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I am researching African American plastic surgeons...

I am researching African American plastic surgeons in New York City. I broke my nose years ago, and it did not heal well. I need to find a surgeon who understands I still want to maintain my heritage. My family called me Michael Jackson. However, I don't care I need to do this for me.

I have consultation with Dr. Micahel Jones of Lexington plastic suregory on March 8th. I will provide an update on the surgeon and cost after my consultation.
Any updates after your consult? I'm also trying to maintain my ethnic look. I'm African-American, Native American and Asian. My nose... lord knows! haha! It's more "Asian" i've been told countless ties, but still. I want to go with someone who won't try to destroy my ethnic features I only want it made more narrow, not destroyed. I'm excited to hear your review!
Good for you! I absolutely detest it when people assume that just because your'e getting rhinoplasty that you're going to end up like Michael Jackson. Such a misconception. I hope you have a great consultation. I'll be watching for your updates!
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