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So today, nervous as ever I made my way to my...

So today, nervous as ever I made my way to my consult appointment at Lenox hill. I am happy to say everything went well. I originally wanted a tummy tuck but asked the doctor about BA as well just in case hubby says its okay and do everything at once. I don't want to be bigger just fullness as my main concern.As for the tummy i just want to be flat again and not constantly look pregnant :(! Anyway from the front desk to the nurses and doctor were all super friendly and full of great advice and knowledge. I did ask the doctor to show me pics and he was willing but I totally forgot to remind him before I left to see them. I scheduled a tentative date with the doctor and just need to speak with y husband about everything. Im so excite and nervous... Lol

Hi flattummy33:) so happy to hear that your consult went well. I have a consult at lenox hills tomorrow. I'm curious who was the doctor you met with? Do you know if he was a resident or a fellow? They told me I am meeting with a resident. Thanks:)
Zabette what is the difference btw a resident and a fellow?
I learned on this site that a resident is a student who is learning and still completing his or her training. A fellow has already completed their residency and is eligible to open up a practice, but chooses to do a fellowship to get more experience. I guess a fellow has more experience. I asked the lady on the phone and she said a resident will have a supervising dr in the operating room watching, while a fellow might not... So I am kinda confused on which would be better... On one hand, the fellow has more experience, but I do like the idea of a very experienced dr watching and supervising since both the fellow and resident are less experienced. What do you think? On this site, they say try to get a fellow.....idk, so confusing!!

Okay so my date has changed the 3rd was tentative...

Okay so my date has changed the 3rd was tentative because he had booked other surgeries. Now im freaking out a bit because my husband will be out of town for work and I need to find someone who can take me home, my mom will be home with my kids. My new date is 5/7. On a happier note finished my labwork now time for clearance...

Went for pre op visit and pictures yesterday. This...

Went for pre op visit and pictures yesterday. This visit I was much more calm. I think it help to talk to people you trust. I was so nervous before and considered cancelling the whole surgery thinking am I being selfish? I could do something else with this money. Thankfully I confided in a friend about my procedures and her response was "Girl your lucky I know so many people that have had it done and I want to have surgery too!" What a relief. I felt so much better after talking to her. So Pre op visit went smooth dr went over everything again but a bit more in detail. I asked some more questions about after care and the Nurse is awesome she answered a lot of my questions as well. Have my scripts to get filled and then I went over to get my pics done. My photoshoot (lol) was schedule for Monday but I decided to call to see if they had any openings and luckily they did and at the perfect time. Literally I finished my pre-op then drove right over to get pics done. There is a Parking garage right next to the photo office since I didnt have time to look for parking thats a definite time saver. The pictures took about 10 minutes between waiting for her to get ready and finishing pictures. Some people complain about Lenox because you have to go get pictures elsewhere but honestly it was so quick it didnt seem like a nusance at all. Im just a little bit closer now and the hard part is telling my mother because I have to ask her to watch my babies and help me for a week. I know she will do it but I dont want her to worry so im kind of scared to ask but I have to do it soon.

So just an update my emotions are on a roller...

So just an update my emotions are on a roller coaster but I am seeing that this is pretty normal and I am not the only one who thinks about death during surgery or what if I am not happy with the results. I'm nervous, then scared, then consider canceling. I think I am being selfish because the money I am spending could most certainly be used on something to improve our home or for the kids and schooling. I almost feel bipolar because in the next moment I think I deserve to do something for myself, something I have been considering for 10 years! Well my mom said she will help me next week but wish me luck because I have yet to tell her why I need help and she is waiting for me to answer. So far I just said because my husband will be out of town but she knows something is up because I usually would just fend for myself. OH I forgot to mention I got a little freaked out because the PS said that I have some intra abdominal fat on the upper portion of my stomach and my results may not be flat. I freaked!!! We have been emailing and talking back and forth and ultimately I will not leave with a 6 pack (what i anticipated) but he assures me I will love my results and I trust him so so far we are still on...lol I dont think I have read many posts on this but it is a question you should ask!!
Did you ever go through with your TT?
I have the same problem. and all the PS i consulted with said the same thing. So decided to change my diet and do a lil jogging just to try to lose that upper fat that the PS cant get rid of. So if you can try it, we all want to be flat and lord knows i neeeeeed to be flat LOL, too much money being spent to have to still work extra hard in the gym.
Lenox hill hospital

I choose this provider due to all the feedback and posts on real self.. Thnx ladies!

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