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3 Weeks update. Kenalog. - New York, NY

Wow, I cannot believe I'm actually doing this! I'm...

Wow! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm having my rhinoplasty surgery in 5 days! I've wanted to improve the appearance of my nose for a very long time, but never did I think it would happen under such odd circumstances. To make a long story short, I booked a date with the surgeon I liked in the beginning of April, just in case, because he was booked until July at the time. His office then called me with a cancellation in May, and I told the receptionist I'll take the date. I was not fully committed to the procedure, so I never called back with my credit card information to make a deposit, and, as life got in the way, forgot all about it. So, imagine my surprise when I opened an envelope with prescriptions and pre-op instructions 4 days ago!

I had to make a decision quickly, and decided to go through with the procedure sooner than later. Honestly, a part of this decision was out of convenience - the surgeon's office was close to home, I had the date and wouldn't have to wait until August, keeping my life on hold (I'm planning to start a family soon!). It helped that the current surgical date happened to be at the very beginning of my two week vacation. Most importantly, I had a heart to heart with an office insider (who happened to be a family member through marriage! *another surprise!* ), who reassured me that my surgeon is a talented and seasoned professional with very good results.

However, ever since making the decision to go through with rhinoplasty, I have been on an emotional roller coaster. Imagine trying to cram months of research into one week's time! For the past four days, I have been googling: what I'd want my "ideal" nose to look like, open vs. closed approaches, graft options, anesthesia complications, as well as stalking and tracking down every person who has ever reviewed my surgeon and probably annoying the hell out of my extremely kind "insider" with incessant questions.

One minute, I am constructing a living will in my head; another, I am picturing a whole life span with my new nose. One minute, I am picturing quizzing my surgeon on what we agreed on before anesthesia puts me under; another - I am envisioning taking the cast off and seeing a positive result. One minute, I am terrified that maybe I've made a mistake in the person I chose; another - I am reminded of multiple successful cases like mine in his practice. One minute, my stomach is churning with anxiety, another - with elation. I have experienced joy, fear, hesitation, sadness, hope, serenity, curiosity, frustration, gratitude, amusement, and that's the short list.

Five days. I really can't believe I'm doing this! :D I am going in for my physical, labs, and final consultation tomorrow. And then... the waiting game begins. Any last words of advice???


Today was a big day. I got up early and went for my physical and blood tests. Maybe it was because I didn't eat breakfast, but I had a ball of nervous energy sitting at the pit of my stomach. I fell asleep the night before, searching for pictures of what I want my nose to look like. Straight or sloped? How narrow? How short? Yes, I spent years pinching my nose this way and that way, smirking at myself at the mirror and thinking: "If only it looked like THIS!" You would think I'd know what I wanted by now, but with the surgery now close and palpable, the possibilities were endless.

My first and only consultation with my surgeon was a month ago, and I knew little about what I wanted then. I was really just scoping the waters out for a procedure I may or may not ever get. Our first consultation went well, and although I booked the surgery the following day, I remember feeling like I didn't get a good sense of exactly the type of nose I would end up with. For those of you going in for a consultation for the first time - be prepared! My confidence and my ability to speak "the same language" with my doctor improved significantly after I'd done my homework.

Today being my second consultation AND pre-op appointment, I desperately wanted to feel reassurance, confidence and understanding from my surgeon. Luckily, what I got - was beyond what I was hoping for! I showed him the pictures I brought in from my "research", and he pointed out the ones he thought would fit my face well. He was calm, confident, and explained intricate details of my procedure that I was interested in without pretense or trying to convince me. We discussed the difficulty of the operation because of the amount of tip cartilage I was (not blessed) with, and the steps he would take to ensure a favorable result. At the end of our appointment, I wanted to hug him. I was so nervous coming in, really unsure of whether I was making the right decision, unsure of whether I should have consulted with more doctors (I consulted with 3), and unsure of what I wanted. When we parted, I felt a giant sense of relief. It was a big and exuberant feeling of "Wow! This is my guy! I really really trust him!"

I made my full payment, received a generous gift bag with many great skin products, and left the office feeling light, happy, and SURE of my decision. I still had a whole day ahead of me, so I decided to go shopping for post-op necessities. I know I probably went a little overboard, but I got:
-2 packs of arnica montana 6c tabs
-Super Bromelain Capsules
-Chewable Vitamin C tablets
-Arnica gel
-ACT dry mouth lozenges
-OraMoist time released patches for dry mouth
-Biotene spray
-A gel cold pack
-Kiehl's lip balm

I also filled my prescriptions of antibiotics, anti-nausea medication (Zofran), and pain-reliever (Percocet). I was so excited about my purchases and a close possibility of a prettier nose, I nearly skipped home. Today was a 180 of how I was feeling yesterday. No more doubts, fear, and frustrations. No more roller coaster. Just elation, joy, and gratitude.

I will post my before pictures soon, but for now, I'm posting my nose inspiration.

My BEFORE Pictures

Looking through my albums in anticipation of posting my "before" pictures tonight, I realized a few interesting things.

1) My nose has a life of its own. What I mean by this is - one day it can be big, one day it can be huge, another day it seems as if an extra bulbous hump has appeared out of nowhere and put itself in the spotlit. Still, other days, it looks normal, fitting, comfortable, even (dare I say this?) cute in it's imperfection. The bottom line is: my nose can appear quite ugly at times, but it is not.

2) I was embarrassed browsing through my pictures. I tried finding ones that best showcased unattractive angles, and realized just how many of these I have. I also realized how many of these are "outtakes" that never made it onto my social pages. I felt ashamed that I have created an image of myself on sites like Facebook and Instagram, composed of carefully hand-picked photos that do not match everyday reality.

3) Of course, my nose is far from perfect, but it never stopped me from enjoying life, achieving goals, getting ahead, making friends, feeling attractive, or being loved by others. My nose never defined me. Sure, I always wished I could look good with an up-do, not hide the candids people took of me at parties, and other silly things, but they are trivial, to say the least.

And so, with that, I present you with my "before" photos. The ones from my consultation are the most realistic views of my nose. However, I also uploaded two at extremely unflattering angles for a dramatic effect.

Leaving RealSelf for a while

I've decided to leave RealSelf for a while, and maybe for good. I was excited to share my story and document my progress in an honest, vulnerable way, both for myself and for other's benefit. I also loved messages of support and tips from other members - that's what made this forum so great! However, the negative comments posted today really added to my pre-op anxiety, and took away my desire to share any more of myself pre-op or post-op.

Day of Surgery Update

Hi guys,

First off, I would like to say thanks to all of you who wrote me encouraging messages, both publicly and privately! Like I said in my earlier post, I was a nervous wreck before surgery. The support mechanism this forum provided, which I witnessed on other people's blogs was the reason I decided to start my own in the first place. So, please, no more negative comments, regardless of your opinion. What's done is done.

With that said... I'm happy to announce - my surgery went really well and, for those interested, here is my detailed account of the first day!

I finally got to sleep around midnight the night before, and woke up at 6:00 am. My surgery was scheduled for 7:30 am and I was to arrive at the office at 7:15 am. Boy, am I glad I was the first case of the day (the anticipatory anxiety would have killed me!) I got up, took a shower, thoroughly washed my face with a pre-op scrub, and threw on a pair of sweatpants, and a zip up sweatshirt. I packed my bag with a bottle of water, zofran, percocet, chapstick, arnica pills, my wallet, and a cold pack for the ride back. At 6:15 am, I took a disintegrating pill of Zofran ( anti-nausea medication ), woke my husband up, and went to get my car from the garage across the street. The weather in New York finally warmed up, and the breeze and warm air of the morning brightened my mood.

We arrived at the surgery center at 7:10 am and Jessica, Dr. Guida's OR manager, promptly took me out back to change into a gown, surgical booties, and a surgical cap. I was nervous, but not as much as I thought I would be. To give you an idea of how nervous I was in the days prior - I gave my husband specific instructions in the event I didn't make it through the operation! However, today, I was focused, and tried to keep my thoughts as positive as possible. The worst part of the whole experience was signing surgical consents. They basically go over every little thing that could potentially go wrong, which was unsettling (albeit necessary!) when I was sitting 20 feet away from the OR. Jessica was so professional and supportive throughout the process and eased a lot of my worries to the point where I really could not imagine going through this without her. Next, Dr. Guida came in with my pre-op pictures and my "goal" pictures, and we went over one more time about the changes to be made. He knew I was nervous and exuded confidence that the operation would be a success. Then, the anesthesiologist came in, asked me a few questions, looked at my throat, and also assured me that everything will go well.

It was time. The second scariest moment of the day - walking into the OR on my own two feet and lying down on the Operating Table. There was no turning back now. My anesthesiologist put the IV in my arm, and hooked me up to the cardiac monitor, blood pressure cuff and O2 Sat. In the meantime, Jessica hung my "ideal nose" pictures for display around the room. The sedative went in through the IV and I tasted it. Fifteen seconds later, I was out like a light.

The next thing I remember was waking up, still lying on the operating room table, and my team telling me everything went great. I was chatty right away, and they joked "We wish every patient woke up like this!" Dr. Guida came into the room to check on me, and told me everything went really well. He then went to speak with my husband to give him the news. I was wheeled into the recovery room, where I immediately asked Jessica to take a picture of me. I looked at myself in the picture, and I didn't look half as bad as I expected! (No bruising yet!), but I could tell my nose was much shorter, which got me excited! As my vitals signs were taken in 5 minute increments, I realized I was feeling surprisingly good. I was a little dizzy, but other than that, I experienced no pain, no nausea, and no other adverse effects. I could still breathe through my nose a little bit, and took a few sips of water. Dr. Guida came to check on me again and I thanked him for taking such good care of me. Before I knew it, it was time to go home! Jessica gave me another copy of my post-op instructions, reminders to take my antibiotics, keep the head elevated and iced, and not blowing my nose.

The drive home was a breeze. I set myself up in the passenger seat at a 45 degree angle, and put an ice pack on my cheek. When we got home, I was a little shy about going through the main entrance past our doormen, so we took the service entrance and I prayed I wouldn't see anyone in the elevators! I was still a little dizzy standing up, and my husband was given strict instructions by the nurse to escort me everywhere, including the bathroom for the first 24 hours.

Once at home, he propped me up on pillows at a 45 degree angle, got me a few ice packs, and set up a table nearby with necessities: Arnica gel, arnica montana pills, water, protein shake, my phone and computer, tv remote (I got to be in charge of the remote today!) , my pain pills, antibiotics and anti-nausea pills, ACT dry mouth lozenges, lip balm, and drip tray changing supplies. I still had no pain, or nausea, and was feeling very well. I finally took my first percocet around 4 pm, more as a precaution, because the sutures hurt when I sucked through a straw (I now prefer drinking without a straw). After a long day of R&R, icing, and watching movies, I took another precautionary percocet before I went to bed and drifted off to sleep. My pain throughout the day was 1 out of 10. I was tired, but woke up several times through the night to take sips of water and clear my throat. And so - day one is now behind me!

As far as the nose, it is too early to tell, but it looks promising : )

1 Day Post-OP

Day 1 Update:

Last night, I woke up around 4 am with a terrible cramping in my stomach. I thought it was my period starting, as I also felt very nauseous and shaky. I was not allowed to take any Advil, so I took 2 percocets (1 hour apart), a zofran, and put a hot pack on my stomach, which finally put me to sleep. I was afraid I would throw up, and my stomach hurt so bad, I really wasn't sure I was going to get through the night, until it let go. Today, when I woke up, I was feeling fine, but had no period. I finally realized it might have been constipation pains, which I've never had before, so today I decided to switch from Percocet to regular Tylenol. I still think it's a bit comical that the worst pain I've had so far wasn't even pain from my nose : ) I hope it stays that way.

Dr. Guida's office called to see how I was doing, and after hearing about my experience overnight, called in a few more Zofran pills to my pharmacy, and suggested I take an over the counter stool softener if I continue taking Percocet.

I've noticed a bit more swelling, but still no bruising. I have a small area of darkness in the inner corners of my eyes, but other than that, I look completely like myself. Pain-wise, at rest, I have no pain. However, there were several times when I moved my face a certain way, or coughed a little, where I could feel a pinch of pain on the bony bridge of my nose. As everyone else on here said, the only discomfort is in the form of pressure and congestion, which I felt a little more today.
The bleeding has almost completely stopped. Where as yesterday, I was changing my dripping pad every hour and it was covered with bright red blood, today, I've only changed it twice, and it's a very light pink color.

I ate better today too. My mom came over and made me delicious chicken soup, and mashed potatoes for dinner. It's hard to chew anything for a long time, because I can't breathe through my nose, so I've been steering towards softer foods. I've also been drinking decaf lemon tea to get rid of a very mild sore throat and keeping hydrated. It was so nice to have my mom's company today : ) She totally took care of me (even though I could easily take care of myself), made me lunch, prepared dinner for all of us, cleaned up around my apartment, and was just super supportive and took my mind off this surgery : ) I felt like a kid again.

Tomorrow is supposed to be the worst of the swelling, according to my post-op manual, so I've been icing my face on and off in preparation, and utilizing all of my herbal creams and supplements. I'm hoping my nose is healing nicely underneath its cast and praying I won't have any complications during the recovery!

Day 2 Post-Op

Today is supposed to be the worst of the swelling, and I can definitely feel it. The bruising is more pronounced today, though still very minimal. My husband insists there is no bruising, but I can see slight blueish-greenish discoloration when I turn my face at a certain angle to the light. There is a lot more puffiness today around the eye area, as well as the upper lip. I have full feeling in my upper lip, but still have a bit of numbness in my front upper teeth, which, I've been told, should resolve in a week or so.

I haven’t had any pain greater than a 2 out of 10, but I keep taking tylenol 500mg every 6 hours or so just in case. I’m a wuss when it comes to pain, so I just want to make sure I don’t feel anything at all.

The hardest part of the experience so far has been the congestion and trying not to laugh. As far as congestion goes, it feels like I have a runny nose, but I’m not allowed to blow it in or out. Ive also been feeling tickles inside the nose, which make me nervous I’m going to sneeze, and slight itching under the cast, which I just try to ignore. I’ve been yawning, which stretches my nose slightly, but I’m trying to do it as little as possible. Trying not to laugh has been very difficult. Last night, we tried watching Saturday Night Live, but had to turn it off because I went into a fit of laughter. I also can’t talk to one of my friends, because as soon as we get on the phone or Skype, we start laughing. Can’t sneeze, can’t laugh, can’t scratch. This week is moving by way too slowly!

I’m still icing myself, and drinking lots of fluids. Before the surgery, I bought a case of vitamin water and Naked Protein Juice, which has been my go-to drink for the past two days.

On the bright side, I’m slowly getting used to the new, much smaller, shape of my nose. From what I can see so far, Dr. Guida did an amazing job. A part of me really wants to share pictures with you, but I’m hesitant, because I’m not sure I can handle any negative comments at this point in my recovery. I know it’s too early to tell, but I’m happy with the result so far!

*Pictures* Day 3 Post-Op

Hi guys, today is day 3 post-op and I'm feeling great! I spoke too soon when I said yesterday was the worst of the swelling and bruising - today is definitely worse, but still very mild. I've been up and about the house a little more today. I was really forcing myself to rest the first two days to make sure proper healing can occur. I'm still taking it easy, but it feels nice to stretch my legs and to do some light household errands. Pain-wise, I'm at 0 out of 10 today and haven't taken any pain meds since yesterday. There is still pressure and congestion, but its bearable. I don't have much of an appetite, because chewing and swallowing is a little uncomfortable, but I force myself to eat, and keep drinking my protein shakes and coconut water.

I do get a bit of a dry mouth at night, but I keep water at the bedside and a little sip is all it takes to put me back to sleep for another few hours.

At this point, I'm just waiting for time to pass. I get excited when it gets close to bedtime, because that means another day is just around the corner : )

I'm posting some pictures from the past few days and today to give you an idea of my swelling/bruising, which, really, I haven't had much of.

Day 4 Post-Op Update

Hi guys,

Last night was a little rough on me mentally. It was probably all the sitting around the house and the rain outside, but I got a little depressed. I kept looking in the mirror and thinking “is my nose too small?”, “is it too big?”, “is it too turned up?” “why is there a little dent in the splint?” I also kept zooming in on different sensations, like my top tooth being numb, and freaking out about that. In my mind, I know that sensations, like numbness, will go away within a few weeks or months, and that appearance of my nose right now and right after cast removal has little correlation to the final result, but I was still letting my mind go into those dark places.

Today was much better. I took a bath in the morning, and washed my hair in the bath. That alone made me feel like a new person. I put a little makeup on, and went for a walk with my husband. Baseball hat, splint on my nose, Beverly hills style. Yes, people were staring, but I didn’t care. It felt sooo good to get out of the house, take a walk by the East river, and enjoy the nice weather. I bought a strawberry milkshake too : )

That was enough to put me in a better mood and give me a boost to get through the next 4 days. I’m thinking I might get my nails done tomorrow.

Two more days until cast removal. This is torture.

I have hit the final stretch... of slow torture. Oh, to think that under normal circumstances I could have already had my cast removed today... I know, I know, it's a shame for me to complain, given I've had no pain, minimal swelling, minimal bruising, and an overall easy recovery to date. I am just being a baby right now. The splint is really driving me nuts. It's SOOO itchy in places I can't scratch: under the splint and inside the nostrils. My eyes are burning and watering all the time. Plus, I am very restless.

I have also discovered multiples ways of stopping a sneeze. Times per day I want to sneeze - 45, Times I actually sneeze - 0. It's an art.

*Sigh* Two more days.

Cast off tomorrow!

I GET MY CAST OFF TOMORROW! Oh, so soon! I have no idea how people go through multiple plastic surgeries in pursuit of perfection. One has been more than enough for me. Last night I had a bad dream about my cast coming off and revealing a huge bump on the bridge of my nose and my nostrils flopping like Dumbo's ears. I'm pretty sure my brain just wanted to mess with me because I told my friend I was not nervous at all about cast removal. Well, THANKS, now I am!

I wanted today to go by fast, and I resorted to going in to work for a day to make it go by quicker. It actually worked out perfectly, because there was a class my boss wanted me to take, so I spent 8 hours listening to a lecture. The auditorium we sat in was absolutely freezing and no one knew how to turn the air conditioning off. I mean, it was probably 60-63 degrees in the room, and all I had on was a light sweater. So, the whole time, as I was shivering, I kept thinking to myself, "This cold better bring my swelling down for tomorrow!"

Once I left work, I went to get a mani/pedi at a local spa and ordered extra 20 minutes of foot massage. I then went home, took a hot bath with Aromatherapy Associates oils (that I could actually smell a little!), and washed my hair. As you can imagine, I feel divine right now. Waiting for my sushi to be delivered and already have episodes of my favorite show ready to go on a DVR. Then, it's bedtime promptly at 10 pm. Until tomorrow!

Splint is off! Happy but swollen.

Today was the day I've been waiting for - splint removal! The plan to go to sleep at 10 last night did not work. I had nervous energy and actually ended up going for a walk at 1am to burn some of it off. My appointment at Dr. Guida's office was at 9:00 a.m. I brought my mom along for moral support.

When we got to the office, we were greeted with smiles on already familiar faces. Jessica, Dr. Guida's OR manager, took me into the room right away and began applying solution on my splint. Dr. Guida came in shortly after. The process of splint removal was not a pleasant one. It was not painful, but it was the most uncomfortable I've been over the past week. The blood inside and outside my nostrils has dried and adhered itself to the incision sites. Dr. Guida was very gentle in removing debris from my nose and taking the tape and splint off. My mom later on referred to him as an artist - the precision with which his hands and tools moved and the gentle way he freed my nose from its contraption. Once it was off, I took a look. For the first 10 seconds, I didn't even know what to say. I looked weird, plastic, and unfamiliar. Once the wave of newness passed through and I got to move my head around and see the nose at different angles, I fell in love with it!

Really, I can't tell you how happy I was! I could have stared at myself in the mirror forever. It was just a perfect, elegant, straight, made-for-my-face nose that I should have been born with. It wasn't too small, it didn't make me look completely different, it was just... right. Oh, and an added bonus was breathing. Though I'm still very congested, I could now breathe solely through my nose if I wanted to. My sense of smell was back, too.

I really wish I had taken pictures in the morning, because, as promised, my nose has swelled up right away up quite a bit. There is now a kind of "sausage" on my bridge, the tip is wide, and the very top of the bridge has swelling that makes it look curved. Still, even with these imperfections, it's so much better than the old version. I LOVE the new me!

I was told to wear tape at night to contain the swelling. This is going to be interesting, because when I tried taking tape off to shower, it hurt like hell (the bones and cartilage are still very tender when touched). Also, the adhesive from the tape does not come off, so there is probably going to be a semi-permanent stickiness on m face for the next month or so. Any suggestions for those of you who had to do this?

Before and After Comparison

Here is a side by side with photos from a few weeks ago. This was an exercise I had to do to stop scrutinizing. You can really see a dramatic difference in these.

A question about swelling and pain.

Question. So, as happy as I am with the general result, today I did a bit more scrutinizing. Today, my bridge looks quite humpy from the side. You can see it a tiny bit in the last photo I posted in the section titled "Splint is off! Happy but swollen." My concern is that it's going to stay like that. Those pictures were taken 6 hours after cast removal. I don't remember exactly what my nose looked like right after the cast was removed, but I'm pretty sure I saw a little hump when I turned to one side then too. I'm a little confused about the information I've come across regarding swelling. Some sources say - the time immediately after cast removal is not the time for critical evaluation. Others say - the appearance of the nose right after cast removal approximates the final result, because the swelling has not set in yet. Based on your experience, which one is it? I really don't mind the fatness of the nose right now, because it actually kind of suits me, but the little hump I see when I turn to the right is bothering me.

I also have two pink squishy "circles" on each side of the bridge that look like it could be swelling.
I would post a picture, but I taped myself up real good this afternoon and don't think I'll be taking the tape off for a while. By the way, I did get the tape to come off easily in the shower this morning, but tape residual is turning out to be a huge problem! I tried taking the sticky tape residual off with rubbing alcohol, cold cream, baby oil, adhesive remover, and even acetone but it does not budge! My nose is still sticky, so I just put tape on top of the stickiness to look normal. Which brings me to my next question.

How long does the tenderness last? I obviously can't rub too hard to get the residual off, because my nose is still healing and it hurts.

*pictures* Swelling continues.

I've been wearing my compression tape pretty much 24/7, aside from a few hours. Im uploading some pictures to give you an idea of how it has progressed (ignore the mess in the pictures, I was trying to blur my surroundings). I especially love the front view, but looking at myself from the side has been nerve wrecking. I was told to expect swelling, but I think I pictured it being mostly in the tip region, and not so much on the bridge. Have you seen this before and do you think this will resolve with time? I really want the straight bridge I had when I first took the splint off!

3 week update - Kenalog

Today was my 3 week follow-up with Dr. Guida, and also my first day off since I went back to work this week. I had to wait a little longer than most to go back to work, because I work as an RN at a busy hospital and run around all day, lifting people. The first day at work was absolutely exhausting. I hit a wall at 11 am, and the rest of the day could not have gone any slower. My nose was huge by the end of my work day!

Over the past few weeks, I have not noticed much of a change in the appearance of my nose, but when I looked the pictures on my phone from day 1, I saw a big difference in the reduction of swelling from the front. Speaking of, I take pictures of my nose constantly! Does anyone else!?

I have definitely calmed down a lot and embraced the imperfections that I was so hung up upon a few days after cast removal. Overall, I'm VERY happy with how my nose turned out. On one hand - I still look like me, on another - it's such a difference from before. Interestingly enough, I went to a family event a week ago, and nobody noticed! No one at work noticed either, aside from the people I told. I know my nose might still appear big to others, and it could be considered worse than some people's "before" noses, but to me - it looks like day and night compared to the old version.

At my 3 week follow up today, my surgeon also pointed out the developed supra tip swelling (though he said I'm healing nicely, and he expected the swelling to be a lot worse). We agreed he would inject some Kenalog (steroid) in two spots to move things along and prevent scar tissue from setting in in places we don't want. The first injection barely hurt at all - it just felt like pressure. The second, however, stung a lot more. Oh, the things we do for beauty... : ) I'm really hoping these will improve the areas I'm not thrilled with.

That aside, the past two weeks have been exhilarating! I didn't feel like I was too self-conscious about my nose before, but this surgery opened up a whole new world for me. A world, where I don't have to think about someone looking at my profile when they are sitting next to me, a world where any angle looks great in pictures, and (my favorite) where I don't have to have my hair and makeup done to look cute! I feel so fortunate that I had the means and was geographically located to have the surgery with Dr. Guida in NYC, and, like many of you, only wish I had done it sooner!

Some of the issues I have encountered since cast removal:
- Inconsistent breathing. One hour, I am breathing great. Another, I am struggling to get any air in at all. From what I understand, this is a result of internal swelling, especially at the incision cites.
- Frequent sneezing. Not sure what that's about. Maybe because I had to hold my sneezes in for the first week, I am now catching up on the ones I missed : )
- Terrible skin! I broke out very badly (like a teenager) all over my forehead and along my jawline.
- Make-up troubles. When I apply my liquid foundation, it does not go on evenly anymore. It flakes and melts within a few hours.
- Struggle with tape residue. It's much better now, but we're still not on first name basis.
- Numbness in the front top tooth. I'm totally used to it by now, and don't even notice it. My surgeon said it will take some time to heal, because of the open approach.
- Tenderness. Also, much better now, but I still have to be gentle around the nasal area.

I will probably post more pictures in another 3 weeks, when the Kenalog results come in.
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How is everything going with your recovery? Did you give the Kenalog a try? Hope you're well!
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Hi Ank - how are you liking your results now?
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Lookin good girl!! :) can I also just say your haircolor is so beautiful! :)
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I can tell there is a huge reduction in swelling. Your nose looks great. I had the same issue with breathing after cast removal and for a couple of weeks. fist I was a bit worried but it felt like my nose was swollen inside. Now I can breath even better than before surgery. I hope the steroids injections will help with swelling. My surgeon will inject my nose when I go for follow up in August. Thanks for the update.
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Wow, I'll have to read your posts later but looking at the pictures, your nose looks so good!
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Your nose looks wonderful! I have been sneezing my head off since the day after the surgery. I'm a professional mouth sneezer now. lol My breathing is just like yours and I'm only 9 days post op. One minute I have open airways and the next I'm congested again. I just started to use saline nasal spray today and it is helping. My teeth are numb in the front, the same way as yours. I cannot smile completely yet. I am only 9 days post op, so I figure I'll see these resolve in time. How long until the kenalog is effective?
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In response to the make up troubles/skin troubles, my skin is still not back to it's normal state after 4 weeks post-op but what does help was using a foam facewash that is for pores. The specific one I have been using is Beyond Belief's Pore Refining Reveal Refresh and Refine, which I bought at Sally's Beauty Supply. In addition, I have been alternating between using a night time vitamin E cream on my undereyes and nose while I sleep, and every other night switching to aloe on my nose. It's almost back to normal.
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Hm, thanks, I will check it out. What does Vitamin E and aloe do? Moisturize?
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You look fantastic! And Yes! I have so many pictures of my Nose it is ridiculous!! My husband suggested today that we make one of those picture movies to show how it changed over time. Lol! enough pics. I also have had the breathing things. Not to be gross, but I get " plugged up" with the largest snots I've ever seen. I need to use qtips to extract. But once done I can breathe again. It is awful. I also had a very oily nose and felt like my wrinkles were worse than before, but it's worth it for a better nose ...Ha ha. And plus, i can get my overdue Botox now:) I am still obsessing about my tip being too big and called Pastoreks office today just to be gently reassured of that which I already knew - that it is just swelling. Aargh. The swelling! Anyway ank. You look great. I am surprised people haven't noticed. I think your result is so natural but the difference in your tip is so drastic to me ( in a good way :) I haven't had a lot of people notice either -other than those who know- or even say I look good... It has bothered me, but now to hear you say that it has happened to you as well makes me feel better since I think you result is so nice. BUT It is a nice feeling and all worth it to lose the self consciousness!! Sorry to ramble...
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Ah, thank you! Don't worry, I love rambling comments : ) You look great too. Really. It's so nice to hear from people who have gone through this and to share tips and experiences and exchange messages of support! Of course, I experience the same feelings of being "plugged up" as you. One time, I had to use twizzers to pull it out! And I know what you mean about swelling. My surgeon's office is so welcoming, but I don't want to bother them too much, so a lot of times I resort to Google to answer questions like "will this ever improve?" and then freak out over what I read. Botox! How exciting! Have you tried it before? Are you going to get it done at Pastorek's?
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I spend a lot of time googling / real selfing swelling as well! There is a Guida gal who posted before and after of post op swelling - the difference is amazing. I like to look at her periodically. I of course google tip revisions. Lol. When I called Pastorek's office they said it is WAY to soon to even tell what the tip will look like. She said she's been doing this 17 years and told me ( nicely) to stop looking at it for now.... Which of course I can't!!! On the big B --I have gotten Botox for a few years now, I had terrible 11's , I go to my dermatologist for it. I had stopped for a while before my surgery and am way overdue...BUT I am going to Pastorek for lip and nasal fold/ laugh line fillers. He is going to do it at my 2 month follow up. End of June. You don't need any of that stuff , but if and when the time comes... B has been great for me.
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Your nose just keeps on getting better and better, I'm glad you are feeling more relaxed about it, I think it looks gorgeous! I am also really dreading the post op acne...I'm planning on having a facial the day before the operation, or just giving myself a quick mini at home facial on the morning of my surgery in a desperate attempt to make sure I won't break out from not being able to wash my face!
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Thank you. I was really distressed by all the breaking out at first. My skin was really nice before the surgery and I kept up my gentle cleansing / light moisturizing regimen after the procedure. My surgeon said a lot of people experience this despite all precautions. Apparently, they really dry you out with the pre-op antibacterial prep they use, plus added oiliness of the skin following trauma, and the swelling pressing on the sebaceous glands... It's clearing up on its own slowly. Before I went through surgery, someone recommended Burt's bees cleansing wipes for sensitive skin and I used those to wash my face twice a day when I had my splint on.
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I think your results look very natural. How's it going?
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How is the swelling coming (or hopefully going!) ? Hope you had a relaxing weekend!
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Smartypants123, are you a preteen child? Or are you a sad adult with nothing better to do than troll realself making random dumb comments? Either way, I am sure part of your problem is the shame and lack of self worth you feel. I hope you get the help you need, poor thing.
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Let's see your before nose little boy.
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The important thing is not whether nibu725 wants this nose or not. The important thing is - I want this nose : )
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wow looks GREAT!!
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You look really good. I didn't have bone work done on my own surgery but as others said it'll take 2 to 3 months for the contours to settle and stop fluctuating all day. The tenderness lasts a while. BE CAREFUL. I learned the hard way it will be that way for at least three months, so don't stress that tissue. I find breathable paper tape and flexitape was easiest to wear over night and arnica gel helped a lot with bruising. One thing about swelling--it gets worse before it gets better. When my nose finally revealed itself, it seems like it happened in the space of a few days.
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Thank you for your advice! I had a good nose day today lol. No hump. Or maybe small enough that I did not see it. Anyway, I was happy, but we ll see what tomorrow brings. The tape I'm using now is called 3M microspore skin colored tape - it was given to me by the surgeon's office. Is the one you are talking about better? If so, why?
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Actually, Micropore is better; it's soft and flexible. I hope they're generous with it.
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You look soooooo great! It's awesome to get a nagging feeling off your brain when you look at yourself in photos. I'm glad u went through with it. Hope the rest of your recovery is smooth!
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Thank you very much!
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