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I'm 25 and weigh 145, I'm 5'3. I recently took up...

I'm 25 and weigh 145, I'm 5'3. I recently took up an interest in doing smart Lipo. I gained a few pounds over the years and hate it. I have tried diet and exercise but can never really get my abdomen to get smaller.

I used to weigh 125 and I figured smartlipo can help me. I used to love my body with my natural curves and natrally big butt and breasts. I need help on where to even begin with this. I would love to have a smaller abdomen and waist with a big butt agaIn . I read that smartlipo has a faster recovery period than liposuction.

I'm so excited, I made an appt for my consultation...

I'm so excited, I made an appt for my consultation on April 29th...I am def going to do the smartlipo and maybe even the bbl. I can't wait!! I chose Dr. Gartner in Paramus, NJ. If anyone has any feedbacks I would like to know what they think about his work.
Dr. Gartner

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Thank you for reading my blogs, in away i can help you message me .I'll answer you to the best of my knowledge. ...welcome to bbl....
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Thank you...I'm mostly worried about the healing part...also of what I would need after and where to get the fajas...thanks
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I like one Dr in particular Shafer. I would love to hear feedback from others about him. I decided on smartlipo and plan on making an appt for my consultion soon.
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Hello, I agree smart lipo shows faster results and is less painful with quick recovery time. I actually drove myself home after the procedure after they let me rest for 4 hours in the office to let the medicine wear off...Make sure you do your research on whatever doctor you choose. Try to see if the doctor you want to go to is listed on here. Good luck...keep up updated and come back with pictures :)
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Did the smartlipo leave any scars...that's another concern I have with either of the Lipo procedures...I def will do my research on these Dr's...Thank you.
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Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

Have you had any consultations yet, or looked into any doctors?

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I read about Paul Jarrod Frank and Kenneth Francis but haven't had anyone that I absolutely love. I haven't had any consultations yet. I'm open to suggestions. My only worry is that I want my body to look natural and I also have a tattoo on ny abdomen that I absolutely love and don't want it to get ruined from the liposuction or smartlipo.
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I've put a link below to board certified doctors in New York who perform Smart Lipo. Take a look through the list, check out their reviews and you might find someone you're interested in.

NY Smart Lipo Doctors

Hope this helps!

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Thank you!
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