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So I've started bleaching my skin in high school,...

so I've started bleaching my skin in high school, over the years my skin has developed. I use to be really dark,like Estelle complexion, now I'm Tiana Taylor complexion but 2 shades lighter. I started buying creams from an African women. soon I realized I could start mixing my own skin care products. now I'm Tyra banks complexion. I'm 21 and im happy with my skin tone, I get a lo of attention now. all of the skin care products only cost me abut 40$ and it last for about a month to a month in one half.
Please let me know your mixture
Hey there, what's your secret? Thanks
You can go to your local beauty supply store and buy hydroquinone creams. And mix together. Look for at least 2% or 4% creams. And mix together. I can do a mixture if anyone wants for 30$. It will be a lot stronger than the average beauty suppl brand. Best of luck ladies.
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