Passive Aggressive Much? / African American Nose / Nose Job - New York, NY

It seems like a lot of doctors seem to respond to...

it seems like a lot of doctors seem to respond to the posts regarding people seeking rhinoplasty for low cost or internationally....buyer beware. I've seen soooo many, if not TOOO many botched jobs from US doctors who claim to have all these acredations. It's bogus to me! I am genuinely unhappy with my nose and genuinely cannot afford an amazing doctor like Dr. Tobias here in NYC. So I am interested in taking this show on the road. Is it a risk HELL YEAH. But isn't surgery period...ANYWHERE? People die here,people look like Michael Jackson right here...Whoops...actually that was in BEVERLY HILLS. So as I said in my previous post, I am looking for referral not warnings. I've done my research, I'm not a fool and I am aware of the risk...SO if any doctor or patient have any LOVELY reviews for me in regard to rhinoplasty/nose jobs under 5k here in the US with glowing reviews...please send it along my way! THANKS!!!!
good luck with that honey your too demanding don't let a gifted doctor see this post because your chances will be lost for ever and chances are if you want a becky your paying well over 8k for a good better nose job good luck with yours .

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Where are you willing to travel to if you can't find a surgeon you can afford in NYC?

Please check out this list of questions to ask prospective surgeons and make sure whichever doctor you choose can answer them to your satisfaction, in addition to making sure that the doctor in question has a lot of experience working on African American noses.

Looking forward to your updates as you progress through this journey.

Thank you very much for this, I recently communicated with Dr. Cynthia Visla in Dominican Republic and I asked her about 13 out of 15 of these questions. I am awaiting reply. I will ask her the other 2 questions because they are actually good ones.


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