I will be getting a Mommy make over ( breast lift...

I will be getting a Mommy make over ( breast lift and full tummy tuck ) January 22- 24th 2014. The final date hasn't been confirmed yet.

I am a mother of 2. My oldest daughter is 16 and my son is 10. I am done having kids. With my daughter I bounced back within a month an I hardly gained weight. With my son I gained 70 pounds and had a hard time getting the weight off. 2 years ago, I joined weight watchers because my doctor was trying to talk me in to getting a gastric bypass. At that point I was morbidly obese. I worked day and night to lose the weight and to get myself heathy. I worked out at least 5 days a week. In 1 year I lost 100 lbs. and reached a healthy BMI. At that point I was ready for my make over. My doctor advised me to make sure that I can keep it off. He felt that it was best for my health and for my body to adjust to the new me before I went ahead and made even more drastic changes to it. I am glad I waited cause this past year has been very hard but I now know 100% that I can keep it off. I have never felt this good before.

I found this site about 2 days ago and I can't stop reading. I am so scared and exited. I have so many emotions going on right now.

I will be adding pics soon.

Congrats on that 100 pounds! Wow! It sounds like you're going about this in a very healthy and realistic way. And I'm so glad you found our wonderful mommy makeover community, too! The new year and your new bod will be here before you know it.

Awesome job on the weight loss!!! I also lost a large amount of weight, and had lower body lift, as well as breast and arm lift....The results are life changing! I am so excited for you....I know you will have awesome results!
good luck and keep us posted! im scheduled for my TT and BL for dec 12 ..

The dreaded pictures.

I try not to take pictures cause I hate the way that I look.
Wow, I lost 100lbs with WW too. Your gonna look really good. Your perfect for this procedure. Good Luck
Thanks everyone for all the kind words and the support. I really appreciate it. ;-)
Great job on the weight loss journey!

1st consult - Lenox Hill Plastic Surgery Clinic

I am so anxious. I go for my consult on Monday, this is my first official consult appointment. All the other were me trying to find out who I was going to go with. I have so many questions that I think I am going to overwhelm my doctor.
I had forgotten to mention that I will be doing my surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. This is a teaching Hospital and a Fellow will be performing my surgery with an Attending Surgeon. Has anyone on here gotten any procedure done at Lenox Hill or with any teaching Hospital ?
I have added more pics of my not so pretty boobies.
Congrats on your amazing weight loss. I lost 50 lbs on WW myself. Looking at your pics I can tell your results are going to be amazing!
You are going to look awesome! Congrats on the weight loss and I think it was smart to wait and emotionally be ready for this next big change. Can't wait to follow your journey!
Thank you !!! I really hope it all goes well. I am scared to death :(

I need help :'(

So I went in for my pre op appointment and it is now official. I signed all the documents for my surgery, consents and all. Kind of scary if you ask me. But I have faith in God that it will all be okay. She gave me my scripts to fill later on. I am way ahead of the game because of the lack of time off for this year. I explained to her that today is my last day off until the surgery date and she agreed to do everything really early. The only thing that I have to wait on is the lab work 30 days prior. And to get my physical later on this month. But my physician has amazing hours. He has night consults so I don't have to miss work.
On another note. I need your help advice or thoughts.
I want to get a tummy tuck and breast lift. My surgeon is very optimistic about my tummy tuck and told me that I will have amazing results because I already have a hour glass shape hidden behind the excess skin and she also told me that I didn't not need any lipo because I do not have excess fat in the area. How ever she did not sound so positive or optimistic about the breast lift. Apparently my boobs are way too small. It looks like I am down to a "B" now. She asked me like 5 times if I wanted implants. She explained to me that they will not be full and round and that with age they will begin to sag because of the lack of mass. In other words, I would have little tiny boobs like if I was a little girl just starting to develop ( that was my interpretation not exactly her words )
What do you ladies suggest ? Should I get small implants or do I just stuck to my original plans ? I just want things to go well. I don't want to be disappointed. I am going to ask hubby to see what he thinks. I am so confused now. I was not planning on implants :(
I am so anxious right now that I have butterflies
Lol, they are too funny but at least they are being supportive :)
I agreed with Pokemon too! I think you will sag as you age and you might regret not getting it done along with the tummy! Besides, you'll get a little more volume so why not? :)
That is the same thing the doctor said. But I think I'm almost sure that I will be getting the implants. I just need to speak to my doctor one more time.

My Stats

Oops, I didn't realize that I never put up my stats.

I am 36 years young. I am 5' 4" and weigh 129 pounds. I lost the last 5 pounds that I was aiming for since my 11/2/13 consult. Putting me at a total weight loss of 104 !! Now I need to keep the balance until the surgery. I eat when I am anxious.
Yes. Had it 3 days ago. It's so not as bad as I expected. My main issue now is swelling and (sorry to say) constipation. What a drag... But honestly moving around. The pain is at a 2 or 3 now. I have a lot more mobility than I thought I would.
Glad to hear that it all went well. thanks for the advice and Happy Healing :-)



I put up some new pictures because
last week when I was doing a search for my doctor I noticed that my pictures where the only ones on google images related to a Mommy Makeover. My PS is a fellow. I felt so uncomfortable and so exposed that I removed them. I will try to post pics that no one will be able to identify me. I really wish that there was some way to remove my doctors name or something where I can feel safer about putting my pics out there.
Congrats on your decision! You're worth it and deserve every bit of it! I chose silicone for the natural feel. I didn't like the "water balloon" feel of the saline. I have 2 friends that both have saline, and both love there's - it's just a matter if preference. Good luck and can't wait to see Your pics.
Thank you so much for the kind words and support. As for the implants I am still debating. I have a little bit of time before I have to give an answer. Some days I wake up and I want them. The next day I don't. It's a roller coaster of emotions. But if I do get them I think it will be silicone because my upper body is really bonny and I think the saline will be very noticeable.

The before pictures o

I've updated some pics hopefully no one could identify me.
You are going to love the tummy tuck! You have worked so hard! This will be such a blessing to you! I had a breast lift, I am thrilled with the results but I have big boobs, they are still a Small D cup post lift. Would you need the lift and the implant or just the implant? Because the implant alone has hardly any scaring where the lift has lots of dr advised me to do the lift now and if I wanted more a year or two down the line to come back for the implant then, I don't anticipate doing that but that was his suggestion. I guess it's how you feel about important are bigger breasts to you? Could you just leave them the way they are? I will say that I almost left my boobs alone cuz I had mixed feelings about the lift but I am do glad I did it! Dorry that was long winded!
Well I definitely need a lift. My breast have been sagging since I was 15 years old. My doctor advised me to do both at the same time. She states that I do not have enough breast tissue and some of it will be removed with the lift. And in a few years they will sag and I will need a revision. She also stated that I am a B now and after the surgery I will become a small B and then after the revision in a few years down the road if I decide to do it I will be left with an A cup. The thought of it is what is bothering me. And I would prefer to deal with all the pain once. I have an appointment again this Friday to speak to her further on this and to figure out what type of implant and size. That is if I decide to get it. I have always been top heavy. I was a D cup at age 12. The only kid in the class with boobs and they were huge. They only got bigger as the years passed and I had kids. Within the past year and half is that my boobs have deflated due to the weight loss. I have always dreamt of the perfect perky breast not necessarily large. I would say a nice C cup.
I think as long as the implant itself doesn't freak you out too badly you should go for it! Getting the recovery over at once is a major bonus! But I guess if your not completely peaceful and confident about it it is something you can put off...these decisions are tough, you really can't go wrong either way! The new tummy will be the most revolutionary thing!!! Bras can help the girls but nothing but surgery helps our tummys! You are going to love i!!!! So excited for you!!

Boobies - Update

Today I met with my PS again and we sat down and discussed all the pros and cons as well as types. She was very thorough and gave more info than I had expected. I know that there are risks and that it is not necessary. To be totally honest, it is a scary thought all the things that could happen. But I kind of want them now, so I am going to think positive and with Gods will it will all work out. My mom and my sister are going to flip out on me when I tell them. They are ok with the tummy tuck and the breast lift and they will be helping me the days that I will be home. I don't even know how I am going to tell them. I know my sister is going to try to talk me out of getting them. Maybe I will wait and tell her after the fact. I dunno ;-(
Oh I forgot to mention what I chose. I decided to get Mentor Memorygel moderate plus profile roughly 300 cc.
Can't wait to see your results. As a fellow residents clinic-er, I have full confidence in the teaching hospitals. I'll be following your journey :-)
Thank You. I have full confidence in them. They come fully recommended by my primary Doctor and nurse. The nurse had her MM done there 2 years ago and her scars look great. The Doctor also told me that a lot of his patients go there. So I have high hopes. I am so excited 5 weeks from today ;-)
Can't wait to see your post op picture!!! Good luck with everything!

32 Days and counting...

Ok, I am beyond ready for my Makeover. I have picked up all my prescriptions. Received my walker and toilet seat riser. I have my scar treatment. Thanks to solesister for the invention. I got my Mammogram done. I will make the payment for the surgery on Monday. I will pay the anesthesiologist the following week. It's X-mas and I'm broke. ;-) LOL
My physical and EKG are scheduled for the first week in January. I have 3 recliners in my house. Hmmm, I know that I have to pick up the bandages and ointments. Maybe I will go to the pharmacy this weekend and pick them up. Any suggestions on what else I need to be focusing and getting before time runs out? Oh, and I ask my PS and she informed me that she does not use Arnica Montana. She told me that if I wanted to use it that I can but its not something that she recommends to her patients. Who has used it and can give me some feedback? I will not be getting any Lipo that is where the major bruising comes from. Any thoughts or comments would be highly appreciated.

My after care

Glad you got your scar treatment ready :-). I loved my toilet riser. Hated to remove it but my hubby hated it. My doc told me not not to use Brromelain or arnica. I guess each doctor has different rules.
Thanks for the recipe !! The toilet seat riser is going in a bathroom that no ones uses but me. My family is kind of freaking out. Cause I am preparing for the worst. I guess is best to be over prepared than have to regret. My doctor told me to just let my body heal on its own. The antibiotics will prevent me from getting an infection and the pain meds will let me rest so that my body could heal.
Oh yea, the Vicodin knock me out good :)

I'm afraid :'-(

Ok, I must confess. I am afraid !!! Sunday began my official 1 month countdown and I had so many thoughts and fears going through my mind. That I started second guessing my decision. Today I have been browsing youtube and it only gets worse. I have even more fears. I even felt tempted to email my PS and telling her that I am too chicken to go through with this. I even tried talking my self in to not going this week to pay for my procedure. Is this normal ?? I know I want this but I am scared out of my mind. I need to get a hobby or something to occupy my free time cause youtube could be a scary place.
Can't wait to see your results I have a consultation with dr.wei on the 30th of this month
I asked a question on your inbox as well happy holidays :)
Hello there! First off congrats on making the BEST decision ever. Don't worry, it's very normAl to have second thoughts. My advise is to stop watching YouTube! Hehe My last month before surgery I kept busy for the same reason. I kept telling myself I could go without surgery and be hPpy. .. Yeah right! I am 12 days post op and I don't regret a thing!! Sure it hasn't been a walk in the park ... FOR ME, but I am extremely happy w my decision and results. Good luck! & see u on the flat/ perky side soon!! Yaaaaaaay!!! :)

More pictures

I'm trying to document every angle. So that I can look back and remember one day what I looked like. I had to paint some of the pictures for safety reasons.
Happy newyear. I am starting to getting afraid also. At night I can't sleep and start thinking is that worth it. In the morning I am ready to get it done. Some questions in my mind Am I going to have hard time to breath after surgery? Is really going hurt to take the drains out? Am I going to wake up with lots of pain? Is there any chance that I am going to wake up in the middle of surgery? If I keep thinking I will Have more question for sure. :(
Omg !!! Those are the same questions that I continue to ask myself. I have even imagined myself waking up in middle of surgery and feeling and seeing the doctor do all the work. I think I have seen too many youtube videos on how an actual procedure is done. I think at this point I can do one myself.
Hey check out my page I wrote about my consult with dr.wei happy New Years to you and yours :)

Mammogram Results

I wasn't really worrying too much about it but there was always that little doubt in my heart. I am glad that I received a note from the hospital today. My breast are normal or at least my insides are cause the outside is a hot mess of skin. I guess now it is a definite go on the implants !!! ;-) I am really looking forward to January 22, 2014. *** 21 days baby and booyah
January 22nd will be here before you know it! I'm so excited for you!
I lost 110 lbs on my own as well. Yay for us!!!
I have been following your story and I love your results. I hope my results are equally as great. I still go to weight watchers and every time I weigh in I get nervous because I want to maintain my -105 pounds . I feel like a new person. I love it :-)

Breast Implants

I have a question maybe more like a concern. I have read on here how ladies complaint about how much their boobs weigh. Some even say that they are so heavy and hurt their back. About how much will 300 cc will weigh ? I am afraid of back problems. I already have a pinched nerve and I have a hard time with my back when I sweep and mop my house. By the time that I finish I have to take Motrin 800mg so that I can rest and not feel pain. I know what it is like to have large breast I always did since I was a teenager and never really felt them heavy unless I had a bathing suit that was tied up on the neck. I always use supportive bras. Is it something similar to that or am I expecting to feel as if I was carrying a baby on my chest ?
Hey there. I have some info that might help you. My chiropractor was telling me that implants don't have the same effect on the body as natural breast tissue, they aren't dense/solid, they are liquid like. I had a reduction, 600 grams from one and 800 grams from the other, and this equated to 3 lbs. I checked, 300cc equates to approx .62lbs. Hope this helps. ;-)
Thank You so much that really does help. I was trying to find out how it felt and how much they were going to weight. I didn't want to get them and in the future have regrets and even more back pain. .62lbs is not bad at all.
You are gonna look so awesome! Can't wait to follow your progress!


Compression garments and bras ???

I'm debating whether to buy my bra and compression garments now. Any advice or suggestions. I saw this one in amazon. It ships in 2 days so I can order it at any time. My doctor informed me that they provide me with one of each. What do you ladies think I should do ?
My doc gave me 2 compression garments and that's good for me. I can change to a clean one while washing the other. He gave me just one surgical bra and man it was hard the first few days as it was soaked in blood and I needed a clean bra. I think getting another bra to change out is a great idea!
Hi - love reading your posts..Sending all good wishes your way. I'm scheduled for Jan 17th and am totally nervous. Just had my pre-op yesterday with the nurse and my 2nd consult with the doc this coming Monday the 6th. T-14 and I couldn't sleep last night - having all sorts of thoughts running through my head! I'm really looking forward to just getting it over with!! It's amazing to see how others have fared and so appreciate their postings - so keep 'em coming and help calm us down!!
I wore the marena bra with the 2" band but mine had hooks and a zipper in the front. Very good and comfortable. You will need something to use a back up when you wash a set.

Profile pictures

You are going to love not having the hanging skin. It is so great! I can't wait to see your after pictures! I wore the compression garments the surgeon gave me for 3 weeks (velcro compression band for my abdomen and zipper knee length girdle for legs and hips). I have transitioned to shapewear now and will wear that for the next few weeks 24/7. I really like the Hanes brand "wear your own bra torset top" and "long and lean leggings." By the way, you chose the best time to do this kind of surgery. I would be sweating to death if I had to wear this many layers of clothes in the summer:)
I am still so tempted to buy cg's and bras right now but I have held off and now surgery is right around the corner and I'm just relying on the dr giving me the tools I need for the first couple weeks. Looking at your pictures I think you will get excellent results. I'm excited to follow your journey.
I don't know my left from my right. I think it's because it is so close that I am blanking out. So I'm leaving it in the doctors hands. Thanks for your kind words. I pray to God that it all goes well.

What A day

Oh what a day I had yesterday. I don't even know where to begin. It was full of surprises as well as ups and downs. Lets start with the doctors office.

So I go to my doctors office to get my pre op physical. I get there by 8:50 am for my 9:15 am appointment. There was no one there but me. It took the nurse 35 minutes to call me in to the examining room. After that long of a wait the doctor takes another 30 minutes to come in and see me. Then on top of it all when he comes in he tries to talk me out of having the surgery. He tells me that I am perfect the way that I am. So I gave him an evil look and then we took it from there. So he gave me verbal clearance. I guess I am doing good. Today my lab work should have come in. Then he can give my surgeon the green light in paper.But before he left the room he though that it was okay to frighten me. He proceeds to tell me that a tummy tuck and breast lift with augmentation is too much for one person to handle in one day. That I should not be doing both procedures at once. Sigh, he start to talk about the risks and I am about to have a nervous break down. so he says good luck and then he leaves the room. At this point I had to get my EKG done and guess what ? My heart rate was a million miles per hour !!! The nurse had to come and soothe me. I think this was the highlight of my morning. So she tells me to close my eyes and to go to a place and do something that I like. So here I am at the beach and I decide that surfing and jumping on waves is the way to relax. It was hilarious because I literally was jumping !! I guess that broke the ice in the room and I was able to calm down and this reading in my EKG was normal. The first one looked like I was about to have a heart attack. I left the Exam room and went over to the lab work. The phlebotomist there is beyond awesome and she gave me her blessings and she reminded me that I was in great hands, God is the one in charge. So that was my first half of the morning.

Now I have to head down to NYC to bring in my checks for the surgery as well as the anesthesiologist. When I get there they take my money and I was paid in full. So I was very happy and ready to go. Little did I know that by 450 pm I was going to receive a phone call from my surgeon telling me that the hospital could not accommodate my surgery for the 22. Mind you we are 13 days away and this is when they are going to tell us. Luckily my surgeon is an Angel and she noticed the disappointment in my voice. She quickly offered me to have it done at the other location where they do procedures as well.

And then the fun begins because now I have to find a hotel that is able to accommodate me. Luckily there is a hotel across the street from the hospital. I check online and they have a rate for 169 + which comes out to 199 a night. So I wanted to make sure that they were aware that I needed a room with accommodations for after my procedure. When I call they try to hustle me. They were asking for $ 499 plus taxes and fees and that was supposedly the special rate that they have for hospital patients. it is all a big scam. So I told them they can forget about it that I would book somewhere else and I did. Later on that night the nursing service that will be with me after surgery calls to make arrangements. The informed me of the scam that goes on in the hotels and she asked me to call back and speak to a supervisor because they have a contract with them for better rates. and voila magically they offered me the same room for # 299 a night. I tell you ** smh **

Oh I forgot to mention the nursing service. This nurse that called me is amazing !!! she was so through, loving and compassionate. That is the way that nurses should be !! She went through everything with me as far as what to expect before during and after surgery. I felt that I was talking to one of my sisters from here. She gave me her home an cell phone number in case that I have any questions and / or fears.

Oh but that is not the end of it there is still more.

When I brought them my Certified Check I paid my 1 one stay at the Hospital. Now they wanted me to come back today and pick up that check and bring them a new one with the revised amount. mind you they are only opened during business hours and those are my working hours as well. And they are pushing me to do this ASAP !!! Luckily God got given me the gift of patience and wisdom. I cool calm and collected made phone call and educated myself and even if I was able to go back and get the check I was not able to do anything with it because it was made out payable to the Hospital. So here I am about $ 1000 short because this money could not be reimbursed for another 3 to 4 weeks and now I have 2 new expenses. I now have to pay for the Hotel and the Nurse. The hotel will be about $ 350 and the will be $ 960. And I really don't have the money. Luckily I have a guardian Angel that is always there for me. And guess who that is ? My sister :') S


***Ugh, this thing posted without me finishing my update. ***

So within a matter of minutes my sister has the money that I need. Now this brings me to a new dilemma. How can I hide the fact that I am getting implants if she has always been there for me, She is my better half. I feel like the only BITCH !!! I think this weekend I am going to tell her because I cannot lie to her even though I haven't lied I just have failed to inform her.

And That ladies was my day yesterday. ** sigh ** but still holding strong and making things happen. !!!
Wow ...what a day you had indeed...i'm so happy you were able to get it all worked out. Some people just can't understand because they haven't walked the same worked so hard to lose all that weight and deserve to look and feel good about your success. Removing all that skin will also make it easier for you to stay healthy and fit. So excited for you!
It was a crazy day !! But now I am focusing on getting the last few things done. I have 1 week left. I am beyond stressed But happy :-) I am already planning new workouts for the summer and I know that my results are going to be different because I don't have the excess skin. Did I mention before that I am excited cause I'm excited !!!
Your going to look great! I lost70 lbs 9 yrs ago now & did a lift with implants 3 yrs ago . After my 2nd pregnancy & just did the TT 4 months ago. You are going to look great! My belly button was very similar to yours, the sad face! It feels great to not have that extra skin anymore. Can't wait to see your results :)

One week before

I am at a one week mark and the nerves have officially kicked in. I have had a very busy day and now I'm starting to wrap things up. I really need to get my act together and finish doing what I have to do. Yesterday my PCP officially medically cleared me and I am paid in full. So there is no turning back.
I spoke to my sister and I explained to her about my implants and she took it better than I thought. She told me that she is not a fan of implants but if that is what was going to make me happy then go for it. She will support me either way. :')
I haven't worked out in over a week. I am not focused and I am afraid of hurting my self on one of those machines. Lol - excuses, excuses !!!
One good thing that happened this week was that my monthly friend already came to visit. She came Monday and will be gone by tonight. Just the way I like it. Short !!! - see you in February ;-)
I'll keep you ladies updated as my days progress :-)
This is a list of the supplies that I have so far:
-Button up pajamas pants set
-Button up pajama shirts
-Bed mat
-Disinfecting wipes
-2 velour suites
-First aid kit
-Surgical Gloves
-Gauze pads
-Paper tape
-Antiseptic spray
-Triple antibiotic
-Milk of magnesia
-Heated pad
-Heated neck massager
-Aloe and coco raw butter
-Rose hip oil
-Bio oil
-Toilet seat riser
Hey this is Pinar. I lost all of my contacts can you text me please. I can't wait to get it done. You have only one day lol
I am so excited for you! Congrats on your weight loss and your upcoming mommy make over journey. I can not wait to see your results. Your list looks good. The only thing I see missing is protein shakes. I got the muscle milk ones since they had them in already prepared cartons. Also pineapples to help with swelling. I used arnica Montana. I bruise really easy and the stuff I think worked as the bruises lessened rather quickly.

No Backing out now

Ok, This is it. I have been cleared in every way. I received notice from the Surgeon and everything is ready. The Hospital called me as well. I am going under at 10:30 am. I have to be there by 8 am.
I picked up the last of the supplies and groceries yesterday. So I think I am ready. I just have to finish packing my hospital bag and shower tonight and tomorrow morning with Hibiclens.
Mother Nature, Please stop snowing. I live far from the hospital and it is going to be a hell of a commute tomorrow morning. We are expecting 9' to 12' of snow and to top it off it is so cold that it will turn into ice.
Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I am scared but excited at the same time.
I'm not sure if I will be able to update again tonight or tomorrow before surgery. But I will update as soon as I can get my head clear and able to use the phone.
I love you ladies. You have all been an inspiration and great are supporters. Thanks a Million !!!
I'm so excited for you !!!I will definitely keep you in my prayers even though everything is going to be perfectly fine. please keep us posted girly...Good luck!!
Thanks Boo ;-) will post as soon as I can.
Good luck honey!!! Let us know how you are doing. Praying for you!!!

I'm ready

Ok I'm on my way to the hospital. Surgery got pushed up to 8 am. I have to be there by 6 am. I'll post again tonight. Thanks ladies ;-)
Whoohoo! Good luck and post an update as soon as you can! Happy healing hun.
Hope everything goes well. I can't wait to see your results!
Hope u have a good recovery and everything goes well. ready to see your. results

On the flat side

Hey ladies just wanted to let you now that I'm doing good. I came out of surgery around 245 pm yesterday. Pain is ok. Doctor says that it went great. I'll update some more when I'm more alert.
Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts xoxo
I'll try to post pics when the doctor comes to look at my incisions.
Hope you are doing fine! Good to hear from you after your surgery!
Glad all went well!
So happy for you...happy Healing!

Crazy day

Ok ladies I'm finally home. After I updated this morning things went down hill. My blood pressure dropped and I fainted. They had to call the rapid response team cause my eyes rolled back and I lost conscience for a while. When I woke up there are about 8 nurses and 3 doctors surrounding me and they have me laying down in the bed upside down. My doctor had just left and they had to page her so that she could return. After that set back I had to take things really slow. I was only able to take half of the pain meds because my blood pressure was too low. They finally discharged me at 930 pm when I was supposed to leave the hospital no later than noon. It was a crazy scary day but I can tell already that it is worth it. When I was waking up from the anesthesia I over heard the OR nurses congratulating my doctor because I look amazing. Same goes for the anesthesiologist he was like wow she looks great. I haven't be enable to see my tummy but I did take a peek of the ladies. They are great not to big not too small.
The TT pain is tolerable but the ladies hurt like a mother. That was the first thing I told my doctor. I was wondering if she only worked on my boobs cause I couldn't feel any pain on the tummy yesterday. Today the TT pain is more like a burning sensation.
I'll update more later I'm kind of groggy
Can't wait to see your after shots! I bet you'll look amazing! Take it very easy!
Ohhh, sorry for issues. Glad it did workout ok. Thanks for update.
Reply are one strong chiquita!! God Bless!! You have made proud of you and sending you big hugs and warm wishes on a quick recovery. One footstep at a time. YOU DID IT!!! Congrats :)

Day 2 post op

Good morning ladies. This is day 2 post op and I'm feeling a lot better. I kind of over slept and missed my medicine time and boy was I in pain. I got up used the bathroom and walked a bit now I'm just laying in the recliner resting and trying to heal. I am going to try and take pictures today. I can't wait to see what is underneath all these things.
Can't wait to see pics! Happy healing!
Thanks for updates. Looking forward to photos, i bet you look really good. Just take it easy.
Congrats! Can't wait to see how great you look :)

Day 3 post op

Today was a better day. I feel energetic and more alert. I woke up extremely constipated. I was not able to eat because nothing else fit in my stomach not to mention that I am swollen or maybe I'm just bloated. The picture doesn't really show the swelling but I can see it. Other than that I am on top of my Meds and am getting up to walk every 2 hours.
My family has been coming in and out to help me all day. Not to mention that my husband is the best nurse / doctor ever. I have a new level of love and appreciation for this man that I cannot even begin to explain it. I haven't had to do anything at all other than get up and walk.
Now let's talk poop. I drank MOM last night and nothing !!! I drank it again this morning and still NOTHING !!! then my sister came with a smoothie made with kale and a whole bunch of fruits that are high in protein and viola !!!! I didn't go one or twice. I went 5 times. I feel like a brand new person. I hadn't gone to the potty since Tuesday morning. Ladies I did the potty dance !!! Boy I was exhausted from going to the bathroom so much but it was worth every single trip.
I wasn't able to stand for the pic cause I was getting a sponge bath and my blood pressure is still not the greatest. They boobs look uneven because I have one arm up and the other one down. But I'll try to get better pictures on Monday when the doctor removes all the bandages.
Amazing is the word, you are going to be so pleased. Keep us posted on the fabulous new you.
Thumbs up girl. Looking great.
Wow! Already looks so awesome! You are going to be so excited when you're feeling better and seeing healing!

Day 4 post op

It's 9 am on day 4 PO and I'm feeling almost 100 % normal. I know that this is how you get yourself in trouble cause right now I'm ready to conquer the world. But no worries I already had my husband / doctor / nurse give me a speech on not cleaning. He sat my ass down when he saw my intentions. Lol ;-)
I think Im going to only take one table of oxycodone instead of two just to try and wean myself out of the narcotics. I have only taken a total of 3 Valium since the day of surgery so that one doesn't worry me. My abs feel like they burn when I'm not medicated. The ladies are so tight and tender.
I did not loose any sensation on them at all. When the doctor checked the day after surgery I felt everything. Even in my abdomen I have almost full sensation. If you stroke it slowly and lightly I can feel it. My right breast has dropped more than my left. If you look at the picture above the right looks bigger than the left it's because that one is dropping and feeling softer. The left one feels like it is going up instead of down. I have to tell my doctor tomorrow when I go for my first post op visit. Hopefully i can see and take pictures of my tummy when she takes the dressing off. I have been sleeping great at night. No discomfort at all. I get up take my pills and go right back to sleep. I have been sleeping in my sofas that have 3 recliners in them and let me tell you that they are more comfortable than my own bed. It is easier to get out of them than the hospital bed. All I have to do is sit and my husband presses the button and reclines me until I feel comfortable.
I think my potty issue is very well under control. I ate dinner last night and I pottied again. A total of 6 times yesterday. It wasn't a lot at a time but just enough to clear out my stomach. This morning when I had my first cup of coffee since the surgery I went straight to the toilet.
The swelling in my hands and thighs are going down. My fingers don't look like sausages anymore. My thunder thighs don't look as big today either. Overall I feel great and my husband and daughter told me that my resemblance looks great !!! I'm not pale or sick looking anymore.
You look great so far! Happy and healthy healing :)

The infamous drains

I don't know if it is the way that my surgeon placed them or it's because I'm not wearing any pants or panties but these guys are not a bother at all. I have only felt them twice and it was because I was trying to sponge bathe or just accidentally touched them. My left one is barely draining since the beginning. She said that I can have it taken out on Monday if it continues that way. The right one drains more but the liquid is more clear. I think I'm going to tell her to leave them alone since they don't bother me. I am afraid of getting a seroma. I don't see why we need to fix something when it not broken. I feel that God is truly looking over me. I feel blessed.
I want to thank you ladies for continuing to keep me in your prayers and thoughts it's very much appreciated. xoxo
Great news on your drains. Happy they aren't giving you trouble...if doc thinks it's time for them to come out, I'd let her. You actually don't want to leave them in longer than needed...foreign body in your body only invites trouble (infection etc).
Ighink the left one will come out tomorrow. It has only drained a total of 15 cc today. The right is in it's 40+ cc. I'll let her do what she has to do. So far she has not failed me at all. She has wowed me all the way !!!
That's great...havin a good doc that you trust means EVERYTHING ;-)

Lollipop lift !!

I'm so excited !! I just took off all the gauze and surgical bra off. And surprise she did what she said she was going to do !! She was going to try and not have to do an anchor lift. She didn't know it it was possible due to the extensive amount of ptosis that I have. That is a major plus because the anchor is more prone to infections. And it's an uglier scar.
looking good...glad your system is back to normal. Constipation is the WORST feeling!
You look amazing! I'm so glad everything turned out fine. Happy healing n make sure u get a lot of rest. I guess I will see u today at your follow up appt. I have a 10:30 appt w/DR. Wei ;-)
Looking good. If I don't control the pain it is bad lol. Also I did my poop Dance !!!!

After pictures

I am very swollen in the abdomen and thighs. And my left boob has not start to drop. Other than that things are looking great.
You are look swollen but it will go away. You look great. What a difference before and after photo.
You look amazing! Grt healing to you and rest!!

More pics

I went to my first post op appointment today and everything went great. They removed one of my drains. The next one should come out either Friday or Monday. They were not draining that much. All the incisions look like they are healing the way that they are supposed to. Other than the swelling everything looks great. She told me that if after it is all healed and if I am not satisfied with anything. she will do any revision as a courtesy. Even any lipo if I want. I am very pleased with my outcome and will definitely recommend my doctor to anyone.
Thank you! You look like you are doing awesome! We are just south of Atlanta, so I was glad to wake up to a different view out of my bedroom window...SNOW!!!! The kids are happy, so that makes me happy...just wish that I could get some decent sleep...going on a week without 8 hours straight is getting tough!
Yay!!! You look GREAT!!!! Sending healing prayers your way!!! I thought about you on your surgery day!!! It was also my Birthday!!!! :) Can't wait for my turn to the flat side!!!!!

Week 1 recap

This week has had its ups and downs. I have had days where I feel that I can conquer the world and days where I don't even want to move an inch.
Let's begin with the day of the surgery. I woke up at 3 am to bathe and wonder how we were going to make it to the city in time with that Mayor snow storm that we had. Believe it or not I was not scared or anxious at all. Everyone in the hospital was so loving and caring that time flew by. When I woke up from the anesthesia all I could feel was my boobs. I was scared that she had forgotten to do my tummy tuck. I had a scare In the hospital but that is in the past.
My drains we're not draining that much for the beginning. So one came out at 5 days post op. The other one is coming out in 2 days. I get up and walk around as needed. The walker is a blessing !!! And so is the toilet seat.
Milk of magnesia is a must !!! I am also drinking fruit smoothies that are high in fiber and that helps me go too.

Recap - continued

Support is definitely is a must for the first week. My mom has cooked every single meal for me since I came out of the hospital. My daughter is the assistant.
My husband / doctor/ nurse has been beyond amazing !!! He has truly shown his colors !!! If I loved him before I think I have fallen in love with him all over Again !!! He has done anything and everything that you can think possible to make me feel special and well taken care off. He is my gift from God !!!
My sister and other family members are in and out all day and call to see if I need something from outside so that they can bring it to me.
Last but not least. I feel the love from all the ladies on here. Everyone is always checking up on me and bringing my spirits up.
Oh I forgot to mention that the day of my post op I felt so good that I over did it. I went to the city and then to brunch with hubby and after that I came home and showered from head to toe and then I did my own hair. I wasn't able to sleep that night and yesterday I was swollen and every inch of my body hurt. So today is a lazy day. I a only doing the necessary walks every hour or so.

Recent pics

They Are not the best since I took them myself but it gives you an idea of my healing process.

Stubborn boob

Any advice or help will be highly appreciated. This one is still high and hard.
Looking good.. Swelling on my upper tummy didn't go away my boobs are hard like a rock lol
Snow is good once in a while. Glad to hear that the kids are enjoying it. I haven't had 8 hours of straight sleep but I do take a lot of naps throughout the day.
Thank you so much. God is good cause I'm alive and doing great. Happy belated birthday to you !! And hope to see you on the flat side XOXO

Drain hole

I had forgotten to post a pic of my drain hole.
I'll post more pics on Friday of more updates
Glad your doing great!
Thank you for the support. I'm having a great day today and have been very active. Pretty soon I am going to knock out.
Congrats you look good, thanks for sharing. I wish you a fast recovery.

Swell Hell

Ladies I'm feeling a little down right now. I am very happy with my outcome but I can't deal with the swell hell. What can I do to make it better ?? I drink and eat plenty of pineapple. I drink tons of water. I am pooping normally with the MOM. I am at a lost here :'(
I've posted pics to show how I look after a bath laying down. I don't know what to do
Are you wearing your CG snug along with binder? Has been helping me. My lower legs and ankles are a little swollen. The CG and binder make all the difference. I wear them 24/7. And plan to for a while.
I'm only wearing a binder and the surgical bra. I believe tomorrow I begin to use the garment. I have to get her approval first. My last drain comes out in the am. When I wake up I am full of energy and not a bit swollen and by 4 pm I'm the Michelin guy and dead tired. But I'm only swollen in the tummy and thighs. No where else in My body.
I do wear it snug 24/7. Only take it of to shower. I also plan I wearing it for months !!!

Second post op visit

Today I had my second post opt visit and it all went great. The doctor is happy with my recovery. They finally removed the second drain. Boy did this one hurt !!! I felt that she pulled my insides out !!!
I haven't taken too many pictures because I'm swollen and I don't want to look too much so that I don't get depressed. I'm allowing to myself to heal. I know myself and I get depressed easily so I'm playing it safe. There is not too much to update. I am eating and sleeping normal. Milk of magnesia has become my best friend. I have made several attempts on not taking the narcotics and have had 3 bad experiences. The first time I over slept and woke up in severe pain. The second time around my phone died and I was sleeping and I didn't take any pain Meds for 10 hours. At that point I had remove all garments and bra cause I felt that my insides where about to explode and all my guys where going to hang out. I was literally crying and that made it even worse cause when you cry you use your stomach muscles. And last but not least I. Saturday I decided that I no longer was going to take any pills and I had a similar episode. So I have up on trying to leave my narcs. I talk to the doctor and she told me to take a good dose of Motrin of I'm worried about addiction. If not I can continue to take my narcs until I'm healed. Personally I am ok with narcs cause I have never used drugs and I don't drink or smoke so I don't have any bad habits. It's just that people talk too much And they scare me !!!
Tomorrow when I wake up I'm going to try to take full body naked pictures cause less swollen in the Am.
My drains hurt, too, when he pulled them out. He pulled both of mine out at the same time in one quick pull. YOWZA! Having read the women on RS talk about how painless it was, I was NOT expecting that. I took all of my pain pills until they ran out. The first 2-3 days, I took 2 every 4 hours. (around the clock). After that, I only took one every 5-6 hours during the day. Then, one per day in the evening when I was getting settled and relaxed from the day. Take them if you need them, and don't feel bad about it. As long as you don't run out, and you ask for more when you don't really need them, you'll be fine.
Did you feel so tired? I feel so tired lately. I don't even want to get up.
I feel full of energy in the morning. By 4 pm all I want to do is rest and forget that the world exists.

Morning pics

These are pic of the AM with minimal swelling. I have been wearing dArk color camis and now the tApe and glue look dark but that is not my incision. It still has the original tape and the doctor said that it will fall off when the incision is ready and healed. Maybe I should have bought all white camis but I thought that they might of gotta stained with blood so I bought them all dark. I guess you live and you learn.
You look good. Don't worry about to much swollen. You will get better.
Looking good! I totally can relate to the thigh issue. Mine look like I'm storing up for the winter. If it helps, mine went down 4 inches from the 22nd of January to the 3rd of February, and that was a couple months out! The swelling will get better. Rest easy.
You look awesome!

More pics

You can tell that I'm home bored !!
You are looking awesome!!! Thanks for all the's great to see your progress!
You are very welcome. I remember before the surgery I used to love looking at pictures so that I can have an idea of what to expect from different types of people.
You are lookin amazing!! Note to self. .. only buy white tanks, lol

2 weeks post op

I know yesterday I focused on my tummy tuck so today I decided to show how my ladies are doing. I have the good one and the bad one like I call them. But hopefully in the future they both become angels lol
I also put some in there of the tummy.
I woke up at 4 am with a burst of energy and haven't had the need for any pain meds since last night around 11:30 pm. And it's already 9:30 am. If I feel something coming my way I'll take a Motrin. I just realized after I started writing this update that I'm at my 2 week post op. Wow how time flies after the surgery and how so slow it goes before it.
I have said before and I will say it again, if I had to do it again I would do it in a heart beat. I am so happy with my outcome. Even with the swelling and high boob and all. I am so happy with my Doctor and if in the future I decided to do anything else with my body I will follow her to the end of the world !!
Happy healing for those of you that are at that stage !!! And for those who are still waiting and thinking about it. Go for it, it's an amazing feeling of accomplishment !!!
Have a good day ladies !!! xoxo
Love you all very much. Thanks for being there for me in the good times and bad times too !!!
You are healing great! What a nice flat tummy! You are going to be thrilled come summertime with the new and improved belly button too!!! Woo-hoo for doing something for YOURSELF after keeping two children alive this long (sometimes I wonder how mine survive lol) Keep the updates coming!
Thank you, it is interesting how people see things differently. Cause I see a puffy belly but flat. I am definitely thrilled about the belly button !!! I haven't seen mine in over 10 + years :-). Oh kids they drive me nuts !!! And yes I am so happy that did this for myself and I am grateful that my family was 100% behind my decision.
You are doing great!!! I had my tt only a couple weeks Before you... Every day I feel better and better!! I had my boobies done years before... I found recovery from them worse than belly stuff!

Swelling is improving

Last night after my shower I noticed that the swelling is improving. It is not a lot but it's better than nothing !!!
They won't let you change the name of your dr unless you email them and realself will do it for you. I did the same thing. I had them take off my pd name and city.
Little by little, we take what we can get right? Still lookin good girl
Heck yeah !!! It's barely noticeable to the world but to me it made the difference.

My monthly friend -NOT !!!

Thursday I was so happy because the swelling had gone down. And I looked so good. I guess my happiness never lasts. Friday afternoon I started feeling that my breast were growing by the second and that they were getting really hard. I didn't have an appetite all day so I hadn't eaten solids. Only protein shakes, water and juices. By 6 pm I sat to eat dinner which consisted of sweet potato and grilled chicken. It was a healthy and small meal. Within 5 minutes of eating, I felt that my stomach had grown to the point that I was 7 months pregnant. I was trying to walk it off for over an hour non stop !!! I sat in the toilet to see if that would give me some relief. At that point I started thinking that my insides were going to get hurt because I was so huge. Thank god that I have a second binder that my mom brought me. I went ahead and put it on top of the one I already had on to keep myself compressed. After about half an hour later I go pee and viola there goes my monthly friend !!!! I wasn't expecting her until Monday or Tuesday and I was not ready for her !!!!!!! I normally start taking Diurex as per my GYN's orders 2 days before until she is gone because my water retention is so bad after I had my tubes tied. And of course with my luck I have no Diurex in the house !!!!!!! My husband had just gotten home in middle of the ordeal and he looked so tired that I didn't dare ask him to go back out to buy me some. Little did I know that this was going to be the worst period of my life !!! I ended up pooping because of the MOM and that gave me some relief. After that my night meds were due and I fell asleep and it lasted until 1 am sharp. From that point on I felt that I was in labor. I kept on going to the toilet to get some relief as I always did when I was giving birth to my kids. I felt as if my contractions were 10 minutes apart for 9 hours !!! After my 10:30 pm dose of Percocet And Valium and I had slept no other medication made a difference. At 6 am when my husband got up I told him to bring me Diurex after he took the kids to school and before he head off to work. It took the Diurex about 3 hours to start giving me relief. So from 1 am to 10 am I was pacing around the house and sitting in the toilet just like I did with both of my kids labor !!! Not to mention that I didn't sleep. After that I have been in severe pain but it is manageable.
I have decided that I no longer want to get my period !!! I don't know what the surgery is called to get everything for inside removed but I want it !!!! I'm 36 so I don't think that menopause will come for another 14 + years. And I can't deal with this period situation.
Now I'm 18 days post op and look 7 months prego !!! So no pictures until this situation gets resolved.
Thanks for listening ladies. I feel that no one in my family would understand my frustration. xoxo and Happy Sunday ;-)
Thank you for sharing your story. It felt like I was there every step the way. You look wonderful! Feel better!!
Thanks love !!! It's been a wonderful journey. It's had its ups and downs but it is definitely worth it !!! Tomorrow makes 3 weeks 8-)
You look so good! Hang in there, girl

3 weeks post opt

All my pictures are taken by myself so they are up close and personal. I still have a lot of swelling but I am at peace with it. I finally had the courage to get on the scale today and I am up 4.8 pounds. So I can't wait to start working out !!!!!!!! I am capable of loosing it in1 week with hard core workout. So I'm ok I'm not freaking out. Other than that there is not too much to update. I feel great throughout the day. Once 2 pm comes around I am in pain and dead tired. I have been waking up around 5 am. I am able to do all my house chores that I am aloud to do. I am only taking meds at night. I am no longer using MOM and I am back to being regular. I am almost walking straight except at night when I'm dead tired and in pain. I'm due back to work on Tuesday. I hope I can adjust easily. These past 3 weeks have been awesome being at home.
I just looked your profile up tonight you look great your TT incision is good also continue to heal Happy VDAY
Thank you so much (((hugs)))
Congrats on your journey and sharing with us:-) Looking good:-)

Breast compression band

So yesterday I went for my 3 week post opt appointment and all went great. Everything he is healing normal and I'm right on track. However my left breast continues to be an issue. They put an ace bandage to help it drop and minimize the swelling. The thing is that it hurts and I can't breathe. I feel that if I was doing this at the beginning when I was taking my narcs. I would have been ok. But doing this shiit cold turkey is no joke. Have any of you ladies had similar experiences or have used or not used it. I emailed my doctor cause I am laying here in my recliner crying and I had to take it off. I still have narcs but I'm saving them in case of an emergency. Any advise at this point will help. :'(
I think a pain pill is in order here. Crying in pain is NOT good. I hope you are pain free soon. Hugs
I ended up crying myself too sleep once the doctor told me to take it off. Once I woke up I took 2 Tylenol extra strength and a hot shower. Now I'm doing better. (((Hugs ))) and thank you for thinking of me in time of need.
You look great hopefully your left boobie will drop but you look fantastic

The infamous depression stage

Hey ladies now I see what they meant about getting depression during the process. Yesterday I cried about 90% of the day. I regret getting implants from the moment that I woke up in pain from the bandage. Until this morning around 8 am. My dear hubby even went and bought me my favorite frozen yogurt will all my favorite toppings. He is such a sweet heart. I want to thank Pinar12450 for being my crying shoulder at all hours of the day and midnights too !! And those of you who gave me some virtual hugs. They were very much needed and appreciated.
Today I decided to go out even if I was in pain with this stupid bandage and go out to lunch with the family and then hit the mall for new pants to get my swollen self into for work on Tuesday. I also went on a mission to find a front closure bra. Boy was that a mission !!! I didn't get it before because I didn't know how big I was going to be. Either I'm very swollen or these 300 cc got me to a D cup from a B cup cause the sports bra that I bought are a size large And the other an extra large !!! I wore a small or medium before surgery !!! I'm still feeling down but keeping my mind busy cause I know that I am stronger than this and I am going to get through it. If I had to go back and change something all I would change is my time off. I would have taken the full six weeks. Even though I know I'll be okay I would have preferred to stay at home until 100% pain free And emotionally stable. But I guess I just have to deal with it. Tomorrow is my last day off officially and maybe I'll go get my hair done. So maybe I can pass as the Michelin lady not boy. Lol j/k I love my new tummy !!! And the boobies just need time. I am eternally grateful with my surgeon. She did an amazing job !!! Every time I see her or speak to her I make sure I tell her how happy I am with my outcome. And deep down into heart I know that it will get better. This is only a small stone on the road and I fully plan on kicking it !!!
Sorry for my ranting I just like to keep it real. So that when someone reads my review they understand that this is normal. And it too shall pass.
You're looking fabulous! Awesome results!!!
Thanks !!! Sometimes I forget what I used to look like.
You go and get your hair done :) That always helps some :) I'm sorry you're feeling down. It's hard…the ups and downs. The pain, the swelling, I completely understand. I tried many things to help with the swelling, some worked better than others, but mostly time was just needed. The drainage channels that were severed during surgery need time to reconnect. Until then, fluid will likely pool right above your incision line, and even outward. Some days are better than others. Hang in there….your stomach does look great and will continue to look even better and better :)

Back To Reality

It's Tuesday February 18, 2014 and here I am back at work. Oh how I wish I was home. I start work at 8 am and I was tired by 9 am. I have made it through half of the day so far. I did have to take a Motrin because siting for so long is making my muscles in my abs tight. Everyone here in the office has been so sweet and supportive I can't complain.
Yesterday I did get plenty of rest. and I also practiced driving around a bit. I went out and did my hair and eyebrows. I didn't want to look like the only crazy person. This morning I woke up at 3:30 am with anxiety because I didn't know how it was going to go. But so far not that bad.
Glad you made it thru. You're one tough mama ;-). Enjoy your recliner!
You look fantastic! The first day back sounds like it was challenging but you made it. Thanks for the detailed account. It helps. I only have 2 weeks off and am now wondering if that was wise. We shall see in a few more weeks. Keep the updates coming. :-)
Thank you and you are very welcomed. It all depends on the persons pain tolerance and healing ability. I find that I heal slow and steady. If It was up to me I would have stayed home for six weeks. Mostly cause of my boobs. For the tummy alone 2 weeks would have been good. I'll update sometime this week. Tomorrow makes my 4 weeks mark.

4 weeks post opt

Time flies !!! I can't believe that exactly 4 weeks ago at this time. I was waking up from surgery. Everyday that I wake up I look In The mirror and I am so happy with my outcome. I will eternally be grateful to my surgeon. Even though she is a fellow at a teaching hospital. She has blessed hands. She has been there every single time that I have reached out to her. Weekend and vacation time as well !!! She listens to my wants and needs and has never complained or given me an attitude. On the contrary she loves the fact that I ask questions. I couldn't have asked for a better surgeon. My next surgery *wink * I will make sure to follow her to the end of the world.
My body is still going through changes. I swell up like everybody else at the end of the day but I have learned to live with it. Today is my second day at work and I already got the hang of it. It feels like I never left. I have such wonderful and supportive co workers that I never knew that they cared for me so much. This place has become a recovery center. I can't wait for the summer to get here and I can be healed and start working on my new fitness project.
Ok I'm going to say it. I plan on working on my thighs. I want to get a lift and maybe lipo. But I do plan on working on loosing most of the fat and try toning on my own before I seek for surgery.
I'll post pictures tonight when I get home.
Thanks for all the love and support ladies !!!
That's my commitment this year too... My thighs... I have so much loose skin but because of what happened with the blood clots after my surgery I really don't plan on having a lift . I bought an elliptical and I'm using my treadmill and starting to do squats again do hopefully I can at least build some muscle to lift some of the skin . I'm glad you are doing better... I'm 7 weeks today and I still get swollen but like you said you just have to accept... For now :)
It looks like we have similar goals. I have been blessed that my only problem has been this stubborn left boob. I have a treadmill and a bike. I would love to buy an elliptical. I have not been cleared nor do I feel that I can begin to work out yet. I'm at 4 weeks post opt. But I'm going to let my body be 100% healed before I even invent on starting to begin my new journey. I have a life time to work on these thighs even though the loose skin bothers me. I just don't know about the different scars. I really have to think about this one
Congrats! You look great.

Open wound

So last night when I was in the shower I realize that some of the surgical tape is loose. When I go wash under it I feel a hole in the line. When I get out I see that my incision is a bit open. I had suspected this from before because it was leaking some blood and fluid. So the doc cleaned up the area and put new tape on it. I was instructed to put Neosporin and gauze. And if needed to stop by the clinic today. I am going to monitor it and if it gets worse I'll go to the doc on Monday or the ER over the weekend.
I hope all is well. I had a wound issue on my belly. It is all healed up now and just a distant bad memory. Just think of all your body has gone through and try to be patient. I know it's hard to do.
The open wound is doing better. It is closing up nicely. I thought that patience was one of my biggest virtue but I guess not. But I'm hanging in there. Taking it one day at a time.
Aww bummer...but it doesn't look bad. I had issues at week 5 with one of my all healed fine, NO infection. Keep it clean and covered. Really think you'll be fine. HUGS ;-)

Breast Implants

I have been having regrets since Saturday and I can't stop thinking about it. I am seriously contemplating an explant. I don't know what to do. I have gone through so much and really don't want to go through anymore pain. I know that the journey is rough but boy do I need help. One minute I'm happy with them and the next I hate them. I feel that I should've gone with my first instinct which was just to get a lift. Now if I take them out there is going to be new issues to deal with and I don't know if I am emotionally ready. Ladies I need your thoughts and prayers.
I'm so sorry you are going thru this tough time. I hope you wake up tomorrow with a clear answer. From everything I've read, it's perfectly normal to have second thoughts and regrets. Hang in there hun. You're in my prayers ((hugs))
I agree with 52georgigia. Part of the recovery is LOTS of mental adjustments. My Dr gave me a booklet, and one of the things noted in the first month is regret. "did I do the right thing....why did I do this...why are things so imperfect....why do I hurt so much, feel so bad, ...." etc Also "nit picking", in otherwords you see lots of issues and problems. Not that you do not have some, but they take on a mind and world of their own. And this does all pass. But it takes more time. The first two months are really tough both physically and mentally. As far as removal, you cannot do it yet anyway. So making a decision now will not make it a done deal. Its something you need to do at a minimum of 6-8 weeks at least. And it will cause pain again. If after 2 -3 months you still feel thats the route to go, you will be more mentally and physically ready to think the decision through, and prepaired to deal with the issues, if thats the best option for you. Personally I would not make any decisions at all right now. I think everything is to fresh and to raw. And really - do consider some Medihoney to cover your incisions. It has excellent reviews for causing healing much faster then antibiotic ointment, and healing surgicial wounds and bed sores that would not heal from other options. It is an antibacterial, and boosts/speeds healing. It also kills germs that antibiotic ointments miss. I would use that (some drugstores also carry it) along with some Johnsons Tough Pads on your surgical wounds that are splitting (I use it on all my scars, and its really nice)
Thanks for you kind words. It feels good to have someone to talk to that will not judge. I am trying to keep an open mind and let time pass. It is just that I am going through a roller coaster of emotions right now that I feel at a loss.

5 Weeks Post Opt

I can't believe its already been 5 weeks. My tummy has been a blessing from the moment I woke up from surgery. The ladies have been a pain since. But I am trying to have patience with them and remember that time is my friend. This is a journey that I will always remember. I have had my ups and downs but I am trying to hang in there. I am very grateful to all the ladies here for cheering me up when I am feeling down. My family has been so supportive of me since day 1. I absolutely love them !!! My hubby is still my main supporter. If I loved him before now he is at a different level. I am posting pics that I took this morning. I forgot to weigh myself but last time I checked I was up 4.8 pounds steady since 3 weeks post opt. which doesn't worry much. Everything is back to normal in my life. I get up go to work go home and back to being a mommy and a wife with the help of hubby and the kids. I think they finally realized how hard I work on a daily basis.


These are my most recent pics. I think they all look the same. Lol maybe I'm a bit less swollen and the curves are coming back. Oh and I'm bloated cause supposed to get my period this weekend. It will be a fun weekend.
You are looking absolutely beautiful lady. Hang in there.
Thank you ;-) lord knows that I'm trying.
Hi there! I just read your review your TT looks great and I totally understand your mixed feelings about your implants. There are several reviews on here that just did the breast lift with no implants so you may want to check their reviews (look at TwoPlusOne review) as well as this It really helps to read about other people experiences.


I went and created a self motivating collage of a side by side. Anytime that I feel down I'm going to look at this pic and remind myself that I have improved.
Wow just look at the results in your Collage! Amazing! X
Yes! Great idea !!! You look amazing!!!! Keep up the good healing process!!!!!
Amazing transformation. Congratulation.

7 weeks post opt today

Hey ladies. Hope everyone is doing fine. I have been checking up on a few of you that are in the early stages of the recovery.

I am officially 7 weeks post op today and I have been cleared to do everything that I did pre op. I had a consult withy doc on Monday and she said everything looks great. My left implant is still riding high but that no longer concerns me cause I don't think that I am going to end up keeping them in long. I know it is still too early. So I'm not making it official.

Today was my first day not wearing a binder or any type of compression garment. Boy does it feel weird. I thought I was in somebody else's skin. I am really swollen but I rather go through the changes now then when it's hot outside and I'll be wearing less clothes.

My only concern is that I haven't had a full night sleep since I went back to work. It's been already 4 weeks and I still wake up in middle of the night. I have even bought sleeping pills and it still doesn't work.

I've uploaded some pics from this evening. Can't wait till the day that I stop swelling ;-)
I just read ur story , it is a good one. Congrats on the weight loss and sticking out the workouts bf surgery . It's a blessing u haven't had problems with ur tummy tuck , sorry bout the breasts issues. Wish they both clda been good recoveries. Can't wait til I'm as far into recovery as you are, keep us posted about the implants.
Hey there. Just dropping by to see how things are going for you now that you are coming up on 3 months PO. Hope you are resting better an nearing a decision re your implants. This process is I much more than just physical. The mental aspects can be very wearing. Thinking of you and hoping all is well.
Thanks for checking up on me. I wish I was at 3 months ;-) I make 9 weeks on Wednesday. I will be having my 3 months check up on April 21. I will update after my visit. I am going to get them removed. I just have to consult with my surgeon to see when is it safe to do so since I might need a nipple revision. I do feel better physically and emotionally. I just need to get them out so that I can heal 100 %. This has been some journey !

Before pictures

These are my before pictures. I had recently removed them for personal reasons. But they are back up. I might have forgotten some but I'll try my best to match my review. I'll do post op pictures next.

Post op pictures

These are the pictures hopefully I can get them in the right order.

More pics

I forgot these. These are more recent
Thank you so much for your honesty about your implants. I was so upset that my doc said no way. I only had a lift with a small amount removed from 1 to be symmetrical. Well wouldn't you know that one is causing a little aggravation. I'm glad I didn't have the implants. I'm sure you will love your books whether you keep or take them out. I'm already thinking thigh work too, but only after I see what I can do with exercise. I hope you continue to heal ((hugs))
Thanks so much. I wish I hadn't gotten them either. But it is too late for that. All I have left right now is to plan on removing them and getting a revision on my nipples for placement. I am planning on getting them out at 4+ months. I will find out more when I see the surgeon in April. I am starting to walk on the treadmill as my body allows me. It gets better every day.

9 Weeks Post Opt

Tomorrow I make nine weeks post opt. I feel great !!! I feel 100 % healed from my tummy. The left breast is dropping and I get spasm every now and then. Which feels weird. I have to massage it till it goes away. The right has been in place for some time now.

I have started working out since last week and I get swollen like crazy afterwards. It feels like my skin is going to rip open. So I decided to slow down a bit maybe I started of too hard.

I will have my 3 month post op on April 21st. Where I will discuss my implant removal procedure. I think my surgeon did an amazing job on me, but implants feel weird and I don't like the way they feel. She will be doing a revision on the nipple / lift. I absolutely love my scar placement !!! I can't stop looking at them. My hubby stares and he tells me "wow she did a great job !!!! You can't see the scars and they are so Smooth !! " They look better and lighter in person. One day when the weather is nice and I can take pictures with natural light I will post pics. I feel that the light from indoor does it no justice.

I weighed myself yesterday and my weight is steady. I am up 1-2 pounds depending on the day that I weigh myself. But that is normal and healthy. I am also PMS-ising so the eating has been a bit off this week.

I have pictures from this morning. Pardon the bad lighting. Office bathroom is dim.
Wow! I just read your entire review posts. What a journey you have been on! What's the latest greatest with you? Did you go ahead and have the implants removed? And where did you photos go, didn't see them posted on here! Would love to see your before and afters! I'm still 6 weeks from my PS which includes a BL. I really, really wanted implants but my Dr. wants me to wait 6 months to a yr. and heal from the lift and then decide whether or not I still want them. After reading your story, I'm hoping I'll be fine with just the BL! I should end up as a full C after the procedure. I'm also having alot of lipo and an extended TT-type surgery. I could really relate to all the emotional ups and downs you expressed. I'm already going through them and I'm still pre-op. Reading your posts have & will help me in dealing with them! I have a tendency towards depression and I'm worried that I'll have difficulty with dark days appearing a few days post-op. But they pass, right? And time is our friend, so patience is the key! Please keep us updated and let us know how you are doing and adjusting! All the Best, with big hugs and prayers going your way!
It has been a crazy Journey. I went ahead and had my implants removed June 3rd. Its been exactly 16 days today. I removed my photos from here because they were to easily accessible and since my surgeon is a fellow not so many pictures of her patients are up. I felt too exposed. I'll try and put a few pics up and then remove them after a while. I will try to do an update at my 5 months post up that is coming up on the 22nd. I suggest that you wait on the implants. I wish I had someone give me that piece of advice. I had them in for a little over 4 months and I was miserable every single day. As for the emotions, you think you are ready but I don't think that anyone ever will be. My advice is to just let it all out. Come on Realself and vent every time that you need. It helps tons !!!! But it does get better !!!! ;-) and when it does you will be the happiest person alive !!! One day I cried in the shower because I couldn't believe that it was me that I was looking at. and that was before the implant removal. I felt "BEAUTIFUL". Now I am just waiting to pass through this new set of emotions. Time is the KEY in this process. Your prayers are very appreciated and very needed.
You are so right, Time is the Key! I'm feeling a little less disappointed about not having implants with my BL procedure. I am working on not have boob-envy when I see/read about all the BA surgeries on here. I love this site, btw. It's the very first forum-blog thing I've ever done. The ladies on here have been so supportive and I have spent entirely too much time reading so many profiles! But all in all, it's reassuring to have a place to express myself. I don't want to go on & on about my preoccupation with my PS to friends and family. So I'm feeling like this is an appropriate, safe place to be myself. So appreciated. Thanks for reading my post! I look forward to that special shower day when I cry with joy over my new body shape! Definitely an event I'm looking forward to! Thanks Again Hopez! Muah!
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