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I have been wanting to lose some weight for a real...

I have been wanting to lose some weight for a real long time. As of late my clothes don't fit the same I got back fat ughh how I hate the back fat and stomach fat all the way around I need to get rid of this asap. I've worked out, tried eating healthy but nothing works, I felt like I was losing weight in my legs but not in the gut and thats the area that definitely needs to disappear.

I hate the way my clothes fit I am ready for winter so that I can get this surgery over with and heal. I've been reading up on this site. Debating now if I should even get a brazilian butt lift lol I do have a little bit of a butt but it could be more rounder. I think if I get the lipo done my true figure will show through.

Can anyone that got this done in NYC tell me how much they spent? I am being told the procedure will be $15000 not sure if this is the norm but then again everything is expensive in NYC and I really need this done.

October 18th cant come soon enough need to blast...

October 18th cant come soon enough need to blast the fat away lol

Did lipo feeling good make sure you follow all...

Did lipo feeling good make sure you follow all instructions your surgeon gives you. This is only day 1 and I feel fine just a little sore. Taking meds just have a little drainage which is normal. I alredy see some differences in my belly.

4 days post op each day gets better and better but...

4 days post op each day gets better and better but still sore and pain on right side. Wish I was 4 months post op hopefully by then all pain will have subsided. I do think it was worth it I do see the new shape my body has taken. Have a little pain under the boobs. But as each day goes by it gets better. Taking my meds daily.

6days post op Feeling much better today thinking...

6days post op Feeling much better today thinking and staying positive. I think the best "season" or time to do surgery would be in the winter I don't think I could survive this in the Spring/Summer.

About 3 weeks post-op feeling so much better and...

About 3 weeks post-op feeling so much better and ready to hit the gym lol my compression garment is now on the 2nd hook. I do get swollen at times particularly in the flanks and back area but I noticed this happens if I'm moving around to much or being real active (only sometimes) but feeling way better than my first week and I am LOVING the results (even though this only the beginning).

So its been a month and a few days after my...

So its been a month and a few days after my surgery. I am back in the gym religiously and watching what I eat (less fried/more grilled). Loving my new shape. I can't wait for summer I am already looking for a bathing suit lol. Happy Healing Ladies (and men). If you still trying to decide on doing lipo I would suggest having a few consultations with some doctors and making sure your doing this for the right reasons. This is no quick fix its definitely something you have to maintain.

6 week review post op I added some new pics. I...

6 week review post op I added some new pics. I have been pigging out this week (pizza, chinese food and greasy foods yes even in the same day shame on me I know lol) got to go back to eating healthy again.

9weeks post op feeling good no complaints Hope...

9weeks post op feeling good no complaints
Hope everyone is healing ok. Also wishing you all a Happy Holiday Season.

I am about 15 weeks post op still feeling good. I...

I am about 15 weeks post op still feeling good. I do feel some of my new weight is going to my butt and thighs lol not a bad thing but definitely have to maintain my figure. I only wear my compression garment at night or at home particularly the Squeem Waist Cincher.
I have no regrets and believe this was a great investment in myself.
Wishing all of you ladies the best on your journey and yes I will try to update more often lol :)

Now 18 weeks post op trying to eat and stay...

Now 18 weeks post op trying to eat and stay healthy. Also during the winter months I use my wii fit a lot when I can't make it to the gym. I don't regret my surgery. Any weight I have gained is now going to my butt (which is not a bad thing lol) hope you ladies (and gents) are healing well. It definitely is a journey that will get better with time.

Hello hope all of you ladies are doing well and...

Hello hope all of you ladies are doing well and hanging in there my main thing is maintaining the weight now the fat is going to my butt and hips lol people tell me I look like I lost weight but I want my tummy super flat lol I know I came a long way but summer is around the corner and I'm trying to fit into a 2 piece bathing suit lol

1 year later

Hi everyone I know it's been a while today is a year after my surgery I did gain some weight but I still have a great shape and my butt got huge, lol I am still happy with my weight now than I was a year ago but I definitely need to tone up the stomach maybe do some crunches
New York Plastic Surgeon

did research online and read credentials also visited the office. Dr. Schulman was nice and seemed very caring didn't rush and answered all of my questions. Cant wait to get this surgery done :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look great! What did you have done?
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Thanks lipo of the upper and lower abs as well as flanks and back
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Thanks! Do your results still look good? I ask because I am (seriously) considering a similar procedure but with lots of research done i hear you gain the weight back in odd areas( back, arms, cheeks) . I just wanted to see if someone who has had the procedure is happy
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Thanks for the update. Wow any learned lessons for those about to have lipo?

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I am looking to have my surgery performed in either November or March and wouldn't mind buddying up with someone for the journey! If anyone might be interested let me know!
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You should do November
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If u need to lose more weight use isagenix
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How soon after surgery did you go back to work?
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I took off 2 weeks before going back to work. I actually did my surgery the week before hurricane sandy so I used that time to recooperate
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2 weeks later
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Hi Deeva, judging by the pre/post pictures your surgery certainly paid off;-) I am scheduled for a lipo with Dr. Schulman and was wondering how even did your lipo turn out.. I am overall of a slender shape, but with the same problem areas as so many of us (flanks and tummy). Again, in the pic above your stomach looks very even.. Would love to hear from you soon!
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Thanks have you done your surgery yet ?
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Hi Deeva... how many liters or CC's did they remove and when did you start to notice the swelling decreasing and when did u really start to see a change in your figure... you look awesome:)
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Thanks sorry for the lAte response he took out about 13 lbs by 12 weeks you will notice a significant difference. But even after 2 weeks my stomach was going down just have to maintain it.
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I am asking all: what kind of exercise do you do and how often? Be honest...
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I do excercises on the wii fit and also a lot of abdominal excercises (crunches) also if I am at the gym I utilize the elliptical. I try for 2-3 times a week but there's some weeks where I have fallen off not going to lie. Lol definitely need to be more consistent. I think I need to make better food choices lol sometimes that's my weakness. Happy healing. Takes a lot to maintain.
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Hello did you lose all your tummy fat?
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Yes take a look at my pre-op and post op pics.
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Yes I saw your pics before. Thanking you again for these encouraging words
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Your welcome Its always good to have a great support system. You will be fine in time for graduation :)
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looking goood girl!
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Thanks you too :)
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So Deeva, would you do another procedure?
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