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Laser Track Marks on Face After CO2 Laser - New York, NY

Its been over a year i had CO2 laser still...

Its been over a year i had CO2 laser still frustrated with the track marks left on face.
Tried retina for like 2 months dont see any improvement ,its the waves of skin that was kinda stressed by the laser, my poor skin.
I went back to the office in summer wated soo long didnt thought it wouldnt go away. Didnt see no improvements and decided to let the "doctor" know. To me these people that dont know how to handle laser they dont even have a name. They shoul be punished for distroying our lifes.
I went back beeing told oh your are good i dont see nothing, its just in ur mind.
After 1 year im still trying to figure it out, let my skin be the way it is, just dont want stuff that i didnt have before...Laser Track Marks. Its so visible, not even makeup cover it. Cant enjoy life! its hell on earth.
I would like advise only from those that had the same experience...
I had the same procedure done about a year ago. Once I had made it thru the initial healing process, I did have those stripes too. I used a dark spot correcting moisturizing lotion and they seemed to fade.
Hello I'm curious if the track marks sever went away. I also suffer from this problem. Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated
You can see how my face got after the laser CO2 in this link. http://www.realself.com/question/red-mark-left-fractional-laser. Now it´s a little better, after 9 months.
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