I Am 36 Years Old Woman I Had Frexal Laser Damage Horrible Things in the World Frexal Laser. New York, NY

Hi guys I want to share my story I had huge...

Hi guys I want to share my story I had huge mistake my life how I did this why I did ,,,my life over crying everyday I had frexal laser 12 months ago my face all over microdot and scar from machine and everywhere on my face dark spot before I had small now all my face I tried everything it's not go away my soul gone I hate my life I hate my face I wasn't born like this I am apologize my body everyday I did horrible decision please help me if anyone had good result try I am praying my god everyday how I am going to see my mom explain to her what I did my face please doctor help me why very dangerous machine in doctor office and we trust them he told just only way to fix my acne scars I had acne scars not more than few now I had all my face microdot please please god help me we trust doctor result horrible

34 Years Old Had Frexal Laser Nightmare !!!!!

I went nightmare doctor& he made over my life !!!! He doesn't have heart how he did to me he did not explain to results still he took my money more to fix he is damage offer chemical pill I trust him because he is doctor (huge mistake ) and he is telling for my face genetic yes you right genetic are u kidding me !!! don't make me laugh my family has great skin!!!!!DOC YOU DID !!!! before I haven't damage comes everywhere micro dot scars my face sagging ' lose fat how can be genetic after your damage you did my face microdot very bad darkness color not smoothes please do not go to this office will be get out cry and your life over if u done frexal laser I am trying to fix I went great doctor he is my last hope will back same before born normal my skin I hope I am praying everyday :( I tell you guys do not do chemical pill I found one doctor he is very professional not money lover he is a great doctor he give me Azelex cream expensive but going little bit help ask your doctor if you done producer like nightmare machine ( horror movie ) PLEASE DO NOT have FREXAL LASER
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I'm so sorry your going through this. I wish this stuff would stop.
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I am so sorr y to hear this has happened you you. I am sorry that you feel so bad. I empathize with you. I have always had bad acne pitted skin. I have tried it all , active fx, fraxel Repair. I realized one day beauty is truly only skin deep. I decided to get my Esthetician license and turn a negative into a positive. I may not be able to help myself, but I sure can try to help others with their skin and most of all with the mental aspect. If I can be judged everyday by being an Esthetician your clients look at your face first thing! I have learned to hold my head up high and clients actually request me more because I can understand what they are going thru! My point is look at the positive in yourself, hold your head high you are beautiful!!!
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I forgot to mention, I have even had scar revision. Yes, I greeted my clients looking scary( like chuckie's bride) it takes awhile but you need to truly work on self esteem. Maybe seek a counselor and a second opinion. Please don't hate your life..you are important in this world! I just want to give you a great big hug!!
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Hi you should do the star rating system so that your doctor's rating gets dropped and fewer people will go to him. I'm so sorry for what happened to you. It happened to me too. Where are you from?
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