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Post op - almost 3 weeks!! Pics wo and with swelling - New York, NY

Hi Im a mother of two, 38yrs, happily married. I...

Im a mother of two, 38yrs, happily married. I have been wanting to to this TT for a while off and on. I was always hesitant as I had two c-sections and I didnt want to go through another surgery again. But I am still young and I want to look and feel my best. So I have decided to take the plunge and hope to be rewarded on the flat side.

Hi Kim! I am excited! Hope to post pictures soon. I have tons of work to finish before the holidays and D-Day. So focussin on finishing it all. Im making to do list when I get time and reading the posts. Keeps me motivated and helps me plans. Great site!

Whoa..two more weeks and you are on your way to a new tummy:)  Very exciting!!

Don't forget the before and after pictures.



I am a getting nervous thinking about the pain...

I am a getting nervous thinking about the pain after. I am driving with hubby to different city to get this done. Plan to drive back after 4 days and then return again in 10 to remove drains. Hope I can handle all that. I am getting TT with lipo to the flank and hips. and muscle repair.
Getting my work sorted out so I can focus on getting better.

Im about 5 feet tall and weigh 130 lbs. I have...

Im about 5 feet tall and weigh 130 lbs. I have been exercising but lately my gym membership expired. Now I am going back to renew after I recover from surgery.
Currently, I am taking my multivitamins and eating healthy. Also do some cardio. I have been working late these days and my exercising has taken a back seat. I keep telling myself that I should as I will not be able to a while after surgery.

As I plan for the big day, I am getting more...

As I plan for the big day, I am getting more apprehensive as I dont know if i can travel a 6 hour drive on the fourth day. Anyone have any ideas or thoughts on this? It would be good to know if there are any tips. My PS says i will be fine as long as i stop often and walk to get the circulation going. Also I havent met my PS. But I have read review about him and he seemed very informative and helpful in his suggestions while we had the phone consult. Is that enough? I am beginning to get very nervous at times. I would like some feedback from anyone who has had work done by my PS, would be nice to know how the experience went for them.
As for your p.s. Google him. Where's his office? Aslong as your comfortable with him then everything will be fine.
Bring lots of pillows just in case of bumps on the road. Good luck n safe travels.
Thanks I will remember that. Its very encouraging!

So they payments done. Theres no turning back from...

So they payments done. Theres no turning back from here it seems. Still busy with work and like most others before me, I feel compelled to get everything in order at work, home, kids. I wont be having anyone but hubby take care of me and he is quite supportive. He kept reassuring me whenever I had doubts on if I should go ahead with this.
Wow I can just tell this surgery is going to be life altering for you. You look so thin and then you have a baby belly. I can't wait to see your results. I know they are going to be astounding. Keep me posted :)
Thanks Meslisrw78. Thats encouraging. I will! :)
Hey you're scheduled for the day before me! Easier said than done but try not to be nervous, you'll be great :)

I'm going in for my big day tomorrow morning. I...

I'm going in for my big day tomorrow morning. I feel excited and super nervous. I look forward to good results and hope to have the strength to endure the journey of recovery. Thanks to everyone for sharing their ideas and offering their experiences through their journeys. I will try to write my post op details when I am able.
I want to add that I couldn't be where I am without the support of my husband.
I have been busy with work and holiday preparations up until now. So didn't have time to write much. I started on bromelain and arnica Montana pills today. I tried to eat light today but its Christmas and there was a lot of food, still I did not stuff myself. No eating or drinking after midnight. I'm going to enjoy my bath and take an extra long one as I get ready.....:)
Wishing you a safe crossover. Happy healings. Your gonna love the new you. Jizfiya
Thinking of you and hoping you have an expeditious recovery! :)
I'm tomorrow morning, also! I will say a prayer and send good thoughts your way for speedy recovery!!!

I'm on post op day 3. I took pain meds every 4...

I'm on post op day 3. I took pain meds every 4 hours ( 2 pills) for first two days. So the pain was minimal. However, getting in and out of bed was quite challenging. On day three I am only taking two advils every 4 hours as the Percocet is making me very itchy.
I got a mild cough today. That pain is scary and excruciating. I'm trying to relax and stay in bed. My hubby has been helping me around the clock. I could not do this without his care.
I briefly saw my tummy yesterday at the docs office. I have to post them too soon.
Waiting to be healed completely.

Post - op - day 3 I feel energetic off and on ....

Post - op - day 3
I feel energetic off and on . If I speak too much, then I feel like coughing. If I walk too much, then it shows in my drains. I am glad I had my first BM today. That brought some relief. The drains leak sometimes. I've given myself sponge baths, with hubby's help, three times. My PS recommends showers only after drain removal which will only happen in 9 days.
It's a slow road, but I am encouraged by the experiences of everyone. Hope tomorrow, this cough goes. I stopped Percocet for pain as it made me very itchy on second day. So only two advils every 4 hours. That stopped the itching but pain relief is not much. Still a little hunched and walking very slowly. Tomorrow should be better.
You did it, happy crossover and healings, it gets better everyday.
You already look spectacular and it only gets better!! Happy healing!!
I've had a bit of a cough as well and I know its not fun at all. If you haven't try pressing a pillow as hard as you can tolerate against your tummy when you have to cough, it really has helped me. Wishing you well in your recovery!

I had a rough night. Coughing, couldn't control it...

I had a rough night. Coughing, couldn't control it. Took anti nausea pill , that helped me to settle and go to sleep. The drains are a pain. Wish they could be removed soon. 8 days to remove drains, can't wait. My tummy is a little swollen and feels itchy under the CG. Still walking hunched. I am being patient, waiting to feel like myself again.
You look great! I hated my drains too...and coughing, sneezing and laughing are def hurtful during the early stages of your procedure. Good luck and happy healing!!
Sorry to hear about your cough. Ive been coughing for a week straight now from a cold and its miserable. I think my recovery would feel so much better if I wasnt sick. Ive found if you have a sore spot with coughing that doubling over as much as you can and pushing your fist into that spot as much as possible stops the pain. Also taking a codiene pain pill combined with an antihistamine supresses coughing. I took benadryl which will help your itching from the garment too. Also Im finding that swelling is directly related to hunching so compression, rest and advil as much as you can -=) Happy healing!
Woohoo! You're doing good!

The past few days were tough. Some days I felt...

The past few days were tough. Some days I felt like I was getting better and then by evening I end up all sore and hunched. My drains are really annoying me now. They don't come out till next week. Can't wait. Trying to be patient. I miss not being able to go out, take a shower and visit friends. Hope tomorrow I feel better.
You'll feel alot better once the drains are removed. hang in therer it really does get better just take it easy n try to rest as much as possible. its worth it when you look down and can see everything below your waist. hugs
Hang in there! the first week is rough. Im at 2 weeks and its sooooo much better. Not long to go, youve been through the worst. Thinking of you
Thanks! That really helps.

I am feeling a LOT better today. Yesterday I had...

I am feeling a LOT better today. Yesterday I had my post op appointment to remove my drains and take out a few stitches. I had to fly to see my doctor. My drains were a solid PITA!! I was draining about 25 cc from each of my two drains every 24 hours. I couldn't go out much as getting ready and finding clothes that hid the drains well were all a chore. Every little thing like waking up, getting ready and groomed seemed to take forever. I preferred to simply lie in bed or sit propped up watching TV shows and flipping channels. It felt like a huge boredom. I normally don't spend a lot of time watching tv. My husband had to take on the cooking, cleaning, laundry and taking the kids out for activities. It was hard to see them all go out and not join in. It was also hard to not be able to do the daily chores or help around the house. Not that I miss doing housework! But the waiting period was very tough. I felt very drained if I got up and did something. I did go out to an evening musical event but even there I felt drained and wanted to leave before the show ended. Oh I almost forgot the main event. The night before my doc appmt, I took out my two drains all by myself!! I asked hubby to help me but he was just not sure if he could do it . He kept asking me to be patient and leave that stuff to the experts. I watched a few you tube videos. My doctor also once mentioned to me that I could remove them myself since I lived far away from his city. Removing the stitches that held them were tricky. I stood up by my mirror and slowly pulled them out!! My right drain came out first and quite easily. The left one hurt more. So I took a couple of pain killers and then took that one out too. I must say that it felt AWESOME!!!! Once they were out!! I could move around a lot better and the stood up better. That event zapped all my strength and after applying antiseptic ointment to the drain holes and applying fresh gauze, I went into a deep comfortable sleep.
Sometimes I get swollen and there's a lot of pressure around my incision that I have to remove my CG and relax. It happens every now and then. I wear my CG all the time except when I'm in the washroom or at times I feel like I need to. I wear a cami under it so I don't feel itchy. I am mostly wearing dresses with leggings as pants feel uncomfortable around my waist.
I have added new pictures. You can see that my incision is very neat and I feel quite confident that my scar will heal nicely. I am putting bio oil on it once a day.
Also drinking fluids, taking bromelain, drinking healthy shakes and trying to eat right. I like home made food so I have started cooking again. I take Advil when I feel too swollen or any pressure on my stitches. I also take arnica Montana pills for keeping down the swelling. I have also restarted my multivitamins and fish oil supplements.
I still have downs. I'm better most of the time but get drained big time after a while and need to REST.
I am quite happy with the surgery and the results. It was definitely worth it. I had an amazing surgeon. I felt like I was in safe hands. The anaesthesiologist at my surgery had her tummy tuck done by my doctor. That info was calming as I went into surgery. He is the doctor's doctor! And I am very happy with the results. I trust that he is a highly skilled surgeon who knows exactly what to do to deliver the results I wanted and he takes great pride in his work. The travel to another city was all worth it.
Wow your pretty brave to take out your own drains. I think I'm tough but not that tough! :) so glad to hear all is well. Goodluck getting back to work! Your looking good
Thanks! You are very kind. I still can't believe how I did those drains but boy it felt good! Today was first day back. Everything was good till about 2 pm. And then just as if Cinderellas clock struck, my body stiffened, I was bent and seriously swollen. I came home, ate and have been in bed for 2 hours. What an ordeal!!
Ha sounds like me. As the day goes on I feel my binder her tighter and tighter. I feel like prego belly at the end of it all. But I'm oh so happy to get home and prop up my feet. But work gets easier everyday. :)

So tomorrow it will be 3 weeks PO. My energy...

So tomorrow it will be 3 weeks PO. My energy levels are ok during the day. I don't take stairs, they tire me out. Also too much walking tires me easily. I can't think of gym now but I'd like to get some walking to get my leg muscles going. I feel like I have been sitting down for too long but I don't tire of it either. I get ready and go to work by 7:30 am but by 4 pm I feel the swelling and my belly hurts and my hunch returns. It's been this cycle for the past week. I go to family events and in a couple of hours, all I want is to go home to my bed. I understand that I need to listen to my body. The recovery will take time and I have to be patient. My husband has been super helpful picking up all the chores I cannot do and making it all work. It's not an easy journey but with the help and the results I see, it's all worth it. I look forward to feeling my full self again with no swelling and having all the energy to do last the whole day. It will come!
You can see my tummy without the swelling. I am happy. My BB is still healing. The swelling after a days work is a killer. I feel much better this week than the last so yes, next week will be better than this. One day at a time....
To all of you still in recovery, happy healing! And to those still waiting surgery, don't think again, do it if you get a good PS with good reviews and who has a lot of experience. Happy healing to all:)
Just reading this now. I also have deluca as my PS and am also out of town. Some helpful tips. Thank you for sharing!
Holy swell hell! Do you wear your compression and binder at work? I swelled a lot more on week 3 backup work and less now at week 4 1/2
I wear shapewear to work and my binder at night. But my binder is making me very itchy and yesterday I slept with two compression garments and a cami that also had compression in it. It felt good as the binder ends that stick out into my hips hurt and itch after a while. Also I then swell a lot under the binder and Vjay by morning. So wearing one which covers from under my bra to mid-thigh is better now. I need to buy new compression garments. Deciding between marena or spanx. I dont know if I should spend all that but I feel this is something I am going to wear like forever now. It feels so good with it on. Good to know that your swelling is less. Something to look forward to for me. Take care!
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