Just Started Latisse, Covered by my Medical Insurance - New York, NY

I am not sure if it was a mistake but I only paid...

I am not sure if it was a mistake but I only paid $50 at the drug store with my medical card. Doctor told me it's cosmetic and wouldn't be covered.

I have another 5 refills and can't wait to see results.


any opthomalogist or plastic surgeon can write the prescription. latisse works well...i have blue eyes and it has not changed the color at all and i've had no problems with it. it's pricey...about $120 in texas with no insurance. best to ck w/ your opthomalogist first to make sure you don't have any eye issue that would interfere. has made my blonde lashes longer and maybe a little thicker and i've been using it 8 mos.
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Thanks sahhira, appreciate you sharing that info!! :)

What are the reasons it would be written for? I'm 52 and I've had a lot of thinning in my lashes & am dealing with them falling out too much. I have a derm and hope to get a Rx.
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