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Hi guys this is my first time writing anything...

Hi guys this is my first time writing anything about my BA , I'm one month away my pre op is June 5th I'm super nervous and going crazy about the do's and don't's prior surgery . I need help please... I already stopped drinking and smoking hookah I don't know which other precautions I should take ..

Almost time ...

Good morning ladies I haven'tposted anything in a while ... My pre op is next Wednesday the 6/5 I'm super excited & anxious, I'm really desperate to do my surgery. Ill keep you guys posted next week.

Pre Op appointment!

My pre op went very well, I was anxious to go in there and ask all the questions I had in mind. I spoke with my Doctor he went over the things I CANT Do before and after the surgery, he also gave me a paper including the meds I cant take etc, also we went over the sizes one more time to make sure is the right size i want, I am going for a small C ( 300 - 330 CC ). A nurse took pics of me to see the before & after, also he gave me the prescriptions :

I didn't get the time of my surgery they will call me 2 days before surgery or so. Im super excited & nervous im very scared because a lot of people been telling me is a lot of pain.

just 2 more days for the big day.

Omggggggggg I'm almost having boobs I'm super nervous I can't stop thinking about Friday. I will post pics before and after.

Surgery time

Hey guys my doctor called me today my surgery will be on Friday 6/28 at 10:45am I have to be there 30 mins before surgery, I can't eat anything tomorrow after midnight including liquids. Nail polish have to be removed as well, I have to bring my prescriptions too.

Also I have an appointment on Saturday at 10:30am I hope I'm not in a lot of pain :/ .

Finally have my babies

My BIG day ( surgery day )

Hi guys sorry I haven't updated anything ..
My surgery was on Friday around 10:45 am it went really good I was almost dying when they called me to go to the surgical room, uhm the nurse called me to go into a room I removed all my clothes and put a gown and also covered my hair, after that Dr. Yager came he did a drawing of where he was going to cut then he took a pic,after he was done the anesthesiologist came to the room asked me some question then she took me to the surgical room. After that I don't remember anything.

When I woke up I was in the recovery room the first thing I said was : do I have boobs ? I was almost crying but I was so sleepy and drugged up I woke up 2hrs later they gave me some crackers w Gatorade.

He put 330CC on the right side
320 CC on the left side

3rd day post op.

Hi guys so today I took my second shower it felt better than yesterday still kind of weird just to have boobs hanging lol. They still heavy and high but they dropped a lot.

1 week post op

Hello ladies its been a week after my surgery I feel really good just a little pressure that's all. Yesterday I went outside to walk I got really tired.
I'm still in the process of getting used to I have boobs is kind of weird specially when I shower, besides that I'm not taking any pain medication just Tylenol here and there when it rains because it bothers. I have an appointment the 13th with my surgeon I think they are going to remove the bandages.

I will post a pic before my surgery and after surgery as of day 6 post op. excuse one of the bandages it has some blood.

Post op day 6

New York Plastic Surgeon

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Are you taking Valium to help relax muscles? I have taken them at night and last night since I only have 1 left decided to go without. I slept okay but felt tighter all day. Wondering if you take those and if you think they help much? You have dropped with updated picture! Looks really good!
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Glad everything went well. Hope you are starting to feel better! You look great!
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Thank you so much :) @happygal1221most of all my friends that have them done told me I'm lucky because I don't feel that crazy pain just pressure on my chest thank God.
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I was surprised how quickly I felt better. By day 3 or 4 it was a huge difference and little pain. Night and mornings were worst but I think it was just from laying down and being in same position for so long at night. My ps had me use naproxen and vicodin (demerol made me nauseous) and I think naproxen helped alot. Vistaril too for itching and helped me sleep at night.
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Omg I completely agree with you that's how I feel, my babies dropped a lot they're not so high like the first day .. Yesterday I was laughing ( epic fail) so I started crying because of the pain it was really bad I took a Vicodin I was nauseous all night and couldn't sleep properly I didn't get sleepy at all. Today I feel so much better thank God, I just feel pressure that's all.
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Everything will be a breeze. Just relax.
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Thank you @milagro26 I just can't picture myself with boobs.
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Neither could I. But after a few days, it will be as though they were meant to be there all along.
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Do you have any pics after your surgery ? What size did you do @milagro26
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Yes. They are on my profile. I had 600cc/saline/under the muscle/ tuba incision
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It is normal to feel excited and scared at the same time! If you stay on top of your pain meds, you should be fine with the pain. Will you have someone helping you during your recovery? Be sure to take a laxative of some sort to offset the constipating side effects of the pain meds!

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Hi Beth yes, my mom is helping me. I'm taking 10 days off from work is that enough? I'm afraid I won't be fully recovered.
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That's great your mom will be there to help you! I think you'll be able to go back to work after 10 days. Do you have a very physical job? I think you'll be happy with the larger implants in the long run.

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Thank you for the heads up that really helps :) . My current cup size is a 32A but I wear 34A to make it a bit fuller, at first at wanted a B full but when I saw the size is too small so I decided to change it for a full or small C .
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Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf! Here is a link to our Doctor Q&A that might be helpful to you: What Are Things I Should Be Doing to Prepare for Breast Implant Surgery?  What is your current cup size and how much larger would you like to become? Feel free to share any other stats so the community can get to know you better!

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            i agree with milagri26 no motrin for 2 weeks before surgery or 2 weeks after: your ps should give you a list of stuff your safe to take and the stuff you shouldnt a couple off weeks before surgery; some docters recommend if your on birth control to stop taking them 2 weeks before; 
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No aspirin products. Or anything else that thins the blood
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