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I am having a facelift on June 1st with Dr....

I am having a facelift on June 1st with Dr. Konstantine on the Upper East Side. I lost a lot of weight from 2011-2012 so I have undesired jowls and turkey neck...I have always had bags under the eyes so he is doing upper and lower eyelids as well as a neck lift. Wish me luck!!! I am adding before pics so I can document the transformation. This is me in May without any make-up in full sunlight.

I am 49 yrs old

Just so you can judge the changes...

Facelift done today

I am kind of miserable right now. I'm in pain, my eyes are swollen, my ears hurt, my chin hurts....I see changes already.

More Pics

More pics 12-15 hrs post op

Day 2 6 am

Day 2 looking a bit better, I think. Nauseous from the pain though and still applying cold compresses. Very hard to sleep.

Day 2 Night

Very sore and feeling yucky!

Day 3 pics without wrap

Day 3, hope of a shower today! Here are pics without wrap. Pain is a little less today.

Day 3 more pics

Post shower day 3

Yeah! I had a shower!! Boo, hair loss....did other people lose chucks of hair? I expect most of it will grow back and I can hopefully get a layered cut to hide it! Time to put on Anica and take my antibiotics! Still feel nauseous.

New pic

Day 4 pic

Less pain, more tightness, more bruising

4 day pic

Hi! Less pain, but more tightness and swelling. Bruising is bad. Feel better but super tired today.

Day 5 pics

Tight and swollen, getting sick of wearing this wrap. Definite changes appearing. Eyes wide open.

Day 5 pics

More day 5 profile pics, neck pics

Day 6 photos

Looking a bit like grumpy cat with my bruising!!! Can't wait to get the stitches out tomorrow and be able to put in my contacts again! Still waiting to see if STD approves me so I can take a 2nd week off work...just to rest up a bit more.

Day 9 pics

Stitches out, finishing antibiotics, kinda nauseous, lethargic today. I am awaiting my STD claim status so this may or may not be the last day off. Still some bruising and had a difficult night of sleep.

Day 9 pics

More pics

Pic Evening Day 9

Day 10 pics

Day 10 not much change day to day.

Day 10

Feeling and looking better after a shower!

Day 11 pics

Day 11 closer everyday!

Day 12 pics

Back at work in my home office as of yesterday! Feeling much better!

Day 12 pictures

Do I look 49?

Day 14

Yeah!!! Starting to feel more normal and love the results! I am really happy with the neck and jaw line now!!

Day 17 pics

Happy now, no pain and I can lie on my side on very soft pillows!!!

Three weeks out

Feeling good and loving the results. I am still waiting for some lumpy areas under my jaw and neck to even out but otherwise great! The owner at a B&B said "there's something different about you, I just can't put my finger on it, did you change your hair?" At that point, he started touching my hair and I was like, "I'm just young and spry!"

My mechanic asked me if my car had ever been in that shop before
And let's just say, we are regulars with 2 older cars. I was just there a month before my surgery and I guess he didn't recognize me! Cool. The test will be this coming weekend when I am meeting a bunch of high school pals for a party. I am hoping the neck swelling is gone by then.

More day 23 pics

More recent pics, still happy

One lumpy area on the neck left to go away! Otherwise love the results and sensation returns a bit each day!! Happy with my results and I think I look 30-35 now but maybe that's just me!!

More pics 7 weeks post op

New haircut 2 inches off!!

More pics!


So happy with my results....I feel like 35 again!

I am really thrilled with my results...couldn't be happier unless he did a tummy tuck at the same time. Yes, there a couple spots I think are still healing but I get looks from 20 something guys...I am happily married, but I think that's just how my much I have transformed...the eyes have it...the eyes are the most WOW part of this!! I feel like I am aging in reverse and that is NOT an exagerration. My 15 yo son said--what are you? Some kind of Benjamin Button!! I am happy, happy, happy...if you are in the NYC area, RUN, don't walk to the phone and make an appt with Dr. Konstantin!! 212 380 3634

Great Results after 3 months!! New pics

Had a glam shot done and took some new pics!! Awaiting large pics back too. I am very happy with my results!! Well worth it!! Do your research and have realistic expectations and they will likely be exceeded!! Stay happy..

Real Before and After Pics

OK for the big picture (literally)--here's my real before and after pics...prior to weight loss surgery in Oct 2011 and then after my face lift in June 23, 2013 (22 days after my facelift)! Hope this is helpful.

Pics 1 year later!!!! Still happy.....

It's been 1 year since I had my facelift with Dr. Konstantin in NYC. I am truly happy with the results. Here are some pics 1 yr later.
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

Konstantin Vasyukevich, MD Pending ---so far, so good!

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You Look Wonderful
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What an incredibly cute face you have.!!!
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you look great. I have to say...in your pictures with little makeup, you look like a teenager!!!
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looking beautiful!!
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You look great!!!!
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You look great. I think you look 20 years younger than the before pic from 2011. Wonderful outcome all the way around!
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You look fantastic!
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Thank you so much!! :-)
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Thank-you for sharing so many helpful details of your journey with us! I can't tell you how much I have appreciated all the pictures and updates that you provided. I know it couldn't have been easy to take pics on your own of all the different angles of your face as well as your incisions and (invisible!) scars, but you did a fantastic job! If I had one more request of you, it would be to keep providing updates periodically throughout the first year, if you can. I would love to know how you're doing once you reach your one year post-op anniversary. Thanks again & take care - you look fabulous!
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Thank you so much! I will certainly post at least every couple months.
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Still looking good. When did your face stop changing, or had it? Swelling and stuff.
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Hi Cherrie! I think the major face swelling was gone by week 3 and the neck bumps all resolved by month 2. Not so bad really..
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You look amazing!!!
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Thanks Joanne!!
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You look beautiful. Thanks for all the pictures. I can't believe the inscisions at your ear, you can't see where they were! I pray my PS can sew & hide my inscisions that well.
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Thank you so much!!
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Mgrother, you are a great story of successful FL...  And what great results!
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Thanks Financegirl! You look beautiful as well.
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Congratulations on "doing it" - you look great! I was very surprised at the cost of your procedures as its NYC - less than Portland, OR as my first quote for a facelift was $8,000 - covers top of cheekbones to under chin (including a quick tightening there and bit of lipo - which I did not go in asking for as the neck is not the area that bothers me). I really want to stay local having had my nose done last year for medical reasons (which insurance paid for thankfully). Seattle is only 3.5 hours but going back and forth wasted a lot of time. The other option was long distance to LA for instance, and staying at a care facility for a week but that adds $6,000 :(
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Thanks Rose! Stay local if you possibly can...that would be my advice...
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If you are cheating, then you are cheating by working out, eating right, keeping out of the sun, working on your brain to keep it sharp!!! Lots of people sit around and don't "cheat" or work at anything..they just let it all happen to them. I don't think you should feel that you are cheating. We have all these opportunities and you are just taking advantage of them. I just spent quite a bit of money last year on learning TM ) meditation, and I could call that cheating, because it helps me deal with the stress in life and I love it..On the other hand I have friends who want it but would rather spend that money on going to Europe...It's ok...we all have these choices and it's what you make of life. I'm also "cheating" by replacing my hormones!!! But I'd rather do that than dry up and be a bitch...It's ok..Enjoy your life!
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Thanks! Excellent advice! I know this comes from my own insecurities...but I do work hard--even working hard to make the $$$ to pay for the procedure so you are right....we have choices...I won't be traveling this year because I had the lift instead...I should enjoy it fully..just like I would enjoy a vacation fully.
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MLouise, I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your response!  Yes, do what makes you happy & poo poo on other's judgments, right?  Oh, I was happy to see you did TM!  I am leaving on Tues ( in 2 days) to go to the Raj in Iowa where they do TM.  Oprah Winfrey went there to do TM w/thousands of others in their golden domes.  It is a detox/health/destination spa.  I also like your replacing hormones...as we do get very dry.  Do you do local or systemic, natural ones?  I use local as I could not tolerate systemic but it works great.  Feel free to PM me so we do not blog here unless they don't mind.  I never mind if people blog on my blog.  Or, you could write to me on my blog.  I am under FAT Transfer.  I had a fat transfer to the breasts about 3 mths ago.  Cool procedure!
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You look really good.
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