I Look Fake with a Fat Face and Large Cheeks After Small Amount of Radiesse - New York, NY

My doctor (whom I like and trust) injected each...

My doctor (whom I like and trust) injected each cheek with .5cc of radiesse two weeks ago. I hate the results. My face looks fat and round and I just look fake. I'm desperate for the radiesse to go away, but I have a long way to go. I hope this is still swelling and not final results. It can't be dissolved. I advice you to stay away from this product unless you're certain you'll like the results. It's not reversible.

Oops I'm sorry I just read the captions on your photos...its been two weeks since your injections? Radiesse doesn't "move" or migrate the way that Juvederm does, which is why its often placed in the cheeks, so it doesn't make sense that it would have moved lower in your face. It does stimulate the body's own collagen production, but that generally takes longer than two weeks to notice. Possibly a histamine response? When I get injected with Radiesse I take an antihistamine for a few days as a precaution along with arnica montana for healing. That's the only reason I can think of for post treatment swelling that occurs so long after.
Thanks for your comments. The swelling has gone way down and I look almost like myself again, just slightly enhanced.
VanessaNYC, you look good - def younger in the "after" pic....however that being said, your injector put alot of the filler lower in the cheek vs higher and more lateral on the cheekbone. To balance it out you actually need a bit more added higher up and then moving out from the zygomatic bone towards the temple, so that the "fullness" is not concentrated all in the mid-low face. If its only been 3 days you are still swollen as well, so I'd wait a week or so before doing anything else so you can properly asses where more filler needs to be put. I actually just got Radiesse injected in the cheekbones myself yesterday - I am a med asst/clinical aesthetician at a med spa and have been doing fillers for years. Radiesse is a great product when injected properly!! Take Arnica Montana to help heal quicker an then have your dr take another look at it. Don't stress, its going to all work out beautifully and you do look younger already.
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