I had my first reduction 9 years ago. I went from...

I had my first reduction 9 years ago. I went from a DD to a B cup and I was SOO happy. Four years ago I had liposuction to my abs and because of fluctuations in my weight, the fat went to my boobs and my booty because you never really gain fat back in the areas that were lipo suctioned.

On Tuesday May 8th I had my second breast reduction. I was shocked my insurance covered it 100%% because I was only a D cup when I had my consultation. Let me tell you ladies this was by far THE BEST THING i HAVE EVER DONE! My boobs look better now then the first time I had them reduced and im only 3 days post op.

Day 6 This is the first day I feel kind of...

Day 6

This is the first day I feel kind of normal...HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!! Im not going to take my vicodin because I would love to have a nice rum and coke for Mothers Day! ahaha!! My drains should be out by tomorrow ( crossing my fingers ) These things are a pain in the booty! I think after my drains come out I will feel much better. I hate sleeping on my stomach!!

**I also forgot to mention that I had SLIM LIPO when I had my reduction. I have noticed I look smaller in the areas I had lipo suctioned ( upper and lower abs) But still lots of swelling. I have to admitt there is virtually NO pain or discomfort from the slim lipo. I almost forgot I had it because I was so focused on the pain from the reduction.

12:am....Of day 6 I am having a panick...

12:am....Of day 6

I am having a panick attack!!! I HATE these drains!! They should be out by tomorrow, but now Im so nervous about the pain associated with their removal..OMG! Someone please tell me i doesnt hurt :(

Still Day 6....DRAINS REMOVED I took a Vicodin...


I took a Vicodin 2 hours before my appointment because I was scared about the pain.

Went in and gave them my output for the past 24 hours and He decided to take them out...YAY!!! Wait..Yay? Ummmm OMG how much pain are we talking about here???? He snipped a few stitches that were holding the drains in, told me to take a deep breathe as he started pulling this worm from out of my body..OMG!! IT burned and felt crazy odd and hurt a little bit..Nothing unbearable at all. He asked me about nipple sensation, and I told him they are erect since the day of surgery and he said GREAT, and told me I can take a SHOWER but dont get the reduction steri strips too wet.. :) !!! The nurse changed my liposuction steri strips and I was on my way..HAPPY AS HELL!!

Still day 6..About my SLIM LIPO I have noticed...

Still day 6..About my SLIM LIPO

I have noticed major changes today. Although still swelling, my belly is much smaller and flatter then post op. I still have absolutely no pain from the slim lipo, and no bruising. I think I am going to start massaging my belly tomorrow. SO...So far VERY happy!!



Day 7 post op Since my surgery I have lost 5...

Day 7 post op

Since my surgery I have lost 5 pounds yay!! BUT now im bored so, im eating like a crazy woman...How soon till I can start power walking ladies???

Last night was FABULOUS!! First shower in almost a week and to be able to lay on my side felt a little bit odd but I did it any way. Im still too sore to wash my hair and blow dry it, so Im going to the salon for a quick visit...Wash and set.

I can tell I ate entirely too much salt yesterday because from my boobs to my belly is very very swollen...Also ladies even though you may get an energy surge PLEASE TAKE IT EASY!! We just had major surgery take atleast the first 2 weeks to really recover please..

Still Day 7 post op I cant start power walking...

Still Day 7 post op

I cant start power walking or exercising for another 2 weeks... :/

Hi Cutie!

Sounds like you have had a practically perfect experience! Congrats :-) And I'm glad the removal of the drains wasn't too horrible. Hope you continue to recover well...but remember to listen to your own advice and don't over-do it! Keep us posted!

Day 9 post op.. Slim lipo: looks better and...

Day 9 post op..

Slim lipo:
looks better and BETTER every day!! I switched to a Spanx Higher power panty because my compression garmet was giving me indentations. I have started to notice lumps so I am gradually starting to massage my entire abdomin. Its very uncomfortable to massage the lumpy area's. About 70% of my abdomin is still slightly numb... All in all I am still 100%% HAPPY with slim lipo.
Breast reduction:
My sides where the drains were are still sore. Im pretty sure this is normal so im not worried. I am starting to itch like crazy at times. Can I take a benadryl??? I am in virtually no pain but I get a lightning shocks through my boobs at times and im like...OUCH!!! But it goes away as fast as it comes.
Thank goodness because I thought it was just me...LOL!! How is ur healing going Iowa?

That was an issue I had. I actually put on weight during recovery...that was so frustrating because it seemed like everyone else was just able to shed off the pounds! But once I was able to be active again it came off pretty easily, especially since it was so much easier to move and breathe!
Thanks Iowa71 :)

So far soo good, the biggest challenge right now is wearing this compression garmet (for the lipo) and not eating everything in my house from boredom..LOL!! Happy Healing

Day 11 post op 1:32 am Been having throbbing...

Day 11 post op 1:32 am

Been having throbbing pain in my right breast all day. It started after my shower. This was the first time really getting my steri strips wet. I wrapped my self in saran wrap, but they were soaked when I removed the plastic. A little bit after that the throbbing started...And has not stopped. I took a pain pill and I hope this pain will pass very soon.

Today my abs are swelling like crazy. I don't want to put my original surgical garmet on because it was causing indentations....Ahhhh. Not the best day ever. :(
Wow An H to a DD sounds a like a pretty major reduction. What was the size you were going for? I completely understand you not wanting to do a revision especially because it has not been a year yet...BUT I would definitely consider it if you are not at the size you would like. My first reduction I started out a DD and had all the pain associated with someone needing a reduction. I hope to god that does not happen to you...

That is what I was afraid of, that after awhile I would start to have the same symptoms again. I mean a lot of people on here are getting their DDs reduced and that is what I was taken down to.

How is that pain today? Is the saran wrap for the lipo? I have never heard of that. I would think that you would want to keep your incisions as dry as possible. Bacteria grows where it is warm, dark, and moist. If you are not feeling better or you notice any redness or increased swelling, I would certainly call the PS or urgent care center to see what they think.

Hope you are feeling better!
Happy Friday Iowa!!
You are def one of the lucky ones that have a had an easy breezy recovery, I am truly happy for you. I love to hear stories like yours. VERY motivating!! :)

No I didnt use the same PS..The first one I felt did not do a great job at all!! I was left with huge scars, HUGE areolas and nipples that I feel was waay too high on my chest. My PS now is amazing!! It already looks better then my first one. I ended up taking the benadryl and yes there was relief!! woohoo! How far into recovery are you?

Almost 2 weeks post op. I realize the more I do...

Almost 2 weeks post op.

I realize the more I do the more pain I have in the evening... I really need to take it easy!
My liposuction steri strips look gross..LOL!! I still feel kinda dirty because I cant scrub my entire body.
Tomorrow I think my PS will be removing the two stitches I had from the drain site. Im a big baby so im not looking forward to that.
I see major changes in my belly! I feel there is almost no fat there. YAY!

2 weeks post op. Yesterday my PS removed the 2...

2 weeks post op.

Yesterday my PS removed the 2 stitches that were holding the drains in.. he changed my steri strips (OUCH!) amd took the steri strips off my liposuction sites. He told me to start messaging my abs. ONCE again he told me to take it easy and do NOTHING for the next two weeks. This is becoming very hard. I dont feel like I am getting enough help at home. After the first week I was feeling better and it seemed like all the help I recieved stopped. My house looks terrible and its hard for me to sit around and watch it go to hell. Im starting to get very angry as I am expected to jump right back into my old routine. ugh
Omg you are sooo right!! Project do nothing starts NOW!! ;)
I completely agree and THANK YOU for saying the words you just said...They came right on time when I am feeling overwhelmed and under helped. I am getting to the point im just fed up and sick of complaining about how my house looks and what needs to be done.

If your help stopped once you started feeling a bit better, I would do absolutely nothing for awhile and just tell them that you can't do's orders. I know it will be hard for you but just let them do it without even hinting that you can do anything. You really need this time. And anything the others don't get done will be there waiting for you when you are all healed up...unfortunately :-(

3 weeks post op...Getting very depressed.. My...

3 weeks post op...Getting very depressed..

My boobs look like 2 different sizes... my areolas are 2 different sizes. I have an indentation where the drains were. My husband told me I look like Frankenstein lol! Im sure I will need a revision, but I will my insurance cover it? I feel guilty enough for getting this done!! ugh

Hey, B-cup. I'm sorry you aren't having the results you were hoping for, but remember that 3 weeks is still very early in the recovery process. Just because you are feeling stronger, doesn't mean that you are your final shape or size. You will continue to round out and settle. Most insurances to cover a revision and I know that my PS said that if revisions were necessary that he would not charge me for his services. When do you go back to your PS? Have you discussed with him/her your concerns? If not make sure and ask him about it at your follow up. But I would give it at least another two months before you start getting too worried. Lots can change during the first few months, and it can take 6 months to a year to realize your final shape and size.
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