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I got sciton profractional done about a month ago...

I got sciton profractional done about a month ago (at 500 microns), and am planning to have a second treatment done next week. I was thinking about how nervous I was before the first treatment, after reading all the horrifying reviews online, and I felt like it was important that I share my positive experience. I don't doubt that some people have had poor results, but one thing to keep in mind is that dissatisfied customers are always more likely to go online to complain about their negative experiences. For me, it was worth it.

Supposedly it takes about 2-6 months to see full results, but about a month after my first treatment I can say that I've seen about 30-40% improvement in my acne scars. I've had pitted scars across my cheeks for a few years now, and they've pretty much been the bane of my existence. Those of you who've dealt with acne scars will know what I mean... I look at people around me all the time, and feel envious of their skin--- I would love to even just have "ok" skin, let alone smooth, glowing skin! But I will say that even the results of my first treatment have made me feel more confident, in general.

The results so far have convinced me it's worth it to put down the money for a second treatment. At this rate, I would estimate that about 3 or 4 treatments would give me truly ideal results--- but not sure I can afford that many, so we'll see.

If you decide to do the laser, expect to look scary for a few days, but you'll probably be able to go back to work (w/ makeup) on the 5th day post-laser. Oh, and make sure that your doctor uses a really strong numbing cream for the laser--- It wasn't too painful for me, but I could tell that if i hadn't had the numbing cream, it would have been pretty difficult. Fortunately with the cream, it was manageable and over within 15 minutes.

Anyway, I'm glad I did the treatment and looking forward to getting the second one over with next week. I'll update a month or two after my second treatment to let people know whether my positive smoothing results continue!

Glad to hear everything went great, let us know how your next treatment goes :) Thanks for sharing!!


One month after second sciton profractional treatment

Progress is going well, skin definitely looks smoother than when I started this process. I'm actually planning to have a third treatment next month, and then give it a break for a while to let my skin rest and allow the results of the treatments develop. I was told that it takes 2-6 months after a treatment to see full results, and since I'm doing three in quick succession, my derm said that it's a good idea to give it time after the next treatment.

I already feel more confident about going without makeup occasionally. I'm confident that in the months following my third treatment, I'll see even more smoothing. All in all, pretty satisfied. Will update again after my third treatment!
Hi biblaove! Happy to hear of your positive results. I had great results, as well, and totally identify with your acne scarring issues. I would recommend the Obagi Nuderm skin care line, all of it, all 6 steps, don't skip, and you will be in love with your skin. I started The Obagi Nuderm 5 months after 2nd scion Profractional treatment and boy oh boy, my skin has never ever looked this good. You can put together the 6 steps by purchasing on line vs getting at your dermatologists, as they are rip off for retin-a. Congratulations on your new found confidence, Wynne B
Thanks for the tip, I'm reading about the system now and pretty curious! Think I might give it a try, as most people seem to report a positive result.
How extensive/deep is your scarring? What kinds of scars do you have (i.e. icepick, rolling, etc)? I am considering this laser and am glad to hear that you had a positive experience.

Two weeks post-3rd sciton profractional treatment, no regrets at all

About two weeks ago I had my 3rd sciton treatment, and I really have to say that I'm grateful for having given the treatment a shot. My skin still isn't perfect, but I guess i never expected perfect---- all I asked for was a significant improvement in the texture of my acne scarring, and I can happily report that the treatment is delivered. As sciton continues to show results for 6 months post-treatment, I'm confident in saying that I will be 100% satisfied in 6 months time (I already feel satisfied)!

A reputable doctor is important, so make sure you're in good hands. I'm grateful to Dr. Leo at Tribeca Skin Center for a job well done.
Did you see anymore results on your scarring after the 3rd treatment?
Hi IceAge, I've definitely continued to see gradual results following my third treatment. I still struggle with acne here and there, so I feel like I have setbacks with new scars forming. (Aghhh!) And I'm very critical of my skin, so I still see the flaws and bumpy parts--- but I do know that compared to when I started the treatments, there's been significant improvement. Realistically, I'll probably need to get another one or two treatments to really truly see almost-smooth skin. However, when you've struggled/lived with serious acne scars that affect your self-esteem and appearance, the knowledge that there even IS a treatment that can help is pretty incredible. The costs add up, but over time it's possible to really improve your scars. So I'm happy I've done the laser treatments, and will probably do more when I have the financial means.

Have had even better results with fraxel post-sciton treatments

After three sciton profractional treatments, I turned to fraxel and have since had 4 treatments combined with some home microneedling at 1.5 mm depth. While i was already pretty satisfied with the sciton treatments, I have to say that my results with fraxel + microneedling have been even more significant. This might also be the result of delayed results from the sciton, as my doctor did say that the results would continue to show for months/up to a year following the treatments. But all I know is that since starting fraxel and microneedling, I see a marked improvement. It feels good. Obviously the combined cost of all the laser treatments has been significant, it definitely isn't cheap--- but the gain in self-esteem and general appearance is totally worth it, for me at least. Glad I got started with the laser treatments. I'd recommend either sciton or fraxel, but fraxel gets the higher rating from me in terms of noticeable improvement. Will post a separate review for fraxel as well.
So glad you are seeing better results with the Fraxel - thank you for sharing another review :)
Tribeca Skin Center

Dr. Leo was great, and very willing to chat with me about my concerns both before and in the days after the treatment.

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