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My Tummy Tuck Journey - New York, NY

Hi everyone my name is Lena and I am 32 years old...

Hi everyone my name is Lena and I am 32 years old with one amazing 8 year old son. My husband and I are not planning on having anymore kids due to us having to do IVF in order to conceive. Well I had my son at 24 and I was fit tight abs I was a perfect size 8.. my pregnancy I gained 20 pounds during the IVF process and another 25 pounds thru out my pregnancy. My son was 9lbs when he was born via c-section.. I have stretch marks that kinda of look like Freddy Kruger had his way with me. After giving birth I was still a decent weight but as the years went by and we moved to the burbs were everything is done by car I gained weight and I am now weighing 216 with the most disgusting gut ever. I am really excited and cannot wait to be on the flat side. Hope to read lost of good advice and make some recovery buddies on here. Attached are my before pics Lena

Today is post op day 11 and I am doing GREAT I...

Today is post op day 11 and I am doing GREAT I still have some discomfort with the swelling and incision but never did I have horrible pain. I took my percocets on the day of the surgery ( which was the worst day in terms of discomfort) day one post op and day two post op. after that it was tynenol in the evening to sleep. By post op day 5 I was walking slightly hunched but managed to go to the mall, supermarket, clean the house a bit etc. One drain fell out on its own on Monday post op day 7 but nothing was really coming out of it. I saw my doctor on post op day 4 and post op day 8 he removed the second drain and stitches. I was back at work on post op day 9. I do get swell hell by the end of the day just above the incision and eating very small portions thru out the day helps a ton because if I eat too much I feel like my muscles are going to rip apart!!

I am so happy I did my tummy tuck, lipo and mr and I was nervous on the day of the surgery but it was just anxiety!!! I went under at 1:30pm and was woken up at 5:06. I am attaching - Post op Day 2 pics & Post op Day 9 pics.

Post Op Day 16th and I am still in swell hell by...

Post Op Day 16th and I am still in swell hell by the afternoon. I can not wait to see a more defined waistline and less swelling in my incision and vagina area. Other than that I am doing daily massages to the hard spots on my tummy. Will see my doctor on August 7th for the next garment. I am currently still rocking my binder and spanks. I tried a corset and LOVE how the waist looks in it but need to really heal in order to wear it. I have not weighed myself in fear of not losing much weight. I am eating pretty normal watching my salt in take and no junk food - I did have a slice of pizza last night and while I ate it it tasted delish but afterwards I totally regretted eating it. Taking the smooth move tea to get my bowels moving and cleanse out that stinky pizza! LOL All in all I am super happy haven't shopped for clothes cause I want to wait for the fall to buy a new wardrobe.

Hi everyone post op Day 21 here and I have mixed...

Hi everyone post op Day 21 here and I have mixed emotions I am putting up pics of post op day 16th, day 18th and day 21. I am tired of the swelling and go back and forth with how happy I am about the surgery. I am happy my tummy is flat but at the same time its not as flat as I thought it would be I can still see a pouch from the side it maybe from the swelling but I just can't wait for it to go down. Also my waist line I thought that with the MR it would be smaller but again wishful thinking. Post op day 16 pics I was wearing a compression garment I got from Colombia it is suppose to mold your shape but its super tight and I haven't worn it since then. I alternate from the compression garments to spanx but no matter what I wear my binder over it. I like the tight feeling. I want to start working out at home doing some squats and some arm work. I def. have to watch what I eat as my appetite is increasing.. I have to pack more healthy snacks to eat at work. I am trying to drink 8 glasses of water a day too. I have yet to weigh myself, I can't wait to start working out I would love to be less swollen and at least 10 pounds thinner by Sept. 28th for a friends wedding.

So I finally weighed myself!! Today is Post Op Day...

So I finally weighed myself!! Today is Post Op Day 23 and I am 5.8 lbs down since the surgery!! I am very happy!!! My last post on the 30th was a lil gloomy I started reseaching ways to reduce swelling and I came across juicing cucumbers. So yesterday I went and bought some cucumbers peeled them and put them in a blender with water and a half a teaspoon of sugar for taste. I drank about 16oz. and I have being peeing non-stop since last night!! I think I found something to beat "swell hell" ladies!! I feel lighter and today my muscles aren't as tight and swollen. I am going to make some more cucumber juice tonight. It tastes just like cucumbers and its gritty but it is refreshing with ice in it. My incision is looking less red and it is pretty flat for the most part, I am going to my PS on Tuesday August 7th and I believe he will give me some silicone gel strips and a new compression garment. Still rocking my binder over my spanx's and I alternate days with my other garments at night I am only using the binder which is pretty loose now I can velcro it all the way to the end. and it is still a little loose. :-) Happy Happy Happy Today!! Posting pics of Day 22 and 23 pics on day 22 I packed my bb with a little gauze so it can go more inward.

Hi Ladies well I am exactly one month today post...

Hi Ladies well I am exactly one month today post op! I am feeling a ton better even walking a little more straight and I am sleeping in my bed again propped with pillows but still better than the couch! I still get swollen by the end of the day and still pretty hard areas in my tummy. I got aunt flo yesterday so she is making me bloat and swell and crave chocolate! I don't regret my surgery at all! I love it and am just waiting for the okay to work out this winter will be time to transform this body from flab to slabs of toned muscle! :-) posting pics of post op day 28. Hope everyone is doing well!

I cannot believe it's been six months since my...

I cannot believe it's been six months since my surgery! I am loving my new body!! So completely happy!! I still feel numb in some areas but I can workout and I don't swell as much anymore!! Dr.Sadeh's work is truly great! I am actually having him remove a small cyst in two weeks from my face. How is everyone doing?! Sorry I took a hiatus from posting but I am here to answer any questions and concerns you may have!! If you are in the NY area I highly recommend my doctor! I have attached a 6 month pic of my flat belly!!

Hi Ladies!! Hope everyone is doing well! I had...

Hi Ladies!!

Hope everyone is doing well! I had Dr.Sadeh remove a lipoma cyst I had on my cheek and I swear it took 25 minutes no pain and no more lump on my face! I have decided to get my breast augmentation done!! I am aiming for September because I am losing weight and also I want to enjoy my summer last year I was healing from my TT so I barely went out! I have attached a 8 month post op pic!
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

He made me feel comfortable he asked me what I wanted and he listened, he is also a positive person he isn't a "cold doctor" he is more relaxed and has great energy. His wife Mikal is a firecracker she is so on point and also makes you feel comfortable. I felt as if I was visiting friends at my first consultation and every appointment after that as well. Dr. Sadeh also did work on two of my friends and they both raved about him! I couldn't have asked for a better experience!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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glamgirl you look amazing!! I am scheduled 4/18 for a tummy tuck and lipo with dr. sadeh. I too am starting off at 216 lbs. i started from 246!!!!( i am 5 ft 7) imma try my hardest to lose maybe another 10lbs by my surgery date…but nerves a b@#$% lol!!! and I am definitely going try that cucumber juice…other than that any advice, recovery, garment etc…
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Hey glam, hope all is well! Have you noticed anymore changes in your results
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You came out amazing!! I have a consult with him on Thursday and im excited to meet him. His work is just awesome.
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OMG glamgirl, you look beautiful! I can't wait till I am 8 mths post op. has the swelling finally stop?
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Swelling has stopped I only swell if I have over done it at the gym or of I eat anything salty. Thank you I love my flat tummy!!
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Hi glamgirl29 ! just wondering how much did he charge for the TT ?
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Myriabn, You need to contact his office and see him for a consultation.
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Hey girl how's it going? I finally put my deposit down and scheduled for June. Get your credit!!
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:D thanks honey!! So excited for you! Post your before n afters! Keep me posted!!
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you look fabulous girl.
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Thank you!! I feel fabulous! :-*
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You look amazing. Thanks for sharing=)
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Thank you pir840!!! I feel great!
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wow! hun you look fab thankss much for sharing
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Thanks QTMommy! I love to share my story it helps others!
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Amazing results. I have a few questions for you. You look like you had the same shape I do, you give me hope since your afters are so fabulous. Do you mind sharing what your measurements are now? Also looking back are you glad you did when you did? I go through the constant battle of wanting to lose more and get as close to my ideal body as possible and then the reality that I've been trying to do that for almost 3 years with little success. I feel like I know that having my stomach better would propel everything else and my motivation as well. I've been working out like a mad women trying to drop every pound I can before my consult next month, so I plan on doing the best I can within the next few months but even at my thinnest I've never had a bikini body so I have very realistic expectations. Any words of advice you have would be so appreciated. Thanks!
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Hi Joysamples! Thank you so much!! I love my results. I am currently weighing 202 not my ideal weight but I am focused to get to 160lbs. I have maintained the 14 pounds I lost since the surgery, I went from a size 16 to a nice comfortable 12 i can wear a 10 in stretchy jeans, my blouses went from x-large to a snug medium I still buy some in a large but it's due to my arms. I started working out seriously everyday in Jan. I can tell you that I honestly I do not regret my surgery no amount of sit ups, no amount of cardio was going to get rid of the hanging pouch I had. The muscle repair brings that loose stomach in as well. Should I have tried to lose more weight? Maybe but my main concern was that awful hanging stomach. I have always been curvy and even at 202 I love every curve. Trust me after the surgery you become more aware of what you eat, your body even reacts differently to foods you used to eat. Taking a realistic approach is the best way to go I knew I wasn't going to look like Sofia Vergara overnight, this surgery was my stepping stool to get my body into a shape that I am comfortable with. I am not sure how old you are but I am in my early 30's I was done having kids, I was tired of working out and not seeing results in my tummy! Vi with your gut feeling we always second guess what our mind tells to do. Either option you take is only going to lead you to a more healthy, more happier, more motivated YOU!!
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awesome. That's what I was hoping you'd say. Yes, me - mid 30's. 2 kids, done having kids. I have an umbillical hernia and the skin hanging down (which I know will only hang more the more I lose). I'm a vegetarian, and eat really healthy 90% of the time. It's that last 10% of desserts and chocolate that have kept me in the 200's in the past. I have lost 6 lbs now in the last couple weeks. 5 days/wk at the gym, cutting out the crap. This TT is my motivation though, knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel more than just a skinnier, droopier stomach. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer me!
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6 lbs is great you are losing in a healthy way! It takes time to lose weight and dedication. Cut out the bad carbs its so easy to say I know cause I say it and will eat a piece of bread anyways! lol. Keep me posted on your journey! Your welcome I always try to respond quickly.
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Hey Glamgirl29, I just realized you said you went back to work post op 9 day, do you drive? Iam intrested because I only took 16 days away from work so I am hoping I will be able to drive to work. how many times did you drink the cucumber smoothie a day
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Hi 35look sorry for taking so long to respond yes I drive to work. 16 days off are great!! I would make enough for the day I would drink about 36oz a day. I also took a water pill to help flush out all the swelling you have keep yourself by drinking lots of water.
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*keep yourself hydrated*
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Did you go back to work post day 10?
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Post op day 9
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Wow, I hope Iam strong like that lol
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