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Ematrix - Bad Outcome - New York, NY

Wanted to share my regrets about doing ematrix....

Wanted to share my regrets about doing ematrix. Went in for mild acne scarring on cheeks and chin, was really nervous about possible poor results and specifically asked about possibility of ematrix causing additional scarring or collagen loss. I was promised by 2 doctors at this practice (on Park Avenue, no less) that this was "impossible," ematrix only stimulates collagen and cannot cause additional scars. I went ahead with 3 treatments, all level C (suposedly levels A and B do nothing for scarring). First session 2/1/2012, second session 3/15/2012, third session 5/8/2012. I delayed the third treatment because after the second treatment, I thought I started seeing 2 new scars. I should not have gone for the third, but trusted my doctors. It is now 4 months out, and still have 2 additional scars, plus the old scarring has not improved at all. Finally, although I was not concerned about aging or wrinkles (I am 39), I can see that my laugh lines are now far more noticeable/pronounced than they ever were before ematrix. I went back to my doctor and he acknowledged my new scars and deeper laugh lines, but he claims they just happened and what I need is another round of ematrix and filler in my laughlines. Just awful experience all around. Feel free to post questions and I will try and check back to answer. PS -- I have to say that I notice every doctor on this site recommends ematrix (or similar laser resurfacing), yet I have not read one patient reviewer who is happy with the outcome for acne scarring from ematrix.

New York City Dermatologist

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I have had 4 treatments and it his now been 4 minths post treatment. I still have little tiny hole marks on my face and esp my neck and chest. With skin discoloration. I look worse now than before I started treatment. What a waste of money. My poor skin!!!!
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Horrific treatment. Totalled stuffed up my skin. Do not do it. It burns the dermis and the injury causes scarring both hypo and hyper. Also little holes that penetrate the skin can stay as little holes that resemble little pores. There are no doctors using ematrix in Australia and its for a reason.
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JLNY please can you let me know if the square scars ever went. Thank you
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Hi, I am sorry for the delayed response. My square scars subsided somewhat in the past year, but are definitely still there. I use retinoids and take fish oil supplements every day. Good luck, I know it's awful. --JLNY
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Yes I had a very bad experience. Level C - caused scarring and I think ageing to. I wasn't even explained the levels. And yes same as good face gone bad. The therapist that did it refuses to see the square marks and impression
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I'm sorry you had this experience.  I can concur that additional scarring is possible.  I keep reading that people want higher and higher settings each time. . . but with that comes a much greater risk.  Less is more in my opinion. 

A year out, and several chemical peels later, I still have light square grid marks imprinted all over my skin.   I also have dents in the form of the grids - one large one in the middle of my forehead.  You can't miss it. . oh wait - the only ones who don't see it are at the office that caused it!

I just had some C02 done right in the middle of my forehead to try to remove it - but it's deep.  We also did C02 on a previous scar that was enhanced with more squares after eMatrix.   My current doctor won't done more C02 on other areas because my hyperpigmentation is so problematic following these procedures and he won't take further risk.

I've basically been "branded" with a permanent memory of eMatrix!  BTW:  The texture and skin sensitivites got progressively worse in the months that followed that last procedure.   I hope that lessons learned by us will be lessons that someone else doesn't have to learn!  

Again. . . so sorry your experience wasn't a good one.  Thanks for sharing and you are wise not to do more.  It drives me nuts that these doctors keep selling us on more treatments to fix the problems that the treatment created in the first place!   Criminal!
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Criminal, indeed! This is just terrible. It's bad enough that we spent thousands of dollars and it doesn't work . Some people even end up with more scars.
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OMG! I thought I was the ones experience this issue. I indeed have 5 treatments of this crap from American Skin Care it was a complete failure should I say. The people in there kept saying how amazing and the significance of recovery time without even harming the skin with radiofrequency but of course if I never try this crap I would never have the courage to discuss this with anyone in here. I had level A, then level B, then level C for twice. Nothing works and the worse things is the still told me to do more to get better results and I was like WTF how do stupid you think I am.
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I am sorry you had such a tough experience with this treatment.   We thank you for the honest review.

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