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Restylane Nigtmare! - New York

I wish I didn't get restylane. It ruined my face!...

I wish I didn't get restylane. It ruined my face! I was never warned about the side-effects and never knew that these lumps or bluish tint can take years to completely go away... or never! I'm so scared that this will be permanent! And obviously, these results occur because it wasn't injected properly which makes me really angry. i really want to sue.

I got botox for my forehead and restylane under my eyes to try and lessen the hollowness and the appearance of dark circles. My forehead came out amazing. He did it so it looked so natural and it didn’t cause any swelling or bruising. Restylane for my under eyes, on the other hand, is a different story. During the injection, I did swell up and bruise quite a bit. But, I was expecting that, so I was ok. However, when the puffiness of certain areas under my eyes and bruise along the injected site remain even after 2 weeks, I knew something was wrong. My hollow under eye was puffy in certain little areas and other areas were completely still hollow. It gave a lumpy appearance and what I thought was remnant of bruise still remained. I quickly discovered that the bluish tint under my eyes is a result of superficial injection. I’m really so upset because it ruined my face! I called the office of Dr. Wallach and told the receptionist what was happening and I was told to come in so the doctor can evaluate me and if needed, they can inject the hyaluronidase to correct this. And then she told me that I wouldn’t need to pay to see the doctor, but I would have to pay for the hyaluronidase. This REALLY upset me because I paid for a botched up job and now I’m suffering due to this and expected to pay to have it corrected?

Anyway, I went to him because he was really highly rated and considered a TOP/Expert doctor. Everytime I look at my face, I’m furious! I don’t look like myself. I have these lumps underneath my eyes and constant blue tint. The whole reason I wanted the fillers is to remove the appearance of the dark circles under my eyes. Now it looks worse! I’ve been reading on line that although the lumps will dissolve over time, the bluish tint may be permanent! I’m so angry and frustrated! I really hope this isn’t the case. I will NEVER do this again! And I suggest you really research the doctors and procedure before you decide. Restylane should have a warning about the possibility of bluish tint and that it can possibly be forever! I really want to sue.


What a terrible experience. I can't believe this doctor wants to charge you for the removal of the restylane!! When results are not satisfactory the patient should be refunded. I had a bad experience with restylane under the eyes but unlike you I didn't bruise at all. However bags under the eyes developed which made me like 10 years older. I had it dissolved with hyaluronidase a month later and thankfully the area got better. But the doc didn't charge me for the removal. I was so upset and I should have demanded a refund. Another surgeon told me it's because the restylane was injected superficially. Anyway I wouldn't do it again even if the doctor says it's safe when it's injected the right way. I hope your problem get resolved soon. Take care.
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What about having laser tx on face ...the heat from laser may dissolve filler. The one where they zap the capillaries.
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Sorry - I see you have not yet had the hyaluronidase. BE CAREFUL. Read all the negative reviews. The doctors will say it's completely safe but they are talking about a different application (ophthalmological surgery). There are NO studies about the use of hyaluronidase to dissolve filler. It is NOT the same as using hyaluronidase in an area with no filler. I had a test shot in the arm in case of allergy and nothing happened but when it was used under my eyes to dissolve HA filler, the results were disastrous as described in my previous comment. The dissolving occurred more than two months ago and there has been no improvement. I am having more filler put in next week because I am desperate for it to look a little better. Fingers crossed.
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Restylane Nightmare

I'm still very depressed and hate looking at myself in the mirror. I really wish i never got this done. The law should mandate doctors to explain the potential side-effects thoroughly. I'm basically stuck with this horrible botched up result from "TOP/EXPERT" surgeon. I'm really angry and really hate life right now.


PS: just wanted to mention that a number of years ago I also had a slight tindall effect under one eye from a doctor--who actually is very good (not Dr Yang). It was very slight and we decided just to leave it as the contour was fine. I did find that it would swell occasionally and leave my under eye a little crepey (when the swelling went down). I used retina A for this and it improved--probably within about 3 months and the blue color just faded out. After that, I only had filler injected along the bone (on top of the cheek) and never again had a problem--it still filled the hollow on my specific face (which likely has a different anatomy than yours). Dr. Yang has some interesting techniques..so it may be worth a consult to see how he can help.
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Hey there. Very sorry to hear this. TBH, I have not heard great things about Wallach, despite the reviews, which is one reason why I never went to him. If you want serious help, go see Dr. Yang on the UES. He uses a canula around the eyes and is very careful---in fact, you'll be there a good hour at least in the room with him while he maps out what he will do. Plus, he shows you pics. You can read my review on real self . GL!
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thank you... i'm really scared to dissolve this with hyaluronidase because i heard horror stories about it. so, i go back and forth between my decision. i want to dissolve it but scared to death that i will lose my own collagen as i have read. thank God, you got better and you didn't have a horrible result from hyaluronidase.
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I found Dr. Wallach thru Realself.com and booked an appointment purely based on the reviews posted by people who had done procedures with him. I knew the importance of choosing a highly experienced injector so I was comforted to know that he was considered an expert injector and many years of experience. So, I guess the lesson I learned is that just because someone is considered a Top/ Expert doesn’t mean he is. As a person, Dr. Wallach is a very nice and personable doctor. He was very patient and explained the whole procedure to me. I was very apprehensive and he made me feel very at ease. So, although I went there just for a consult, I decided to just do the procedure right then and there.

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