Revlite Nd:YAG Laser for Melasma - New York, NY

In my pregnancies I developed freckle-sized...

In my pregnancies I developed freckle-sized patches of melasma on the sides of my cheeks. (These are not sunspots or agespots, but are indeed melasma, and that is an important difference.)

I tried Tri-Luma which did absolutely nothing at all except make my skin red. There was no fading of pigment whatsoever. It was a waste of money and time.

I researched all the lasers out there and decided that I would give the Nd:YAG Revlite laser a try. My dermatologist said the spots would go away with one treatment but I might need follow up bleaching creams.

Two months ago I had the treatment. It took only a few minutes, wasn't too painful. After 7 days the ugly crusty scabs fell off and the spots were red, like acne scars. After one month I went back for a follow-up and was distressed because the spots were still red. I was given 4% hydroquinone and told to apply twice daily.

It's now been two months. The redness is almost gone. The spots have indeed changed: they got lighter by 50% but they got wider, too, so now it looks like I have these strange "stains" instead of freckles! They aren't dark brown, but a light brownish pinkish grey, almost like acne scars. I don't think the post-laser hydroquinone did anything to alter the pigment other than to lighten the redness a little.

My dermatologist won't do another laser treatment because he says he rarely needs to do two on a patient. That may be true for sunspots and freckles, but what I have is deep melasma--not light surface pigmentation-- that nothing seems to cure.

I think the Nd:YAG might work for sunspots and freckles, but I don't think it improved my melasma. The good news is that a dab of concealer covers it fine, so it's not a big deal. I am now using Vitamin C on my face and I use Zinc Oxide sunscreen which prevents any further darkening.

In retrospect I wished I hadn't done the laser because it widened the patches, made them a little bigger, and made them a strange color...I think I would have been happier if I had left them looking like freckles, although they were a bit harder then to cover with concealer. I'm frustrated because the rest of my skin is beautiful except for these weird patches I now have.

I had really wonderful results from the nd:YAG laser with my doctor in Coquitlam, though it seems it was a different machine model or treatment type. I just called the office (Dr. Daniel Yip)and they said the laser they used on me is called Lutronic (sp?). Anyway, it took 9 visits, but my melasma is say... 95% gone. Kojic and retinol always for maintenance too! Hopefully you find a Lutronic or a suitable lotion- thanks for the post!
That's interesting because my doctor said he would only do one treatment with the laser. I've been using Vitamin C, retinol and I recently pulled out my old discontinued Tri-Luma cream... and over time it's faded to where I'm happy with it. If I could get someone to do one more treatment I think it would be gone, but I'm 44 and more spots are appearing. It would take awhile for the laser to treat every little spot, so I'm sticking with the Retinol/Vit C and Tri-Luma to cover the entire area at once.
Hi, i just went to a clinic for a consultation, and the recommended revlite. Mine is melasma above the lip from contraceptive pill, and its not too bad if i am very careful in the sun. I'm not going to try the lasers at the moment, but she also recommended all these lotions and potions and i wondered what the ones you were, which you tried? the ones she said are: purity clean, Lytera, Prioirty B, Ultra A and phytoclear? Did you think yours have helped?
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