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Neck Lift with Lipo - done twice - New York, NY

The procedure I had was a neck lift with lipo- a...

The procedure I had was a neck lift with lipo- a small incision under the chin, all fat removed from the neck area, then the muscle bands tightened, then the excess skin pulled back from behind the ears. There is a small incision of about a half an inch under my chin and incisions running from the bottom of my earlobe to my hairline, behind the ear. I am only on day recovery and back at work for the first time. My neck looked better to me as soon as the bandages came off for the first time (that was day 2). I have been icing and wearing the compression garment as much as possible. Today I had to go back to work so no compression or ice for the day- as soon as I get home the ice and compression garment will come out. The swelling is going down more every day. At this point, aside from the stitches that have not been taken out yet, I don't look much different than I did before the procedure, but I'm still swollen. I'm seeing what I hope is not crepey skin under the incision on my chin, I think this is just some temporary lumpiness due to swelling. There are no hard lumps under the skin which would indicate scarring. I have to wait and see what happens after another week or so. So far I'm pleased. The procedure was done in office with local anesthesia and valium, and it was relatively easy. Pain has not been terrible, just soreness around the incisions and a little soreness on the neck. Bruising was below the neck underneath the bandages. Bruises are almost gone. I will post more updates and pictures when I can.

Thanks for sharing! Yes, we'd LOVE to see your photos so we can visualize what you're describing.

I'm glad you're pleased so far...please keep us posted as you continue to heal.


My neck is still swollen. I don't think I have...

My neck is still swollen. I don't think I have been wearing the compression garment enough, and I think I'm probably being too active. I'm not going to freak out about it yet, although the picture I took of my neck at 13 days looks pretty bad. According to my doctor:
"Things that can make the swelling worse, is being too active, working out, and not wearing the compression enough. Things that can cause more swelling, are foods that you eat which are high in sodium. This will cause water retention and for someone who just had surgery, you will see the swelling more in the operated area.
The main reason we don't have patients workout during the initial month after the procedure is more to keep any swelling that can accumulate while working out. As the weeks pass, the swelling naturally comes down, and working out no longer makes the area swell. Rest assured, this is temporary swelling, and the fat is not reaccumulating.
It can take up to 6 or more months for all of the swelling to go away completely. In the initial weeks to months, a majority of this swelling will dissipate, but the last 10-20% may linger for the remaining months. You will feel this as the firmness of the tissue under the chin. When all of the firmness is gone, then the swelling will be considered resolved.
As for the redness of the incision under the chin, we recommend using a silicone scar gel such as Kelocote. We don't recommend starting the scar gel, for at least 1 week after the stitches come out, so you could potentially start this week. I don't want you to massage anything yet. The skin is newly adhered to the underlying platysma muscle and fat. Massaging too early may cause some shearing forces which may weaken the bond between the skin and underlying tissues. This will also cause more swelling."

I am still recovering. I want to say that my...

I am still recovering. I want to say that my doctor is very accessible, I have been sending him pictures and he asked to see me today to check the incision under the chin. He injected it with some saline solution to break up the clotted blood that was making it look darker than he thought it should. I've started using Kelocote on the incisions and they are healing seamlessly.
As far as the crepey skin issue goes, this is LESS visible when the area is more swollen (in the morning) and more obvious when the swelling subsides a bit. The doctor explained that while this would hopefully resolve itself, there were measures he would take to correct it if it didn't. I trust the doctor and know he takes pride in his work. I wish I had better pictures to post, but the ones I'm putting up today are of swelling that you should expect if you are considering a neck lift. Today is exactly 2 weeks since the procedure, so I am still in the early stages.

Thanks so much for posting your photos! I can definitely see the improvement!


I'm adding a couple more of my 'mirror' photos....

I'm adding a couple more of my 'mirror' photos. The pictures taken by the doctor are very controlled and good for comparison purposes over time. The pictures I'm taking of myself are more like what you should expect to see in the mirror from day to day as you recover. More swollen one day, a bit crepey looking or lumpy the next, but the last picture shows that my neck has smoothed out quite a bit. My doctor took one more set of photos which I'm waiting to receive and will post them when I do. The profile view of my neck is unquestionably a vast improvement. I really can't take that kind of photo of myself. But I went out without a scarf for the first time in ages yesterday!
You're looking great! what type of anesthesia did you have? was this procedure done in his office?

Today I'm posting the pictures my doctor took 14...

Today I'm posting the pictures my doctor took 14 days after the procedure. I am very happy with the difference. Note that if you are going to have this procedure the look of these photos is different than the 'underbelly' photos of my neck that I took myself. The crepey skin/vertical lines issue is going away a little every day. Ultimately, after a couple of months, I may need to smooth it out with Restalyne. But overall I think it's a big improvement.
Looks 100% better did this procedure involve a lower face lift? I am wondering because i'd like my neck done but without doing a lower face lift ..Also how long did it take?
No lower face lift, neck lift only. This surgeon does perform a procedure called 'neck lift plus' that lifts the lower face
And it took about 2 hours

7 weeks post op

I'm posting a photo that was taken a couple of days ago, 7 weeks post op, as well as a comparison of all the photos the doctor took, from before the procedure to now. You can see that the angle of the neck from the side has softened a bit since the last time he photographed me. This made me a bit nervous that my neck was 'falling' already, but the doctor explained to me that slight relaxation is unavoidable and that he did not expect much more relaxation to occur. The upside of the slight relaxation is that the vertical lines (crepey looking skin) seen from under the neck have softened and are not as visible. I am going to see him again in another 4 weeks and we will evaluate whether or not restalyne will be needed to correct the crepey lines. According to the doctor it may not be necessary.

my neck is falling already

I'm very disappointed with how things are progressing. The sides of my neck are sagging already. It appears that instead of the neck lift I should have opted for the 'neck lift plus' which involves additional incisions in front of the ears. I did not think that I needed this, as my face itself is not sagging (jowls), and the doctor did not advise me to opt for that procedure over the neck lift. Since my skin has very good elasticity, we both thought the neck lift would turn out well. Unfortunately it didn't. When I last spoke to the doctor of my concerns he advised me that incisions in front of the ear (as is done in 'neck lift plus') would be needed to correct the sagging on the sides and achieve the results that I wanted. At the present time I have a dent in the middle of the underside of the neck and crepey skin. My neck looks worse from underneath than it did before the procedure. I have an appointment to see him next week and I will schedule a correction as soon as possible. I am somewhat hopeful that he will be able to achieve satisfactory results, as the doctor takes pride in his work. In the meantime I am depressed and embarrassed. It will be very difficult to manage the additional time off work and other disruptive elements of getting a second procedure. I wish I had gotten the correct procedure to begin with.

Neck lift must be re-done

After discussing several options to deal with the unsatisfactory results of my neck lift, the doctor convinced me that the best course of action was to wait until 6 months after the date of the original procedure and re-do the entire thing, this time including a mini face lift. Not enough skin was taken off in the original procedure and quite a bit of lipo was done, which has left me with the sagging on the sides and crepey skin in the middle. However, my profile is still much improved. I'm not thrilled about having to do it over, but I am happy that my doctor is thorough and takes pride in his work. I'm getting it re-done in January.
I would love to see/here about the revision done in January...did the mini face lift help get the results you were looking for?
Will this next procedure be done with local anesthesia and Valium, in his office, like last time?

nothing changed yet

I had three laser skin tightening sessions which didn't really make a noticeable difference in the sides of my neck. I'm scheduled to have the surgery re-done in January and I hope to have good results then. But as of now, nothing has changed.
I personally think you look lovely. Good luck. I'm going to think about you in January!
I am also going to have a revision in January as I don't feel my neck is as tight as it could have been. I had a lower face lift/neck lift last January. Supposedly it is a one hour procedure under local anesthesia.
I had a neck lift in April, without the lower face lift. The doctor and I did not think it was needed as I don't really have jowls. However, the sides of my neck still sag a bit and a lower face lift will be necessary to get the results I want on my neck. The doctor advised that it will take a little over 2 hours. I am opting for local anesthesia. I can't wait to see great results, I do think this time I'm going to get them.

Neck lift part two

Today I had my neck re done, with a lower face lift. It is definitely a bigger procedure than just the face lift. It takes longer and I am hurting more the second time around. The pain is manageable with medication. I have to say, don't get this procedure under local anesthesia if you are squeamish or nervous. You can hear the cutting of the skin, etc. and its a little weird. I will be home for at least five days, and when I do go out it will only be to go to work. I'm getting the dressing removed tomorrow and then will see what the stitches look like. I will post again in a couple of weeks.
So, how are you feeling, Ms. NY? I still have numbness in my ears, like thawing from a deep freeze. It is the weirdest feeling after 5 months! Additionally I have the swollen submandibular glands (saliva glands) and until I get that under control with autoimmune meds I really won't know the true results of my neck lift. I have some wrinkling, but in reality, I look a lot better and it took at least 5 years off me. I will be 55 in April. My husband says 49......so I think I am refreshed, but the surgery unleashed the autoimmune illness with a vengeance, which is a big drag. You looked lovely before the revision. I can't wait to see the after.
Thank you! I believe numbness and tingling can last quite awhile, it's not considered abnormal. I have experienced sharp fleeting pains almost like electric shocks from time to time. I believe this is also common. I'm sorry about your autoimmune issue. Take care and be well!
Right on...You too...just keep getting better and better with age...like a fine wine or good cheese....

8 weeks after second surgery

I am posting a few photos that show the improvement of the second surgery. Again, the first time was a neck lift, the second time was a neck lift with lower face lift. My face was not sagging whatsoever, but in order for me to get decent results on my neck a lower face lift was needed. This really shows that when it comes to the neck, there's no such thing as too much tightening. If you are trying to get the least amount of work possible, I want to tell you that from my experience this is not a good idea. You won't get results and will end up spending more money to have it re-done. If I had known then what I know now, I would have gotten this procedure to begin with and would be completely healed by now. These are pictures before the revision and after the revision. The picture from underneath the neck really shows the difference. The 'before' pictures were taken AFTER my first procedure - look at all that sagging skin I still had.
How are your ear lobes? How is your neck too? I'm a little over a week on the chin repair and I am looking at more work on the chin area...I was so upset but understand how tuff the chin repair can be with so much skin hanging from my weight loss. He did a good job removing the fat above and below the muscle on my chin. All the best!
Thank you for the update and I'm glad things are better now. I can see the difference. I'm going Tuesday for my neck revision and new boobs. I am scared but ready to have it over with soon. I pray my neck skin will be tight this time.
wish I was in Ny . Dr Uecker in fl gave me a lift and my neck three days later felt like it was in a vice. I was told it should have been aspirated. I really didn't know what i was in for -trusted. I have a long scar (keloid) on- neck behind ear and it shows and itches and gets a rash-7 years ago and I went back once his comment was looks better then it did. so never trusted him to do anything more. I still want redone but I still have the awful tight feeling in neck even more when after lying down. Don't know who really to go to. I have been to see a couple, but until they say they can get rid of feeling.- - very sensitive skin

Oh no, second neck lift falling

Look at this- 6 months after my second procedure my neck is sagging again. The profile view is still ok but look at this saggy skin and fat under my neck. This is not the way I want to look after going through two procedures. I am at a loss as to what to do really.
i m going through the same i had a full FL and neck but my neck sags on one side more than the other ( noticable ) that was dec 2013 then i had lipo and both ears cut around again Aug2014 i still have that loose skin , doc said there s nothing more can be done > i went to just a doc that does fillers and she said to come back in a while untill im not sore its been 9 weeks and then she ll put some botox in there but i dont know about that working she said it will > did you get anything else done to fix yours > i cant keep getting time off work either
I think you should ask some doctors here as to what to do next. I'm wondering if what you really need is a submentoplasty, where the two bands of muscle in the neck, if separated, are drawn back together and stitched shut. And perhaps more liposuction. But I'm no surgeon, LOL.
That was done. And lipo.
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

I am not satisfied with the results of the procedure I had done and then REdone, but the doctor is completely accessible to his patients at practically all times and seems to genuinely want his patients to be happy with their results. We both thought that the neck lift procedure was the right one for me, as I have good skin elasticity. Unfortunately, the results were rather poor. After only 2 months the sides of my neck was sagging. I should have opted for 'neck lift plus', and had to go back in for a correction. On Dr. Yang's blog he states: "I don't want any of my patients to walk around with a residual turkey neck, pixie ears or not be able to have their hair up because of bad scarring behind the ears. I don't get very many of them anymore, but if I see it I will immediately offer to repair it. The surgeons that get the fewest facelift problems are also the same ones that will admit to it and offer to fix it. It's a matter of pride in the work that you do." It makes me feel better that he cares about the results and works to find a resolution if there is a problem. I had the procedure re-done, with a lower face lift the second time, but the results are still not what I want. I want a nice tight and slim jawline. I don't think that's too much to ask since I have very good skin elasticity. I'm sure Dr. Yang will listen to my concerns but the thought of a third procedure does not make me happy.

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