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I am a mother of 3 beautiful children. I'm 33...

I am a mother of 3 beautiful children. I'm 33 years old and very unhappy with the way my body has changed after childbirth. I am considering having a tummy tuck and breask augmentation with a lift. I'm so nervous about the recovery and going under anesthesia. Need to hear from some of you experienced moms.


Thanks for the kind words. I hope your correct about being happy with the results. Same to you. I get what you mean about every time you put jeans on...for me, it's every time I put a bra on.
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I know exactly how you feel. I felt alot more nervous a couple of weeks ago they I do now. I was eat, sleeping and drinking PS and all the things that can go wrong. Now that time is going by and I am seeing so many before and after pictures and seeing how great these women look, I feel more alittle more excited about it. When I put on a pair of jeans it reminds me of how unhappy I am with the way I look. I practically live in stretch pants and sweat suits and I'm so tired of it. I want to look in the mirror and look my age.
You are going to look awesome! You are tall and thin so when you are done your going to be a knock out! Don't be nervous, I know coming from me that sounds crazy but after looking at your pics I know that your gonna be so happy. I will eventually post some pics. Wanted to wait till I was done but maybe I'll do some soon.
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Hi Brooklyn,
I'm having a tt and ba on Jan 27th. I was extremely nervous as well. Surprisingly, the closer the day gets, the more excited I get. I've been waiting for so long. At about 2 months out, every time I thought about the surgery, I would get shortness of breath. I have never had a lot of anxiety, but I believe that these were anxiety attacks. Once I figured this out, I just started to breath deeply through them. Now they don't happen at all. I have less than 2 weeks left. I am going to get silicone gel implants. Going between 350-375ccs. I currently have nothing, though. Please share some before shots. Being so close together, I'd love to see your progress!
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Having second thoughts about getting implants. I'm...

Having second thoughts about getting implants. I'm so nervous I'm not sleeping at night and after seeing the news last night about implants being a possible link to lymphoma I was really freaked out. I don't know if I should just get a lift without the implants. I just don't know if I'll be happy with the way they will look without the them. This is so frustrating and the more time I spend researching online the more discouraged I get.


The swelling takes a while to go down. A friend of mine had swelling on and off for about 6 months.
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I guess I need to be more patient! Lol
he says he is only putting in one drain. i don't know why.
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I did it! Had it done yesterday 2/15. So glad it's...

I did it! Had it done yesterday 2/15. So glad it's over. I will update everyone with moew info as soon I feel more up to it. For all the ladies that have beeen through this, My PS put in 350cc's and they are huge right now. I'm trying not to panic I ididn't want to go big I want to be a full see. Do they go down tremendously or I'm I gonna stay close to this size?


I really really hope so!!! I go to my first post op appointment tomorrow so I am so curious what he is going to tell me.. Yes, I hope they move down lot in four weeks.
I hear ya when looking at my body! It no longer feels like mine. I know this will take time!
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i think they'll fill out, they still have to move. are you massaging them? lol what i should have said is they settled alot in 4 weeks. i get so nervous when i look in the mirror, i feel like i am looking at someone elses body.
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I like the "seem to have settled a lot." I hope mine have a ways to go as well being 8 days post op... I assume so.
I too kept telling my PS, "I am not like most women. I want to look natural and don't want to be huge." He listened... We talked about size a lot but I wanted to be a small C in the end but I hope I am even that.. Yes, I need to give it time.. I honestly am liking them more and more. They do look so beautifully natural. My fear is that they won't fill out a little skin I have yet to fill out in the bottom center of the breast:/. Patience, patience.. Thanks for talking!
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