Liposuction of Stomach, Flanks, Hips, Inner Thigh (front & back) & Chin - New York

If I was going for it, I was going all the way. No...

If I was going for it, I was going all the way. No excuses here about kids, exercise, or medical issues. By the time you're 40, even if you weigh the exact same as when you were 27, things tend to shift. Every woman experiences this and deals with it in different ways. The hot bod from your 20's turns into a middle aged one, and there is nothing within reason you can do. I'm not going to kill myself running 10 miles a day just to try and get some semblance of a stomach back. Nope. After very careful research and vetting (using this website as a guide also), I conducted interviews with Doctors and finally settled on Dr. Sherwyn. Not that the others weren't good, but he just made me feel completely at ease, and his before and after book is really compelling. He even gave me a price break so I paid less than the list price of 13k. I just went for it and did all the problem areas I've ever had in my life, from above my knee to below my chest. Because of all the areas done recovery wouldn't be as easy as someone with just one area, but I went for it anyway.

2.5 liters of fat and 8 hrs later I have a stomach again.

Post op notes:

Day 1 - This day I mostly slept & took pain drugs.

Day 2 - Not much hunger this day. I remember beginning to be aware of the pain I had, especially when getting in and out of bed to go to the bathroom.

Day 3 - Still hurts bad to get in and out of bed. But then I had a big surge of energy and walked around the room 16 times. (2 sets of 8 - not fast, just low speed shuffling)

Day 4 - was very hard due to overextending myself the previous day. Dr tells me to be patient, that everybody heals differently and I will not see the finish line for a while, but I wanted to be one of those people that just healed quickly and amazed everyone. Nope. Can barely get out of bed to stagger to the bathroom without help. Showered also today. No picnic getting garment on and off but felt very good afterwards.

All good so far. Day 5 and in bed. Sore, stiff and that's what my surgeon told me to expect. Had ambitious hopes of getting caught up on my reading but all I want to do is watch bad movies on tv. Thought I'd be moving around more by now and I am, though it still hurts and takes 3 mins to get from laying down to standing up. Walked to the kitchen successfully. I consider that a win for today. Now if you'll excuse me Revenge of the Nerds is on.


U r a brave girl. I had upper and abdominal, flanks, and hips. I was luck with little pain but I can imagine having everything u did. Good luck girl.
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Thanks CO! I realized I put inner and outer thigh but actually it was the inner thighs from the front and back, plus hips (saddlebag). So i fixed my heading. I hope you are feeling 100% after your surgeries in Jan. Actually today I woke up and swelling and pain were noticeably diminished! I was getting a little nervous because it never seemed to be getting better except by tiny increments, but today is SO much better!

Wow - Day 6 is the day!

Woke with some groggyness and stiffness, to be expected. But after I shook that off, I got out of bed with less than half the pain/effort of previous days! Went to the bathroom with almost a spring in my step. Initial "standing up" was not painful per se, I was just aware of how bent over I was, but its far better than initial standing up of previous days. My walking was still shuffling, but it didn't hurt. I even did some light housework before going back to bed! (Light housework = rearranging blankets and tucking in sheets.) Yeah for day 6!


Congrats! Glad all is going well. Do you have nay before&after pics? Thanks
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Hello! Thanks, no after pics yet, just 7 days out. I want to wait maybe a month or two until the effect is mostly permanent and no swelling is left over. I promise to post then though
Wow, you really went for it! Thanks for this, am interested in following your progress :)
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Day 7 and getting much better

Yes I think I've put the worst days behind me. That is the short version.

If you want the excruciating details of my progress read on... I remember sleeping on my side for a few minutes last night (1st time since surgery!), and even doing a little side-stretching with my hips in the side-sleep position and my shoulders flat on the bed. And even though I was half asleep I was still awake/anal enough to also do the other side before returning to my back. I woke up hungry, and only had a tiny self-pep talk before heaving myself out of bed. It wasn't bad or painful. Not like past days. I went to the kitchen and made myself a little breakfast.

I remember the garment being looser than other times last night when I laid down to sleep, but when I woke up it was tight again. Not sure how the whole fluid accumulation thing works.

To avoid boring you, I probably won't post again except for milestones and Dr. appts, and of course for those after pics I did all of this for. Baah.


Hi Rebecca, I'm scheduling my surgery for November. Doing everything too, inner knees, inner/outer thighs, hips, back and front bra roll. Trying to decide how much time I'll need to take off for recovery. I had a TT with hip lipo done back in October, took 2 weeks off, went back to work unable to stand up straight, mostly due to how tight my stomach was. It's nice to read about someone who decided to just go for it, do it all. I hope your recovery is still going well. :)
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Hello! That is funny I can't stand up straight either yet, probably from laying down/sitting up all the time and never stretching. My stomach feels very tight - it's a strange feeling but not a bad one! I think in 3-4 days I should be good to go, so for me 2 weeks off will be sufficient. I had a slow go of it the first few days, but I am rapidly improving. Yesterday I could do things by the end of the day (laying on my side for a few mins) that I could not do earlier in the day! I think I was just slow to get moving, but now I'm healing fast. I applaud your decision, and good to have an earlier surgery so you can gauge your healing time and how work will impact it. Good luck to you!
Hi Rebecca762. I had my procedures just a couple of days before yours. All of my lipo was above the hips. I have my 2 week post op i should be putting up sometime today. I am curious as to your age? Im 46. I did not do lipo on leg (yet) i hear mixed results the older you are. You can private message if you want. Some things you can do to help swelling, drink adequate amounts of water so it flushes. Move some to stimulate lymph system, but overdoing will make you swell more. And i take burdock root as a supplement that assists the lymph system which is what moderates the swelling.
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Cold Water at night and a Dr. follow up

The last three nights I have been craving large amounts of cold water at night, and the last three days have been the best in regards to progress made, less pain, etc. I'm not sure if correlation = causation but I'm going to continue it. Even if it means i have to pee 7 times between 9pm and noon.

I'm doing really well at this point. The only times I am bothered are:
1. Getting up after laying down or sitting for a while (guess that means I should be moving around more and not such a lazybones)
2. Random pain after siting/laying so long in any position except on my back with legs straight out
3. Bending too far over / forgetting to be careful and twisting/reaching too far

I see the healing happening though! My body is looking so much better. The compression garment no longer suffocates me, it just compresses me, meaning swelling is going down. I wear spanx during the day. So glad I left myself 2 weeks to heal though. Would NOT have been happy working during this time.

So I saw the Dr. yesterday and he was very pleased! I am glad he is as pleased as I am!! All bandages/stitches were removed (painless due to numbness so that's good). Then I was able to walk around, eat a meal, and I didn't feel tired or stiff after these activities, either yesterday or today. So that means I can do more in a day and maybe? heal faster.

One thing I will recommend - Drinking all this water may be great for me but I can tell I crave salt. I had a soup yesterday and it was so satisfying! So don't be afraid to eat soup and get those minerals.

I've posted some photos taken at the 1 week mark. You can already see the difference, especially in my stomach/midsection.


Congrats and thanks for posting! I have a similar body type as yours and am going in for liposuction on Oct 1 for the exact same places as you. Your pictures give me a great gauge for how I hope to look.
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Thanks for your note and good luck on Oct 1! I know how excited I was before :) I hope to post more pictures but have been slacking off, but I will post more! Also I keep working out (moderately) and thus swelling back up heehee. But I am very happy I did it and you will be too!
Wow! Thanks for your post. You look wonderful. I plan on doing lipo this winter in New York city.
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New York Plastic Surgeon

Thoughtful, focused and attentive. Did not pressure me or rush me in to anything. Has called me personally for the first 5 days after procedure to see if I was doing well. Was available to talk in person when I had a random question at 11pm on a weekend night.

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