Loving the new me...I am HOT

I am 38 with 2 children ages 17 and 2, and I...

I am 38 with 2 children ages 17 and 2, and I really did not bounce back after having the first baby so I have decided that now is the time to do it as I will not be having any more children. Originally I had planned on only doing the tummy tuck, since thats what bothers me most, but my ex husband talked me into doing the breasts too and donated the money for that, I wanna say thank u sir to him...lol.

I will try and post some before pictures as soon as I am able to. I am so ready for this procedure, I am only a tad bit scared because of the anesthesia, but I do know its very safe and since I will be doing my surgery in a hospital and not a clinic, I do feel a little safer, knowing that if anything goes wrong, the response time will be quicker.

The price quoted is for TT, lipo and breast aug, it also includes the anesthesia fee, one night stay at the hospital, operating room fee, tax, implants and surgeons fee.

If u have any question, feel free to ask

Next week this time I will be leaving the...

Next week this time I will be leaving the hospital, I am a little anxious, but excited...I just pray god takes me home safely to my babies

I am uploading some pics for u guys to view, gross...

I am uploading some pics for u guys to view, gross I know, but, pretty soon it will be all gone

Well I am ready, I have cleaned the house...

Well I am ready, I have cleaned the house spotless, all laundry is washed and packed away, I am just waiting for tomorrow to make my journey to NYC, I will stay with a friend until my drains are removed. I am going to miss my children, this is my first time being away from them and I find myself giving them extra hugs and cuddles this week.

My surgery went well, I am a little sore but not...

My surgery went well, I am a little sore but not really in pain I got a chance to see my stomach today and I am in love, my scar is super low too, I know I will b pleased. I did not get the lipo to my flanks, because I have sickle cell trait and once had a flare up.....the doc said one of the meds used in lipo is dangerous for people with sickle cell and though I only have the trait he wanted to b safe, but he made it so they are no so fat.

Woke up this morning a little nausea and almost...

Woke up this morning a little nausea and almost threw up, after that pain I felt in my tummy from the little gag I took my meds and took a nap. I am all fine now, no pain just a sore tummy, I love my tummy already.....I have not seen my breasts yet, won't see them until Tuesday.

I got my drains out today, and got to see my...

I got my drains out today, and got to see my breasts and tummy for the first time.....they r wonderful I would do it again in a heartbeat....can't wait for the swelling to go down to see my final results......will give a better update when I get home on Saturday

I have added some after pictures, I am swollen but...

I have added some after pictures, I am swollen but I only have a photographer at nites, I love my results, even though I was not able to get the lipo due to a medical condition, cant wait to see my final results

Now that the swelling in my stomach is starting to...

Now that the swelling in my stomach is starting to subside, I am starting to notice how fat my flanks r....the problem is I cannot get lipo because of a medical condition that I have, so I guess I am gonna have to live in the gym for it to look 1/2 way decent....bummed

So I went out last nite, without my binder of...

So I went out last nite, without my binder of course, but I was wearing a compression garment and let me tell u, I was uncomfortable the whole time, my stomach was in knots and stiff like a board, couldnt wait to get home to put my binder on

So I went back to the gym today and took a step...

So I went back to the gym today and took a step class, that was a lot of work, when I was done I was so swollen, but I will continue to go

I dont want to gross anyone out, but, I just...

I dont want to gross anyone out, but, I just wanted to share that I was able to be intimate with my hubby for the first time yesterday and it was not uncomfortable at all, and it was also his firt time getting to touch my boobs, he is so in love with them

I think there might be a max amount of pics u can...

I think there might be a max amount of pics u can put up, I tried to upload 3 but only one was accepted, I will try to upload more tomorrow

Photo Update

So the hubby said he is going to break all the...

So the hubby said he is going to break all the mirrors in the house, because I admire myself too much, and I am now starting to make love to myself...lol

Went out yesterday and wore a jeans, wrong Idea, I...

Went out yesterday and wore a jeans, wrong Idea, I was in so much pain, I had to go to my girlfriend and borrow a dress, I guess I am still not ready.....bummer

So it has been 13 months since my mommy makeover...

so it has been 13 months since my mommy makeover and I am still happy with my results and would do it again in a heartbeat, I can no longer feel my scar and it has started to fade

So I have decided to go ahead and do smart lipo on...

so I have decided to go ahead and do smart lipo on my flanks, because I do have a great looking front, and horrible looking sides it is currently on sale for $1600 total for the lipo and the garment....lets see
Dr. Robert Myers

Dr. Myers is very patient and listens to everything that you have to say, his staff is wonderful. He is currently a fellow at Lenox Hill hospital in New York, if I had to do another procedure I would use him in a heartbeat

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thank you so much for posting pics and telling your story. I am a mom of two as well and have been considering surgery for a while and my biggest concern honestly was the scarring. Most of the time when you see before and after pictures it usually isn't on someone with a darker skin complexion and while I understand there will be scarring I wanted a realistic outlook on what to expect and your images gave me that.
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Wow, I am amazed you look beautiful! What a talented plastic surgeon you had. GirlLLL you hit the jackpot! lol .. I also like to get a mommy makeover to bad ... You have no idea just read your story had me emotional because I can't image how happy you feel being comfortable in your own body. I CRY ALOT .. because, I never had the experience that my friends had at a young age. Enjoying there bikini bodies, going to the beach. I hate going to the beach, pool, lake etc. Only if... UHh... lol ...I just wish you the best luck girl, if you like to give me any advise on your surgeries, I would greatly appreciate it. I am also looking into getting surgery at Lenox too. Thanks for reading... ttyl
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Girl you and me both. I never had THAT body! SO I am on MAJOR reconstructive mode! I want to go to Lennox Hill too, I have a consultation there next month...
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OMG ...are you serious?? Mine too on Feb. 14th ... Kept me posted!
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Hi princess :-] You definitely deserve that title. Your result it is breathtaking. If I didn't know you have had a MM I cold think that this is how you look. Very natural.. Congratulation.
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awesome results!
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Thanks guys, I am so happy with my results, now I am going to go ahead and do my lips on my flanks, because they are getting on my nerves....hangs over my jeans, not cute
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I meant to say lipo and not lips
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You look so good honey! I want to go to Lenox Hill to get my arms and a breast lift done... I am trying to get a bbl so I want to save my tummy fat, flanks and thighs for all the fat I want injected in a new donk. Lol. But, I LOVE your results. I would be in the mirror ALLLLL Day too boo! You look fabulous! I actually hope I can end up with a well healed scar like yours. Cause yours looks really well healed and good. How long did it take from your apptmt time to actual schedule time? I was thinking about going in when I come to NYC in June to get scheduled for February, is that too much time?
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YOu look outstanding!! The scar is fading nicely. Are you using anything on it? Congrats on a successful surgery!!
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Hi everyone, I read some of the posts on here. Although I'm alittle late I had a consult with Dr. Myers last year and my regret is that I didn't go ahead with my surgery with him. He is no longer with Lenox Hill. I actually emailed him through his Lenox Hill email from last year and he still emailed me back which I thought was amazing. He lives in Ohio now so I a bit upset but I do have a consult again at Lenox Hill on Thursday. Does anyone have any suggestions for another surgeon there? Please let me know and good luck everyone!
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Congrats on the new you! you look great. Your PS did a nice job on your incision. I hope mines looks as good. I'm scheduled for Nov 8th. I'm ready!!
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You are about to be my newest best friend. Your pictures look great and you used the same place that I'd like to go Lenox Hill. You paid 7k total for a tummy tuck and breast lift and all other operating room costs? I am NOT a fan of hidden fees and I have family in New York, so I'd like to go to Lenox Hill, but Im a little scared about opting to have a fellow do my work!!! Please confirm the price, because in this situation the price sounds right!!! Your pics look wonderful!!
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Congratulations on your successful TT. It look good. Your belly button looks really good and your scar is nice and even looking. I was referred to Lenox Hill fro the same procedure, becasue I need it so bad. By the time i get the guts to make my appt your doctor will not be there. Do they allow you to choose a fellow over a resident? Also, I know u said u didint have the lipo but do they normally perform it when doing a TT?
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Sorry it took so long to answer your post, I have been inactive. To be honest I cant tell you if they will let u pick a fellow over a resident, I ended up with a fellow because I was not comfortable with the 2 fellows that saw me. If you happen to know who the fellow is then you make an appointment to see him, and they wont deny you that right, but if not, u might end up with a resident. I do know that residents work on Thursdays, so do not accept a Thursday appointment if you are not willing to have a resident perform your surgery, though they are supervised by a board certified plastic surgeon.

Lipo will cost you either $500 or $1000 extra, if its just the flank area its just $500 extra, my doctor was not charging me for it, because he said he always perform the lipo with the Tummy Tuck, because he gets a better result.

Thanks for the compliments, I really am enjoying this new body, and good luck with your endeavors
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Hey Gurl: Yes, he did finally get back to me late last night. But as I expected it wasn't good news for me. He spent alot of time explaining things to me which was very helpful, but he believes that I have too much damage to my abdomen muscles, more than a'clinic' situation is prepared to handle. It looks like my best bet is a general surgeon teamed up with a plastic surgeon. Altho I doubt whether I can afford the plastic surgeon even though everything else will be covered under insurance. Or, I can use a general surgeon to fix the muscles and end up with a big old ugly scar and then when I'm healed maybe get a tummy tuck later - but it's that scar I'd like to avoid, unless I can find one who'll do it from a bikini cut....but the muscle repair is most important so I can stand straight up again on my own, I'm tired of being crippled !!! I still may go to a clinic for the breast lift, but later on after the belly is taken care of...I'll still be on this site - good luck to all !!Karen
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well, it's after 2 am and of course I can't sleep - my first appt. is tomorrow with Dr. Myers at Lenox........I'm very anxious but so happy to be really starting this already.
Gurlurpriceless, maybe I'll get to see you there if our appt times overlap at all...hope so !
I'll let you know how it all went afterwards....
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sorry I am just getting back to u, had computer issues...how did your appointment go?
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Hey Gurl....
God, I am SO depressed ! The truth is that I don't know yet whether he will do it or not....he was not happy about the state of my abdominal muscles, he also told me he would prefer if I had lost more weight because he claims he doesn't do liposuction right in the abdomen, it gets in the way of healing when they bring the skin down over the area (I admit I'm still about 20 lbs overweight),and he said that he def. would not do both a breast lift and tt at the same time since I want just a breast lift it's more work than just doing an augmentation, combined he felt the surgery would be too long. lets see what else....oh, he didn't like the lack of elasticity of my skin (hey, I'm almost 54, but I never heard that age was a problem for a tt !).
He told me to call him in a couple days, altho he did send me to his secy that sets up his appts before I left and she treated me like it was going to happen. I even rushed down to the photo studio and had the photos taken because I live so far(even she said that it would prove to him that I was serious about going ahead, not that he thought 'I' was in doubt). So I called him yesterday (thur) left a message at the reg # and also called his voice mail # from his card and left a message but have not heard back....I hope he has the decency not to just blow me off and avoid talking to me - hey if it's No, then I need to know right away...I still have a consult appt at NCB hosp on May 25, altho I loved your referral of Dr. Myers I orig went to Lenox because it seemed they would do both a br & tt and NCB def. won't do both. But NCB is alot closer and easier for me to get to and be picked up from, most friends I know up here don't ever drive to Manhatten, and the way traffic down there is now - it would be a tragedy I'm sure !! I do it because I grew up down there and know all the alt. routes.
SO for now..he's left me hanging but hopefully the Dr. will get back to me today and tell me yes or no....
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Sorry to hear that you r feeling a little depressed. In regards to the surgery being too long, I know that they get only a certain amount of time to do the operation since we arn getting the operating room at a discounted price and not the regular price. Staff plastic surgeons that charge full price gets all the time they want because their patients pay full price. Dont worry he will get back to you as he promised.
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I want to Thank You for providing Dr.Myers info. He is every thing that you said he would be. I'm having a TT and lipo on 5/23/11, he said he wouldn't do my breast and tt at the same time. He did mention something about not having an assistant for the amount of time the surgery would take. He also mentioned that his schedule is very busy. He did my friends tt last fiday and she looks great. You saved us alot of we were going to pay $7,ooo. Thanks again for all the info
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HE will call you back. I also wanted my breast done along with my TT and he said that it would take to long. I left him a message and he did return my call. He asked me which one i wanted the most and i said the TT. I'm scheduled for 5/23.... He will get back to you. Dont give up
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happy to hear that I could be of some assistance to you...funny I had run in that same predicament of having to choose which surgery I would have preferred and I too choose the tummy tuck, but I also woke up with my breast done, because he did tell me to pay for everything and he would refund whatever he could not do....as I said I got everything done and I am happy
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Hi Gurl
Just curious, did you need a referral from your reg Dr.? And did they require you to get a pre-surgical physical? from your Dr too? Like EKG etc.?
The Bx. hosp. made a big deal about a referral, saying that without one you wouldn't get seen at your consult. appt. I thought that was kind of strange, since it's considered 'cosmetic' surgery, do they just want to make sure that our reg. Drs. know that we're doing this? Karen
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