36 Years Old - 4'11, 112 Lbs. SmartLipo on upper arms...

Hi everyone! Tomorrow I'm going for my first smart...

Hi everyone! Tomorrow I'm going for my first smart lipo consultation on my neck/chin and upper arms. I'm in good shape and an advanced yoga practitioner but my upper arms are completely resistant to excersise. I feel they make my whole body appear larger so I'm hoping to finally do something about it! I also have a round face and have always had a fat pad under my chin. Well, with age I feel this has become more pronounced. Hoping that can be fixed as well. More after tomorrow's appointment!

Back from my consultation!!

Just returned from my consultation with Dr. Thomas Sterry here in NY. What a nice guy! Very thorough and honest. Once he took all my pictures he advised me against having my neck/chin done at this time. He said he could do it but didn't think there was much of a point. Not really that much to take out and my jaw line is still defined. Awesome!

Now on to the arms. He thinks I'm a great candidate for smart lipo on the arms and I have an appointment set for September 22! I'm a bit nervous about the possibility of pain but really excited to have smaller more sculpted arms. It will be nice to see the muscle hiding under all that fat!

A few more "Before" Pics!

23 days to go!

Not like I'm counting or anything ;-)
Had a dream last night that my arms came out terrible. Like hanging skin and bumpy. Yikes. Very hard to fall back to sleep after that.
Spoke to my doc's assistant about pre-op procedures and she's going to be sending my packet with info and prescriptions some time in the next week or so. I'm not going to have any pre-op testing, which surprised me a bit. mmmmmm.....


This will be my "official picture" dress ;-)


Am I the only person having insane dreams related to the procedure?! Last night I dreamed my compression garment was a thermal shirt with a puffy vest over it (?!?!). As you can imagine, I was not happy, LOL!
I have my Amazon cart full of stuff and just about ready to hit send on the order. Ice packs, massager, mattress pad ((though my doctor says I shouldn't leak much because the nurses will "ring me out like a wet towel" after the procedure :-o )) , new black PJ's, and some books. I already have supplements and I plan to buy things like sanitary pads and tape from the pharmacy. Anything I'm missing? I'm gonna do a big food shop the day before so I'll have lots of veg and fruits to juice and stuff that is easy on the stomach like cereal and almond milk.
So ready to have this done. I'm not one to wish the days away but I'll be so happy when September 22nd gets here.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!!!

* Just had the husband measure my arms: 12.5 inches on the right and 12 inches on the left.

:-/ Hoping to get them down 2 inches at least.


Just walked over to my surgeons office to pick up my pre-surgical packet with instructions/prescriptions and pay for the procedure. No backing out now!
He gave me Percocet, Clindamycin, Arnica tablets and 1mg of Xanax. I have a feeling I may need more Xanax then that! I'm a bit nervous about taking the Percocet. I've never taken a stronger pain med than aspirin so this should be interesting.
Picked up some gauze pads and have a box from Amazon coming with a bunch of other things, including Micropore tape because I'm super allergic to the glue in band aids, etc...
Now I just have to be patient and keep myself healthy .....Hope everyone is having a beautiful Tuesday!

One week to go...

This time next week, I'll be resting at home, hopefully high on lots of good painkillers! I'm really excited and of course, a bit nervous. I have all my medical supplies ready to go. I'll go food shopping on Saturday and clean the apt that day as well. I start taking my supplements on Friday. I have to be there at 9:30 Monday morning and they said I should be done by 12:30 -1:00. My husband is going to be waiting in the office the whole time. He worries about me :-)
I was wearing a dress yesterday that fit perfectly everywhere except in my arms. I have LOTS of dresses that have this problem and have even had to have seams let out or buttons moved to make it more comfortable. When I have moments of doubt, buyers remorse, or the fear of terrible pain, I think about this and I KNOW I'm making the right decision.
I'll be back this time next week to update. Good luck to everyone having surgery this week and happy healing to those whose procedure have already been completed!
New York Plastic Surgeon

So far, I've been very impressed with Dr. Sterry and his office. My surgical coordinator Alex has been really wonderful in particular. I'll obviously have more to say once my surgery is completed.

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The Countdown Begins :0) WOOHOOOOO!
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You must be so ready to get your arms done :)
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Seriously! Going to the office tomorrow to make my final payment. No backing out after that :-D
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NO WAY!!! You Don't want to anyway :)
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You're so cute,no make-up&humidity hair&you look priceless. That dress reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor dresses. I saw a movie last night&she was wearing one. :) Classy.
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Thank you! I think you'd really enjoy the clothes at Tatyana.com. It used to be called Bettie Page Clothing but the designs and quality are exactly the same! Pretty sure they have a store in Hollywood
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I am not in LA. I am in Northern by San Francisco. :) Thanks for the info. So are you getting EXCITED for your bIG day?
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I love northern cali! SO beautiful! I'm really excited, LOL! I just want the day to get here. I've already started an anti inflammatory diet to help with swelling and have upped my yoga practice. It's going to be hard not working out for the first couple of weeks. I'm going to Anguilla 2 months from the day of my surgery and I can't wait to show off my new arms, Ha! How are you feeling?! Your arms look unbelievable! The change is so dramatic. You cut eb thrilled!
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*Must be thrilled :-P :-D
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I bet you are excited! Time drags when we want it to fly by and when we want to stop time,well it goes by faster! ugh! :/ lol. I hope your arms are healed&you can enjoy your trip ;) I am good thank you for asking. I think my arms are kinda subtle,not very dramatic but i hear it is. :) I guess because i see my body everyday,it doesn't look like huge difference to me. Happy Hump Wednesday!
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BTW:you can work out after 2 weeks :)
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I was wondering what you meant . lol
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Think positive,it will be alright. All the Best!
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Hi, your procedure will be great and you'll love your new arms I am sure. I am hopefully getting my arms done too so will post more on his it was which may or may not help. Bella's instructions look really detailed and her arms are awesome so that should give you comfort. Keep us updated...cant wait to see your new arms.
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Hi Stacy, Thank you!! I'm really looking forward to the procedure. I will make sure to update with lots of pics once it's done. I hope you pick a PS and date soon. Good luck!
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Any other question you may have just ask away,my pleasure in helping you if i can. You may read my review for details on the procedure. Have a great night.
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I like your before pics and your arms are not big or fat. Nice dress ::
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You are sweet. Your "before" arms didn't look fat or big to me at all. The after is super impressive though! :-)
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I hate the bULKINESS on the outside and he stated he coulda did more but i' m NOT doing a revision!! On to my abs!! Thank You. I am 90% HAPPY :) I am my WORST critic.
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I won't forget about you ;-) I feel really confident with my choice. His before and after pics were very impressive as well as the reviews I found online. His office isn't flashy but the surgical suite is very nice and is kept to operating room standards. Good luck with your choice and let us know who you go with!!
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Hi QT - I won't forget about you :-) I was very impressed with his before and after pics and the reviews I found online. He seems like a very talented surgeon. The office isn't flashy but they have a really nice surgery suite that is run like a regular operating room. His support staff were also very nice and professional. Good luck with your surgery and let me know who you go with!
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Congrats on your decision to do smart-lipo. I had great results on my arms and trudeyv did as well. Best Wishes on your consult today. Bella
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Thank you, Bella!
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Happy Thursday!
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Happy Thursday to you!! I'm super excited and freaked out about this! Do you have any tips on how to prepare for the surgery??
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