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Finally Picked a Dr - New York, NY

Hey everyone, I found this website about 6 months...

Hey everyone, I found this website about 6 months ago when I started actively looking into the procedure, and all of your experiences have helped me greatly. I've always hated my nose and my mom and sister used to make fun of me growing up saying I needed to get my nose done. When I bring it up now they both say "your beautiful just the way you are" I mean its no secret that I have a big Italian nose. I have a bump and the projection of my nose is a little big for my face especially because all my other features are smaller. I had my first consultation last week and it was very overwhelming for me. All these people examining my nose. I have my second consultation this upcoming week and I'm curious to see how this one goes, hopefully i'll be less overwhelmed. I'm scared of the actual procedure, and the recovery time and the possibility of it coming out bad. I know i'll feel soo much better about myself after, but its bee a tough journey so far. The doctor I saw last week specialized more in reconstructive surgery, more than traditional rhinoplasties. He re-buildes noses and stuff for people who only have half a nose. The doctor i'm seeing this week specializes in noses. He markets himself a lot and i'm not sure if thats a bad thing or not. Anyways, if you guys have any advice for me or tips or anything i'd love to hear from you.

So, I've had 2 consultations so far. I liked both...

So, I've had 2 consultations so far. I liked both doctors. The one I had a consultation with today was was more commercial, had the big fancy office on park avenue with his own operating room, etc... The other doctor held his consultation at beth isreal, so there was a generic doctors office and generic waiting room, both very different experiences. The one to day specializes in noses and has his own procedure patented and whatnot, And is double board certified in facial, and an ENT. The other doctor is just board certified in plastic surgery but does more reconstructive work, like people who are missing half their nose and re-building it. He supposedly also is an ENT but not board certified. He was also recommended by a close family-friend of my boyfriends who was also a plastic surgeon. I haven't gotten a price quote back from him yet. Todays doctor wants 19,000... Both doctors agreed that they'd do a closed surgery and do the same things to my nose, but the one today also said that I need a septioplasty (forgive my spelling) as well because of the way it sits at the top? and the other doctor said it looked straight. My boyfriend seems to be convinced I should choose the recommendation, because he was recommended by his close family friend, and he seems like he's in it to actual help people and he rebuilds faces and such for cancer patients and people who were in accidents, to where as the other guy seems like a nose factory. He also has a point to say this guy would get bored limiting himself to just one speciality when he enjoys all of them (mind you he's a brainiac). So I definitely feel more confused. Any advice would be helpful.

Hey everyone. I've picked a doctor! Based on the...

Hey everyone. I've picked a doctor! Based on the recommendation of a close family friend, it will be the surgeon he suggested. I also have my surgery booked for July 18th. I'm kinda getting freaked out by the healing process, I hope its not as bad as I'm anticipating. I can't wait until my pre-op because I just want to pick his brain before we go in for surgery, especially because he was my first consult so I was a bit flustered. I'm not excited yet, I feel like i'm just neutral about it at the moment. Anyways, I'll update soon to see if i'm feeling the same way.

Becoming more anxious!

Hey everyone, I haven't updated in a while, i'm getting more anxious. It's 6 weeks until my surgery. I still go back and forth with it, one day I say to myself "YES! i'm soo ready for this!" and the next I wonder what if? I had e-mailed my family friend about my doctor and he's insistent he's the best so that made me feel more comfortable. I decided not to tell my mom, but I still go back and forth with that too! Thanks for all the inspiring stories out there! Its helping me tremendously.

Still so unsure

Hey everyone. My pre-op is tomorrow. I'm not really excited I guess because I really can't decide if I truly want this or not. Would I be doing this if someone didn't put the idea in my head? Idk ever since then I've been totally obsessed with my nose which is like 7 months now. Idk. Anyways ill update tomorrow after my pre-op

counting down...

Hey everyone, i'm less than 3 weeks away! I go for my testing on the 10th. I'm getting really anxious! kinda excited though. I keep wondering what i'll look like!!! I hope everyone is doing well!!!

1 day post op!

hey everyone I had my surgery yesterday. It went well. It took a little longer than expected about an hour and a half more- He put a numbing agent in my nose so I felt so awesome until 9:30 that night then my nose hurt soo bad! but i'm not in that much pain now just dripping a lot. you can see i have slight bruising.

Day 2

Hey everyone it's day 2 after my surgery. I'm a but more swollen under my eyes by my nose and the bruises are a but darker but not that bad. I tried eating Mac n cheese for dinner but I felt like the chewing was making my nose run more with whatever's coming out of it. I'm not in that much pain which is good. I've just been sleeping a lot really. Tonight I'm going to try and brush my teeth and put my retainer in. Hopefully that goes well!

More pics

Day 3 post op

Its day 3 already! I'm not in that much pain, i'm just really swollen. I cant breathe out of my nose even though he took the packing out it seems to be getting more congested. there not much bruising. just ansy to see what it looks like!

Day 5 post op

Hey guys! I went to see the doctor today and he said everything looks good and I've been cleaning it well. I get the splint off Friday morning! I'm nervous and excited because I'm nervous to see what it looks like and I'm afraid it might hurt :/ I still have a lot of swelling inside and I hactually have a bubble inside that's swollen in between the stitches. Idk if that makes sense. I'm not in much pain just discomfort really from the congestion. It's driving me crazy! He said everything looks well though so that makes me happy. I can't wait until Friday!!

got my splint off today. 8 days post op

hey i got my splint off. I cried. I still feel like it looks big/the same. He said its swollen and we just have to wait.
Mark L Smith

He's wonderful. Took the time to see me before surgery was super nice and caring in the OR and checked in on my 3 times after the surgery.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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Hello, can anybody suggest a good dr, i see most of you already had your surgery. i'm actively interviewing drs in new york this and next week.
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Looking good already! Relax and take care!
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I'm so happy to see your update and can't wait to see more! Now we have to countdown the days until we see your new nose! YAY!!
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Congrats! Can't wait to see the results! Wishing you a pain free and easy recovery!
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Congrats girl! Now just take it easy!
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I would tell your mum if you are definitely doing it. She might feel a bit upset if you don't tell her?? She will prob try and talk you out if it, but at least she will feel better that you listened to her at least? Hmm... It is difficult tho. My op is on the 29th July, so will be watching how you go!! Good luck and best wishes again :) x
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I did! and my surgery is scheduled for July 2nd! I'm excited and scared like you! mine is less than 4 weeks away now!!!
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Yay! I can't wait to see it! I hope you love it!
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Glad u picked! Yayyy :)) what are u having done to it? I see what you mean abou the 2nd doctor wanting to straighten from the top. Might b worth mentioning. U have a pretty good nose Already!
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He's going to remove my hump make it slightly narrower because he said when you remove the bump it looks wider, and he's going to refine the tip a bit!
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Not to try to question your decision but your in New York right?? Have you checked out dr c??? He seems to be the New York expert for noses just like yours!!! Regardless it sounds like you did your research so good luck with your surgery:-)
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Dr. Ciardullo?
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Who did you decide on sweetie?
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He's in white plains. I know that's not far from manhattan but a close family friend was a plastic surgeon and recommended Mark Smith.
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I'm sure everything will go perfect:-)
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I think it's a red flag that he wants to charge 19,000 that's ridiculous!!!!
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Yeah that's robbery lol! I paid almost $11,000 but I had extensive work done and not covered by insurance. My friend just fessed up about her nose ( I suspected it was done) and she paid $2,000 in NYC after insurance. Hers doesn't look very good--not enough work done and she didn't have osteotomies or tip work. I'd like to say you get what you pay for, but it isn't alwyS te case!
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Yeah that's one reason I didn't choose him. He suggested I get a chin implant too and approached it like a backhanded compliment... Ick
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Lmfao you do not need a chin implant your chin is chiseled defined and pretty:-) good for u for not falling for that trap that happens ALOT!!!
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So that's why I chose Dr. Mark Smith. I feel like he's one of the few plastic surgeons that still actually care about their patients, instead of making money
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Omg that price is outrageous! Makes me feel really good about how much I paid! Who did you both end up choosing?
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Well done on choosing a surgeon and picking a date. You won't regret having this done. To have a nose that is more delicate and in keeping with your other features will transform your life. The surgery and recovery is generally fairly easy, we just need lots of patience, particularly waiting for swelling to slowly subside. All the best!!
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