The surgery did not happen

I am very aware that liposuction isn't a means for...

I am very aware that liposuction isn't a means for weight loss, but I hope it helps me jump start to the new me. I have been overweight for of all of my adult life and I hope to give my husband a sexier wife (seriously, everyone wants there spouse to be sexy).

I had an consultation with Dr. Shahine and he stated that he can make me look great. The before and after pictures in his office and website looks great to me. I am basically going to suck the fat out of my entire body - inner thighs, gut, lower back and flanks.

I will attemp to lose about 20lb before the procedure because I think if i am motivated beforehad, I wil be motivated afterwards.

Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us. Good luck for your upcoming surgery, I hope it all goes well!

I know losing weight is one of the hardest things to do, but I'm sure you can do it! What are New Years for? ;-)

Please do keep us updated with your progress.


Happy New Year to all. I have been so sick over...

Happy New Year to all.

I have been so sick over the weekend that I actually lost 5lbs - that is from not eating and sleeping my sickness away. So i have only 15lbs to go - that was easy. I hope I don't gain the 5lbs back.

My body transformation is in 3.5 weeks and I am...

My body transformation is in 3.5 weeks and I am getting so very nervous. the doctors ensured me that my body will be sculpted to close to perfection as it can be - as long as I wear my compression garment and follow his post-op care. I am reading various liposcution reviews on realself and I am hoping my results turn out great. I am very over-weight, I will post pics of my belly today. I have lost a lot of weight before and kept it off for years, since I gained the weight back - I am no motivation to excercise on a contious basis. I am really looking for a miracle.

I need to know what compression garment to get, because my doctor doesn't provide one. I also want to know the tricks to make the best out of my procedure. I am going to have to check the Brazilian Buttlife forum because those girls know how to make there tummy flat.

Until next time....
how much is he charging u
$9,000 but it is a two day procedure in order to remove all my fat. As per the doctor and his staff, he wants to make the patient happy - so he won't charge for a touch up.
will you be undergoing general or local anesthesia?

My surgery is in two weeks and it is time to prep...

My surgery is in two weeks and it is time to prep my body. I began using firming loition to help prevent saggin skin after the procedure - hoping for a nice almost (really flat) stomach. I wil start stretching, and eating pineapples everyday.
Please keep posting I pray for a successful surgery. I am schedule for a consult next week and have a fear he would say my size is a factor but I am actively working out but I can't get the results I want in the area I want so help to keep me encourage would be good
Thank you Meegie. I really hope this surger is successful also. I really want to be slim, because a nice body gives you the confidence that you are lacking. What areas are you planning on getting
Yes I will have to agree with you on feeling better about yourself. I never wanted to do surgery one because I was always scared more so of being put to sleep. As I stated I have a consult schedule for Feb 6 but I had one for what they call tickle lipo and I am not real comfortable with the process not so much the doctor. Well I was glad to see a pix of you because I look like you. I was wondering if lipo was not the best alternative for me because I don’t have to have a complete flat stomach; I would like to contour my body to look more shapely. I figure I can continue work out to tone the rest. I have realistic goals but at the same time hoping for a miracle.  Best wishes and keep positing so I will know your final results.

The procedure is in less than 2 weeks so I believe...

The procedure is in less than 2 weeks so I believe it is time to get my must have list - the problem is I am not sure what I must have. So I am looking to purchase my garment today, so I text my doctor to ask him his opinion and signed my name and in parenthesis I wrote so nervous. He responded to the garment question and told me not to be nervous. I actually feel kind of good that I can converse with my doctor before the surgery actually occurs and not just his coordinator (although, she is a lovely woman).

Speaking of the coordinator, she told me that one of the Drs previous patients used a yoga mat (of course they cut it up) rather that the Foam. I am thinking the yoga mat route might be cheaper, but I still want the foam.. Not sure if this makes any sense. Most of my stomach flattening technique comes from the ladies over at the Brazilian Butt Lift Forum, they know al the best tricks. I am planning purchasing a tablet to wear under my garment as well as the foam to help it get flatter.

I am going to take Arnica and Bromelain (pineapple extract) supplements after the surgery to help wit the swelling and the bruising.

I will post my full body a few days before the surgery so I can track my progress.

Until next time my lovely forum friends
I have to tell you that the healing process from a tummy tuck was no big deal. I had it done in July and vacationed in August. The results were awesome. All this lipo I just had done was way way worse recovery time for me. I'm still feeling crappy. Good luck on your lipo! We all heal differently :)
Did you ever discuss a tummy tuck with your doc? The liposuction will not remove extra skin. That's what my doc said and I myself had a little hang that I'm hoping that by wearing the CG it will help. You're going to be fine. I was just as nervous and I made it through. You'll be ok. Keep us posted.
I did think about a Tummy Tuck, but i deviated from that because I can't deal with long term pain. I viewed many people who had large volume liposuction and they did not have extra skin, I am just hoping I am one of the lucky ones. That is why I began using firming loiton - wishful thinking. You look great, congrats on your procedure. - wishing you happy healing

I began wearing the XL vest squeem about a week or...

I began wearing the XL vest squeem about a week or two ago, and notice that it was too big - so I decided to order the Large. Last night I put the large on to go to bed just to get a feeling on how a real compression garment feel will. The Large garment was very tight and I had to call my husband to help me roll it down. At first I but it on the first hook, but the I wind up putting it on the tightest hook. Sleeping was very uncomfortable at first because I felt I could breathe, I just put about 4 pillows under my head and I slept the whole night with the garment.

I am not certain why I fit into the large especially since I haven't loss any weight since being sick.

Things I do that I feel is very important.
To be able to wear the garment all day, place any foam under the garment to prevent the pain of the garment metal from digging into your skin.
For ladies who have stomachs that look like mine, it is important to make sure your entire stomach is in your garment. I go inside from the top of my garment at pull my stomach up... I really think it helps...
Use firming lotion, super important

Until next time
Good luck my sister went to him same stomach as yours and she looks great
Thank you for saying that, I am so nervous. Did she have to do the surgery in two days?
I just had done what you are getting, Full back, full abs and inner thighs. He removed 4000CC. I was out. I had lipo 6 years ago under local and I felt a lot. But I am a very nervous person and adrenaline kicks in and I feel things. This time a nice sleep and overnight in the hospital with good pain meds.. The doctor ordered the garment and right in recovery the nurse pulled on the large CG. It has a full back and knee length with clasps on the front. They put some cotton underneath and it never hurt. It took me and the nurse to try to close it. I am 15 days and swelling is starting to come down. Lots of rest, feet up and just relax after. Lemon water, bromelain, protein and clean eating . I had a terrible time the first week as I was sick from the antibiotics what did I do. But now its so and clean eating. I had a terrible time

Tonight will begin day 1/2 of my surgery - this...

Tonight will begin day 1/2 of my surgery - this morning was the firs time I ever dreamt about the procedure and it wasn't a nightmare, so hopefully that is a good thing.

The fact that the doctor is always late doesn't bother me as much (although I haven't experienced his lateness yet) - because I always show up to places a hour or two late. My appointment is a 7pm today, I am the first one for the night..
I will post before pictures tonight, hopefully.

Keep telling myself to breathe

Deuces, sexy ladies or soon to be sexy ladies.
Hey...checking in. How did it go? I suppose you're on to part 2 of your procedure. Keep us posted.
I did not have the surgery
What happened?

I don't want to go into details about why I didn't...

I don't want to go into details about why I didn't have the procedure done, but it just didn't happen with Dr. Shahine. I do still think he would of gave me amazing results based on his before and after picture - and I honestly believed i would of look great. I am really bummed that I spent money on compression garments, foams, tablets and other items to help me recover. I am currently looking into large volume liposuction or a tummy tuck to have by the end of the month.I don't want to rush or just pick any doctor just for the sake of doing this procedure. I worked out a little this morning, just so i won't feel so fat. I am actually extremely sad that I did not have this procedure done - basically crying. I will keep you guys updated on my next steps - thank you all for wishing me well - even though I did not have the surgery.

Regards..... Still Hoping to Be the New Me In 2013
I had lipo in Feb. 2013. I was a size 4 with a nice body to start with, all I wanted was for him to clean up my flanks and little on my back. The results suck. He actually ruined my body, it looks bad, uneven and weird in the back. He does not respect patients' time, for my surgery I waited 13 hours from when it was scheduled. He does not provide a garment or even guidance regarding post op care. You need to get several garments, 3 days after the surgery you need to wear one at least 1 size larger because you will be quite swollen. Then you go through stages whereas you need to change the garment size. All he told me was buy a garment that's comfortable. Due to his lack of instruction I ended up buying 5 garments and paid about $700. He also told me the massages were 'optional'..OMG, without the massages you will develop lumps and swelling. I have spent over $1200 on massages (so factor that in). He does not have a file for his patient's so during each follow-up it's like he's seeing you for the first time with no information before him about what he did to you or your medical history..HUGE RED FLAG..The staff is beyond unprofessional and they are hustler's because they get a commission. By the way none of them are certified nurses and they assist the surgery..RED FLAG..To see him for a follow-up is almost impossible, he had me wait 5 hours once and 3 hours another time. I feel discouraged and I will have to go to another surgeon for revision. Do your research!! He is NOT Bd. certified, he is an OB/GYN. He takes the pictures right after surgery with your arms extended upwards to make it look at if your figure has clean lines, although there are bumps. For those getting fat transfer, the fat will be reabsorbed by your body, everyone in the waiting room was complaining about that. Visit several surgeons and do your research. Good Luck!! (click search at the bottom of page, put his name Ayman Shahine, and then click 'legal actions' at top of page.)
First things first all the pictures on this website are fake he has his staff put them up and post fake reviews ever wonder why there are only pictures on the table. He has extend your arms in the air so the butt look bigger and ur stomach looks flatter, the pictures from before and after patients are from two different patients. Wants only cash payment because you will never see your money again if not satisfied or if you change your mind. He will have you waiting for over 12 hours and if you want to leave you cant because he has you full amount in cash. He cannot shape a butt and he is not certified. You are never happy with results and he never takes responsibility all he wants is money and for you to spend more and more his consultations are scams he is a good talker he preys on minorites. none of his staff are certified nurses and will quote you a crazy price because they receive commision. The reason you are not put to sleep is becasue they will take away his medical license. You are in extreme pain when you are awake and afterwards. This medical prodecure when you are asleep not local anesthesia. There is no anesthisialogist. It is dirty in an office and not sanitary. We need to stick together and be honest with each other all these post are fake he has his staff do them spread the word this is our body we need to help each other he is a liar a scammer who just wants money you will never get the body you want he will charge you for touch ups
Wow. That's crazy. I did do a bit of research on him in the beginning and when I found that he was not certified I moved on.
Dr. Ayman Shahine

Ayman Shahine I will rate te doctor after I do the procedure - I do believe he was pleasant in person.

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