life changing - multiple bad rhinoplasty surgeries and bad brow and s-lift

I've had 3 surgeries with Dr Jacono and they have...

I've had 3 surgeries with Dr Jacono and they have all been bad. The first one where he took a significant amount off the length of my nose without consent was followed by my nose collapsing. I just had the 3rd surgery where he was supposed to lenghthen my nose, even out the sides and fix the are that was collapsed has left me with more uneveness on one side and the length is not even noticeably longer.

I have not been able to get used to the length of...

I have not been able to get used to the length of my nose even after he supposedly lengthened it. Unfortunately, it does not look any longer. My nose continues to be blue. Jacono never mentioned circulation to my tip as a risk. I'm left with a blue nose that may never recover. I also had an s-lift and brow lift which I didn't mention above. I'm left with significant asymmetry which has become more and more apparent as the swelling has gone completely down. I look hideous.

So the first picture is pre op and the second...

so the first picture is pre op and the second picture is the digital image he did for me and what we agreed on. The 3rd

So the first picture is preop. The picture right...

So the first picture is preop. The picture right next to it is the digital image of what we agreed on. As you can see there is NO change in length. The 3rd picture is after the first surgery. My nose is significantly shorter uneven and very unnatural looking. You can see the asymmetry in my face. It has become even more apparent two years out. Good luck if you have surgery with andrew jacono. Your face is in his hands. Unfortunately I can't cover mine up with clothing. Can you cover yours? You better hope so. I'll post some more photos that show the asymmetry better soon. I hope this helps you think twice.

Bad surgeon-generous term

Tara A thanks for your comments. It has been emotionally devastating. I will post someone pictures of the asymmetry of the facelift. It is hard for me to even look at myself so it was not easy posting these pictures. If these pictures don't convince people NOT to have surgery with andrew jacono, the ones of me a year after surgery will.

more pictures- you decide whether it was worth it

Just in case you are still considering Andrew Jacono for surgery.

are you in good hands?

I thought I'd give examples of just what kind of care you'll receive from Andrew Jacono. So in my first few surgeries, Andrew Jacono will rush in and say "what are we doing today?" Does this sound familiar? It happened for most of my surgeries and it is not to make small talk but because he really has no clue. You see, he hasn't taken notes during your consultation and he certainly hasn't looked at your file. I actually complained to Diane Spira that he doesn't take notes after one of my consultations so during one of my last consultations, he pulled out a drawing of the sinus passages of a nose that he had doodled - "see I took notes". I'd hardly call those notes, I should have run the other way. In my last consultation, I brought up (again) that I was unhappy with the lines down the side of my face and those radiating from my mouth (we had done fat transfer to my face in my last surgery and it did not do anything). And he says "the only way we can treat this is with fat transfer". Of course he had not referred to my file before walking in the room. So if he takes notes during your consultation don't count on him actually referring to them. This lack of attention or thought is the way he operates. Don't think for a moment, he will actually put any thought into what he is doing and how it will look on you. He just does and it doesn't matter what the outcome is. So after my 2nd rhinoplasty with jacono, I having been through this 2 times before, was panicked about how the base of my nose looked. After not sleeping all night, I called his answering service. His on call doctor says "I don't know what happened in your surgery, I was busy with my ". Again, this is an example of the type of care you will get. Don't think Jacono has actually briefed the on call doctor as this would require time and forethought and of course don't expect to get a call from him to see how you're doing- this is completely out of the question. He can't take time out of his tweeting and self promotion activities to give his work a second thought. And recently, my nose has been blue. He never mentioned this as a risk. However, when I got out of surgery, I had a prescription waiting to help my circulation. If he had mentioned it as a risk, I might NOT have gone through with the surgery. The blueness has not gotten better and I'm worried. So I call Diane Spira to tell her my concern and to ask her to ask Jacono what I should do. I don't live in the area so it would require seeing someone else. Her response was that he did not need to give me an answer because I have "trashed" him online. I told her that was unprofessional and in my mind he still has a duty of care as a doctor. You really can't make this stuff up. I hope this helps anyone trying to figure out if Jacono is the doctor for them. That's if my pictures haven't already sent you running. I wish I had run the other way.

I've had 4 consultations with doctors about my asymmetry...

I've had 4 consultations with doctors about my asymmetry and nose. For the asymmetry, nothing can be done permanently. It will require ongoing Botox to bring my brow down and fillers for the lines and depression on my face. Worst of all, I can't live with this nose. It remains blue. No doctor will touch it now, most have said I need to wait two years. I can't live with this nose.

My life remains changed for the worse

Another interesting thing about Jacono. After my last surgery where he was supposed to lengthen my nose, even out the sides and fix the side of my nose which had collapsed, he bragged that he spent 3 hours on the surgery. Like this was a significant amount over the usual amount of time takes. I heard from another woman whose doctor spent 6 hours to lengthen her nose. Of course I my surgery he shaved one side but not the other and he bearly lengthened the tip. He certainly did not do what we discussed and my nose is now deviating to the right. In addition I think he made my nose wider higher up on my face which makes my nose more the focus of my face. His surgery was a drive by, incomplete and dine with little to no thought - it would have taken too much time to do it right-not that he has the skills to do it right.

Still devestated

So it is 7 months post op and my nose continues to be blue. The shape of my nose continues to change - lumpy is the only way I can describe it. He left more cartilage on one side then the other and it looks like he made my nose look wider higher up which is not what we discussed. It seems like he focused more on making my nose look wider then what we discussed which was to lengthen my nose. I don't think my nose was lengthened at all. I told him the length was the most important issue- he took off from the length without consent as you can see from the before and after picture he did for me prior to surgery. In addition, I see a bump of cartilage starting to come through on the tip. Of course it is right on the tip and in the center of my nose. I'm sure it will be more pronounced as time goes on. He really has not skills. I hope people read these posts and understand they should look elsewhere. There are too many of us out there who have been truly disappointed and devastated by Jacono. I have trouble getting up in the morning and I spend most of my time alone. I hope this serves as a warning to anyone considering him for surgery.

Still blue

My nose is still very blue and uneven. Jacono never mentioned the risk. I tried to capture a shot of the lump of cartilage he has put on the very tip. His lack of skill is spalling. Not only did he take half my nose off but he's left it asymmetrical and lumpy. I look like I had a terrible accident. It has been over 10 months since my surgery. I'm worried about what else will show through.

A year later and my life has still been ruined by Jacono

It has been a year since my last "surgery" with Jacono. In the last procedure he was supposed to lengthen my nose as he took off ALL of the cartilage from my nose in the first surgery. We did not even speak about the length and he did this and not what we actually talked about- he doesn't take notes or listen. So he said he could lengthen my nose. He put spreader grafts in my nose which have only made my nose look shorter. There is bump right in the middle of my nose as well. I assume it is a stitch or cartilage coming through. My nose has been blue over the past year and remains blue. I've included a photo. He did not mention this as a risk. I don't think I was a good candidate at the time for lengthening as my skin was too tight and I don't think he actually had the skills to do this. So a year later and I have a blue nose and my nose is no longer and I have a bump right in the middle at the tip. Not to mention, that I have a lot of asymmetry from the slift and the brow lift. I have to get botox to make my right brow come down and fillers for the depression on the left side of my face. No one can do anything about the left cheek which is higher and the lines going down the sides of my face. I hope that anyone considering him thinks twice. He should not be doing surgery.


I thought I'd show my profile. My nose looks like it was cut off. No projection, flat, uneven sides and generally lumpy. You can't hide your face and when a doctor takes so much off the length, it is irreparable no matter what any doctor tells you. This doctor took all the cartilage off my septum and we never discussed length. Don't take a chance with him.

Still devastated by Jacono

It's been 16 months since my last surgery with Jacono. My nose remains blue. Over the last few weeks, I have had someone try to rub off the blue pen on my nose, ask me why my nose is blue and tell me my nose has dirt on it. My nose has not gotten any better. I feel very self conscious. On top of this, there is little left of my nose. Once long now short and fat. And there is something protruding from the tip- right in the middle. Then, there is the shape-the tip looks flat- like it was sliced off- no projection. This and then there is the asymmetry on my face - nothing really works - I've tried Botox and fillers. Then there is the elongated look of my mouth from the pulling caused by the slift. I look hideous. I am so self conscious. I never want to leave my apartment. I truly hope that anyone considering Jacono, reconsiders. He has ruined my face and life.

Still blue in many ways

Nothing has gotten better. Only worse. As the swelling has gone down, all the unevenness in my nose is more visible and of course, my nose is still blue.
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I am so sorry to hear of this terrible trouble. You are still beautiful. I had a most horrendous surgery and I did go to another revision specialist. It took 3 more surgeries and it looks good now. However I lost almost 3 years of my life dealing with this...depression...healing.... depleting all my finances to do it. On one of the posts it said you had a consultation in June. Would you please share how you felt it went. I would be happy to share more information with you if it can be of any help. You will get past this.
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All I could feel is tears streaming down my eyes as I read this review.This is my 10th week after a bad nose job.take heart dear!you're not alone ! Many of us have gone through the worst moments of life, but I promise you that if you can hold on for a while light will definitely overcome darkness.Dr sunnil choudhary /prateek aurora,these two are among the best Doctors in newdelhi India.And because of the little knowlegde that they were both an international member of American society of plastic surgeons/fellow of European board of plastic reconstructive&aesthetic surgery e.t.c i allowed myself to be misled.To cut the long story short,the rest was torture(psychologically)the nose I had before was 100 times better than the one they created.can you imagine the shock on my husbands/ children's faces the first time they saw me. I could still remember vividly my children's expression"mummy, the little one cried,"what happened to you nose"That question stuck me like a thunder bolt!up till this moment all I could feel is regrets/ anger.But in the mist of this anger, light came. I've already found a good doctor for my revision in December, I mean life goes on! We're simply not giving in to despair.we've got to be strong, I believe strongly that there's always a way out.But it's a personal decision,you must decide whether to throw in the towel or fight till the need to take you time and find another surgeon, who'll put smiles back on you face.And is now or never!goodluck!
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I was mad too after my first botched nose job...I'm glad you said you was angry I was too for three years...then I lost my best friend my brother Tarrence Matthews to colon was a night mare Dr Bohene is an Angel..truth be told I was so angry I almost didn't let Dr Bohene redo my nose I finally gave in two months ago and said What The Heck!! Let go it will be alright:)
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Sorry to hear about your brother. I can't imagine how difficult that was. I hope that you are happy with the results from your surgery.
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Oh. I'm so sorry. I know it is a devastating experience which is hard for people to understand. I'm happy you found a good doctor. Thank you for the words of encouragement. I truly wish you all the best.
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You should meet with Dr Constantian in Nashua NH and Dr Frankel in Los Angeles.
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It's really good that you've finally moved on from this doctor as he has not done what you wanted and is obviously unable to deliver results. However, I would not say you look hideous at all because you're still very attractive. It's possible to lengthen noses (yours is nothing like the level of botch job that some people end up with - myself included). Many people's awful nose jobs have been fixed by an experienced surgeon, so yours - I would imagine - can certainly be restored to a natural appearance. I wouldn't give up hope now. The asymmetric eyebrows do look a bit high but again, botox can help you as you said that's what you were told in consultation. Don't get too hung up on this. Find a good revisionist (out of state if need be) and get the botox. You will feel good about yourself again.
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Thanks for your support and I'm sorry you have not been happy with your results. There needs to be better standard controls in place. There are so many doctored out there that should not be practicing. I hope you find someone who can help you.
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Thank you Lifechanging. I agree that there are several doctors who allow profit to take over performance, and bite off more than they can chew as well. Your story about the lack of preparation seems to be the crucial element behind Dr Jacono doing a number. Like you said he didn't know what he was doing with your nose and you had to remind him. That's a red flag in my view. Obviously it's best to clarify things with the patient but they should come prepared with notes. I experienced the same thing myself and believe preparation and time with the patient cannot be overemphasised. The more patients you have the more money you make but the patient always suffers. I hope you too can find someone that can get your appearance the way you want it to be so that you may feel pretty again.
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I'm so sorry for what you've gone through. I've been living a nightmare since my primary rhinoplasty. I found it interesting that my surgeon on the morning of my surgery, as I was waiting to be ushered to the OR, came to me in a hurry (he was running late and looked like he'd just woken up!) and said: " so, what you are WE doing today?!!" I felt a bucket of ice dumped over my head....I still managed to say, "septoplasty and alarpalsty to narrow my nostrils" . To make the long story short, he gave me a botched TIPPLASTY and shifted my nose from centre to the left...I'm still dumbfounded why I didn't pull out the IV and run for my life after his question....I guess I'll never know...good luck with your revision and see my photos as well.
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Thank you for the support and I'm sorry for your pain. I should have run the other way Jacono (I can't even call him a doctor) said to me what are we doing today. Not that taking notes or listening would have made a difference when it is a lack of skills. I hope you find someone to help you.
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Have you tried Dermablend ( it is sold in some Macy's department stores.
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For what it's worth, I think you are very pretty. I think you are being too hard on yourself here. You look nice! And, though your nose is tinged blue, it's a cute nose. I asked my doctor to give me a button nose, and he said he can't because if you remove too much cartilage, the nose could collapse. So he explained how much he can take off, and the result that will give me. But I have to say, I personally would be happy to have your cute little button nose! Try to see the positive side here. While initially you weren't looking for shorter, many women do like shorter. You have it! No one would say, aside from the blue tinge, that isn't a nose to be desired. And as for the blue? Hell, get some strong concealer. They make special concealer that you could get online I'm sure, like medical grade or something. Do some searching. It is the doctor's fault, no doubt, but you are here and living with this so you must make it work. You can do it! No use being down and staying down over it permanently. Keep your head up!
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Thank you for the kind words and encouragement. I wish it was as easy as moving on. I truly do. Thanks
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It's true you are still so pretty, however I know how you feel. And I agree to use makeup for life now. My mom had to get a skin procedure where she had to wear heavy concealers from department stores for life because it was discolored. It's something new that you will have to get used to, sadly. I wish you the very best because I know the feeling you are going through.
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My nose is way too short and now fat in front and no one will fix it. My life is so different and I hate going out now but being stuck in the house depresses me so much because I am stuck. I never was a homebody and now I am forced to be. My dr. ruined my life as well, and I just can't see myself living like this for decades, it seems impossible.
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Oh. I am do sorry. What reasons have you been given that they won't fix it. I understand your pain.
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Rain11, I'm in the same boat, I use to get out all the time, never wanted to be stuck in the house, well now thanks to a botched beyond fixing nose job horror, here I'am, stuck in the house, all docter's I've went to have all told me there's nothing that can be done, I look like I have a deformity on my face instead of a nose,, I wish you well my friend, Deb
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Surely you can find a revision specialist to do your nose again? Perhaps you could post a pic to the doctors on this website and they will tell you.
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I am really sorry that you have so bad experience. I really hope, that you will find a surgeon and that it is really possible to get things better. Meanwhile I suggest you to add to your diet such things as ginger, garlic and back cumin seed oil. If you don't train your body, you should start. All these things improve blood circulation. Try not to give up. Try to stay positively. I know, that it is hard.
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Thanks for the encouragement and recommendations. It has been very difficult. I have been taking a formula of ginger, garlic, cayenne and gingko but it hasn't helped. I will try black cumin. Thanks again.
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I hope your consult with Dr. Boahene in June goes well and he can help you. Please stay positive and let me know if you have any questions. Btw, so far I'm happy with my revision with him.
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I'm happy to hear that. I looked at your pictures and you look great. The results look very natural.
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Thanks. I think my nose is still healing and will get more refined. I love the natural results.
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Do you have an implant in your nose? Maybe the implant is irritating the skin of your nose making it look blue.
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