Not Sure if Im Being Ripped off - New York, NY

I have had 5 sessions of tattoo removal using a...

I have had 5 sessions of tattoo removal using a medlite c6 laser. I see very little results. At this rate I can see it taking 100 sessions.
The laser hurts but I do not seem to experience what others are saying they experience. 1. My tattoo does not turn white from the laser. 2. no blisters. All that happens is some swelling and redness and by the 2nd or 3rd day Its back to normal. 11 N. 2nd St. Philadelphia, PA 19106 844 Germantown Pk. Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462 215-315-3352. Other places burned me with blisters and bubbles. Dr. Zelinger knows what he's doing. Takes only seconds per session. Mention Betty Boop! I get a discount for next time.
Bounceoffclouds it is important to understand that laser tattoo removal is a medical procedure and anyone other htan a physicina or NP/PA working under a physician is parcticine illegal medicine. side from that to say your Dermatologist and this place both have a medlite is a kin to saying they both have a BMW but you dont know how they were driven and more importantly maintained. That medlite costs just under 100K and to maintain it another $800/mo is your spa doing that? I bet they didnt buy it from the manufacturer because to do so requires a medical license. More than likely its a used system. Now looking at your tattoo, the first time is got white means the ink reacted to the laser thats what we want. However the pics look very much as if the laser is under powered,, The beam is not hitting the ink in a strong uniform beam shattering the ink instead it looks bruised. I see tiny hemmorhages around the ink and even they are not unifirm. I think that either they lack competence or the laser is not functioning correctly. The best thing to so is stop waisting money and try out your doctor or another doctor in NY or NJ
I feel the same way, that I might be getting ripped off. I have gone every 6 weeks since last september (missed 1 session) to remove a RING FINGER heart I got ( I know, dumb) with my ex husband. Very hard to tell any difference at all. And its such a small tattoo but its on my ring finger I hate it so embarassing!!
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