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Hi Everyone, I just want to say that I've been...

Hi Everyone,
I just want to say that I've been addicted to this website for about 2 months now. I'm so happy I found it b/c it really helped me going through this process.

I had a rino about 7 years ago. I went to a "nose specialist" and wasn't happy with my results. He didn't address my main concern, which was/is my profile/projection, and I actually think that he GAVE me a bump on my nose that wasn't there before. I went back to visit him after the procedure but he just told me that it was nothing and that what he did was just fine.

My main concern is my profile/projection which is why all my pictures are of my profile. I'm a small girl and although my nose isn't 'big' the projection is too far and my bridge is too high to fit my face. I feel like it makes me look "serious" and it's not feminine at all. I have small lips and features and I feel my nose just doesn't fit.

So here I am again, going through everything again and I have to say, I'm just as nervous now as I was back then. I have to the day gets closer I'm starting to maybe second guess my decision. I know my nose isn't bad but I also know that when I see myself in pictures and in videos I hate what I see. So that's what's keeping me going with this but I can't help but feel that I'm going to get a bad result (even though my surgeon and I have dicussed my concerns and what my expectations are) b/c I maybe to picky with what I'm looking for.

I'm making another apointment to see my doctor before my surgery and am going to show him these pictures (AGAIN) b/c I just want to make sure that we're on the same page.

If anyone has any advice on how to overcome these crazy feelings I'm having as the day gets closer, I'd really appericate it. I know I've done this before but it's still nerve racking and it's surgery and things can always go wrong!

Thanks for reading! :)
PS: The photos attached are pictures that I've photoshopped myself and I think that both fit my face much better!


I think what your asking for is a very difficult procedre and you run the risk of having uneven nostrils. You also have to consider that if they shave down your nose they have to thin it a little to make it even. Again, you are risking collapse and a negative outcome. I think the profile of your nose matches your chin and if you have it reduced then you will be wanting a chin reduction then you could easily plunge into a deep dark hole, full of complications and dissatisfied results. Most rhinoplasty procedres are irreversible. People in asia are paying money to get their noses projected more outwards because it is a more beautiful western feature.
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I'm sorry im not being supportive to you but I want to let you know that you probably don't realize that the page you and your surgeon share is the page where you give him your money, he does the best he can do, then disappears and you are left with the result. As a person who has had 3 nose operations and still not had an outcome anywhere near he he had hoped for, I am in a position where I believe I can and should give you this advice. Once you mess with it too much, it becomes harder and more expensive to fix it and you may be left with a normal looking nose as a result, at best.
Hi, thanks for your opinion and imput. Even though you may not agree with me I really do appreciate it. I understand everything that you're saying and I've thought about it to much. It's one of the reasons why it took me so long to do this again and to make sure that this time my surgeon is on the same page with me and what my concerns are. I'm not looking for a total make over and/or different nose. I want something conservative and something that suits my face! Perfection doesn't exist and I know that. I just want to be happy when I see my reflection and right now I'm not.

really nervous!!!!

hi everyone,
today I woke up really, really nervous. my surgery is the day after tomorrow and I got all my medications and lotions to help me after everything is done. I've attached two more photos to show the bump and the projection better. I'm not going to lie, now that they day is almost here I'm going back and forth in my head and sometimes I get really excited and then I get really scared!!! I guess this is normal but I just wish it would stop.


Best of luck with your surgery today :) :) :)
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Thanks :)

Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf so far! You are going to the same surgeon who did your primary rhinoplasty then? I think he did a nice job the first time around, but I hope you get something closer to what you want this time. Please keep us posted!

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So tired was my surgery and I'm home now relaxing ( as much as I can lol)! I don't feel any pain I'm just more tired. All I want to do I sleep. I've got bruising and swelling but it's nothing crazy. I'm gonna put some ice on it and that's it. Now I'm trying to make sure that I'm eating good bc I can't exercise and I'm a really active person and I want to give my body the right nutrition to help with the healing. All in all this experience wasn't as bad as I thought ( gosh I hope I didn't jinx myself)! I made it out to be worse than it actually was.


Make sure to get Arnica from GNC or a natural food store. It will help you with the swelling and bruising. I actually liked your before nose but you might like your after nose even better. Happy recovery!
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Thanks! I forgot to mention that I got the arnica in my post. I'm taking them like candy :)
Be careful you only supposed to take so many per day. Don't over do it. ;)

feeling better but nervous

so i wasn't able to get a good nights sleep last night :( sleeping on my back and breathing through my mouth isn't very comfortable for me LOL but i'm managing. my bruising and swelling has gotten a little worse since yesterday but it's not so bad. I am nervous b/c i changed my bandage and notice that my tip is lifted alot and i'm hoping he didn't take too much off the bridge b/c that's something that we spoke about that i didn't want.

now I'm just relaxing and taking it slow. catching up on my tv shows on netflix and cable and trying to eat healthy so my body can heal :)


I'm glad you're on the other side of this. Just keep resting as much as you need to!

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thats the plan! :) thanks!!!
you're right...i'm also taking Vit C them from GNC...they are supposed to help with collegan, tissue and stuff so i figured it couldn't hurt to take them (plus they taste really good!) :)

Every emotion!!!

So I spoke to my surgeon and have to come in I'm Wsdnesday to remove the cast. I'm really excited but also scared. Now that the day is getting close I'm getting nervous that I won't look good or that my face will change and not in a good way :(

My bruising and swelling are almost gone so I'm happy about that. I feel so much better but sleeping on my back and breathing through my mouth are the worst lol! Can't wait to sleep on my side and stomach. And laughing hurts!!! So I can't watch some of my favorite shows but I guess it will be over soon so I'm just gonna have to deal.


I have to go for a third revision . Tonight I saw myself in a video I went to Dr. Michael Sachs who is no longer practicing at least I hope . I am debating between Dr, Mennick and Dr. Davis anyone have any experience with these Surgeons. I am so nervous thinking about that graft.
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Did your cast come off ?
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No not yet! :( I go in on Friday to get it taken off

nervous as heck!!

tomorrow is the day that i go to get my cast off!!! i'm so nervous about seeing my new self. i'm just afraid that it won't look good or make me look like me just better. i guess i will find out tomorrow. the bruising and swelling is almost gone so that's good since i plan to go back to work on Monday. i'm just relaxing and taking it real easy (truthfully, i'm a very active person so i'm getting a little bored since i can't do that things that i usually do when i have time to myself). i hope i can sleep good tonight! :)


How did it go with your cast off? Update us with pics if you can.
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How do you like your nose ?
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unfortunately, i haven't heard much about the two doctors you mentioned. just go with whomever you feel listens to you best and that you feel comfortable with and that understands what you want accomplished.

Cast off!

So today is the day that I got my cast off. I have mixed emotions about my new nose. I can see the difference and what was done but I'm so swollen that I have to wait about how I feel about it. My breathing is a little difficult but I think it's because I'm so stuffy and I'm trying to clean out my nose ( so gross ) so hopefully that will help. My tip is super swollen and I hope it will go down the right amount soon but I know it could take up to a year for the final result to show. My tip is also super numb lol! Every time I touch it it just feels so weird lol! I'm just so glad that it doesn't look like a completely different nose and look forward to seeing the change as they days go by. I have a follow up with my surgeon at the end of January so ill taker more pics then to do a comparison!


How are you doing? How are you healing?
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awesome! your nose came out the same as your photoshop ones haha. who was your doctor? keep us updated :)
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Thanks. It's still swollen but now I'm just waiting for everything to settle. My doctor is Dr. Douglas Senderoff in NYC. :) I'll be updating in a few days, hopefully a little less swollen :)

hi again

hi everyone,
so sorry it took me awhile to come back with an update. holidays with my family are crazy (I come from a big family) Happy New Year to everyone! :)

so my nose is still swollen and hard to the touch (on the right side weird I know) but overall I'm doing great. it's really weird b/c I'm afraid to clean out my nose in fear that i'll remove a stitch or something so my breathing has been a little difficult. when I do get the nerve to just stick a q-tip in there I'm really careful and once I do it my breathing becomes way better so I guess I just have to suck it up and just clean it out carefully.

so far I've visited family and NO ONE has noticed any change!!!! its great b/c I didn't want a completely different nose...just for the profile to be more feminine and I think that's what my surgeon was able to give me.

so that's it really. I go back jan 22nd for my follow up but so far to good. I will say that my nostrils are little different but honestly they never were the same even before the surgery and its not a big different so it doesn't bother me a bit. I'm just wondering if I'm still swollen (I'm sure I am) and can't wait for the end result to be here...patience has never been my strong suit lol! :)


How are thing? How are you healing? Update us with your new pictures. I hope you are still loving your nose. :)
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Your revision looks good.
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thanks :)


Hi everyone,
so sorry for not being able to update sooner or as much. I guess you can say I've been really lucky b/c everything seems to be going great! I have my follow up appointment next week. I'm still a little swollen and my right side is still numb but my left side if gotten most of the feeling back (which is so strange!)

I've attached more pics....I hope everyone has had a wonderful it's just back to work for me. Speaking of work, a co-worker saw me the first week I went back to work and I was still a little bruised. He wasn't able to tell any difference in my appearance other then he thought I bumped into something b/c I had a small bruise under my eye. When I told him it was from getting a nose job be looked at me and said "there's no way...I would never guess in a million years you had your nose done!"...he was impressed so much that he asked me for my doctors info b/c his daughter was looking to get a nose job too! :)

I'm not gonna lie, I still feel like it looks a little bulbous (especially the tip) but I'm thinking that it's pretty much still swollen and I know that that takes times to heal and go away so I guess it's still time to keep playing the waiting game!!!


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more pics

here are two more pics!!!


You look great now!
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Thanks :)
Looks great. Thank you for your update. Did your doctor use any grafts? If so what kind?
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Dr. Douglas Senderoff

Great surgeon. He listened to everything I said regarding my nose and told me exactly what's achievable and what wasn't (which I value in a surgeon b/c a lot of them will just take your money and won't care if you like your results). He even called the next day to make sure everything was fine. His staff was amazing and very friendly. I would recommend him to anyone looking to getting plastic surgery.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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