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I have spider veins and one slightly bumpy...

I have spider veins and one slightly bumpy pre-varicose vein. During the first session, I had my entire legs injected (approximately 20 injections) where the veins showed, and the doctor also injected a vein behind my knee he said was 'pre-varicose'. The result was that there was NO improvement, and at some of the injection sights I had NEW burst capillaries from the needle. I knew that one session might not elimate all of my spider veins so I went back for more. After the second session I also saw very minimal results, so I went back again. Again, very minimal results so I went back a FOURTH time just to get one particularly noticable patch treated as that was the one area that bothered me. This time, I was left with huge and painful blisters at the injection site that were like 2nd degree burns. The blisters burst and one of them became slightly ulcerated. That was 3 months ago. Now the spider veins in the area are worse (darker, and more of them)AND I have red marks from the blisters that may not entirely fade. I wish I had never done this. I need to do something to address the problem, which is worse than I had originally, so I will try a different doctor and perhaps a new injectable solution or laser.


The doctor said he 'had no idea' why it didn't work. The injections that gave me these blisters were done in November. I'm going back for a follow up in the beginning of March and I'm going to ask the doctor what he's going to do to fix this, because not only did I didn't see results but the veins look worse than they did before and I have red marks from the blisters. It's a mess. I have read about a new injection solution that's an alternative to saline. Maybe a laser would work to take the scars and veins away. I will update when I see the doctor. I would just go to someone else but I feel he is responsible for this and I paid a lot of money already.
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Maybe going back in March will provide answers. Yes please do keep us updated.


Hi New York,

Wow, four times and you still didn't see results. Have you asked them why it didn't work? Did the procedures hurt at all? I'm so sorry things did not go as you had hoped please keep us updated as to what you will do next.

Thanks so much for the review,


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I went back in March for a follow up, as I had...

I went back in March for a follow up, as I had spent a lot of money on this doctor and got no results (except that my legs looked worse). I was hoping he would maybe try a different approach- I know there is a new solution out now, or maybe a laser. He dismissed this idea and just gave me more injections in the same area which didn't do a thing. Now I've had five sessions and no results.


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Hi Britt,
I did go back and was hoping that since I got no results he would try a different approach- maybe a laser or a different injectable solution. He dismissed this idea and instead gave me more of the same injections, which have not worked at all. So now I've had five sessions with virtually no results. Instead of trying to find a solution, the doctor went on about how all his other patients get good results, how they come from all over the country to see him, etc. and that he didn't know what was "wrong" with my legs! Unbelievable.
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Hi New York,

Wow, I can't believe that was said. Have you considered going to someone else?


The 'average price' they have listed for...

The 'average price' they have listed for sclerotherapy is way, way off. I went to the Vein Center in NY after the terrible results I got at Schulman Vein Center. They gave me a thorough exam, including an ultrasound of my veins to make sure everything was ok and the only issue was spider veins. During my consultation the doctor said that the 'articulated veins' (the blue veins under my skin, NOT varicose veins, that I thought were just visible because my skin is so pale) need to be taken care of first or the spider veins will keep coming back. This was NOT done at the Schulman center, even though I asked him about that very thing more than once. He said "oh I already did those". Dr. Navarro at the Vein Center told me to expect to undergo several sessions, he said it could not be done in 1 or 2 sessions. Mind you, my veins are not that dramatically bad, but bad enough to make me self concious, especially one cluster on my left thigh. Well the sessions are $500 a pop (40 injections given per session). I guess I should start and expect to pay at least $3,000 or $4,000 dollars before there is significant change, but I do not have that kind of money to spend. It's outrageous. Maybe I should travel to another city where I can get this done more reasonably. For now I am unhappily wearing cover up makeup on my legs when I go to the beach.


I've been going to dr Schulman for the last three years. I can't believe anyone would unhappy with him. All my friends use him and were all happy. Sometimes they look worse before they get better you just have to be patient.
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If you don't get control of the spider veins, they will continue to multiply over the years. Best described as a road map. I have had no luck with laser treatments, in fact they made my veins worse. I have been having vein treatments for more than 20 years with very good luck. I have very weak veins and I have to go once a year every year for touchups. It is well worth it to me. I have a couple of areas that never seem to completely resolve, so I use Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. I have pale skin so I rub on a small amount of the Nude Glow, let it dry and then I rub the Light Glow over that. When it dries, I buff it a little to give a sheen. It virtually covers the areas. You can put this on over the self tanning areas. It is great. I heard that it now sold in a jar as well. It will stay on for several days. If you shower just don't rub your legs with soap. I Usually only use the Sally Hanson Product when I wear dresses or capris. Don't forget to rub it on the tops of your feet. It doesn't take much, so don't overdo. Good luck to you (Note: It is very hard to find the Nude Glow...I have to special order it on-line).
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It appears that the doctor is not injecting directly into the veins! The only time I had a problem or ulcerations was when the doctor did not inject in the vein. This procedure works, you just need to try someone else. I much prefer the polydonconal over the saline solution. I tend to have problems and ulcerations with saline. Good luck and don't give up finding the right doctor.
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Lee Schulman

Aside from the fact that my veins look worse after being treated by this doctor, I should add that when I had the blisters I called the emergency line and the doctor did call me back, but he wasn't very helpful and seemed mystified. I got more help from doctors on this website. The blisters were from incorrectly applied tape. I also had to wait 45 minutes past my appointment time when I saw the doctor and he didn't even apologize for keeping me waiting.

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