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This is my first review for Dr. Jessica Krant, and...

This is my first review for Dr. Jessica Krant, and it has been only 5 days since my botox and restylane. This is my review so far. I will update this review regularly. Since my 41st birthday is next month, I thought it was high time to take care of issues that have been bothering me. As of late, I was starting to get some lines next to my eyes, hollows under my eyes, 11's were in need of smoothing and so did my forehead lines just a bit. Lastly, I wanted a lift to my eyebrows as well. I told Dr. Krant that I wanted to be able to move my eyebrows. More or less, I wanted natural result and have an overall lifted feeling to my face. I asked Dr. Krant if she thought any other part of my face needed botox or restylane. She suggested some filler in my nasolabial folds and a bit to lift the corners of my mouth. I was actually a bit skeptical about those 2 suggestions but I like the outcome so far. In total, I has 33 cc's of botox and one vial of restylane. Not much at all. Now, as an artist myself (of another sort), and a very visual person, I am critical when it comes to aesthetics and symmetry. Considering it's been only 5 days, so far I am very happy. I do have bruising and a small amount of swelling remaining so I cannot give a complete review at this time. As far as the costs are concerned. Dr. Krant is definitely on the high side in my opinion. Some people do have that mentality that you get what you pay for and while that does hold true in many cases, that is not always the case. Dr. Krant seems to be very meticulous and skilled at what she does. She also has an artistic way with how she injects and she does it well. At moments, I felt like she was holding a paint brush rather that a needle and I like that. For me, the injections in the beginning were a bit painful even with the numbing gel. But I honestly think that is because I am just a big baby when it comes to pain and it was my very first experience. After a while, they became much easier to tolerate. Shockingly, the tear throughs were the least painful. I was relieved. I had an on and off headache for 2 days, but from what I understand, that is totally normal. I did call Dr. Krant on the second day. I was feeling the restylane in my nasolabial folds and she called me back, told me it was normal, it would fade and put me as ease. She also mentioned to call her anytime with any questions or concerns at all, I really appreciated that. Yes, this is a long review but I think detailed reviews are great for people like me who very carefully check out any type of MD. As for my results so far (5 days). I am very happy but still wondering about my tear trough area and what that will look like when all swelling and bruising is gone. I am not the doctor but I may need a touch more filler in that area or maybe I do not, time will tell. I hope I don't as I already invested quite a bit. I will wait to see what Dr. Krant has to say the follow up appointment in 3 weeks from now. I will say Dr. Krant is professional and after a few minutes I saw her comforting side and I appreciate that. As for her receptionist Michelle, she is awesome!! Funny, personable and made me feel happy the second I walked in the door. This is a long review (imagine how much longer it will be when I update), but I hope it helps someone. Cheers!

That is great that you feel pleased with the results so far. I'll be looking forward to hearing an update as your swelling continues to go down!


**UPDATE** I had my follow up appointment 3 weeks...

**UPDATE** I had my follow up appointment 3 weeks to the day with Dr. Krant. At this point, I am very happy with the Botox but not so much with the Restylane under my eyes. It is not symmetrical. I pointed this out to Dr. Krant and she agreed, that is was uneven. My right eye looks good but the left, looks deflated in spots. She offered to add more in April (when I am due for more Botox) or in two weeks if I did not want to live with it that long. Also, it would be another $500 for 1/2 of a syringe which in total with the first visit, is way more than I expected. Perhaps it was naive of me to think I would not need a touch up but I am quite surprised that I do. I want to do the touch up sooner than later as I look asymmetrical and it does bother me but I just had a medical issue pop up and have to rest for now. I will say she was super friendly and very nice. Again, Michelle was very sweet and can make anyone smile with her bubbly and wonderful personality.

Well, I went back to Dr. Krant for a 2nd round of Botox, even though I was unhappy about the Restylane for my tear troughs. I was pleased with my Botox results the 1st time, so went back for more. The only thing was the 1st round of Botox lasted less than 2 months and took 10 days to kick in so in total, it was short lived. I mentioned that to her when I went for the 2nd round of Botox and she had a few ideas. She said she was mixing a fresh batch of Botox this visit. When she did the 2nd round, the Botox kicked in within 2 days! SO much faster. I guess mixing a fresh batch of Botox make a HUGE difference. That made me so much happier when it took effect so much faster. I will always request from now on that is be a freshly mixed batch of Botox. Only time will tell how long it lasts this time.

As for the the Restylane, I did not have her try and fix it, as I was left with a blue tinge on my right eye along with asymmetry. I did not tell anyone I had any injectables done to see if anyone would notice. My step-mother asked me what happened under my eyes. She commented it looked blue/bruised on one side and very different under the one eye. As much as I really want it fixed, I am leaving it alone for now. It's been 5-6 months now so I will wait it out and weigh my options at some point. Even though the Restylane experience was not what I hoped or expected, I will say I am very happy with my Botox minus how long it lasted. She did a very natural job with the Botox and hopefully with a fresh batch every time, I will continue to see her every three months for more.
My sunken eyes started at about age 37 or 38.

I have a horor story using botox for my lip lines. A friend of mine with a scar told me about DERMAFLAGE which is made for scars but works aizmngly for filling in lip lines. I use it every day now

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Since my 41st birthday is next month, I thought it was time to take care of issues that have been bothering me. I was just starting to get lines next to my eyes that I noticed about 3-4 months ago and the hollows under my eyes. I also wanted the 11's gone and my forehead just a bit. I told Dr. Krant that I wanted to be able to move my eyebrows.

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