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I'm a 34 years old doing full back lipo and tummy...

I'm a 34 years old doing full back lipo and tummy tuck with DR. Yager.
After done a lot research I chose yager, because made feel that I will get what I'm looking for...yes! Almost thought of leaving the country to the great curves and amazing body I keep
Seeing every where, but it's not safe or worth the risk. I'm paying double but I will 100% safe.
I want a flat stomach!
Less stretch marks and look great for my 35 bday.
I had my first child when I was 21 and got all these stretch marks with the first pregnancy, I can't recall if I got more in the second pregnancy but it feels I had them forever.
I work out on a regular basis but I'm struggling with having no thyroid glands (previous surgery)
My blood test result came out good!
My endocrinologist said my thyroid levels are normal, and have been for the last year.
So the only thing that's left to do is wait and count down the days.
I'm excited and scared! It's normal, that's what everyone says,
In the next two week I will keep working out, no drinking alcohol,
Eating low fat, low salt, low carb.
I'm following all the recommendations by the doctor and nurse.
Can't wait to my final results!
Best of luck to you. I have a consult with Dr. Yager next Saturday April 12th.
Good luck and keep us updated on your progress.

Back pic

Hi we are one day apart:) I tell you I am ready to get this show on the road and finally be able to say" I Made It Ladies"!!:)
I am right there with you! hehehe, i tell you it's the wait that's killing me!!
Hello callee and newbeequeen2014 am also having sx the 18th of april, good to have found other members of the "Yager club" to share our experiences...

Less than a week...

It feels like I'm going on vacation, I feel I gotta leave so many things ready before the surgery.
A big plus is that the kids will be off that week and that will give few days to relax and not to think about the morning drills. I am planing to stay over at a relative's place for a day or two until the first post op at least. Wednesday it's the big day, I'm so busy at work that I barely think about it but once I get home, I get on real talk trying to find new stories to read.
I will b working until the 15th. I hope that was not a bad choice I made but I want to use only the days I need to. I plan to go back to work on may 5th God's willing. Scare, excited, anxious, equals to me right now!!! But I can't wait to get this done and see my new belly!!!
You should be ready to go by May 5. Good luck.
ColaradoMaiden that's good to hear! I want to go back to work on that day. Thanks


I'm getting so hungry lately...i think it's because the inner me is out control of nervousness :/
I'm going shopping today for the surgery, preparing basically for those days, I'm thinking to get the big pads, comfortable pillows, few extra sweats suits, and 1-2 nude color sports bras, gauze, bed lining, etc. 4 more days :
Sounds like a plan. By next weekend you should be up and going good.
Okay gals it looks like I am the first one up Monday( I guess the old and decrepit go first :) I am praying for ALL OF US and will post just as soon as I can see the keyboard:)
I hope so!!! Thanks dear ;)

Birth control pills?

Ok, I'm really scare now. I didn't stop my birth control pills....I'm calling the doctor's office first thing in the morning to see how can that affect me :/ my surgery is Wednesday......
today is your day!!!! am going to be praying for you...
Thanks mommy! Thanks so much!! I'm back in here, but just for a bit. #uncomfortable #feeling. Good luck to u if I'm not able to get in tomorrow

I made it! But the recovery process is not an easy task...

Happy to b able to post a pic and write few words.... Tomorrow is my first post op. I hope to feel at lease 5% better. It's a little uncomfortable with pain. Ouch!
How r u feeling today? Good luck. Thinking of u.
I'm better than yesterday. I will see the doc in the next couple of hours. This is no joke but it was what I wanted! How are colMaiden?
Still puffy. I had three month check yesterday. I lost 4" from waist and hips from pre. Doctor said i did not need to wear CG bug think I will continue to wear binder

1st post op

Today was my first post op.
Still a little out of it.
Hate the blood smell after they removed the white big bandage/girdle type. I got a new one, and washing the first one.
My next appointment is next thrusday. It feels it will be an eternity. This drain its horrible. But it's my drain and it's doing the job. I wil recover better before i update again. Good luck to those that are on the way for this extraordinary journey.

Hard knock days!!!

No sleep, muscle pain ( meaning every muscle in my body)
I don't know how I will take it like this until Thursday. The drain....why why do they have to put it there :( but it's still draining, i want to change that gauze around it. I will call before because i don't remember the doc or nurse telling me to change it.
I feel so out of it sometimes.
Can't wait to get my real self back...I missed it so much, together with a nice warm
Bath to remove this feeling :(
I guess it's part if the beautifying mode I am in. ;)

Lipo pic

The worst!!!!

Look at that flat belly in your post op pic!! Cant wait to see more!
Hi violetrose, Me too!!! Waiting paitiently for Thrusday! Drain comes out!
OMG newbeequenn! I feel for you baby ยก ama pretty much all bruised up too, but am in less pain todayi,,, am going to keep praying for you!


No one told me about this!!!?? It's horrible, lol I'm praying that I don't have to cough again, I don't know what I will do. I'm getting a hard hard pillow in case it happens again. It was really scary, but I survived! I might sound like a big complainer but I an seriously counting the days, hours, and minutes till the drain day comes!
You look wonderful Dr.Yager has done an excellent job your tummy is so flat!
Thanks Jessie! Can't wait to see myself better tomorrow after the drain is out.


Here I am! Feeling much better than day1, but full of concerns....belly botton size and location, scar healing time, etc i dont want to stress it, it's still soon to see final results......No more Vicodin! I'm on my own

9days post op

hey newbeequeen how you've been handling the sleeping positions? bed, recliner??? just wondering how can you improve your pain....
Hi Mommyofseven I was on recliners since they day of the surgery, but after the drain removal i been back to my bed. The discomfort is big, I will say bigger than the pain, because all your back bones aches from being in a sofa or recliner. I'm still struggling in bed because I have few pillows on my back. But definely better than the recliner. When is your tummy tuck?
Unbelievable results.

Back lipo

U r looking terrific. Envy is the word.
I had my lipo done the 17th and eleven days later ALL bruising is gone. Im amazed.
Mine is may 2nd, am dreading the recovery time, but can't wait to get it over with, am told warm compress in the lower back helps, maybe you can soak a hand towel in warm water, and put it in a ziplock under your back to alleviate the discomfort , am so happy for you, u r half way there, chip your chin up, u look great!

Before and after back lipo

Just give it all time. Your body will heal beautifully if you take care of yourself like we all know we should. Try not to worry about things too early, there are major good changes each week for up it a year.
You look amazing. It is really hard recovering from a TT but your results will be so worth it. Your stomach will be flat flat flat and smooth and tight. Enjoy.

2weeks update!

So today I'm 15days post op....had an appointment and saw the nurse. To my surprise I had fluid in my stomach, I thought I was swollen but no :( she took a the fluid out with a syringe, ouch, ouch, it didn't hurt much cause my stomach still a bit numb but it's hurting now, like the pinches.
I still swollen, my belly button is so big put I find it smaller than last week. I'm not too happy with that. I hope it gets smaller. I will post pic tomorrow of it. Other than that everything is under control. I start work next Monday. And my first lymphatic massage will be next thrusday. Im so ready for 6weeks update, lol I know more weeks!!!!
Happy healing ladies!
Looking good.
Ouch! That most have been uncomfortable , hope you feel better... Am a nerve wreck today, no sleep at all... Dreading the recovery! I'll post as soon as I feel better.... Thanks for remembering...

My 2weeks stomach

It looks like it's healing....

BB is looking progressively better. I think it will be fine. Good luck.
How you feeling girlfriend? Today is day one ....thin is hardddddd
Welcome to the flat side Mommyofseven! Very excited you are updating! Take it easy for the few days! Then it will be a party in the USA lol

A blister or a scratch, who knows....

So now it seems, that things will start getting complicated :( I just got a blister or the garment scratch a little part of the incision. I can't believe it, it's horrible, I called the clinic and they told to put a large tshirt before putting the faja. I was always covering that with lite Kotex, I don't know what happened. And in the middle of the incision I noticed a small piece of nylon coming out, it supposed to a stich that my body wants to expell. I'm so afraid because I don't want any compilations. Did anyone went thru this?


How is your back ? Are u happy with results? looks great! I ask because im thinking about getting it done. your tummy looks great also!!
Hi newmetobe, I'm happy with the results so far, however, as you know nothing is perfect...my belly button is weird, and I was going thru some small blister on the side of my tt incision. My back is pretty good! I'm doing the first lymphatic massage on Wednesday. I was told after the massages is when you see the real results. The full back included my love handles, and after yearsss, I finally have a waist!!! Lol when are you planning to getting it done?

3weeks update

After putting the tshirt under my garment no more blister problem. Thankfully they are healed as we speak.
Done with my 2nd lumpy hath massage and it wasn't that bad.
I'm using a new faja, since the one the doc gave me fits me extremely loose and it's not doing the job. I felt so loose with it.
Saw the doc on Thursday and he remove 25cc of fluid AGAIN from my stomach :( I'm going back on Tuesday to see if I retain more by then.
Overall the tummy tuck work looks good....the belly button is healing, closing a bit but still big.
The lipo of my waist is good also but I thought it was a full back...I'm noticing some fat on my upper back. I will show the doc on Tuesday as well. I'm only 20plus days post op I know there is so much to come. I do get anxious on the final results.
I'm back at work taking it easy, but when I get home I go straight to bed. I feel so exhausted. I was told it was normal. Let's see what week #4 brings!!!



I'm using the silicone strip on the scar, and I do see a difference. But that silicone tape is expensive...I will continue to use it and try to get it online.
Do you see improvement with the silicone strips? If so how long have you been using them?
Did your breast well up after the lipo and tummy tuck. I had mine Thursday with Dr. Yegar and my breast feel swollen and are huge and heavy.
Hi Jnmarrero, the side of my breast was swollen cause I has lipo on the sides. But my was not swollen....remember all bodies are different, but of course my whole was swollen. Even after 5weeks I'm swollen not as much, but still some. Going on my 4th lymphatic massage, i hope by #10 I feel much better. Good luck
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