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Not sure what to think. Went to fill in the tear...

Not sure what to think. Went to fill in the tear trough ares and slight bags under my eyes after Botox injection in the crow feet area. Right after procedure it looked good although somewhat bruised. Had some pressure pain and moderate bruising that's still not gone after a week. What I see is puffiness under my eyes and I still look very tired though in a different way. I had some wrinkles under my eyes where skin hollowed out but now that area was filled in I still have wrinkles. It looks weirded when I smile, u could see where the filler has been placed. Aestitian told me it would settle down after another week or two but I'm starting to think this is it. I have a visible bump in the inner corner of my right eye from day one. Can it be massaged out? Before the whole thing settles? I feel the whole filler is moving south and I still have bags under my eyes and dark circles. Plus I see ridges under my skin. It's uneven. I'm afraid to have it dissolved unless it looks like total disaster. Can it get worse after a week? The doctors office is very busy and staff not available. Should I even go? I feel like they would not be helpful and brush me off as they did over the phone.

I'm sorry you aren't having the results you wanted, that is so frustrating.  I found this, it might be helpful:

Bags and Bumps After Restylane Under Eyes

It usually does not get worse, but it does not get better either for a long time. From personal experience I would recommend against getting it dissolved unless you absolutely cannot live with it. For me, dissolving it made it worse and caused another set of issues. Your body will rehab sorb it more evenly.
Thank you for your reply. What issues did u encount? I just moved from not sure to the disaster mode. After 9 days my upper eyelids blew up Andy eyes are not opening all the way from all the fluids. I feel pressure in my left eye that does not go away. My friend the pharmacist told me it may be due to delayed allergic reaction to hyalouronic acid. It gets somewhat better when I get up but my eyes blow up when I go to sleep. Now I feel the fluids build up int forehead and lower eyelids. I'm thinking maybe the filler moved down and pressing on structures that drain the fluid out of the eyes. Going to emergency room is an option otherwise I have to wait till Monday to go back to the original injector MD. He is very busy and unavailable. Really hope he will make time for me.

So was not worth it

Went to a reputable doctor to fill in mild under eye bags. Received radiesse in the cheek area and restylane under eyes and in tear trough. Had a moderate swelling and bruising for about 5-6 days and when swelling went down my under eye bags reappeared... Both in the trough area and under eye... I think the filler started to move south. Since it takes few weeks for fillers to settle down I was just praying for it not to get worse so at least I wouldn't end up worse then when I started. Haha, then, on day 9 my upper eyelids blew up and I couldn't even open my eyes all the way. I had a constant pressure in my left eye that was causing a headache. I won't write how much I was freaking out and thinking should I go to emergency room. I called the doctors office and left an emergency message and thank god he called me back pretty fast ( this was Sunday and his office closed). He said it's a " second flow" and it should resolve in a few days.
My friend who is a pharmacist sent me a study on Restylane that says delayed allergic reaction occurred to a small percentage of patients and I guess I'm one of them. I had filler injections in different areas twice before and had very mild to no symptoms at all. Appearantly, this allergic reaction can happen at any time. I'm home today, will miss at least 1-2 days of work and at the end all I'm hoping for is not to turn out worse then before the fillers. Please god, let me get back to normal.
Sorry to hear that. I just had mine done a few days ago and they feel puffy and lumpy. How is your's looking now?
Puffy is totally ok for a few days. At least 5-7. So that's ok. I'm on day 14 and the swelling is going down. Also talking to my doctor calmed me down. I dont really see lumps any more. I just think the filler shifted down and I'm back to having eye bags. I just pray that it doesn't look worse then before. Plus I have a needle track in my right inner eye but no lumps. I think few days is too early to see anything. Stay strong and I hope you have beautiful results.
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