some sorta news tomorrow when i go in to post op appointment
Before surgery he advised me only one drain will come off in first visit. So Im hoping he doesnt change his mind and leave both in there. I hope he gives me a new prescription for percocets because i have about 6 pills left. I have really been serious about taking my medication on time I just shouldve taken one pill instead of two sometimes.

I called my job n let them know i will be off on fmla for an unspecified period of time. On monday I have an appointment to see my primary doctor and then I will ask him if I can be off until end of October my fmla paper should arrive by then so he neees to fill those out plus my short term disability companies paperwork. I hope it all goes smooth in this department because I need a job to go back to!!
well my first week is almost over n even with uncertainty, pain, swelling all facing me I still feel this surgery is worth it n I will keep on doing everything so it all works out . thnx for all ur get well wishes. Thank goodness for this website!!!


Thank you Beth for explaining. I will continue to exercise and eat a healthier diet. So that when I make my appt I will not get rejected for surgery. I will call NYEE today and schedule a appt.
Yes, that is alot of money. I think I will cancel that consultation.
Hi Beth1976 I called and I am scheduled for a consult 10/5. I can't believe how fast I am able to get a consult date. I will keep you posted. Thanks again.

I went to my first post op appt and not feeling...

I went to my first post op appt and not feeling too good. Im just not liking all the swelling and now am just feeling a little negative. The swelling is a side effect of the Prednisone I took the day before and the day of surgery. The doctor did tell me before the surgery I would be extremely swollen because of the medicine but I did have to take it so I wouldnt have any complications with my lungs.

I did stay with a lot of stretch marks but I was prepared for that so I dont know why I get upset??? Well my stretch marks got me feeling down today but I will get over it. I dont plan on wearing a 2 pc or anything showing my tummy but I do still feel a little down. Well I did have one drain removed. It was painless and now I am closer to my recovery. The doctor also explained an issue about my belly buttton I really didnt understand too much but I have to clean it out 2/3 times a day and put antibiotic with a gauze inside of it. Dr. x says the belly button is fine just some skin is sloughing and that its pink inside so its alive.

Well hopefully everything will turn out good. I just need to help my body with this swelling!!! Happy healing everyone n God Bless


Wow, First off, your last photo looks phenomenal even though it is only post op day 1! Oh my goodness I am so excited to see more photos of your transformation!! You are very inspiring. Likewise this is a surgery I have been wanting to do, thinking about constantly, considering for the better part of a decade. I am going to finally look into doing this, I am also in NYC, this all your information has been extremely helpful!

Congrats to you & thanks so much for sharing your journey with everyone!!
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Thanks becca good luck in ur planning
Beth, you are the one person on here that is about my height and weight pre-op, AND I think our bellies are (or were) very similar in shape. My surgery is Oct 15th, but I have to say that seeing you pics is giving me a lot of hope on the outcome of my surgery.
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So I go and see my primary doctor who I had asked...

So I go and see my primary doctor who I had asked for help back in august and now he says he cannot fill out the fmla paperwork!!!Well I have technically been out of work for 5 days and I need more time off since I am only 10 days po. so I have to return this thursday n hope I still have a job. tomorrow I have to go see a doctor to clear me back to work with no restrictions, I will try to ask this doctor to excuse me for the past 5 days n hope to excuse me for one week more???? I already took my whole years time off given by my job for this surgery.
I might be regretting this decision. I only went through with it because I thought the doctor understood that I wanted to put my time off as fmla I did explain it to him and he did agree with me. But this is all my responsibility.
So all I could do now is start to heal fast and get back to work. Oh did I mention my job is really physical kneeling, crawling, lifting more than 20 lbs, stooping, reaching, it goes on and on. I will not stress myself n we will see what happens tomorrow.Oh am I in trouble!!!


Does anyone have any idea how someone is supposed to save $9,000 for a much needed tummy tuck? I had breast cancer in 2009 so I'm having the scaring removed from my right breast and a breast reduction and lift while I'm in the OR which my insurance is paying for. I had a baby via c-section 28 years old and have suffered terribly with chronic itching and rashes underneath my "booty tummy" which overhangs about 6". Insurance won't pay for lipo which does me no good by itself anyway and definitely won't pay for a tummy tuck. My credit isn't any good because I had to file BK last year for the money I owed from the breast cancer treatment that my insurance didn't pay. If anyone has any ideas,I would love to hear from them. Thanks so much!
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yia i understand it was elective but ur job should give you more time. i dont understand why some jobs are being stingy with the time. when i was pregnant with my son i had the doctor write me a letter so that they give me light duties and guess what they.told me they couldnt give me light duties so i quit my son was more important than that job. im currently a stay home mom by choice but i plan to start working a month after my surgery i already started job searching just to see whats out there. i worked since i was 16 now im 23 this was the first time since i have been unemployed. anyway beth just remember this things happend for a reason if they fire you be it your health is way more important. jobs come and gooo... anybody will hire your new sexy self.
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Wow Beth I am so sorry to hear this. Now I see what I have to do for myself. At the end of the day ur health comes first. There will always be another job/career but there will only be one u. This is what I would do, I would try and see another Doctor for clearence, I would put in applications online for temp agency's just to hold u over just in case. Get in touch with unemployment for help just in case. Ok yes this was ur choice but at the same time ur human, u can only do what ur body allows u to do. If u can't come in to work then u can't come. Instead of these people saying well u know what Beth get better but when u come back u may have to work extra or whatever, or do more time, u know work with u. This is so messed up because this is a major surgery, what if u go to work and lift something too heavy and something tears or pops then what, that's a law suit on the job because ur not physically fit to be there yet. These assholes need a law suit and that is what I would look into Too. It's not fair, it's not like ur at a party and have a hangover and can't come in, but I bet they give them time off, but the people that need help the they don't give it. Im mad now I'm off this. This is wack.
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So I saw another doctor n thank goodness I will be...

So I saw another doctor n thank goodness I will be off from work until beginning of october. I will be 3 weeks post op but I cant let this job go. I have to take care of my family its not enough with one paycheck in the household!!! So starting today I have 10 days to recover,heal, relax, and I am gonna take advantage of every second!!!! It has truly been a journey but I dont regret it one bit. On friday I will have my last drain removed and I should be one step closer to recovery.
I hope my story has helped at least one person see what having this surgery entails in someones everyday life and events.
Good luck to all who will be having surgery and Happy Healing to all those recovering.


im happy they gave you a few extra days. i am sure you needed that.
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yes thank u ladies now I will just sit back n try to heal fast!!!! Anyone using a compression 2 garment? Im trying to shop but don't exacty know what to get. My dr gave me a pamphlet of design veronique, he also mentioned marena. I would love to know what other ladies are wearing and what was most comfortable. All over this site most doctors are now not requiring compression garments but my dr says I should get a post surgical garment. Any suggestions ladies??
So glad they ave u more time. 3 weeks is the perfect time to go bk to work. Enjoy:)
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Just passing thru Im 13 days po n still luv this...

Just passing thru Im 13 days po n still luv this site!!! I still keep coming back for tips n tricks n to see how everyone else is dealing.
Im feeling kinda scared b/c I gotta go back to work n I cant even stand up straight yet!!! Well Happy Healing to us all!!!


Your results look great!
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Hey lady......stop the worrying! You still have just over a week before you have to go back to work. Be patient and just relax over the course of this week. Worrying is only going to create wrinkles, and we would hate for you to have to take off more time to get the face lift done.....know what I mean? LOL
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Totally not sweating it!!! Loving being spoiled one more week.but whats coming for me will not be cute just gotta prepare mentally for that.

Hi all. Im feeling so much better after my last...

Hi all. Im feeling so much better after my last drain was removed yesterday!!! I even went out clubbing last nite. Can u believe that??? I know it might have been irresponsible but I had so much fun. I got home at 6am today n slept till 12 pm. I did drink alcohol but I will not be doing that on the regular because I know I need to heal and alcohol and those two dont mix. Well now its time to start taking care of my incision. What are most ladies using to help heal their scar??


Hey beth Im scheduled for a consultation in december at lenox hill my weight is 150 and im 5ft 2. Do you think they will tell me to lose weight?
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hi eva. if you calculate your bmi It will let you know what category u fall under. obese, overweight, or normal So most doctors dont like to operate if you are obese. but i think your bmi falls under overweight. I also think the doctors want you to be happy and so you dont have to go and get a revisiion they want the surgery right the first time. so its better to lose weight now rather than later.
Look at that cute BB. Beth I'm really sorry that I missed your sx date. I just realized today that we are in Oct and got mad that I forgot to check on my friends here. You look soooooo good. I'm going to read your review but first I wanted to write you how good you look. I'm extremely happy for you. I'm sure by now you are feeling better and better and don't forget to drink cucumber water to help you with healing. I was all smiling seeing your pics. You look beautiful. And your BB is sooooo cute.
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Hi all !! Hope recovery and healing is going well...

Hi all !! Hope recovery and healing is going well for everyone. As for me I am recovering well. My swelling has gotten much better. BUT I will be returning to work on Monday 10/8 so we will see how that goes!!! I have been juicing more cucumbers so Im thinking that has been helping plus I have been lounging. I am still very happy with my TT but I do see areas where I could have had more liposuction. My back needs a lot more lipo didnt get any. Since my upper abdomen didnt get lipo now u can see that fat on my lower tummy Plus I know I have dog ears. But Im still so much better than before!!! We are our own worse critics. Whenever I start to feel down I just look at pics of my before and that helps me gain a positive outlook. Even with all these negatives{ dog ears, fat left in tummy and back} I feel good and look good too. Can't wait to start exercising and just being at my healthiest!!! God bless!!!


You look amazing!!!!!
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Thnx!! Sure all will go well with u too!!
You look incredible!
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6 weeks po doing great!! In two more weeks I will...

6 weeks po doing great!! In two more weeks I will hopefully start exercising, planning to join a gym or just finally start using my treadmill. My weight is stable at 150 lbs. I do want to drop more lbs but dont know how that will affect my tt. But Im still very happy with my decision. So happy to have my overhanging belly gone!! Still wearing compression garment and will start NewGel e silicone sheets on scar this week. Feeling very confident to face everyday and happy about how I look and feel!


Thanks for sharing your pics.It's good to see someone with a similar belly to mine get great results. You look amazing!
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you look awesome!!! love your new pics!
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So Im about 8 weeks po and cleared to start...

So Im about 8 weeks po and cleared to start exercising. But not really sure what or how to ?? Ive never really had a workout routine so Im not clear on what to do. Guess I will just start walking on my treadmill for now.


Hello Beth1976 I had my consult with Dr. X today at NYEE. He is terrific. He answered all my questions before I could ask most of them. Thanks for the referral. I am scheduled for January 9th. I am so...excited.
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Hey Beth Before you had your surgery did you have a bloating problem. And, if so do you still have that problem after the tt and lip surgery?
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you look great! I have my consult on 11/28/12 for a BBL and Im so darn nervous. But Im excited! I think Im more nervous about recovery than the actual surgery. Do you know if they are capable of showing you before and after photos? I would really love to see someone else's before and after.
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Hi all!! So I am 9 weeks po and Im still 150 lbs....

Hi all!! So I am 9 weeks po and Im still 150 lbs. I know I should have lost weight before the tummy tuck. Now I will need a revision if I do loseweight after tt but I really needed to get rid of that!!. Did u see my before pics!! Horrible!! I have such a big appetite Im just always hungry. I try to juice, juice and eat, or just eat meals and Im still a hog!!! So I saw Dr. Oz show and he actually believes in this pure green coffee been extract as a way to lose weight without changing anything. It even makes u feel full!! I need this help because I have changed my eating habits and still am incredibly hungry. Well I will research this more plus I am also researching corset training. Well Happy Healing or Happy Planning!!!


You look great Beth1976!
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Hey Beth1976 its been several weeks since your surgery, how are you feeling? How have the reactions from other people been since returning to work? You really look terrific. Did you sleep in a recliner after your surgery?
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Wow, you look great!!!!!!
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Well its been a while since I posted. I still have...

Well its been a while since I posted. I still have days where I have been extremely swollen after work and eating. I wear my compression garment everyday to work it just feels better for me. I try to focus on the positive but I do have fat that needs to be removed. But its 100% better than before. Anyways so sad over the tragic events its makes everything else other than family not so important
Good luck to all who will be having surgery and Happy Healing to all those recovering.


Hi:) I know it's been a while since your review, but I am also having a tummy tuck at nyee and dr. Perkins will be the attending. Your results are fabulous!! Congrats:) I'm curious how you are doing now (if you still check RS) ? How has the result held up over time? Thanks!
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You look great. Your feelings in the begginning are very much like mine - I was so afraid that the date would change or my surgery would never happen. You're right that is totally a coping mechanism. I had so much excitement and needed to channel it somewhere. I think it is awesome that you are an NYEE'er too. I almost had Dr. X as an attending to my surgery but he was unavail and it changed. Instead it wound up being Dr. Laurence Kirwan but i was so thrilled anyhoo. Things always work out for the best. I hope you are doing well and that you are enjoying your TT!!
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Dr X left NYEE in Jyly 2013, if I am not mistaken. How did you like Dr Laurence Kirwan. I am still thinking about going for my surgery...someday
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Dr. George Xipoleas and Dr. Anthony Perkins I found this teaching hospital while researching on this site and other websites. Dr. Xipoleas is part of NYEE teaching hospital in 14th St NYC. I Dr. Xipoleas and the attending was Dr. Anthony Perkins which is a former fellows. I loved both of these doctors. They both made me feel cared for and in the best of hands.!!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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