Want to Look Good! Done Smartlipo with fat tranfer to my butt..New York, NY

Well am going to start saying that am very nervous...

Well am going to start saying that am very nervous about my surgery next week. Am going to be 33 soon, and have three kids. I need to do something for myself. After, my first pregnancy my life change in all the ways, my belly lost the beauty that it had before, and it looks like a jelly, if you know what a mean. My husband always says that is fine, that he doesn’t understand why I complaint so much about it, when there is girls with worst situation and has worst marks than me. But, the problem is that I was never like that, and therefore don’t feel comfortable about it. I used to go every day to the gym, worked my bud off, got really skinny and my belly still like a jelly..That’s why I made decision to do surgery. I didn’t tell my husband yet, cause he refuse for me to spent that money in what he call nonsense, he says that am fine, that I don’t need that. Am going to do it without letting him know, which make my more nervous. Am hopping everything is going to come out good, cause I read a few reviews about the doctor and they all good. But let see what happens.


I just did it two weeks ago...whoa. I was nervous up until the very last minute. Im getting better every day though.
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are you getting a tummy tuck too?? why? or why not?
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U ladies surely are brave. I'm only doing my assessment next week and I'm already freaking out.
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Today is two days before surgery, have my garment...

Today is two days before surgery, have my garment ready, and am going to buy today the neosporin as it was recommended by one of you girls. Also need to buy a couple things, as the doctor suggested; hibi-cleanse and a medical loufa to take a bath on the day of surgery, comfortable clothing (black sweatpants with large long sleeve zip up sweater), Motrin for pan killer, a chocolate bar for snack, and a Gatorade to drink. :)


Better hope sooo lol
Your welcome
Whose your doctor?
All the best and get some rest!
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you dont think your mother in law or daughters will tell your husband?? all the best tomorrow dont forget to update us with the pics.
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Nop, they won't do that to me. Lol and yes I would put some pics after a week..

7 hours to go, am very nervous about this!!! I...

7 hours to go, am very nervous about this!!! I cant wait for the results, am hoping am going to be very happy..i wish it could be done by now but i still have to wait a few hours more :)....


Hi! How did it go not telling your husband until the day of? My husband doesn't think I need it either, so I can relate. You said you were having regular lipo & smart lipo? How did that work? Were you put under? I'm having regular lipo under gen anesthesia in 1 week & am scared to death of the pain. Was it really that bad? I've heard some people say they only needed Motrin & others took the pain meds. Any input? This last week is awful- the worrying, waiting, & excitement! Thanks! Hope you are feeling better:)
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In all honesty...u will need the pain meds...the procedure was more painful to me than the recovery...I am 5 days post-op now and still sore..not bad..but very swollen still and hating the compression garment. I would ask for all the meds they will give u to relax you and for pain...thats my opinion...I had my upper and lower abs and flanks done...certain areas i would be fine...other OMG...I am just giving you my real, honest perspective...GOOD LUCK...maybe u will be one of the ones who dont feel much at all...everyone is soo different...u can read my page and see my pics if you would like...I have not put up after pic;s because I am still so swollen :(
Hey ehisle! I totally understand about the anticipation! Its really hard when u don't have people who understand or are there for u.I'm 4 days post op, and my pain is lessening. I finally got my shower and feel goodabout that :) when I woke up from the proceedure I didn't feel too bad, but when I got home I definately took my pain meds righ away! Its not intolerable pain, it kinda felt like menstral cramps amplified x3! Lol you'll do fine, I found once I was there I had a calmness that settled in and it went real easy :) keep us updated & tell us how u do! Can't w8 4 the updates =)

Today is Saturday. I had my surgery on Tuesday...

Today is Saturday. I had my surgery on Tuesday 3:30 am, yes I know the doctor was running late, veryyy late, I got home 8:30 tuesday in the same morning. I was in so much pain, omg, yes hurt that bad, i couldnot stand up from my bed until next Wednesday, did not sleep at all and It was a lot drainage a lot of liquid. The procedure was not dad bad, the doctor was very good, he worked with me to feel comfortable. On wednesday started my after massage, those had calm my pain, swollen as well. However, I still have liquid in my body and is swollen too, and yes it still hurt, not as much but a could say from a 10 a 4 or 5. Am still waiting for the results, but so far I through some pics for you, on my 4 day after surgery. Thanks!


My doc had me buy Marena...but they too are quite expensive...$104 each....but they work wonderful and pretty comfy....still cant wait till the months are ova and I am out of it....lol
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Well, you guys were right! Percocet is needed! I just took one & feel so groggy. The pain is so intense, especially my back & thighs. Dreading tomorrow & attempting to sleep tonight! Hopefully I'll be able to. I have Xanax or ambien so if I cant sleep I may have to take one.I really didn't expect this much pain. But I'm loving results so far, even though I know it will change daily because of swelling. Hope you all are healing well & feeling better.
ehisle...Happy Healing...I could never of done it without pain pills...ambien does nothing for me...I would take the Xanax...you will get thru it...well to make it worse for me...I just got my period...OMG..this should be interested with a bodysuit on....and as I have gotten older my cramps are so much worse...FUN..FUN...well hopefully my stomach will go down more since I am bloated from that tooo....ughhhh

Today is 12 days after my surgery. I have to say...

Today is 12 days after my surgery. I have to say that I feel much better. I did already 5 massage, which has been great, I am suppose to have my last one on Tuesday, but I decided to take an extra package of 10 more :).. The lady has been a tremendous help for my recovery. The liquid is almost gone, and my wait look very good..my belly is going down, but slowly. It still wrinkle in my middle stomach area, around the belly botton hopefully it will go wait after the liquid is completely gone..as the doctor suggested I have been using a full bath towel around my stomach with a magazine under my stomach area, yessss is uncomfortable, but I really dont want the line of the garment stuck in my body for ever,.well I hope to be used to it by next Wednesday, my first day back to work..soon am going to put more pics.. Maybe by next week, for you guys to help me to see if there is any difference..thanks all of you for yor support..ahhhh my husband had help me a lot, take me to do my massage, and helped to put my garment :) I guess after all he is not leaving me..Jajajjajajaja


Two weeks today..feel good..but still my sides and tummy hurt..not terrible though. I am still using the towel, I guess got used :) I may post new pics tomorrow.. 14 days after pics to see if there is any diferents.
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try using topifoam under your garment it helps keep the marks from the garment away and it's more comfortable than a towel and magazine. Many ps give you the topifoam but many don't but you can order it online.
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I agree with Jus418. It would b so much more comfy. its like 36 dollars for 3 of them when i looked, but after the cost of surgi, I would get it and b comfortable.

Two weeks after..back to work today..i feel good....

Two weeks after..back to work today..i feel good..however, i still very swollen and with a little bit of pain..it feels like after workout pain..i dont see much of different yet in my belly..the liquid did came out, but still have more to go..i delete the 5 days after pics to put the 14 days pics..maybe you can see any different. I also used the same under wears to make easier to compare..thank you again for been so supportive. i can wait until see the final results. my belly is wrinkly now and ugly :( ...i dont know if is going to be smooth, but still waiting..i guess i have to have patience..i did my 6 after massage, Friday am going to start my next 10 package..i feel that it helps a lot with the bumps..


whats most shocking to ur situation honey is u dont even know your dr name thats insane! ill never get work done and complain about the job but not know who did my procedure!
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I know who did my surgery, I did a lot of research about him, all I found was good. However, his name is very complicate for me to memorize it.. I know is dr. Shahine. But his full name mmmm am not going to remember..I have bad memory especially with names..lol
Girl, we are the same age, I did my surgery (Vaser Lipo) a month ago and I feel miseble, not results, I feel wretched. I dont know what to think up to this point.
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Today is 22 days after my surgery! I have to say...

Today is 22 days after my surgery! I have to say so far am not happy, :(.. My skin continue looking very wrinkly, i have bumps all over my tummy area..uneven skin..now i have like three lines in my sides, up close to my ribs..i dont know how should i feel at this point. am going to see my doctor tonight, am going to see what he says..but for now am loosing hope on seen my tummy flat and smooth..am not sure if is better or worth..yes is flatter, of course less fat, but now the skin look worst :(...


La gata! I had so much fun reading your postings. How did you manage to have surgery without telling your husband!? What did he say when you did it!? Did they transfer fat to your butt? Wow! You are a brave woman! I had smart lipo done 2.5 weeks ago and I'm concerned about marks left behind from cg. Ism wearing a one piece but also wear a corseted. My Dr. Said that I was not to worry about indentation on skin, that was not gonna happen. What ya'll say about that?
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Girl was not easy, but I did it! After, I was home laying down with all my holes open I called him and let him know jajajajaj he said to me you cook, I said nop, I don't feel good am vomiting and am very dizzy, he said, watch out if you pregnant.. Jajaja I said no am not, but I have something u not going like, he ask what, then I told him jajajaja when he got home he went to the room to see me with a mad face, and walk away, but he felt bad and told me if I ate, and since then he had helped me with everything...jajajaja yes they transfer fat to my butt, but now I can really tell the differents..I think is back to normal jajajaja..my doc is very worry about indentation so he told me to wear a towel under with a magazine..I have done everything he said but I still see so many bumps and wrinkles on my tummy, tomorrow am going to put new pics for u guys..am not sure about what ur doc is saying, but if you see a line in your waist you better watch out...
My Doc said not to worry but I read here to worry... I like your butt, not that I'm lesbian or anything like that! Lol! I bet with that size now you gonna have to buy new clothes! Sweet! I bet your hunny now wants you mo! Lol! I'm gonna try to post pics. Idk how to do it but will try. I read somewhere on this thread about massaging the knots and even pinch them to dissolve but I don't recall who posted it, do you?

Hey girls, here are more pics one next to another...

Hey girls, here are more pics one next to another for you to see the changes..my husband said that i look the same to him :( ....


Hey lagata how is it going? Hoping all is good with you and family because f sandy.
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Thank so much daisy. Yes thank God nothing serious happen around my house. However, am very sad because all the people that did got affected directly.. :( when things like this happen you think that your problems are so tiny and other people are facing so many situations like loosing their life and their home.. Very sadddd :(
Have you considered a tummy tuck?
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6 weeks after surgery..am very unhappy..so many...

6 weeks after surgery..am very unhappy..so many bumps and hardness in my belly...so wrinkly..i think is getting worst instead of better. :( i really want to stay positive but when i see my self in the mirror i just cant :( ..at this point dont know if it was a good idea to do this...not happy with my belly results at all...


Hi I had lipo done on my abs and hips 6years ago. I was 54 at the time. It was amazing but I was not put out and he could not do my upper abs as it hurt too much as I was awake and missed a piece on my left hip. It took me a good 6 months for the lumps and bumps and swelling to go away. Swelling can last a long time and wrinkles disappear too. So hang in there and wear your garment lots as it does work. So now 6 years later I am looking at getting my upper abs and back fat done more aggressive as I will be put under. Plus using the fat grafting on the back of my hands as they are looking and thin skin .
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thank you so much! now i feel with hope! :)
GIRL!! You are looking great! Look at your waist! I have lumps and bumps too and they are not bothering me AT ALL! You know why? I had lipo done 14 years ago on my saddlebags. And I learned first hand that it REALLY does take a FULL 6 MONTHS to see the final result. The lumps and bumps I have will be absorbed by my body. Some of that is caused by fat necrosis which means that fat was damaged by the surgery and has lost it's blood supply. It takes time for the body to absorb it. It is also fluid/swelling from the trauma of the surgery. That also takes time for the body to absorb. But here's the good news--when the body has had a chance to get it healed your going to be even smaller!! I use shea butter body cream and massage the area at least twice a day to help my body to break up the lumps and bumps. I truely know first hand that they will soften and disappear with time. I hope this helps you. Don't lose sight of how much better you look. Focus on the positive and happy healing. You look great!!
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11 weeks after...first am going to star saying...

11 weeks after...first am going to star saying that i learn to be patience..i know that my results are not going to be from one day to another so, am just waiting..my bumps did came down a little bit but they still there.. :(..therefore, am not completely happy..but my doctor had been great, he said he will do a touch up in another months, which means in maybe two more weeks if the bumps are still there..he said he just want to make me happy, that made me feel like he cares, and it wasn't only about the cash i paid him. i didn't start the gym yet, but i do go the steam room and sauna two days in a week..make me feel good.. i also continue doing my after lipo message..twice a week, now am going to reduce them once a week..but first am going to see if am getting the touch up or no, but mostly i think i will...anyway i hope everyone is doing well in there healing process...i don't feel any type of pain anymore, and i don't feel swollen either..thats a good thing i think..


Hey lagata....its been a while...how r u doing hun? Same old..same old here...im gonna take new pics this weekend to post...since we had our procedures the same day...I hope ur doing well...keep me posted...Sharon :)
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hey sharon! i am doing good! so far am back to my workouts, doing my abs, back and arms.. my tummy still bumpy, thats why i havent put any more pics until i dont see a bigger diference. I have to say that the dr's doctor office has been very supportive, and i am going to do a touch may like in one or two months..for now am just eating like crazy cause i need to save my bbl... i guess after my touch up am going to look much better than now.. :( on the other hand with cloths on i look fantastic! am also looking into buying a machine for home call galvanic body spa, it helps with the bumps and wrinkles.. i need to try everything bc i dont want to do a TT... i hope everything is good with you too.. :) as soon i have good news i will post new pic and share it with you guys!
Good to hear Lagata...I would not want tummy tuck either...so I hear ya on that...DEF keep me posted...everything fine here..will post new pics this weekend...talk soon....sharon

Hey everybody! today is exactly a week away from 3...

hey everybody! today is exactly a week away from 3 months, i have to say that i still have the bumps and uneven areas. I will probably end up getting a touch up, but i decide to wait 6 months to see the final results, and wait my complete healing process. Anyway, the assistant of my Dr. recommend me to buy galvanic body spa to help with those wrinkles and uneven area. i am going to get it by next week, hopping that i see my final results faster..i will let you guys know how it goes, but i was searching the information about it, and it seem like a lot of people gets results over this gadget..lets hope i do too..dont get me wrong i love my body looks with cloths on..i hate those uneven areas, i want to look sexy naked too..my husband dont even care, this is just for me!!!!


you look great girl! Did you consult with him? Did he give you the quote for your procedure?
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Nop, I saw his assistant named marley, she was good, there is also another named yesenia that she also good..
Lagata you look fabulous girl! The front pic from six weeks to the 11th week I see a tremendous change. Swelling and bumps are going down, so give it some more time and hopefully by six month mark you won't need the touch up!! Remember we are our biggest critics, honestly I love your back! So sexy girrrrrrrl.... Take a pic with cloths on.... Just saying..... We chose a good time to have surgery since we can cover up until spring! Take care....
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I think, is getting better, not sure.. am going to...

I think, is getting better, not sure.. am going to open another review for the galvanic body spa,,am going to order today..let see if it works!


I'm looking to get lipo too but I must say I have not heard good things about smart lipo. Most people wo have done it have the same complaints about lumpy skin. Hopefully you will get the desired results in due time.
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Thanks ! Am hoping too..
Hey can u call me ima pm u my number I have a question we look the same weight
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Hi everyone! It's 4 months after surgery. I still...

Hi everyone! It's 4 months after surgery. I still have some uneven areas on my tummy section. I scheduled my touch up for next week Thursday :(..I know again! But it is for a good cause, I am more prepare now and will get everything I need for after I come out of the surgery.. I am hoping that it will get nice and smooth or atleast no uneven areas so I can be able to wear tight dress or shirt again. My dr. Has been great to me and his assistant as well..i am going to go tomorrow for my blood work to be ready for next week. I also are going to start my after massage on Friday, next day, so I can get all that liquid out, I know is going to hurt but is better to go with the little holes open so it can come out. Last time went 3 days after and liquid was stuck for months in my belly..while as you can see I have think of any mistakes I had made the first time. :) thank you to all of you for be there for me to listen and to encourage me. Thank you for being part of my journey. Any suggestion will be welcome!


how are you doing? Did you just do lipo on your stomach? From the pics, I do see a dramatic change in your stomach when compared to before. It's flat. I guess you have some issues, great that your doc agreed to fix. Keep us posted.
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Hey how did the galvanic spa work?
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So far can tell because I stop using it cause my touch up.. But my face look good though..excellent anti aging device.. When I get back on doing it, I will let you guys know..

Tomorrow is my day again! I can't believe am doing...

Tomorrow is my day again! I can't believe am doing this once again...I will let you guys know, if am still alive of course how did it go...wish me the best..thank you for supporting me :)


Hey there...how are u feeling?? How did it go? Keep me posted....Happy Healing girlfriend!! Sharon
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heyy sharonnn.. they called me from the Dr. office to cancel my touch up until Saturday :(..they said he had alot of procedure tonight.. so i have to wait until saturday..:(
wellll that sux's....especially when u have ur mind set and prepared....soo sorry....well be sure to keep me posted!!

Back to day one..Touch up done on Sunday. Am in...

Back to day one..Touch up done on Sunday. Am in pain :( mild, but still hurts. I am drinking my medications and wearing my cg already. Went already to the massage lady to drainage all the liquid..which mean don't have none left in my tummy :).. Am going back 2morrow for my second massage..under my cg have foam withi a abdominal binder..ufff and is killing me..let's see how am going to look in a week..I will post pictures then... :)


Good luck feel better the first few days are the worst but at least u know what to expect.
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Day 2..am back to work..am still in pain but mild....

Day 2..am back to work..am still in pain but mild..going after work for my massage :)...i need to recover very fast..going away the 30th of next month..i have to be ready for that bathing suit.


You are one brave woman! Back to work already!? So, what did the Doctor do? How long were you under?
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Only 45mins or less..he started with me like around 7:25 , finished at 8:20 or something like that..he did my upper and lower abs..also did right side, where he left more fat,, which now is even. :) I am still waiting on tummy..am not even looking at it yet..I have cg all day, and went for massage..going to do 3 this week in a row..I also going to use the galvanic spa, just waiting until is less painful...this time going to do things right, cause I don't want another touch up.. :)
Glad to hear ur doing pretty good...was it as bad the 2nd time around...my doc will absolutely not touch my abs for at least one year. He said there is alot of collagen deposition tightening of my skin and this is the most important part of the Vaser process...so I just have to wait and see...I was practically beggin him for a revision...but he said also its difficult to perform vaser again on healing tissues. So NO CHOICE but to wait and see....He did tell me he only wants the best for me and will support me thru the end but too soon to touch now...ughhh...so I guess I wait....let me know how ur improving is going..if u see a diff the 2nd time around....Happy Healing Hun...Sharon
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Day 3..feel good..less pain..the compression...

Day 3..feel good..less pain..the compression garment helps me so much. i dont feel any type of pain when am wearing it..again dont want to see my tummy yet..i want to wait a least two weeks..so this time going to stay away from the mirror for two weeks.. At work, working my regular hours..i guess the touch wasn't that bad like the first one.. :)


Hey You had dr shahine?
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I am asking all: what kind of exercise do you do and how often? Be honest...
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Did your husband ever find out? What did he say? I think Venus freeze will help your skin quality. It's great for cellulite and uneven areas. I saw some improvement with it. It's expensive though- $1,000 for 8 treatments.
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Hi everyone..nearly a month later after touch up....

Hi everyone..nearly a month later after touch up..am perfectly fine, nothing hurts, i am back to my working out every week, and continue with my body reductor massage once at week in the spa, and massage myself at home every other day.. i Started my working out routine and back to eating healthy, lost about 4 pounds, i guess 2 pound in per week..i will soon post pictures, i just had been very busy lately..but am not sure of the differences yet.. Do i have the bumps and uneven areas? unfortunately yes! yes is more down, but is not completely down..i will have to wait the entire months to go, so probably can see the final results until then..this time i am not looking too much to myself, and just focusing in the things that i do like about my new body.. if i dont see my stomach better within the time frame, i will start to look forward to the skin tightening treatment( i heard EXILIS IS GOOD) but am not sure, i will see, but for now, i just have to live one day at the time.. :)


Hey lady! Good luck on your revision. You have come a long way. Your flanks and curves are off the hook! What is that massage that you are having and doing for draining fluid and how does that work? Also, what kind of CG are you wearing! Can't wait to see your new pics!
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ultrasound massage and after that she also does maderoterapia//i dont know how that is call in English, but is like with a stick of wood and she massage my back and stomach.. i used a strong cg //Colombian one..i think does are the best.. soon am going to put new pics..soon..my revision has been good so far, am still waiting on the recovery of the skin..but i will put pics soon so you guys can see the differences..
Oh ok. Can't wait to see! Where did you find the CG? Online or at the store?

Hey everybody! So far am still massaging my tummy...

Hey everybody! So far am still massaging my tummy to disolve the bumps. The right side started to look smaller, but the left side is still giving me a little bit of problems, as you can see with the shirt you can definitely can see the left side over the right side :(.. But am staying possitive, I am working really hard to loose and to maintain the shape, the only thing positive I can say that with swinsuit and with clothes I look good..however I am still going to look for alternative of skin tighneting after my vacation, for now am just going enjoy my butt that continue looking good and my waist :) I guess we have to look the bright side of all of this. Don't regret doing at all, I have a better looking shape and there was no way I was going to have a bigger butt with excercise...I my waist..I really like! When I loose weight I know that things are going to look better than now" I hope everyone is doing well! :)


Hey there,

Would love an update to your review, to find out how you're progressing!

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Am back! I enjoyed very much! Now back to working out to my weight goals! Thanks God I only gain like 3 pounds during my vacations 146 in the dot...am starting the gym Monday and my massage next Friday!
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How you been long time no speak lol

almost one year after!

Hey girls, i hope everything is going well with all of you..I have to say that i am happy that i did it! so far am still working with smoothing my abs, but i started my velashape treatments, i did my third session and i must say that it is working. My tummy looks much better than before, and i lost 2 inches from my waits so far. I have being lazy with my working out, i guess the improvement will be faster if i go back to working out 4 days a week. I go every Friday for my velashape treatment and i have noticed some progress the bumps and uneven areas are going down, the lady that does it to me said that the velashape will help me to smooth the area, but that after i have to do electrodes treatments to tight my skin..i did i research in it and it seem that is true. Soon am going to put more pictures so you can see the different, i am happy and working hard to fix what didn't make me happy.. so far so good! Can wait to my 10 vela-shape treatments, if with only three am looking for this results i cant imagine the tens are done! Then i will start my electrodes treatment cuz that one only work to tone your abs...Can wait to see my final results!


Lagata. U still on here. Wanted to c how u r doing. Hope ur well!!! Sharon
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