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Anyone Has Had Tummy Tuck, Lipo, BL and BBL Dr. Fernando De La Cruz - Dom Rep

I am nervous about the pain after. Where I get the...

I am nervous about the pain after. Where I get the garment to wear? Am I making the right choice. What can I do minimize pain and accelerate healing. I need to be back to work after two weeks. :(

I hope to have flat stomach flaps from my back to be gone.

But everything I read about the pain has me concerned. I don't want to get hooked on pain killers after the surgery.

I had my tummy tuck done at Harlem Hospital with Dr. Morrisson he did a pheonominal job

Welcome to the community:)

Try to stay calm and don't let the pain part of the recovery scare you.   Yes it's true you will have pain but the meds will help control this.   And please don't be afraid of taking them.  You need pain control in order to heal properly.  You will not get addicted.   Trust me you will be glad to get off them quickly.  

The first week is the tough time but things do get easier each week.  Everything you go through is worth the results you obtain.  You can do this and will love how you look and feel once healed.  

You are not able to accelerate healing.  But if you rest, and pamper yourself that really helps.  So many women try to do too much and so quickly.  That is not good!!!   You need to chill and be a good patient.  




Thank you so much. I can only take two weeks of from work. I hope that is enough. Guys what did you tell your employer? I really don't want to tell him I am having plastic surgery.

Tummy Tuck, BL, Lipo and BBL in DR Starting Again

Hi Ladies
Started this journey in December 2012, never had the surgery done family responsibilities took over. But now committed to going to DR in June for surgery with Dr. Fernando de la Cruz Acosta. I got quotes from Dr. Baez, Dr. Espaillat, and Dr. Manuel Diaz. But Dr. Fernando responded the quickest and he has 23 years experience, if any of you heard of him let me know. I have looked everywhere for reviews nothing. He did work on my cousins hairdresser and my cousin says she looks amazing, I pray for the same results. Thanks to my research here I have selected Angela as my RH spoke to her several times she is a trip but real!!
Long Island Plastic Surgeon

Going to Dr. Fernando De La Cruz Acosta in DR instead.

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