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Hi, I'm 40 yrs old and a mom of two. (one...

Hi, I'm 40 yrs old and a mom of two. (one C-section). I have been reading all your reviews and can't believe my time is here. Tomorrow is the big day and I can't even imagine how I am going to fall asleep. I have always been thin and in shape and unfortunately pregnancy did not agree with my stomach. I gained 60+ pounds with both. I have lost all the weight but yet I still look preggo. I work out a few days a week and eat relatively healthy. I am having a mini tummy with MR and lipo. I also have a hernia which needs to be repaired as well. All my pictures are on my phone so I will post them tmw at some point. Wish me luck! See you all on the flat side!! :)


Good luck girl. Don't worry about the sleep. You will sleep plenty tomorrow and the days after! Keep us posted! You ARE GONNA ROCK!
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thank you so much!! I'm home and feeling pretty good! Tired and uncomfortable but not in too much pain. :)

Made it to the Flat side!!

yay!! I'm home :) I got the to the surgical center around 7 this morning. Signed more papers and got prepped. I spoke with my PS, he marked me and before I knew it I was in recovery. I was discharged around 11:30. Slept most of the car ride home and now I'm ready to go back to sleep. lol I don't go back to see him til Thurs so I don't have any pictures yet.

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Before pictures

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No more drain! :)

I went to my PS today and he removed my drain :). I felt weird coming out but didn't hurt. I'm still taking my pain meds but I might try taking Tylenol and see how that goes. I got to take a peek and I'm loving my results after only two days.

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I feel like my stomach is going to explode!! I am so swollen, bloated and in desperate need of going to the bathroom!! Any suggestions?? I've been taking stool softeners and this morning I started Miralax. Hopefully that helps. I took Tylenol all day yesterday but then took a Vicodin to go to sleep. I am going to try and stick with the Tylenol from now on. I'm sure the pain meds are contributing to my constipation :(.


Try Motrin instead of Tylenol for pain and take 600 mg 3 x a day. For other.... If miralax doesn't work try senna tea
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thanks.. I will send my husband to go get me some!! Why motrin?? Do you think the Tylenol is adding to the constipation?
No but the Motrin is in the category they call NSAIDS. They will reduce inflammation. Reducing inflammation all over will help everything. ;)

So swollen :(

Feeling bummed that I still feel so sore and swollen. I know it's a slow process but it's so hard to sit and relax. Lol. I get tired so quickly. Stopped all pain meds two days ago (except for Tylenol) and feeling much better that I finally went to the bathroom. A combination of colace, Miralax and tea did the trick. :). I still have a lot of swelling and yesterday I notice more swelling above my belly button. Not sure if it has something to do with the hernia repair( I read it might). I called my PS and was able to switch my appt from wed to tmw so he can look at it.

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Swelling above my belly button


How are you doing today? How is the pain? I am one day post op. I find the binder digs into my abdomen and hurts, also seems to push food up from my tummy into my throat....at least that's what it feels like. Did you have either of those problems with the binder?
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I'm doing much better.. It gets better every day. I never really had pain.. Just uncomfortable. I have a love hate relationship with my binder. Lol at times it bothers me but i definitely feel better when it's on. I wear it over a capri tank and that helps with it digging into your skin. As for eating .. The first few days I ate very light soup, smoothies etc. Now I eat more and I do feel like I am going to explode. Haha sometimes I just loosen the binder to give myself a little breather. And once I've digested I tighten it again. Good luck!!
Thank u. It's a long toad at first then time flies! You will make it!!! Keep your chin up

What a difference a few days makes!!

Wow.. What a difference a few days makes!! The last few days have been rough. I had swelling above my belly button and felt extremely tired and lighted all day. I went to my PS and saw his PA and she said it was normal swelling and to give it a few days. I told her about my light headedness and the fact that my legs hurt. She sent me for a sonogram of my legs to rule out blood clots. She also said I needed to eat more and drink more fluids. She assured me that it ok to feel a little out of it. After all it's only 7 Days! I guess it's just hard to sit back and relax and let yourself heal. So I ate more small meals yesterday trying to fuel my body and drank tons more water. I woke up feeling much better and my swelling above my belly button has gone down. Definitely seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Just wish it would happen a little quicker. Lol


You're looking fantastic!
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Thank you :)

Quick update

The past few days have been interesting. I feel like I'm on an emotional roller-coaster. Healing is a slow process and at times I get frustrated that I don't feel as good as I thought I would. Physically I am feeling better but still a little sore and still uncomfortable. I feel like I can't breathe when I take off my binder. So I have been trying to take it off a little at a time to get by body used to not wearing it. I still get tired easily .. Hoping that my energy starts to improve soon. I didn't post any new pictures bc there isn't much of a change. I'm still dealing with swelling. I'm flatter in the morning and then bigger at night. Which I guess is the norm from all the reviews I have read.


I enjoyed reading about your recovery. I am considering a mini tummy tuck and breast augmentation at the same time. Just a little nervous about the recovery time especially for the tummy tuck. You were so positive. Thanks for sharing your day to day experiences.
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Good luck!! I know it's early in my recovery but I can definitely so far it's so worth it!! I definitely needed two weeks before I felt ok to drive and go back to work. I know some people said they were feeling better sooner but I think if you give yourself at least two weeks you should be ok. Unless you have a physically demanding job lol. Good luck. I look forward to following your journey!!
Take it one day at a time. I felt the same way as you are, frustrated and felt like I wasn't progressing as quickly as I thought I should of been. You're body has been through a lot and you've spent a lot of money. Give yourself a break, you only get the chance to heal right once. I found the same thing re: the breathing without the binder. Honestly each week gets better than the week before. It's a slow process but so worth it! I'm almost 6 weeks post op, still have days that I need lots of sleep, still have more swelling at night and intermittent discomfort. But not nearly as bad as at 2 weeks. Just think - next few weeks you have a licence to do nothing :) rest, read, watch movies. Drink lots of water, eat healthy and lots of protein. By fall you'll be doing so much better!
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3 weeks

I was three weeks PO on Tuesday. I feel a little better everyday. Driving is easier and I am able to sleep on my side. Yay! I am still very swollen so it's hard to get dressed because none of my shorts fit. Lol. I started to take off my binder for longer periods but still feel better when it's on. I tried to sleep without it last night and I was uncomfortable all night. I don't go back to my ps til for another two weeks.. Let's hope by then my swelling goes down. I still have on the surgical tape so I have not started any scar treatment.


Please I need to know where Dr Norman Rowe can be located
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He is in Manhattan. He is on 77th between Park Avenue and Madison Avenue
Hi Dr, I want to know where you are located
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Almost 6 weeks

I'm almost 6 weeks PO and now I realize why people post so often in the beginning stages and then kind of disappear lol. After the two week mark there are really no dramatic changes. I look pretty much the same thanks to the constant swelling. Everything does get easier. Diving, sleeping and moving around in general gets easier everyday. I went to my ps on Monday and he cleared me to start working out. I only wear my binder to sleep. My ps said my results would be the same whether I wore it or not so it was up to me what was most comfortable. The first few days felt really weird but now it's ok. I tried to wear spanx but found them extremely uncomfortable. I'm hoping the swelling starts to go away. I am really flat in the morning then really swollen by lunch lol. He said some people could swell for up to a year. I hope I am not one of them. I'll try an post both morning and evening pictures. Here's to swell-free days ahead!!


any new pics?
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Dr. Norman Rowe

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