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Ive been stalking this website for a while now so...

Ive been stalking this website for a while now so its time i share a little of my story. After losing all the wait i gain with my first pregnancy (70-80lbs) i became pregnant with my boy which left my stomach with alot of excess skin and my self-esteem not so great, so i considered a tummy tuck and have been doing my research for the last 6mth. I found a hospital in newyork that would do the surgery at a affordable rate and has good reviews and the staff is great..for now.lol
I really didnt want to go over seas and risk my health even though being on this website ive read great sucess story, it still scares me. Anyway, im seeing my surgeon on 9-15-2014 and will be posting my experience. ?
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It is a big operation. . But from the amount of success stories and photos it looks worth it!
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It does! Thats why im having it done in The states. I cant wait.
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What hospital did you have your consult. I had mine at lenox hill the Fellow dr was William loa. I book sencond appt for oct 9. I'm having a tt.
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