54, Neck and Chin Lift with Facelift - New York, NY

It is almost 1 month since facelift with chin and...

It is almost 1 month since facelift with chin and neck done too. I am concerned about the scar and the chin skin that is still hanging there. I have talked to my doctor about what he did to me and he will make it right once I heal a few more weeks. He did a smas facelift and tightened up the neck muscles. He also surgically removed the fat under the chin and fixed the muscles there too. Then he removed the excess chin skin and made a 2 inch scar under my chin. I iced it 20 min every hour for the first 3 days and kept the face brace on all the time. I had the stitches removed at 5 days and was given a small piece of foam to put pressure under the chin. I did that and still saw some red flags with hanging chin skin. I thought it was from the drain but it is the skin hanging. I'm lucky that I heal fast and have good results with scar healing. I started using scar gel and massages one week after stitches were out. I'm upset that I will be looking at chin skin removal surgery again. I hope my doctor will do it in the next week or so.
Thank you for sharing on RealSelf! I am sorry you have to go through a revision skin removal procedure! I hope it goes smoothly and that you love your results when all is said and done. Please keep us posted!
Thank you very much!
When did you take the after photo? How are you doing now? I had a face/neck lift and fat transfer about 4 weeks ago and have a very puffy jawline and a ropey horizontal band on my neck. I have been told this is normal and will dissipate in time. Also I have a thickening under my chin that is very hard. Can't help but look for reassurance on line. I have my 1 month check tomorrow and intend to ask a bunch of questions. If I can be helpful to you, I will post again afterwards. All the best for a good recovery...I hope your revision surgery makes all the difference.

Update on picture...

I took a new picture today and will attach it here. I feel most of the swelling is gone as you can see. I have been using the biocornium scar cream along with massages each day. I saw the doctor and he will do the scar revision under local next week since I got my scar to be very soft. I pray to have great results.
Thank you very much. I'm glad your visit went well. Be sure and add massage to your chin. You need to keep the scar soft. I would also continue to wear a chin strap or chin bra with a soft sponge on your scar for added pressure to the chin. Be patient it takes up to one year to see the best results.
Your last two photos are fantastic. Encouraging to all of us out here! Thank you for your responses after seeing my pics. Your advice mirrors what my PS said yesterday! The tenderness under my chin is there again this morning but the good news is that the band seems to be getting softer and reducing in size...there may be hope after all LOL! Have you scheduled the revision yet or are you allowing more time? I am thinking about you! All the best!

Front face view.

Here is a picture with makeup and facing in the front.
I know you are eager to finish up with surgeries/healing but I really think you should take to heart the advice offered by the RS docs who responded to your question. I was going to post here when I noticed your question and their concurrent responses which mirrored perfectly what I intended to write. The initial facelift IMO couldn't lift a neck after significant weightloss without an accompanying separate neck lift. And a neck lift can't be done well without pulling laterally and re-draping thru the incisions behind the ears. I know you have have multiple successful body procedures with your PS and you trust him but every entry into the neck creates additional scarring that might compromise a great result. I wish you well..... you have been a great friend on RS :) grace
I had the smas facelift and neck lift in the first procedure with the pulling and re-drapping. He did not do the chin skin during that procedure as he thought the pulling and lifting of my neck would take care of my chin. No one is perfect and I trust his skills. He is a skilled surgeon with over 20 years doing surgeries. He put my friends face back together after it was ripped apart in a head on car crash. You would never know she had hundreds of stitches in her face. The rest of my face, eyes, tummy and boobs were all done by him with success. ...I am happy with those. Also I have lost a few more pounds over the past month and I think it added to the skin hanging. So next Tuesday he will fix the chin scar and I will wait 6 months or more to see if he needs to revise my neck re-draping. Thank you for the message to me. I appreciate your opinion.
I can see why you trust him.....your results have been great. You've been a real inspiration to so many with the commitment to weight loss (not easy) and the strategy you've used to get into great shape. So congratulations and I really do wish you the very best for this last little tweaking. grace

Scar revision done

Going under local was not too bad. I heard the cutting and smelled a burning smell. Waiting game now as swelling in my chin and neck is bad. The scar looks better but not sure if all the extra skin is gone. Stitches come out next week.

More before pics ....

Happy Mother's Day if you are one. Feeling ok today but I see a little extra skin still on one side of chin. Trying to remember it will take time for swelling to heal. My doctor did a great job on my boobs but my chin had so much hanging skin as you can see on these pics.
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