life changing - multiple bad rhinoplasty surgeries and bad brow and s-lift

I've had 3 surgeries with Dr Jacono and they have...

I've had 3 surgeries with Dr Jacono and they have all been bad. The first one where he took a significant amount off the length of my nose without consent was followed by my nose collapsing. I just had the 3rd surgery where he was supposed to lenghthen my nose, even out the sides and fix the are that was collapsed has left me with more uneveness on one side and the length is not even noticeably longer.

I have not been able to get used to the length of...

I have not been able to get used to the length of my nose even after he supposedly lengthened it. Unfortunately, it does not look any longer. My nose continues to be blue. Jacono never mentioned circulation to my tip as a risk. I'm left with a blue nose that may never recover. I also had an s-lift and brow lift which I didn't mention above. I'm left with significant asymmetry which has become more and more apparent as the swelling has gone completely down. I look hideous.

So the first picture is pre op and the second...

so the first picture is pre op and the second picture is the digital image he did for me and what we agreed on. The 3rd

So the first picture is preop. The picture right...

So the first picture is preop. The picture right next to it is the digital image of what we agreed on. As you can see there is NO change in length. The 3rd picture is after the first surgery. My nose is significantly shorter uneven and very unnatural looking. You can see the asymmetry in my face. It has become even more apparent two years out. Good luck if you have surgery with andrew jacono. Your face is in his hands. Unfortunately I can't cover mine up with clothing. Can you cover yours? You better hope so. I'll post some more photos that show the asymmetry better soon. I hope this helps you think twice.

Bad surgeon-generous term

Tara A thanks for your comments. It has been emotionally devastating. I will post someone pictures of the asymmetry of the facelift. It is hard for me to even look at myself so it was not easy posting these pictures. If these pictures don't convince people NOT to have surgery with andrew jacono, the ones of me a year after surgery will.

more pictures- you decide whether it was worth it

Just in case you are still considering Andrew Jacono for surgery.

are you in good hands?

I thought I'd give examples of just what kind of care you'll receive from Andrew Jacono. So in my first few surgeries, Andrew Jacono will rush in and say "what are we doing today?" Does this sound familiar? It happened for most of my surgeries and it is not to make small talk but because he really has no clue. You see, he hasn't taken notes during your consultation and he certainly hasn't looked at your file. I actually complained to Diane Spira that he doesn't take notes after one of my consultations so during one of my last consultations, he pulled out a drawing of the sinus passages of a nose that he had doodled - "see I took notes". I'd hardly call those notes, I should have run the other way. In my last consultation, I brought up (again) that I was unhappy with the lines down the side of my face and those radiating from my mouth (we had done fat transfer to my face in my last surgery and it did not do anything). And he says "the only way we can treat this is with fat transfer". Of course he had not referred to my file before walking in the room. So if he takes notes during your consultation don't count on him actually referring to them. This lack of attention or thought is the way he operates. Don't think for a moment, he will actually put any thought into what he is doing and how it will look on you. He just does and it doesn't matter what the outcome is. So after my 2nd rhinoplasty with jacono, I having been through this 2 times before, was panicked about how the base of my nose looked. After not sleeping all night, I called his answering service. His on call doctor says "I don't know what happened in your surgery, I was busy with my ". Again, this is an example of the type of care you will get. Don't think Jacono has actually briefed the on call doctor as this would require time and forethought and of course don't expect to get a call from him to see how you're doing- this is completely out of the question. He can't take time out of his tweeting and self promotion activities to give his work a second thought. And recently, my nose has been blue. He never mentioned this as a risk. However, when I got out of surgery, I had a prescription waiting to help my circulation. If he had mentioned it as a risk, I might NOT have gone through with the surgery. The blueness has not gotten better and I'm worried. So I call Diane Spira to tell her my concern and to ask her to ask Jacono what I should do. I don't live in the area so it would require seeing someone else. Her response was that he did not need to give me an answer because I have "trashed" him online. I told her that was unprofessional and in my mind he still has a duty of care as a doctor. You really can't make this stuff up. I hope this helps anyone trying to figure out if Jacono is the doctor for them. That's if my pictures haven't already sent you running. I wish I had run the other way.

I've had 4 consultations with doctors about my asymmetry...

I've had 4 consultations with doctors about my asymmetry and nose. For the asymmetry, nothing can be done permanently. It will require ongoing Botox to bring my brow down and fillers for the lines and depression on my face. Worst of all, I can't live with this nose. It remains blue. No doctor will touch it now, most have said I need to wait two years. I can't live with this nose.

My life remains changed for the worse

Another interesting thing about Jacono. After my last surgery where he was supposed to lengthen my nose, even out the sides and fix the side of my nose which had collapsed, he bragged that he spent 3 hours on the surgery. Like this was a significant amount over the usual amount of time takes. I heard from another woman whose doctor spent 6 hours to lengthen her nose. Of course I my surgery he shaved one side but not the other and he bearly lengthened the tip. He certainly did not do what we discussed and my nose is now deviating to the right. In addition I think he made my nose wider higher up on my face which makes my nose more the focus of my face. His surgery was a drive by, incomplete and dine with little to no thought - it would have taken too much time to do it right-not that he has the skills to do it right.

Still devestated

So it is 7 months post op and my nose continues to be blue. The shape of my nose continues to change - lumpy is the only way I can describe it. He left more cartilage on one side then the other and it looks like he made my nose look wider higher up which is not what we discussed. It seems like he focused more on making my nose look wider then what we discussed which was to lengthen my nose. I don't think my nose was lengthened at all. I told him the length was the most important issue- he took off from the length without consent as you can see from the before and after picture he did for me prior to surgery. In addition, I see a bump of cartilage starting to come through on the tip. Of course it is right on the tip and in the center of my nose. I'm sure it will be more pronounced as time goes on. He really has not skills. I hope people read these posts and understand they should look elsewhere. There are too many of us out there who have been truly disappointed and devastated by Jacono. I have trouble getting up in the morning and I spend most of my time alone. I hope this serves as a warning to anyone considering him for surgery.

Still blue

My nose is still very blue and uneven. Jacono never mentioned the risk. I tried to capture a shot of the lump of cartilage he has put on the very tip. His lack of skill is spalling. Not only did he take half my nose off but he's left it asymmetrical and lumpy. I look like I had a terrible accident. It has been over 10 months since my surgery. I'm worried about what else will show through.

A year later and my life has still been ruined by Jacono

It has been a year since my last "surgery" with Jacono. In the last procedure he was supposed to lengthen my nose as he took off ALL of the cartilage from my nose in the first surgery. We did not even speak about the length and he did this and not what we actually talked about- he doesn't take notes or listen. So he said he could lengthen my nose. He put spreader grafts in my nose which have only made my nose look shorter. There is bump right in the middle of my nose as well. I assume it is a stitch or cartilage coming through. My nose has been blue over the past year and remains blue. I've included a photo. He did not mention this as a risk. I don't think I was a good candidate at the time for lengthening as my skin was too tight and I don't think he actually had the skills to do this. So a year later and I have a blue nose and my nose is no longer and I have a bump right in the middle at the tip. Not to mention, that I have a lot of asymmetry from the slift and the brow lift. I have to get botox to make my right brow come down and fillers for the depression on the left side of my face. No one can do anything about the left cheek which is higher and the lines going down the sides of my face. I hope that anyone considering him thinks twice. He should not be doing surgery.


I thought I'd show my profile. My nose looks like it was cut off. No projection, flat, uneven sides and generally lumpy. You can't hide your face and when a doctor takes so much off the length, it is irreparable no matter what any doctor tells you. This doctor took all the cartilage off my septum and we never discussed length. Don't take a chance with him.
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I am so sorry to learn about your devastation. Have you looked into fixing your nose? have you consulted other surgeons? I feel your pain and frustration because i had a bad experience in my primary rhino. I couldn't breathe for years. I had a revision 2 weeks ago and I'm so happy I did! Good luck to you.
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Thank you and I'm happy to hear you have found. someone to help you. I'm have been very depressed. It is hard to go out of my apartment. I have been for 5 consultations. Out of th 5, I would only consider richard Davis. I plan to see kofi boahene in June. Although, I'd like to find some people who have had surgery with him before I see him. Can I ask who you had surgery with? Thanks.
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I had my revision with Dr. Boahene. I have a review here (check it out).
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The blue in your nose might be skin necrosis. You should make sure you get it checked out.
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Hang in there..... Sending you good thoughts and best wishes things get better
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I am so sorry for everything you have been through. Many surgeons really fail to make the risks clear to use before we decide to get surgery. I think we often make the mistake of assuming all plastic surgeons are equally qualified, and then learn the hard way that that is not the case at all. Regardless, surgeons should be aware of their own abilities and should never agree to do a surgery when they aren't able to deliver good results. I went through a similar situation and my first surgeon refused to accept any responsibility whatsoever for his mistakes, which as you know is extremely frustrating. Anyway, I would encourage you to contact Dr. Richard Davis in Miramar, FL. He really did change my life and I've seen several other glowing reviews on here from his other patients. I think because he specializes in revisions, he may have some suggestions for how to improve your nose. Anyway, I really hope you are able to find a solution and move on. A botched rhinoplasty is a very difficult thing to live with. But keep in mind that some surgeons are capable of delivering the most amazing results. It's just a matter of finding the surgeon who is skilled enough :) I wish you all the best! Don't give up yet!
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Thanks. I have been to Dr Davis. I'm not sure he can help me given the condition of my nose. Yes a botched rhinoplasty is not easy to live with, particularly when it it dramatically changes your appearance (not for the better on my case).
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What causes your nose to be blue?
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The circulation in my nose has been compromised. My nose is always a few degrees colder particularly in cold weather.
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So now I have seen 5 doctors regarding my nose. The news is not good. Lengthening my nose after jacono's surgeries would most likely kill the skin cells. Also Jacono removed a my serum cartilage. It was also confirmed he put graphs that have spread my nose which has made my nose look wider higher up so it looks shorter. The only real option would be to create the illusion of length(and the options are few and only include marginal improvement) It would pretty much entail undoing everything Jacono did in my last surgery. He has made my nose look shorter not longer which ws the main purpose of my surgery. And of course, in jacono's haste, there is a lump of cartilage sticking out on the very tip of my nose. I am stupid for going back to Jacono-very stupid. Please don't make the same mistake.
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Hi Lifechanging, I am so sorry for all you've been through and appreciate your updates.  I am curious who you've consulted with and just what each doc has told you.  Can you email me the doctors you've met with?  Thanks for the updates and hoping you're managing okay.  I know its not easy.  Best wishes.
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Did the surgeons you consulted with say if anything could be done about the discoloration? I wonder if it would subside if the additional cartilage he put in the tip was removed or re-sculpted?
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In the discoloration only time will tell-1 year out and it is not much better. The surgeons have basically told me to ce back in a year. I'm not sure anyone would like to take me on. Regardless Jacono has ruined my face.
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Please look at the other reviews for Jacono as well to give you a better idea of what kind of surgeon he is. I've posted pictures under 'fat transfer, facelift, lower bleph, rhinoplasty'.
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I had fat transfer as well. I had it done in hopes of having the asymmetry in my face corrected. . Jacono sad he does not do a lot of fat transfer. I know this because he said so in front of a doctor visiting his practice. His lack of experience was evident to me as it did not make any difference in the asymmetry and he did not seem to know where to put the fat or how to make it last. It was not worth the 7k. I've had fat transfer prior to this with another doctor and it seemed to last longer and look natural. Jacono does not seem to have a natural looking aesthetic. If you want to take the chance and spend the money, it is up to you. For me the results were not good.
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Hi, I was thinking about you and hoping you are doing a little better. I am doing somewhat better but I still hate what I did and regret it. I hope you are doing ok.
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Hello Rain11. I'm so happy to hear you are doing better. I hope you continue to feel better. Thank you for thinking of me. I'm much the same unfortunately.
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Jcathope- thank you for your kind words. I am with you as we'll as I know you are equally as devastated by Jacono. I wish I could turn back the time for you. My thoughts are with you.
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Have you had an in person consult with any drs yet ?
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Only 1. I've had Skype consults with three. It is hard to get anyone to take me in-too many surgeries. How about you? Have you seen any other doctors?
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Recently I saw tabbal in NYC he did not say he could or could not help me just to come back in December - way to waste 250
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I hope you are not disheartened I'm sure you will find someone to help you. Did you look into the two docs on the west coast?
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Dear lifechanging. I am with you in spirit. I understand the mental and emotional anguish. I wish i could take it all away for you. Sending you love and hope for peace. Xoxo
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I just found this site and I am crying because I have felt so alone and made to feel like l am just overreacting. Jessie R. I can relate to everything you have indicated. I was a person who always looked younger then my years as I have taken care of myself and had been healthy. I worked for 25 years and now I am unable to even go out some days. I would have never thought that after all my years of working and being diligent with taking care of my skin and health that I would be this person. I am so sad and it causes me great pain to even look at myself. I am not a person who had a perfect face and I do not expect perfection. I did not ever intend to have plastic surgery. I had been in a MVA years ago and my nose had been moved so that I had some blockage,after 9 years I decided to see an ENT who y suggested surgery. I had never had any type of surgery before. I was trusting and believed that this would help my breathing. He performed more than the internal procedure he shorted and narrowed my nose and took a rasp to the bridge then place a graft on the tip on top of my trigeminal nerve. The graft and suturing were prominent and painful. He had another physician's RN do the follow up and then went into rehab and was out of the office for nearly a year. He returned and referred me to a plastic surgeon for revision and to rebuild the nose. I am too trusting and so I agreed and this plastic surgeon. Tis scenario is repeated over and over and so both physicians get to do experimentation. I would have never agreed to anything further than the internal procedure. They used me as a human guinea pig. I thought the first surgery was catastrophic but it was nothing compared to what I have to deal with now. Nobody can understand and they all tell me that it is not that bad. They can not even begin to understand this and really who can believe that something this awful can actually happen. I never have heard of physicians doing whatever procedure they want and they get away with it. I have had most of the cartilage from both ears removed and the right ear has nerve damage behind the ear. I have collapsed sides and blockage far worse than the initial problem. I have constant physical and emotional pain to the point of debilitation that I am so depressed that I am unable to move. I am too sad and disfigured to attend school functions or go out with my husband. I used to enjoy these things. Now people look at me and try not to stare at times, I know they are glad this did not happen to them. I am off balance as the Dr. broke my nose and moved it too far to the right. I am unable to wear contact s they tear ducts re damaged. I have visible scarring all around the eyebrows top and bottom where the eyes were pulled to the right. My lips have been moved over and there is visible scarring all around them and under my chin. My eyes do not look the same and the space between the brows is significantly narrowed and the brows are not even. They do not move correctly and look very unnatural. My entre face has been altered and there are lines visible down both sides of my face to the lips and cat whisker scars around the nose. There is constant pulling as the nose is way off center and my mouth is pulled like I have had a stroke. There is no balance to my face and I can not even look at any part and see myself. I look like a stranger, the eyes I see are not mine as they are not shaped correctly and I see pain in them. I hide in my house and I have no job or social life. Physicians will not admit that this happened and I am treated like I am stupid despite years of photos that indicate that I looked nothing like this before. I wake up several times thru the night to look in the mirror to see if it is just a bad dream and then try to convince myself that this is not that bad and search for a section of my face that I can hang on to but there is nothing only scarring and disfigurement. My skin looks like burned skin after it heals. I have no hope in sight and even ENT's rush me out of the office as they have nothing to offer as I have too much damage to repair. I just hang on hoping for a brighter day but this only seems to get worse as the hope has diminished and nobody has a solution. I just want to be me again. I fear for myself at times as my mental status has declined so much that I do not recognize my formerly confident and capable self. *Edited by RealSelf to remove this line from posted comment as it does not follow our community guidelines*. I do not know how a person could do this to another person.

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