Want to Look Good! Done Smartlipo with fat tranfer to my butt..New York, NY

Well am going to start saying that am very nervous...

Well am going to start saying that am very nervous about my surgery next week. Am going to be 33 soon, and have three kids. I need to do something for myself. After, my first pregnancy my life change in all the ways, my belly lost the beauty that it had before, and it looks like a jelly, if you know what a mean. My husband always says that is fine, that he doesn’t understand why I complaint so much about it, when there is girls with worst situation and has worst marks than me. But, the problem is that I was never like that, and therefore don’t feel comfortable about it. I used to go every day to the gym, worked my bud off, got really skinny and my belly still like a jelly..That’s why I made decision to do surgery. I didn’t tell my husband yet, cause he refuse for me to spent that money in what he call nonsense, he says that am fine, that I don’t need that. Am going to do it without letting him know, which make my more nervous. Am hopping everything is going to come out good, cause I read a few reviews about the doctor and they all good. But let see what happens.

Today is two days before surgery, have my garment...

Today is two days before surgery, have my garment ready, and am going to buy today the neosporin as it was recommended by one of you girls. Also need to buy a couple things, as the doctor suggested; hibi-cleanse and a medical loufa to take a bath on the day of surgery, comfortable clothing (black sweatpants with large long sleeve zip up sweater), Motrin for pan killer, a chocolate bar for snack, and a Gatorade to drink. :)

7 hours to go, am very nervous about this!!! I...

7 hours to go, am very nervous about this!!! I cant wait for the results, am hoping am going to be very happy..i wish it could be done by now but i still have to wait a few hours more :)....

Today is Saturday. I had my surgery on Tuesday...

Today is Saturday. I had my surgery on Tuesday 3:30 am, yes I know the doctor was running late, veryyy late, I got home 8:30 tuesday in the same morning. I was in so much pain, omg, yes hurt that bad, i couldnot stand up from my bed until next Wednesday, did not sleep at all and It was a lot drainage a lot of liquid. The procedure was not dad bad, the doctor was very good, he worked with me to feel comfortable. On wednesday started my after massage, those had calm my pain, swollen as well. However, I still have liquid in my body and is swollen too, and yes it still hurt, not as much but a could say from a 10 a 4 or 5. Am still waiting for the results, but so far I through some pics for you, on my 4 day after surgery. Thanks!

Today is 12 days after my surgery. I have to say...

Today is 12 days after my surgery. I have to say that I feel much better. I did already 5 massage, which has been great, I am suppose to have my last one on Tuesday, but I decided to take an extra package of 10 more :).. The lady has been a tremendous help for my recovery. The liquid is almost gone, and my wait look very good..my belly is going down, but slowly. It still wrinkle in my middle stomach area, around the belly botton hopefully it will go wait after the liquid is completely gone..as the doctor suggested I have been using a full bath towel around my stomach with a magazine under my stomach area, yessss is uncomfortable, but I really dont want the line of the garment stuck in my body for ever,.well I hope to be used to it by next Wednesday, my first day back to work..soon am going to put more pics.. Maybe by next week, for you guys to help me to see if there is any difference..thanks all of you for yor support..ahhhh my husband had help me a lot, take me to do my massage, and helped to put my garment :) I guess after all he is not leaving me..Jajajjajajaja

Two weeks after..back to work today..i feel good....

Two weeks after..back to work today..i feel good..however, i still very swollen and with a little bit of pain..it feels like after workout pain..i dont see much of different yet in my belly..the liquid did came out, but still have more to go..i delete the 5 days after pics to put the 14 days pics..maybe you can see any different. I also used the same under wears to make easier to compare..thank you again for been so supportive. i can wait until see the final results. my belly is wrinkly now and ugly :( ...i dont know if is going to be smooth, but still waiting..i guess i have to have patience..i did my 6 after massage, Friday am going to start my next 10 package..i feel that it helps a lot with the bumps..

Today is 22 days after my surgery! I have to say...

Today is 22 days after my surgery! I have to say so far am not happy, :(.. My skin continue looking very wrinkly, i have bumps all over my tummy area..uneven skin..now i have like three lines in my sides, up close to my ribs..i dont know how should i feel at this point. am going to see my doctor tonight, am going to see what he says..but for now am loosing hope on seen my tummy flat and smooth..am not sure if is better or worth..yes is flatter, of course less fat, but now the skin look worst :(...

Hey girls, here are more pics one next to another...

Hey girls, here are more pics one next to another for you to see the changes..my husband said that i look the same to him :( ....

6 weeks after surgery..am very unhappy..so many...

6 weeks after surgery..am very unhappy..so many bumps and hardness in my belly...so wrinkly..i think is getting worst instead of better. :( i really want to stay positive but when i see my self in the mirror i just cant :( ..at this point dont know if it was a good idea to do this...not happy with my belly results at all...

11 weeks after...first am going to star saying...

11 weeks after...first am going to star saying that i learn to be patience..i know that my results are not going to be from one day to another so, am just waiting..my bumps did came down a little bit but they still there.. :(..therefore, am not completely happy..but my doctor had been great, he said he will do a touch up in another months, which means in maybe two more weeks if the bumps are still there..he said he just want to make me happy, that made me feel like he cares, and it wasn't only about the cash i paid him. i didn't start the gym yet, but i do go the steam room and sauna two days in a week..make me feel good.. i also continue doing my after lipo message..twice a week, now am going to reduce them once a week..but first am going to see if am getting the touch up or no, but mostly i think i will...anyway i hope everyone is doing well in there healing process...i don't feel any type of pain anymore, and i don't feel swollen either..thats a good thing i think..

Hey everybody! today is exactly a week away from 3...

hey everybody! today is exactly a week away from 3 months, i have to say that i still have the bumps and uneven areas. I will probably end up getting a touch up, but i decide to wait 6 months to see the final results, and wait my complete healing process. Anyway, the assistant of my Dr. recommend me to buy galvanic body spa to help with those wrinkles and uneven area. i am going to get it by next week, hopping that i see my final results faster..i will let you guys know how it goes, but i was searching the information about it, and it seem like a lot of people gets results over this gadget..lets hope i do too..dont get me wrong i love my body looks with cloths on..i hate those uneven areas, i want to look sexy naked too..my husband dont even care, this is just for me!!!!

I think, is getting better, not sure.. am going to...

I think, is getting better, not sure.. am going to open another review for the galvanic body spa,,am going to order today..let see if it works!

Hi everyone! It's 4 months after surgery. I still...

Hi everyone! It's 4 months after surgery. I still have some uneven areas on my tummy section. I scheduled my touch up for next week Thursday :(..I know again! But it is for a good cause, I am more prepare now and will get everything I need for after I come out of the surgery.. I am hoping that it will get nice and smooth or atleast no uneven areas so I can be able to wear tight dress or shirt again. My dr. Has been great to me and his assistant as well..i am going to go tomorrow for my blood work to be ready for next week. I also are going to start my after massage on Friday, next day, so I can get all that liquid out, I know is going to hurt but is better to go with the little holes open so it can come out. Last time went 3 days after and liquid was stuck for months in my belly..while as you can see I have think of any mistakes I had made the first time. :) thank you to all of you for be there for me to listen and to encourage me. Thank you for being part of my journey. Any suggestion will be welcome!

Tomorrow is my day again! I can't believe am doing...

Tomorrow is my day again! I can't believe am doing this once again...I will let you guys know, if am still alive of course how did it go...wish me the best..thank you for supporting me :)

Back to day one..Touch up done on Sunday. Am in...

Back to day one..Touch up done on Sunday. Am in pain :( mild, but still hurts. I am drinking my medications and wearing my cg already. Went already to the massage lady to drainage all the liquid..which mean don't have none left in my tummy :).. Am going back 2morrow for my second massage..under my cg have foam withi a abdominal binder..ufff and is killing me..let's see how am going to look in a week..I will post pictures then... :)

Day 2..am back to work..am still in pain but mild....

Day 2..am back to work..am still in pain but mild..going after work for my massage :)...i need to recover very fast..going away the 30th of next month..i have to be ready for that bathing suit.

Day 3..feel good..less pain..the compression...

Day 3..feel good..less pain..the compression garment helps me so much. i dont feel any type of pain when am wearing it..again dont want to see my tummy yet..i want to wait a least two weeks..so this time going to stay away from the mirror for two weeks.. At work, working my regular hours..i guess the touch wasn't that bad like the first one.. :)

Hi everyone..nearly a month later after touch up....

Hi everyone..nearly a month later after touch up..am perfectly fine, nothing hurts, i am back to my working out every week, and continue with my body reductor massage once at week in the spa, and massage myself at home every other day.. i Started my working out routine and back to eating healthy, lost about 4 pounds, i guess 2 pound in per week..i will soon post pictures, i just had been very busy lately..but am not sure of the differences yet.. Do i have the bumps and uneven areas? unfortunately yes! yes is more down, but is not completely down..i will have to wait the entire months to go, so probably can see the final results until then..this time i am not looking too much to myself, and just focusing in the things that i do like about my new body.. if i dont see my stomach better within the time frame, i will start to look forward to the skin tightening treatment( i heard EXILIS IS GOOD) but am not sure, i will see, but for now, i just have to live one day at the time.. :)

Hey everybody! So far am still massaging my tummy...

Hey everybody! So far am still massaging my tummy to disolve the bumps. The right side started to look smaller, but the left side is still giving me a little bit of problems, as you can see with the shirt you can definitely can see the left side over the right side :(.. But am staying possitive, I am working really hard to loose and to maintain the shape, the only thing positive I can say that with swinsuit and with clothes I look good..however I am still going to look for alternative of skin tighneting after my vacation, for now am just going enjoy my butt that continue looking good and my waist :) I guess we have to look the bright side of all of this. Don't regret doing at all, I have a better looking shape and there was no way I was going to have a bigger butt with excercise...I my waist..I really like! When I loose weight I know that things are going to look better than now" I hope everyone is doing well! :)

almost one year after!

Hey girls, i hope everything is going well with all of you..I have to say that i am happy that i did it! so far am still working with smoothing my abs, but i started my velashape treatments, i did my third session and i must say that it is working. My tummy looks much better than before, and i lost 2 inches from my waits so far. I have being lazy with my working out, i guess the improvement will be faster if i go back to working out 4 days a week. I go every Friday for my velashape treatment and i have noticed some progress the bumps and uneven areas are going down, the lady that does it to me said that the velashape will help me to smooth the area, but that after i have to do electrodes treatments to tight my skin..i did i research in it and it seem that is true. Soon am going to put more pictures so you can see the different, i am happy and working hard to fix what didn't make me happy.. so far so good! Can wait to my 10 vela-shape treatments, if with only three am looking for this results i cant imagine the tens are done! Then i will start my electrodes treatment cuz that one only work to tone your abs...Can wait to see my final results!
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Lagata. U still on here. Wanted to c how u r doing. Hope ur well!!! Sharon
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Someone needs to delete the comments from dr oririoko. That is inappropriate.
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Hey Lagata...get some new pics up...lol...I wanna see how the velashape is working for you....hope your doin well...talk soon...Sharon
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you look great congrats!!!
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Hey you look great.... Want to know your stats before surgery (height/wight) my body shape is similar to yours.... Pm me if possible thanks
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Hey Lagata....Looking really good hun....good for u...I go back in Aug for retouch on my belly and im gonna do my back...hate that bra bulge....so back in I go..arghhh....but hes not charging for belly...so that's a plus...glad ur doing well...I will keep u posted...take care!! Sharon
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hey sharon! good to hear that!!! i hope it works well for u! i am doing my velashape massages, my belly is going down..soon i am going to create a velashape feedback profile!!! I hope that everything go well in your surgery in august, please let us know! thanks!
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Hey there,

Would love an update to your review, to find out how you're progressing!

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Am back! I enjoyed very much! Now back to working out to my weight goals! Thanks God I only gain like 3 pounds during my vacations 146 in the dot...am starting the gym Monday and my massage next Friday!
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How you been long time no speak lol
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I know I was away like for 2 weeks, had a lot of fun..now am so stress out over school, I need to go back to work out...but school and work is getting me really tight..I may start this tuesday. That's when my semester finished. Lol
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All the best to you lol you will be fine :)
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wow never new this was possible ...thanks so much for your review...
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Hey lagata enjoy your vacay!
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Agree agree agree on the velashspe comments below!! They do work but you need about 6 and they aren't cheap!! Everyone's body is different but mine had tons of scar tissue from my first surgery so I had a lot of treatments on my abs. It's not perfect now but much better. It was great on my legs. Thighs are super tight. But docs need to quote this up front and tell you it will help your results. Plus you always have lumps and unevenness. Always. My thighs had lumps but they are gone due to 3 vela treatments included in my price.
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I agree that every ones body heals differently, but it's not correct to say that you always have lumps and uneveness. I have NONE, ZERO, ZILCH!
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But you were asking about a retouch so it's just another way of saying its not perfection. Scar tissue , same thing.
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Lucky Lady! *haha* but seriously it's a 99% chance you'll have a few divots & or lumps after liposuction. I totally understand why too. I think some of these surgeons are so scared that their "potential" patients may decide to walk out during consultation, therefore they dont TELL them everything. That cannula is so super thin, the surgeon has to move it back & forth in a saw like motion to get large volumes of fat out. This of course can cause fatigue, and it also depends on the surgeons skills and how dexterous they are with handling that hand-piece. The less fatigued & more skilled the surgeon, the better results (less lumps/divots & smoother)... Since you are one of the 1% with "0" lumps/unevenness, you're VERY lucky to have had an awesome surgeon working on you :)
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That's great the Velashape is working for you but look into "Microcurrent Therapy" for you scar tissue. Microcurrent softens scar tissue. There are VERY few places that offer this service fo this. I'm talking about the one where the technician uses the big gloves with these electrodes woven into them to massage the areas. Rather than the metal wand. There are also the machines you can purchase on amazon but I have seen noting like the professional "glove" ones
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I have No lumps. I'm very even. I thought I should have gotten more lipo... in other words I thought there was more fat to be removed, but have you seen my recent photo? I think the doc made the right call and I was just impatient and DOUBTFUL to wait for the final result. As a matter of fact when I went back to him he told me if he lipoed me any more I would get lumps and uneveness.
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Most people have lumps and loose skin, swelling, or scar tissue or want further reduction. If you are the one pain free lump free loose skin free, scar free, itch free patient on this site-congrats!!
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Ok... now you are trying to be sarcastic and at the same time negative. Im not saying initially u wont experience any hardness, but it should go away within a couple months. I had experienced that, but now that Im healed I don't have any. My stomach and skin is smooth to the touch, and yet. There are numerous people on this site that don't have lumps scars tissue etc after they have healed and are loving their results. My incisions are not very noticeable and for the first few days I experienced a little itching but it never lasted. That's MY EXPERIENCE. There is no way that every one will fit in your little box of "everyone will have lumps". Yes some people will have them because of various reasons, (maybe they had loose skin before, maybe they were too aggressively lipoed, maybe their skin just dont have enough elastin or whatever the reason is) but it is not something that everyone experiences so you need to just stop making blanket statements. From your experience that's what happens, but that's not everyone's experience.
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@perfectbodpersuit Oh ok I just viewed your pics yeah he did a good job you can clearly see a significant different. AHH HAA! Ok I see, he didnt take as much fat as he could have to prevent unevenness. Yeah like I said before, "the more skilled the surgeon" right. Looking at your pics your abs look rather lean, if there IS any more fat that lil bit can be melted off with a few vasershape or venusfreeze treatment, but again you look so lean that you could leave it as is. Awesome results though!
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foxy lady!
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