Ptosis Revision On My Left Eyelid - New York, NY

I had ptosis revision in may on my left eyelid....

I had ptosis revision in may on my left eyelid. I'm two months post op and my eyelid looks more droopy than before my first two surgeries. My surgeon wants to make adjustments to the eyelid but i'm afraid of another failed surgery. My surgeon said he would have to overcorrect my eyelid in order for it not to droop. Should I get another procedure done or wait a few more months before considering an adjustment? I attach a few pictures of how my eyelid looks as of today. This is very depressing :(

Yes, if it is not fixed. However I would still wait....In the meantime find a really good occulo plastic surgeon who has lots of experience with revision and evidence of success.
Thanks for the comments, but I had two different doctors who performed the ptosis repair. Not sure if I should have a third procedure, even though my ptosis still bothers me.
i agree with ernurse at least wait for a year...
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