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Learned that I have to get the "lump above my BB"...

learned that I have to get the "lump above my BB" removed. He wanted to do it locally, but I am not up for that, so after much thought I know I needed a thigh lift so I decided to get it done since I have to have this lump removed. I got my medical clearance today and all is good. Had a little drama last week at the dentist, but all is good for my surgery. Pray for me everyone I will be posting pictures soon. God Bless


Ok I am all set for my TL on October 17th got my medical clearance, picked up my meds, very excited and a little nervious. Will post pics soon, thanks.
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Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your experince with us.

Did you need a thigh lift because of weight loss, or just general excess skin? Good luck with your surgery and please do keep us updated with your progress!

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Before TL


Praying for a speedy recovery..Any pictures?
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Doing very good, I have to take some photos and then I will post them. thanks
I would love to see your results. How did everything go? Are you happy with your results?
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Long Island Plastic Surgeon

Arnold S. Breitbart, did my smart lipo I am very happy with the results and his kind ways so I decided to have him do my thigh lift

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