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I really want to get lipo done in my abdomen and...

I really want to get lipo done in my abdomen and thighs but I'm so scared! What if I don't like the results? What if there are complications? What if the fat grows back. I've been thinking about this for months and have lost sleep over it. I'm 5'10 and weigh 158. Someone help!

I really want to get it done early next month so I'll be nice and toned in time for summer but I'm so afraid. I guess I'm afraid of the unknown.

Lipo is a a permanent procedure, so I can understand your anxiety. The treated areas will not be able to regain fat the same way as before since the structure inside of your treated area will change. From what I have read online, the fat will still return but will return to other places of your body, since it has to go somewhere and cannot go to the treated area since their is internal scarring that prevents it from accumulating there. Some surgeries can leave you disfigured, some might not. The butt apparently is the bermuda triangle and very difficult to do (from what I have read online and I've spent endless hours researching). The doctor will never tell you not to do are the perfect candidate is all you will hear...all anyone ever hears, regardless of if they truly should or should not be operated on. I know it's still your choice and I am not persuading you in any direction, just stating facts that I have read and that seem to make me concerned for my own well being. Also, we put fat on different places in our bodies per our hormones and our age and I am still trying to find any information on where that fat goes when we hit a certain age (they say, younger women store it on their hips/butts; middle aged women on their abdomen, and older women on their upper body). I've also read that some women experience shelving on their abdomen after surgery that makes them look disfigured from the side but normal from the front...all of this is just info i've found and wanted to share with you because it took me hours to find it. In the end, obviously, there are good surgeries and some very happy people but please do your homework as this is permanent and will be with you forever.
Thanks. I'll check him out online.
Hi 12BPerfect. I can relate. I went to my consultation today, did the blood work and scheduled surgery for January 26th. I am also afraid of the unknown. Filled with anxiety and absolutely afraid of undergoing surgery. With that said if this is something you want and expectations are realistic I think you will be fine. I am not yet at a place of contentment myself but i think as time progresses I just might get there. Good luck to you!
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