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I had abdominal Smartlipo on April 6. My PS used...

I had abdominal Smartlipo on April 6. My PS used closed incision, and I had absolutely no drainage. I had significant soreness and swelling during the first 3-4 days. I went for my first post op appt 5 days after the procedure. My PS removed my stitches, and although he stated that he wasn't concerned, he did acknowledge that I had a lot of swelling. I expressed worry about my lack of drainage and swelling (abdomen is larger than it was before the procedure) and asked that he investigate to determine if there was excess fluid under my skin. He seemed confident that there was no need for me to worry, but empathetically agreed to check the area.He numbed the area, and inserted a syringe to check for fluid, but there was very little (~20cc's). He confirmed that what I'm experiencing is swelling, which is a normal part of the healing process. Today is exactly 1 week post op. My soreness is minimal and only occurs when I apply pressure to the area and/or bend/twist, however I still have lots of swelling. I started taking Arnica and Bromelain 5 days pre-op, and will likely continue for another 3 days (total of 10 days post-op). I know that swelling is normal after abdominal lipo, I just didn't expect to be larger than I was pre-op. I had hoped to see some result by now. I trust my PS, and will focus on remaining positive and being patient.

Its 9 days post my abdominal smart lipo procedure....

Its 9 days post my abdominal smart lipo procedure. Still very swollen. Hope to start seeing results soon!!

Its 16 days post op. Still very swollen, but...

Its 16 days post op. Still very swollen, but finally starting to see results!
Any update? Are you still swollen?
Yes, still swollen! It's definitely flatter than before, but not as flat as I expected it to be by now. It looks good with clothes on, but I'm certainly not ready to put on a bikini. I'm still wearing spanx under my shirts.

I'll post more pictures in 2 weeks, which will be a total of 8 weeks post op.
Going well, thanks. Swelling and lumpiness has improved, but is still present.

Its been 5 weeks since my procedure and I'm...

Its been 5 weeks since my procedure and I'm definitely seeing results! When dressed, my stomach looks much better than before. When bare, there is still some apparent lumpiness/firmness (which I was told is normal). I stopped wearing my surgical compression garment after 4 weeks, but am continuing to wear a spanx during the day. No residual pain.....just slight numbness when I touch the area.

Its been 6 weeks. My stomach is smaller, however I...

Its been 6 weeks. My stomach is smaller, however I thought it would be much flatter by now. I noticed that its somewhat flat in the morning, but gradually swells out during the course of the day. What's up with that!I stopped wearing my compression garment 2 weeks ago, but have continued to wear spanx during the day.
Hello-I was wondering how you feel about the procedure after all this time. Was it worth it or not? Would you recommend your doctor? Thanks.
hey im looking for a good place in ny to get my first lipo done...where'd you go
It's been 9 weeks po......still some swelling. The area looks much better than before, but its still not that I'd consider "flat". I completely stopping wearing spanx after 8 weeks. Stomach area looks good with clothes on, but there is still a visible belly bulge, especially when I'm seated. I'm going on vacation at the end of the month, hope some drastic flattening happens within the next couple of weeks.
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