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Sculptra to Temples, Upper Cheeks. Restylane to Upper Lids. Dysport to Raise Brows.

Dr. Joseph Eviatar did a fantanstic job adding...

Dr. Joseph Eviatar did a fantanstic job adding volume to my upper face/temples, raising my brows and filling out my upper lids which has started to deflate. The result is subtle yet significant. My eyes look younger and more alert. I had three vials of sculptra spaced 2 months apart. The last treatment was a month ago. Natasha is wonderful. Dr. Eviatar has a light touch and a very pleasant manner. I will update with more pictures soon.


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Pictures from Dr. Eviatar

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skin texture improvement

I don't know if it's the sculptra or the retinoid cream I started using in April but the texture and color of my skin has improved as well. Dr. Eviatar also injected restylane just under the brows and that has made a huge difference. He also raised the brows a bit with dysport. The volume and around the temples and upper/side cheeks is the biggest difference for me. Interestingly, I notice the tip of my nose (nostrils) got a bit narrower in the before and after picture. I guess there was still residual swelling from the rhinoplasty I had over a year ago.

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more description on sculptra....

First vial was in April, second was in June, third was end of August. I massaged for five minutes five times a day for the first five days after treatment. Pain was minimal, I had no swelling. These pictures are a month after the last treatment so I suspect there will be a bit more of an increase in volume even from here. I am very pleased with the results but they are gradual and one does need to be patient.

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frontal pictures


mcat -- I am confused. DId you not get a face lift and fat from Dr. Jacono? I had him on my list as a top doc based on yr review, and I know I marked yr review for a lift plus fat as being well done and looking good. Did it not last? What in the world? Why would someone have to go get sculptra if the fat was so great?
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Hi Nadiahoney The lift lasted and the fat transfer lasted about 40%. After everything settled down in terms of swelling I felt I wanted a bit more volume, especially on my temples. Jacono did a great job and the sculptra (or any other filler for that matter) would not have looked as good if it were done without the facelift first. Think of it like building a house. First you build the foundation (facelift), then you build the walls (fat transfer, eye lift), then you paint and decorate (sculptra, fillers). In my opinion, a lot of people get sculptra instead of a facelift and this is fine if you have elastic skin. My skin was saggy. Hope this helps.

How often can you yes sculpture I had my first injections about 6 weeks ago can I get more ?

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New York Oculoplastic Surgeon

Dr. Eviatar has a very pleasant demeanor and a knows what he's doing with injectables. I've had fillers in the past but never with results like this. I recommend him to anyone considering sculptra and botox/dysport.

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